Skip Hop Stroller Bar Activity Toy, Alphabet Zoo

Skip Hop Stroller Bar Activity Toy, Alphabet Zoo

Merrily we roll along. Take this animal themed activity center along for the ride, perfect for stroller bars and infant carrier handles. Includes a banana teether, rattle pear, and detachable zebra for your little one to hold, while a baby safe mirror encourages peek a boo play and self recognition.

Main features

  • Fore age 0 plus
  • 8 developmental activities
  • Removable zebra toy

Verified reviews


Great mirror, but toys are out of reach

If you are putting this on a car seat handle, your child should be able to see themself in the mirror, but they aren’t going to be able to reach the toys. If you wan them to play with the toys you will need to remove them. It is safe to put on the car seat, because it is a soft toy, and would not injur anyone in the event of an accident.

Colette Ackley, IA

Very cute!

I put this on my baby’s car seat handle so he has something to look at. I had to remove the middle toy because it was right in his face, but it looks really cute hanging on the diaper bag! The activity toy is lightweight and easy to put on and take off. Very pleased.

Lily Richmond, MN

My baby loves it too!

I have a 6 week old and she is starting to notice lots of things so these toys are perfect. It keeps he happy in her car seat and stroller.

Rita Clayton, AL

Cute idea! Weird fit on Uppababy Vista

This is a very cute idea but it didn’t work so well for us…First of all, we have an Uppababy Vista and the fit of this toy against our baby’s face is a bit weird. Even now at 9 months she is always a bit too close to it to really notice all the 3 toys. When on the stroller bar, she doesn’t pay too much attention to the mirror and chews on the monkey only occasionally. The pear and the zebra go completely unnoticed.Also the toy ends up rotating around the stroller bar and often ends up facing out.It’s a really cute idea. The toy is well made. It wasn’t a good fit for our child and our stroller. I wouldn’t purchase this again.

Yvonne Georgetown, GA

Colors and shapes keep baby entertained

My 2-month-old is captivated by this little toy when she’s in the car. She stares at the little zebra and is so happy. She hasn’t discovered the mirror or different textures yet, but I’m sure it’ll keep on entertaining her for a while.

Heather Siasconset, MA

Works Perfectly With the Uppababy Vista

Fits perfectly on the stroller bar for the Uppababy Vista and provides plenty of entertainment for my little guy. The center toy is detachable, so it can be handled and brought to mouth as they get older and want to manipulate the toys more. The other two are attached, so they dont get lost. The ear makes that great crinkly sound that babies seem to love so much and encourages a lot of tactile manipulation. The mirror is a great addition as well as babies never seem to tire from looking at themselves 😉 A great toy bar without all the blinking lights or obnoxious music. Just simple play and a gorgeous design. And it matches beautifully with other Skip Hop items as well.

Ashley Parkhill, PA


this is a good stroller attachment for the little one. i don’t have the right stroller handle for it, but i kept it anyways.

Shanna Pierrepont Manor, NY

nice but..

it is nice and we ended up using it anyways but not as expected. either we don’t have the proper stroller for this toy to go with or we have no clue how to use it properly… if hang from the stroller bar, baby can’t play as it stays in her face. we are using it in her crib

Angelique Rochester, TX