Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case

Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case

When you need a baby wipe on the double, Swipe delivers. Its secure snap lid keeps wipes moist and ready for any mess, and the Quick draw opening makes for super easy, one handed access.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Quick draw button slides open and shut with one hand
  • Grab strap snaps onto any stroller or bag
  • Dispenses wipes neatly, one at a time
  • Translucent case lets you see when to refill
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free

Verified reviews


Lame product

This thing is nothing to get excited about. It’s bulkier than it needs to be, and the slider fell off of mine and got lost immediately. You can buy one almost just like it from Huggies full of wipes for about $3.

Katelyn Racine, WI

Wasted money

I’ll make this review to-the-point. Reasons to NOT waste your money on this:1. It is exremely big and bulky, bigger than the actual wipes from the package. It literally takes up 30% of my diaper bag.2. The red button pops off if you use to much pressure3. The wipes dry out very quicklyI use the travel wipes from Target – cost less than a dollar, more in the package, no need to transfer, more compact and they stay moist!

Concetta Saint Charles, AR

love this… just ordered my second one

This is a great wipe holder. I just ordered another one for my Skip Hop Pronto Changer because the little plastic one in there stinks. I’ve been using this for about five months now and I honestly haven’t had any of the problems that other reviewers have written about. I actually find that it keeps the wipes wet for much longer than cheaper plastic containers. The red slider has never fallen off. It isn’t super slim, but it is certainly not as big as a wipes container… maybe the tiny “travel” size ones, but it’s less than half the size of the refill containers I buy. You do need two hands to open it, but I can’t imagine any travel wipes container that you wouldn’t have to do that. It’s much easier than other travel containers I’ve used because you can easily pull out just one wipe, and there’s no danger of all the wipes falling out all over the floor of a restroom when you’re just trying to get one out, which has happened to me with other containers (hence my purchase of a second one of these!). I use the strap to attach it to a hook on the inside of my diaper bag so it’s easy to find when I need it… I wouldn’t hang it on the outside — no need. I used this for every diaper change on a 10-day trip to Paris and it was a breeze. Love it.

Barbra Anchor Point, AK

The Best Wipes Case

I purchased this being a little hesitant because most of the other reviews but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! I’ve had it for a while now and it’s held up to the abuse my eight month old gives it. He loves to throw it and smack it against things and so far, it’s been great. It keeps my wipes very moist and is a very convenient and helpful design. My son is to the stage where he won’t hold still for two minutes, so I have to be very prepared when it comes to changing his diaper. This wipes case with the convenient slider does just that and more. I didn’t really want a kiddie kind of wipes case and wanted one that held more than a few wipes. This holds an entire refill (about 60+ wipes) easily and is a great design. It attaches easily to my stroller and fits great in my diaper bag. It’s very cute and I get a lot of compliments and inquiries about it when I’m out and about. A great buy and a great price for all it does!

Diann Dunn, TX

Big waste of money

I was so disappointed with this product, the red closure does NOT provide an airtight seal, so within a couple days all the wipes were dried out and useless. The reviews I had read before purchasing seemed to praise it, and I was looking for a way to take just a few wipes with me vs a whole pack — but this was a big waste of money. DONT buy it!!

Jana Hyde, PA


I love this case. I’ve been asked by moms watching me use it where did I get it. I like that I can hang it off the stroller or anywhere else as needed which is useful for me. The case makes it easier to get to wipes and I can resupply as needed.

Katheryn Chenango Forks, NY

Awesome product!!

I love this wipes case! It’s great. I’m able to fit a ton of wipes in it and then the little red thing just slide back for me to get to them. The only problem I have with it is, my 20 month old got a hold of it and she took the red button off a little easier than I would’ve liked, but it popped right back on.

Leslie Walnut Grove, MO

Great and very convenient

This wipes case is really great. I love the quick slide button and the fact it can be hung on the stroller. With a toddler i need to get to the wipes fast! Its easy to refill too.

Joann Sharon Springs, NY

Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case

Ok. There are MORE pros than cons for this wipes case.Pros:1. you can attach it to stroller or outside of diaper bag.2. it’s made of much harder plastic than the cheap travel wipes cases that come free in the box when you buy diapers in bulk.3. you can really open it with one hand, allowing your other hand to be holding baby.4. easier to remove wipes than it is from those cheap travel cases (mentioned above in #2)4. holds WAY more wipes than those cheap travel cases doCons:1. The case snaps shut but tends to open on its own too easily. Example: I was walking and only holding the case by the black strap so it was swinging with my arm motion. The case popped WIDE open and all my wipes fell into the dirt (we were camping)! LAME-OLA. But in the case’s defense, i did have it chuck full of wipes. so it could have been the sheer weight of the wipes that made the case open up. nevertheless, now I am “scared” to hook it onto the outside of things bc i am scared the wipes will all fall out.2. Easy for a toddler to pull off the red button, but it does snap back on. Just make sure you put it back on the right way b/c one side of the button is raised higher than the other to aid your thumb when trying to push it open with one hand.

