Skip Hop Treetop Friends Busy Bead Tree

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Busy Bead Tree

This dynamic learning toy keeps little ones busy. Chunky wooden beads weave throughout the colorful tree, as your little one discovers new pathways for birdie and friends. Flip, spin and slide the pieces along the branches to teach coordination.  Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to. This includes physical and mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. All parties involved in the manufacture of Skip Hop products are required to follow these guidelines, and all tests are conducted by registered independent testing facilities.

Main features

  • For 12 months and above
  • 13 beads, including an owl, bird, apple and leaves
  • Teaches dexterity and coordination
  • Sturdy base
  • Non-toxic paints, high quality wood

Verified reviews


Pretty Toy for Busy Hands

This is a pretty toy. Looks like a work of art, so it’s a nice piece to keep on a shelf in the nursery to double as decoration. My 22-month-old likes naming the pieces that she sees as she pushes them around (leaf, owl, etc.) This toy keeps her little hands busy. She is gaining spatial awareness and honing her fine motors! Safe, wooden toys never go out of style, so this will make a great keepsake, too.

Mari Bohannon, VA

Great concept and cute addition to the Treetop friends line

However they lift the whole thing and easily hit themselves with the heavy base. The idea of the base might have been to keep the toy stable, but it ha actually made it a hazard.

Pansy Essig, MN

Meh. Nice to have, didn’t need it

If you can’t tell by my review history, which only scratches the surface, my baby sorta has a small toy store at our home. This toy does not get much attention. It’s not a bad toy. The quality is definitely 5 stars. Sturdy. And it’s ADORABLE. However, perhaps it’s overly simplistic? By the time baby is interested in using it for it’s intended function, I don’t think it will interested her all that much. Right now she just chews on it for a few seconds then throws it aside. The older kids usually love playing with her baby toys (no idea why, but hey, whatever floats their boat) but I never see them playing with this one. I just think when you have so many toys to choose from, this one just doesn’t make the "must have" list.

Tabitha Mullin, TX

This is adorable!!!

I bought this for my 1 1/2 year old niece and she absolutely loves it!!!! It also teaches children to use their motor skills!!

Mildred South Hamilton, MA

A pretty version of the bead toy!

This toy is really adorable and the wood beads and metal loops seem to be excellent quality. My DD loves to sit at the table and play with the beads. Super cute in the room too.

Marilyn Lincoln, RI

Doesn’t interest my daughter

We have two mazes for my daughter – this one, which we received as a gift, and theB. Zany Zoo. My daughter, who is 11 months, really enjoys playing with the bead maze on the top of the Zany Zoo toy. She and my husband have a blast playing with it together, and she’ll also play with the beads on her own. However, shes shown little or not interest in this bead tree, even when I try to interest her in it. Maybe she’ll like it more when she’s older, but given she likes the other bead toy, I think that’s a definite knock against this one.In addition, I have a couple more complaints about this. While the wooden beads are very cute and painted nicely, the base of this thing is ugly plastic and gives the toy an overall ugly appearance. If the base was wood, this might look nice in your play area or living room, but as it is, I find it quite ugly. Second, the rails on which the beads slide are quite close to each other such that the beads cannot slide on their track without being rotated to their narrowest dimension. I really don’t know if this was overlooked or what, but I think it’s a really poor design.In summary, I suggest choosing a different bead maze for your child. If we had the paperwork, I’d return this one, but since it was a gift, we can’t.

Maricela Cleveland, AL

attention getter!

A wonderful gift for my 15 month old. He loved it. Its sturdy and stable. wonderful colors and well made.

Selena Oakland, IL