Skip Hop Splash – Poppy

Skip Hop Splash – Poppy

Skip Hop SPLASH is a modern bottle drying rack that is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its space saving circular design keeps all of baby’s feeding accessories off the counter, and the included brush makes cleaning quick and easy. The unique shelf is

Main features

  • Modern, space saving circular design.
  • Bottle brush included.
  • Unique doodad shelf is perfect for nipples,straws, valves, and other small items.
  • Bottom drip tray can be easily removed to dispose of excess water.
  • Certified food safe, dishwasher safe.

Verified reviews


not for me

i found this item by searching amazon for “made in usa”, however when i received it, i looked on the box and it is clearly labeled made in china. not for me.

Alisha Blacksburg, SC

great compact design

My husband is in charge of washing the bottles every night and has been quite happy with this drying rack. We both appreciate its compact and modern design. Our baby is using wide-neck Dr. Browns bottles now and I was concerned that they would not be compatible with this product. However, the bottles fit just fine on the big prongs and the lower racks provide good drying spots for all of the other parts like the valves, nipples, etc. I imagine the same would be true for Born Free bottles. We have the clear colored rack and have not had any of the problems with mold or mildew that other reviewers mentioned. I think you just have to tip it into the sink from time to time to drain any residual water that may have collected; hardly a big deal!

Jacquelyn West Winfield, NY

Space saver and great look

This bottle rack is a win/win item. It not only holds a day’s worth of bottles for my four month old twins, it does so in less space – just what I need for an already crowded counter top. We received the red version and the color is vibrant and fun! The bottle brush storage is a bonus – no more searching around for where it may have gotten off to or finding it in the bottom of a dirty sink.

Veronica Hillister, TX

Can hold glass bottles

This design was strong enough to hold 8 oz glad bottles and did not take up too much space on the counter. It was useful.

Peggy Kansas City, KS

Stylish option

This looks great sitting on the counter, which is (unfortunately) where it always sits. It doesn’t have a very large footprint, which is nice. I love that the brush is contained within the rack, and I haven’t had any issues with mold as mentioned by other reviewers. Of course, I live in a very dry climate, so that may have something to do with it.That said, it gets 4 stars because the brush isn’t awesome. It would be nice if the tip of it was more soft and spongelike; the plastic bristles don’t always seem to get the bottles perfectly clean. A nipple brush would be nice as well.Overall I like this dryer, but the brush could certainly use some improvement.

Lawanda Negaunee, MI

Great Product, handles glass bottles

After buying and returning other bottle racks that could not hold up my glass bottles, I have finally found a keeper. I really like this translucent design because it is very clean and subtle in my kitchen. The stainless steel handle goes well with my stainless steel appliances. It holds 8-9 Dr. Brown glass bottles and all the little parts and nipples without a problem.

Aurora Pittsfield, ME

I love Skip Hop…

This might be my favorite brand. I love the quality and all the awesome colors they choose. This is what it says it is…a scrub brush and tree for hanging bottles and things to dry. No regrets buying this!

Whitney Rentz, GA

looks cool on the counter…

Matches our kitchen decor…Functional, looks nice…our other bottle rack looked stupid and cheap…made things look cluttered.This one makes things look organized…

Rosetta Port Jefferson, NY

Looks good but not super functional

Love the look, also love the brush. Don’t love that the bottom tiers are hard to get things onto and then when you do get them on they fall off. Doesn’t hold as many things as I would like

Jacklyn Ironton, MO

Good drying rack

I was skeptical about purchasing this drying rack but am quite satisfied with it overall. I use Playtex Vent-aire bottles. I use this drying rack for all of the bottle parts as well as the Medela breast pump parts. I am able to fit all of the parts for two Playtex bottles as well as the breast pump parts for double pumping. I wash everything after each pumping, but I still wish that this drying rack were a little larger. It is compact enough for those who do not have much counter space, and it looks nice enough to let it stay out on the counter all the time.

Susanna Barnhart, TX

Aesthetics vs. Practicality

I bought this based on looks alone, and if looks were the only thing that mattered this would have gotten five stars for how pretty it is. However, it isn’t quite as practical as I’d thought, given the amount of bottles, nipples, pacis, pump parts etc. that are always on it. The product is not really big enough to carry that many of these baby essentials, and when they are all piled up on it, the items don’t seem to dry all that quickly and/or topple off when I am spinning it to get to the other side. The built-in bottle brush is a nice touch and is definitely convenient, but creates even more of a water puddle in the base after use. I’m keeping it and using it since I already made the investment, but if I had to choose again I’d probably get a less pretty, more practical rack.