Willie Henniker, NH

I have a love-hate relationship with this case but would buy it again

I do not know why I am obsessed with wipes containers. It’s a sickness, I know. Anyhow, I scoured the internet to find the perfect wipes container because I was sure that it was out there…and this one, though riddled with problems, is the closest that I have come to the perfect wipes container.The pros:1) I love the design. It looks modern, contemporary and cute.2) The strap it contains to hang it on your stroller is awesome! It prevents me from having to dig for wipes in the bottom of my diaper bag constantly when I just need to quickly grab a wipe to clean the baby’s hands.3) This case holds a lot of wipes, is made of strong, thick plastic and is easy to clean. I hate the thin and poorly made travel Huggies wipes cases that I have used before, which are made from flimsy cheap plastic because you can barely fit any wipes in them. In contrast, the Skip Hop wipes container allows you to store a good amount of wipes in it and its plastic case is very sturdy.The cons:1) The red button that closes the Skip Hop wipes container is CONSTANTLY popping off! And as soon as it pops off the baby will inevitably grab the red button and throw it in a fountain or in some bushes or in some other crazy location which means that I have to hunt around for 10 minutes to find that button.2) When it does stay on, the red button sticks and is hard to slide from open to closed, and vice versa. So, when you are sitting there trying to change the wiggling baby with one hand and trying to open or close this wipes container with the other hand, you can just forget about it. There is no easily accessing the wipes in this container without tugging on the container and causing the red button to pop off into oblivion!3) Wipes tend to dry out if left in this case. The red button closure doesn’t seem to seal the wipes in the case in an airtight fashion so if you leave the wipes in the case, you can go to grab them a week later during a messy diaper change and be stuck with a bone dry wipe. Not fun!My message to Skip Hop is this: Listen, this could be a GREAT case. You just have to work on increasing the functionality of that troublesome red button and you will have an almost perfect product.To those considering buying this case, call me crazy, but I would still definitely buy it again! Even with some quirks, it is still the best case out there in my opinion. No other case is as stylish as the Skip Hop case, or holds as many wipes with the added bonus of clipping onto the stroller like the Skip Hop case. I just recommend being vigilant about making sure to not lose the red closing button and I recommend adding a bit of extra water to your wipes if you leave them in the case for several days as they may dry out a bit. Follow those tips and voila, you have a fabulous wipes case.

Jasmine Bergland, MI

Not a fan

This case looks good, but is bigger than all of the other cases I have and too bulky for my diaper bag. It’s difficult to use with one hand as the slider is hard to open and the wipes are very hard to pull out. Will keep to use as a spare around the house, but would not recommend this.

Laura North Evans, NY


I think it is near perfect and so much better than regular wipes, but the red dot pops off at times and the case pops open occasionally. Near perfect

Bernice Phippsburg, ME

simple design and great functionality

i have two of these, one for the car and one for the diaper bag/stroller. i love the simple design. it is easy to open and close with one hand (a must!) and it keeps a good amount of wipes fresh for a long time. the strap is a lifesaver since i am always digging in my bags for stuff!

Kristina Rossville, IL

no good

updated review…17 months later. i purchased this because i liked that its a reusable and i love skip hop items i have their diaper bag!!i thought hey i can refill as needed and attach to the stroller etc. however the strap on it broke and it would no longer hang or attach to the stroller and the slider was not the best. It would not hold any moisture for the wipes. i have plenty of those cheap wipe holders you get and they hold moisture better than this thing. Not to happy about this item after all.

Coleen Unionville, TN

It’s cute but wipe drys out

I love the cute little red botton on it! It’s great that you could hang it anywhere it gets handy but the wipe drys out within days unless you only put in enough to last just one day

Lidia Lynchburg, TN

Great little case

I came on here to order a second case because I love the first so much. The first is staying in my diaper bag, the second will be for my changing table to hold wipes when I buy them in big bulk bags. I saw some reviews that said the big red button didn’t slide. I was disappointed by that at first too, until I realized it’s actually a very smart design where if you push down on one side of the button while sliding it, it unlocks it. The button is supposed to be locked in place when it’s closed to prevent it from accidentally sliding open and drying out the wipes. It is a bit bulky, but it also holds a lot of wipes. I haven’t had any problems with it popping open or the snap coming undone. I love this thing!

