Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym Lots to do and see in the Treetop! Our adorable Activity Gym features soft linen and patterned arches and includes a matching supportive Tummy Time pillow. Five hanging toys attach to 13 easy-to-hang loops offering irresistible multi-sensory play for baby at every stage of development. A mirror and built-in sounds and textures on the mat add to the fun Treetop Friends Activity Gym Treetop Friends Activity Gym Treetop Friends Activity Gym 17 developmental activities Nature-inspired graphics and textures Five playful multi-sensory hanging toys 13 loops to hang toys low or high or on the mat Multiple fabrics plus activities on the mat: crinkle leaves, squeaker flower and baby-safe mirror in the tree trunk (mirror is removable for machine-washing) Linen and patterned arches Two-minute assembly Supportive Tummy Time pillow Oversized round mat surface Safety-tested to meet or exceed ASTM, CPSIA, EN71 and applicable safety standards Ages: 0+ Size (inches): 36 width x 19 height Activity Mat and Tummy Time pillow should not be placed in crib or playpen. Use this product only on the floor. Never leave baby unattended on mat. Only for domestic use

Main features

  • Multiple fabrics plus activities on the mat: crinkle leaves, squeaker flower and tree trunk baby safe mirror
  • For Ages 0 and above
  • 17 developmental activities
  • 5 playful multi sensory hanging toys
  • Oversized round mat surface
  • Playtime gym with 17 developmental activities
  • Nature-inspired graphics and textures
  • Arches with five playful multi-sensory hanging toys
  • 13 loops to hang toys low or high or on the mat
  • Oversized round mat surface has multiple fabrics and activities: crinkle leaves, squeaker flower and baby-safe mirror in the tree trunk (mirror is removable for machine-washing)
  • Two-minute assembly
  • Supportive tummy time pillow

Verified reviews


Best looking activity gym.

I picked this activity gym over the hundreds available on the market mainly because Amazon states under its material type as cotton. I really try to avoid purchasing baby products that are polyester. When I received it, it’s 100% polyester, which is why I took two stars off. But I kept it because out of all the activity gyms out there, I think this is the one that is the least of an eyesore in my living room. My daughter absolutely loves laying on this and staring at the animals. She actually did her “tummy time” the longest she’s ever done with this. It gives me 20 to 30 minutes a day to get things done and she even fell asleep on it once. Overall, I think when it comes to picking activity gyms, it’s more the parent’s preference than the baby’s. Babies aren’t too picky about how things are designed and can be amused by the simplest things. Parents like to “overstimulate” their babies with the toys that light up and play music and it’s really not necessary to keep a baby happy.

Florine Sussex, VA

Potential choking hazard

Like everyone else, I bought this activity gym because it’s the cutest one on the market. However, the mat is too thin to use directly on hardwood floors. My baby liked grabbing at the toys for short periods of time, but it didn’t keep her entertained for more than 5-10 minutes. Once my baby outgrew the activity gym, I detached the toys to use in her playpen or as stroller toys. Today, she was sitting in her bumbo on the hardwood floor playing with the bird toy with the wooden ring. She was tapping it on the ground, not even with much force, and the wooden ring broke. Luckily, I saw this happen and could remove the broken pieces before she tried to put them in her mouth. I imagine this could potentially be dangerous and wanted to warn other parents. If you purchase this activity gym, I would strongly recommend removing and discarding the wooden ring or at the very least not detaching that toy from the overhead bar. I have read reviews about this happening with their stroller toys that have similar-looking wooden rings, so I would be careful with any of their products with these rings. I have posted a photo of the broken toy for your reference.

Barbra Hutsonville, IL

Best activity gym!