Dona Shoals, WV

Eye pleasing but…

I bought this strictly for the look of it. I have the translucent one and it goes great on the kitchen counter. It is really nice that it neatly holds the brush too. The downside is that it really doesn’t hold that much. The underneath piece just isn’t super practical for holding things. I dislike the fact that it doesn’t have a nipple brush either, which is completely necessary when hand washing bottles. We go through so many bottles on a daily basis that I’ve just started using the dishwasher. This would maybe hold half of the day’s bottles for 1 child…especially if you are using Dr. Browns, which has a lot of pieces to it. It is pretty expensive too, compared to other racks. My advice: go to a consignment sale and buy one of the ugly, but functional ones for a buck.

Marilyn Cusseta, AL

NOT that great, and NOT for WIDE-NECK bottles! (2 stars!!)

NOT WORTH THE MONEY, AND I ONLY GIVE IT TWO STARS, BUT SINCE I EDITED MY REVIEW, IT WON’T LET ME CHANGE THE NUMBER OF STARS I GAVE IT (I first reviewed it when I was using smaller glass bottles with not as many parts). Yes, it’s better for glass bottles than the collapsible ones, but it’s NOT at all good for BORN FREE (or any other wide neck bottles) bottles because you can only fit them on every other upright (they’re too wide to go right next to each other), and there’s no room for all of the other venting pieces that come with Born Free bottles. The two bottom pieces are too small to hold much, and things fall off of them!

Shelby Fort Kent, ME

Works well and looks nice

The reason I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars is that it would be perfect if I used the skinny bottles (like the Gerber ones) but I use the Tommee Tippee line, which are a bit wider. Fitting bottles and the nipples on here is a tight squeeze. Also, the brush that it comes with isn’t very high quality, which isn’t surprising. I wound up throwing it away after using it a few times because I didn’t like the idea of a dirty/used bottle brush living so close to the baby’s clean bottles. So now the rack isn’t as cute with the little orange bottle brush handle sticking up. However, removing the handle did make it shorter so now it can live on top of my microwave (that lives on the counter under a cupboard).Overall, it serves its purpose well and is better looking than bottle drying racks that I’ve seen at my friends’ houses.

Shari Elmsford, NY

Makes life so much easier!

I am a new mother with a 4 month year old. We used to have our bottles just dry on a cloth, but this drying rack saves space and makes sterilising so much easier! A must-have for those bottle feeding their babies.

Roberta Egan, SD


You can’t ‘see’ this product’s actual size by just looking at a photo. It is quite large. It also doesn’t hold the Playtex Drop-Ins bottles like I hoped it would.But this company is wonderful. The product is sturdy and the design is certainly a wonderful conversation piece. Honestly, if I wanted to just store bottles, I would have bought something else!

Jasmin Colfax, WI

Worked great for us

Yes, you will need to periodically put this in the dishwasher, but other than that, it worked great for us. The different sized “arms” worked perfectly for the different parts of the bottle and didn’t take up much precious counter space.

Eloise Mattapoisett, MA

Functional and stylish

I love Skip Hop products, this one most especially. My little boy eats very frequently, so I end up washing bottles every other feeding. The prongs are nicely separated and sturdy, that even the wide neck bottles are easy to hang and quick to dry. Very low maintenance, doesn’t require much cleaning. After taking out the dry bottles, just run hot water and flip the Splash over to remove any excess drips. Some reviews mentioned that the brush broke quickly but the one that came with mine has held up pretty well after many uses for almost 5 months now.

Angie Garretson, SD

adds a “splash” of coolness to our sink

orginally purchased the blue version of this, but aesthetically didn’t go with our new kitchen. bought this for the “clean” look. we use it currently to hold sippy cups, snack cups, and other small toddler-type utensils. will use it again soon for bottles! 😉 gave it 4 stars because the bottle brush bristles are not dense enough for adequate sudsing during cleaning, which we replaced with the OXO steel brush.

Dawn Cedartown, GA

Function & Beauty

I love the Skip Hop Splash – it perfectly holds all the bits and pieces and bottles from my breast pump and allows them to dry quickly and neatly (rather than spread out in a towel which is what I was doing). The upper two tiers spin around as one unit, allowing easy access to all sides.The included bottle brush has a nice, slender silhouette and more easily fits into the Medela storage bottles than the Munchkin brand bottle brush I also own.The design is fabulous and fun – like a big splash of water. My only surprise upon opening the box was that somehow, from the photo, I had the impression that the plastic was translucent (something about the lighting and clear bottles tricked my eye), but it is actually totally opaque.

Elisa Kearny, NJ