Pam Mascoutah, IL

Love this

I love all skip hop products that I’ve encountered. This is no exception. Sturdier plastic than a lot of other dispensers I’ve seen. I don’t use the slide on top because I kept forgetting to close it (absent minded new mommy)…. Otherwise keeps a good amt of wipes handy and they stay moist for a good period of time in this container.

Kathrine Gilbertsville, NY

Love the slim design and capacity

We have a 6 week old newborn and this wipes case has been perfect for our use. The slim design makes this easy to store in our diaper bag and it holds plenty of wipes for our needs.

Lesa Blackwell, TX

Does a great job

I needed a wipes case but don’t use Huggies or other brands that give a travel case. I found most of the other cases on Amazon to be expensive or flimsy looking. I have really liked this case. Yes, it’s bulkier, but it also holds a ton of wipes (I have never had them dry out, though they are constantly being used and replaced, so rarely in for more than a week). The red dot does not come off easily, in my experience, and the case itself is easy to open for refills. I will actually be purchasing a second one for a back-up bag.

Sheri Halethorpe, MD

Handy for places besides the stroller

I put this case in our car, hanging it from the headrest of the front seat, so that we can easily access wipes while on the go. The strap keeps the package out of the way and off the floor. It also means I’m not searching for wipes under the seat or buried in the glove compartment – they’re always within easy reach.I like the hard plastic shell and appreciate that it’s dishwasher safe. Like other reviewers, I have found the red button to be a bit temperamental, but I feel like I have the hang of it now. Also, I put a travel sized pouch of wipes into the case, keeping them in their plastic shell, to help maintain moisture.

Pamala Riceville, PA

Not very useful…

Does the job I guess, but it doesn’t keep the wipes very moist. I ended up getting travel packs of wipes instead. That way they don’t dry out, and you can keep a pack in the car, in the stroller, in the diaper bag, etc.

Janet Cumnock, NC

Doesnt Close Well

It is pretty, but it will open on its own inside the diaper bag and all the wipes will dry out.

Myra Dougherty, OK

Skip Hop Wipes Case

This thing is a waste of money. It’s bulky, and I honesty don’t care if it clips to the stroller… My diaper bag clips to my stroller and guess what, I can take wipes out of my diaper bag when I need them. Also it does not stay closed and even if it is closed, I found that my wipes were drying out in it. Let me save you first time moms some trouble… A ziplock bag makes an excellent "wipes case". This is another one of those baby products that you don’t really need.

Crystal Edmond, WV

Crappy! Don’t buy!

The wipes case doesn’t shut properly, so the wipes dry out. So tired of being up to my elbows in baby poo with nothing but dried out wipes. Shame on you skip hop, you owe me an apology. This is going to be recycled. Hopefully in to something useful.

Annie Venturia, ND


It has the perfect size to fit in our skip hop diaper bag. Works as a dispenser, material is sturdy but easy to open and close.

Rosemarie South Paris, ME

Very nice, exactly what I needed!

Nice thick plastic, clicks closed and stays closed, wipes stay moist and will hook to almost anything.Great for hanging off the toilet paper roll holder in the bathroom for potty training toddlers!You can open it one handed… closing tight usually requires two.Downside: I can see my daughter learning how to open this and rip the wipes all out quite quickly… but it never claimed to be toddler proof!

Jolene Spring Garden, AL

What a great idea

We go to the theme parks a lot and this is a wonderful product for just that. Quick clean ups without having to dig it out of the diaper bag over and over.

Audrey Superior, MT

Well built and easy to use.

This product feels pretty durable and seems to work well for what it is designed for. My wife and I have not had any trouble sliding it open and it holds enough wipes for a couple day trips.

Wilda Double Springs, AL

red button cheap

I bought this because I thought it would be a wipes case that I could use one handed while changing diapers. Not so much. Also, the red button doesn’t click, so it doesn’t really close/lock. And then soon after it just fell off.

Rosa Gadsden, AZ

Not impressed and doesnt really work

I have enjoyed other skip hop products but this does not seem to keep the wipes moist they dry out. I got this holder for my car in case of a quick diaper change and was dissapointent more than once. If it did not have the easy red slide tab I would have had moist wipes.

Jaclyn Fall River, KS