Pros:-really adorable-several toys to play with and you can change the position all the time-comes with a little pillow-bars are detachable for exclusive tummy time play-extra loops for more toys or switching the position of toys-machine washableCons:-price-toys don’t hang low enough in the center areas-a couple of the toys aren’t really interestingWe loved this activity mat for our son. We purchased it when he was about 1 month old. We started using it with him to get some tummy time without the bars installed, and then transitioned to having some time on his back to reach up and grab the toys. We never really used the pillow all that much. His favorites were the owl that jingles, the bird with the rattle balls, and the bird with a wooden ring. The apple and the squirrel don’t really do anything; they’re just cute. We actually bought a second owl to use in the stroller and car because he loved it so much. You can buy it separately. My only complaint about this gym is that the toys were too high up for our son to reach. He wanted to be able to grab them and pull them to him as well so we put his favorites on ID badge clips so that he could pull them closer (we were always with him when he was playing with it). It would be nice if the cloth strips were elastic or if they included some links to make some toys hang lower. It is nice that there are loops to hook toys all the way down the bars. The mat has some textured leaves, a little mirror, and a squeaker.

Brandi Toledo, IA

One of the best things we bought for our newborn!

This is a must-have when you bring baby home from the hospital. Our baby started really looking at, and engaging with the mobiles when she was 3 weeks old. They are diverse – one tweets like a bird, another rattles, another has a mirror. The bright colours are attractive to the baby. The tones are muted, so it does not look garish in my loungeroom. My baby started to chat and converse with the little creatures (especially the little squirral) by the time she was two months old.Great for 0-6 months.

Adrian Honesdale, PA

Super cute gym, but takes up too much space

We were given this activity gym as a hand-me-down.It looks really sharp, and my little guy seems to enjoy it immensely. He is especially enamored with the owl toy.However, we live in a small space (typical NYC apartment), and this gym has a relatively large footprint. Also, it is not easy to fold down – taking it apart is certainly not something I’d want to be doing on a nightly basis.For these reasons, I personally preferInfantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy, which folds down with a simple twist, and from which I just hang the Skip Hop owl toy that my little dude enjoys so much.I was also kinda bummed that the only mirrors on this gym are a small one on the apple toy (which is too small for my kid to really notice) and one on the mat itself (which is only useful during tummy time). I’d prefer it if there was a mirror that attached to the cross bars for my baby to look up while batting at the toys.All and all, if I were looking to buy an activity gym, I’d pick theInfantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boyover this one, and just buy theSkip Hop Treetop Friends Stroller Toy, Wise Owlseparately.

Noreen Bakersfield, VT

Have it; like another one better

We have an owl themed nursery so of course I had to register for this particular activity gym. It has no music or lights, and my daughter quickly grew bored of it. A lady from church gave us a used one that had jungle animals on it (the Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym), and it played music and rainforest sounds, and it had colorful flashing lights on it, we were amazed to see how much more interested our baby was in that one, and how it entertained her for much longer. Yep, the owls are cute, but no one will see them because this toy will be back in the package and sitting in the closet in no time.

Marcy Goodrich, MI

It is okay

I bought this activity gym and was super excited when it came in. The animals look great and the colors are just like they look online. Only thing is the material started tearing on one of the poles and it hasn’t even been used yet. I will sew the little tear but thought for the price the quality would have been better. Also the bird makes noises but there is no opening to change battery etc so that was a bummer…hope it lasts for a year.

Kendra Serafina, NM

Great starter gym!

My son is 2 1/2 weeks old and has just started waking for longer periods of time. We have been giving him gym time for a few minutes every morning and evening and he has become more alert, more responsive, and more interested in the sounds and sights every time. I love having a place to lay down and discover new things, especially since his activities are so limited at his age.And, in terms of style, I really like the fact that this product isn’t too baby-ish, so it doesn’t look too out of place in our home office. I highly recommend this product, especially for young babies.

Lina Bevington, IA

grows with baby

Ordered this when my daughter was a newborn because my husband liked the colors and theme. Upon receiving it, I saw that the colors actually look nice in the living room, unlike most of the tacky baby activity mats you see. It’s simple, without crazy lights and loud noises, but that’s something we love about it. There’s nothing wrong with letting baby work a little and use her imagination rather than have blingy things in her face. In fact, as you explore the gym you discover little surprises that weren’t obvious at first. Each stuffed animal does something different – there’s a mirror, a rattle, a bell, a squeaker, and – my daughter’s favorite – the little bird with a wooden teether and crinkly wings who sings when you squeeze him. We like these toys so much we take them from the mat to the carseat to the diaper bag to the highchair…My daughter is now going on six months old, and still playing with this mat daily. I put the boppy on the mat and she sits up with it behind her and can see her little forest friends from a new perspective. We have definitely gotten our money out of this mat.I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it does require extra cushioning (we use a folded blanket) on hardwood floors, and I wish it came in more themes and colors that still looked nice in a living room. Owls are cute but a bit cliche these days. Still, we’d buy this all over again.

Stacey South Portland, ME

Great quality

The quality is great. Holds up in the washer, including the pillow. Toys are interesting but not annoying. Colors are muted, I don’t care for those obnoxiously colored play gyms. Our baby will hang out on the mat and hit at the toys while we make dinner or read to him. The toys are good quality and cab be shuffled around or moved to the stroller.

Vickie Cashiers, NC

Worth every penny!

I chose this 5 star rating because this product is THE BEST within its category.I have 3 kids and have pretty much bought most brands of activity gyms and Skip Hop is by far the best in quality, design and durability.Other brands of gyms will loose their sturdiness eventually, this one will keep as new!It is subtle , colorful and comfortable for my 4 month old.This one is definitely HIS favorite!It is MY favorite too as it travels well, cleans great and keeps my 4 month busy and happy!I recommend this product. It is worth to pay the extra dollars as you are purchasing the best activity gym out there!

Elisha Maple City, MI

Perfect activity mat

LOVE this activity mat! More importantly, so does my little guy. He loves looking and cooing at and playing with the toys. You can attach them overhead as pictured or to the clips on the floor (great for tummy time). They bird chirps when you squeeze it, there’s a mirror on the floor and on the other side of the apple toy, there’s also a rattle-type toy and lots of crinkly fabric on the floor. Baby is completely entertained and no batteries required!

Deidre Hernshaw, WV

One of the “must haves”

I was dead set against a baby gym because I think most of them are ugly and I did not want one in my living room. People kept telling me this was a mistake, because babies love these things, and they are great for developing hand/eye coordination. I finally found this one and decided that it is the only one on the market that I think is cute! I put it on my baby registry and received it.When my son was about 3-4 weeks old he started having longer periods of time where he would be alert. I started out putting him on his play mat for about 10-20 minutes at a time, and now at 3.5 months he can seriously play for over an hour! He loves to grab at the dangling animals and I love that you can hook other toys onto the loops for variety. The little pillow is good for tummy time, but at 3.5 months it’s not needed anymore. We have this set up in our living room 24/7 and I don’t hate looking at it. In fact, I love that we have it because it keeps him so entertained.It’s a pricey mat, but well worth the money. I was lucky to receive it as a gift. Love the owl motif. Sometimes other people are right!

Shawn Millbrook, IL

This is so AWESOME!

Purchased this Activity Gym as it was a requested item by new parents to be on their baby-registry. It arrived today, and I must say it is terrific.The quality looks excellent. The mat is thickly padded and all of Treetop Friends items are very very cute, colorful and so well made. The sound effects are awesome and I can just imagine the hours and hours of entertainment the infant will have for that 1st year.The item is package in a plastic half-moon shaped package, and we keep wondering how in the world are we going to wrap this and make it look pretty and yet professional, but I’m sure we will figure it out.I know the new parents to be will be happy with this gift. RECOMMENDED!

Edna Chaseburg, WI

Fun, Functional, and Fashionable

I purchased this activity gym mainly because of the style. I find a lot of baby products to be annoyingly bright and chaotic. This one had a nice color palette and a cute design. The mat is very soft and is a good quality fabric. The mat has leaves with differnt textures, a mirror, and flowers with squeakers in them.It comes with 5 toys that you can attach to the arches, but that you can also remove and take with you in a car seat or stroller. The toys are: 1) an owl with a chime inside 2)a bird with crinkly wings and a rattle 3)an apple with a mirror on one side 4)a bird with a wooden ring and crinkly wings, that tweets when you squeeze it, 5) a squirrel. When my daughter was newborn she loved to lay and look up at the hanging toys and adored the bird toy that tweets. Now that she is 4 months old and is already starting to crawl/scoot, she loves grabbing the toys and especially likes looking in the mirror on the mat during tummy time.

Ashlee Green Mountain, NC

My Daughter LOVES This

We didn’t have a play gym for my DS when he was small but I wanted to get one for DD. I was so pleased to find this on Amazon for a half-reasonable price! It fits our theme and is so cute! The mat itself has little surprises– there are crinkly leaves, a squeaker, and of course the mirror.The green bird has little shaky balls in a clear ball in its belly–super cute!The owl has a bell with a soft and beautiful tone.The apple turns around and is a mirror on the other side.The squirrel is just a little plush figure, but it’s adorable.The green bird with the ring on its feet can be squeezed for a chirping and babbling brook noise.In short, we love this, and our DD is super interested in everything on it.

Rosalinda New Providence, IA

Must have for baby.

We love this play mat.The mirror and bars are easily detached for washing (my son is a puker…) and it’s been washed several times now and still looks brand new.The toys are all interactive, making fun tweeting and bell and squeaky noises, which he loves.The little bolster it comes with is awesome, especially for tummy time early on.I love that it folds up away by unclasping the bars.Overall, really pleased with it as we have been with previous Skip Hop products. Would totally recommend!

Miranda Virginia, NE

I like it more than baby

Like many reviewers I love the color and style of the gym. My LO has had some moments where he has enjoyed kicking the owl or batting at the green bird. Bought this at 3 months old and we have owned for around a month. Unfortunately he is seldom content playing on his own in this. I have not gotten the 15 minutes to do chores (shower) etc as other mom reviewers have stated. I’m still hopeful though.

Grace Brogan, OR

easy on the eyes, ears and to use

This a very cute gym mat with pleasant sounding toys. I especially love the sound of the center owl and the bird with the ring – these sounds will not irritate parents. My baby wasn’t too interested in the mat until about 3 months old or so. It is easy to assemble and to toss the floor mat into the wash. I wish there was a second mirror on the mat and maybe another crinkly leaf or two to extend interest in tummy time.

Denice Solo, MO

I’ve had 4 kids and many tummy mats. This is by far my favorite!

My 7 month old son loves it. There’s so much to play with….squeaky flowers….rustling leaves…the mirror in the tree knot hole….and especially the detachable critters.

Patty Amity, PA

Best Play Gym!

I love this play gym! It is cute, very attractive, and fun for my little guy. The mirror and crinkle leaves on the mat are fun to look at, every toy has a special sound, and the toys hang low enough that my baby could hit them with his hands and feet when he was a month old. I’m so glad we got this one!

Evangelina Bayville, ME

grabbed my 2 months baby boy’s attention

i got another activity gym before i got this one. with the other one, my 2 months old baby just lay there and wouldn’t be interested remotely to reach out or even look at the toys hanging above him. with this activity gum, he actually like the owl enough, not only to look at it, but reaching out for it. i think part of it was because of the sound from inside of the toy. (another toy in this set has little balls inside the plastic stomach that makes sound too, but very low faint sound that my baby doesn’t care for). we call him mr. owl now and it’s still the only toy my baby likes. we no longer hang it on the bar now, since i want to use mr owl to grab my baby’s attention for tummy time and help him look up by lifting his head. my baby also have a strong (very strong) preference for the right side, so when i could, i would hold mr. owl on this left size when he’s sitting at his glider chair so he would look to the left longer. of course it doesn’t work all day long, but it’s better than just me sitting on his left or having tv to his left side.another thing i like about this one is for the tummy time cushion. it’s much better than using a roll-up blanket. at least my baby could tolerate this for longer in comparison.

Luann Accord, MA

So much fun!

This is such a cute play mat! I love all of the toys that it comes with. I take them off the mat and use them for my infant son’s car seat, stroller and just for fun. We started using this mat for tummy time around 2 weeks old and he just loved it! I like that there aren’t any overstimulating toys with bright lights and sounds. There are squeak toys, jingle toys, krinkle toys, but nothing annoying or that requires batteries. Great buy!

Lorena Sonoma, CA

Lots of fun

we purchased this item at the beginning of January. we washed all the pieces that could be washed prior to use with no issue. the colors are attractive to our 4 month old without being over stimulating or offensive to our home decor. she loves the little owl best, but all the little animals are fun and well constructed. the tummy time pillow is firm enough and fits perfectly. the mat itself has just enough going on, with crinkle leaves and squeaker flowers. the hang tabs are sewn tough as we’re always moving everything around. we are very pleased with the mat and so is baby! I would add only a few optional rings for reach and maybe Velcro to help keep it closed when not in use.

Faye Hobbsville, NC


This activity gym is perfect,the colors are beautiful,the animals are so cute ,my baby boy loves talking to the squirrel .i am very happy about this product.

Emilia Altadena, CA

Nice color combo!

This activity mat is so cute! My baby loves to kick the owl in the middle and make sounds. He also likes to look at the bright orange squirrel. Happy with this purchase^^

Greta Aldrich, MN

We like it, our son not so much

Our son is at 4 weeks now and for tummy time he seems to much prefer being on a plain blanket over this, though he will occasionally stay on this for a longer stretch. We’ll just have to see how it goes over the next few weeks. The only real complaint I have with it is that I wish the included pillow was a bit wider. Our son has a tendency to roll himself off the pillow within 30 seconds to a minute. Each end of the pillow is a bit tapered, which seems to be what allows him to come off it so easily. We just roll up a blanket now to give him some support and the pillow stays in his dresser. It’s an easy enough solution, and I would have purchased this one even without the pillow so it’s not a deal breaker. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase, but I hope our son grows to like it a bit more as he gets a little older.

Dolly Maple, TX

Encouraged tummy time, rolling, reaching–without being an eyesore

My baby loves this gym. I know most of the developmentl stuff is hardwired, but this really got her rolling, so to speak. Within days of using the gym she was reaching, grasping, and rolling arounf like a champ. It keeps her stimulated so she plays longer before getting frustrated.I like the colors and patterns. Skip Hop is one brand that doesn’t annoy me. It’s colorful and playful without looking like a toys r us or a chuck e cheese.I like the linen crossbar. The crossbars seem to be fabric covered foam, lightweight and flexible, and you can adjust the overall height somewhat by adjusting the fabric joiner at the center up or down. The toys have different textures, colors and sounds, and can be moved to many positions along the bars or edges of the mat. You can also remove them for the stroller or car seat.The bars unclick from the matt with plastic backpack type clips. You can remove the baby mirror from the matt and machine wash. I used cold/gentle, and looked exactly the same aft a wash.As a side note, you may have a hard timekeeping the cat out of the gym,but I figure that will give it a second life when the baby has outgrown it.

Elena Hamlin, WV

Baby loves it!

My baby loves this product! The colors and style are also very cute! The floor mat has diff textures on the leaves and the toys rattle and play music, Highly recommend!!!!

Janna Rochford, SD

Excellent Activity Gym

My newborn loves this activity mat! She spends a good 20 minutes a day, sometimes 2 times a day laying on the mat and hitting and kicking all the toys that hang. Each one makes a different sound, I actually used my own extra links and added additional toys and rattles to hang – I wanted her to have a different sound for each limb… arms and legs. So she will kick one leg and hear a rattle, kick the other leg and hear a chime, etc. By using extra links you can totally customize this mat and its toys to anything you like. It is not an eyesore in our living room, or at least, the nicest looking of the bunch. For now she cant roll over so we keep it on top of a leather ottoman. The pillow it comes with is great for tummy time, which she absolutly hates but it is a great workout for her and she continues to keep getting better each time. The thing I like most about this, is that when my baby uses it, she does the more “talking” than any other time. She giggles and smiles, and coos and gurggles and tries to “talk” to all the toys that hang. she likes to swing and bat the toys to hear the sounds and then smiles and laughs. It entertains her for a good 20-30 minutes and its a nice stimulation for her to learn and explore.

Lydia Clearfield, KY