Skip Hop Treetop Friends Flapping Owl Pull Toy

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Flapping Owl Pull Toy

This feathered friend is ready to speed along with your little one. The brightly colored owl flies across the floor, flapping his wings as baby pulls him along. Soft felt details and vibrant patterns bring the cute wooden creature to life. Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to. This includes physical and mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. All parties involved in the manufacture of Skip Hop products are required to follow these guidelines, and all tests are conducted by registered independent testing facilities.

Main features

  • For 18 months and above
  • Wings flap when toy is pulled; the faster the pull, the faster the flap
  • Encourages toddlers to walk
  • Non-skid wheels
  • Non-toxic paint, high quality wood wood

Verified reviews


well my kid basically broke it within a few days

so sad. so much potential, but so sad. My little 1.5 year old daughter loved it, and then cried, broke within a few days of playing with it. works great when it works, but otherwise, construction for the destruction my little one can do to toys, thinking need a better design.

Rosalyn Gravette, AR

Not the size i expected

I thought this would be much bigger and the string would be much longer than a few inches for a pull toy for a child. The string was very short and the owl while beautiful in appearance I wish was much bigger. The string is so short by the time you actually try to pull it the owl has already tipped over because its string isn’t long enough for a child to stand up and actually pull.

Tonya Farnhamville, IA


we have the plush version of this toy and happy to see it now became a pull toy. Cute and the wood seems high quality. love the wings flapping!

Kendra Alexandria, VA

I love Skip Hop but not this product

We have a ton of Skip Hop stuff for our lo that we love and have had no problem with. This pull toy gets stuck after 2 pulls. It seems we have to spin in backwards like 20 times in order for it to be pulled forward just across the apt once. We cannot figure out the problem, twisted rope attached to the wings? The wheels are stuck? Who knows but it’s a shame as it is one of the cutest pull toys out there for a reasonable price and out lo LOVED it until it busted shortly after, 1 week of use. Do not buy it until Skip Hop fixes the toy.

Isabel Elwood, IN

cute but has issues

I got this as a gift for my 12 month old baby-she is not walking yet though. It is a cute toy, and seems sturdy. The only problem is that the one I got also had a wing string that was too tight. So, the toy would only go a few inches before it would get “locked” and then tumble over itself. I am tempted to remove the string and replace it like another commenter suggested. I hope it works, otherwise it is a great toy!

Mitzi Lawley, AL

Nicely Made

This was a gift for my 7 month old son for christmas. Although he isn’t too interested in it yet, he does enjoy watching the owl flap his wings as I pull him across the floor. He also likes to pull on his wings.

Cynthia Algoma, MS

Very cute but does not flap well

This toy is very cute and my son loves it. However the wheels which make the wings flap, do not turn very easily. You’ll need a flat surface with good grip for the wheels to make it work. It also needs to move quite a long distance for each flapping. Not an easy toy for my toddler.

Kristi Maywood, MO


We purchased this item for our daughter who is just starting to walk. It’s just adorable and she loves watching the wings flap while it moves. She has dropped it, dragged it on it’s side and rolled it and it still holds up well. Would make a great gift for a 1-year old.

Jami Orovada, NV

owl toy

I bought this for my grandson’s first Christmas. When he first learned to walk, he used it very often. He loved the flapping wings. The only problem with the design is that it tips over easily, but it is such a quality wooden toy, that I am sure will be enjoyed by his siblings for many years to come. I hope to instill a love of owls in my grandchildren as well! It is definitely heirloom quality!

Leola Shunk, PA

Adorable product

We bought this for my son, 13 months, and he loves pulling it around. Even my 3 year old thinks it’s cute. I haven’t had any problems with it falling apart, yet. This does see excessive wear so I think if it was going to break it would have already. The string does get tangled every now and again, but that is a quick and easy fix.Cute, adorable, kids love it. Great toy that doesn’t flash and need batteries.

Tanya Graff, MO

Love Skip Hop

Just as cute as pictured! Bought this as a gift and it was adored! The skip hop brand never fails to impress!

Jo Yantis, TX

Needs additional work

The wheels tend to lock up when being pulled. After investigating the issue, we found out that it was the knots of the string at the wheel that was too big. The big knot gets stuck when the wheels turned, making it lock up.We had to try to trim the knot down, but still make sure the knot was secure. This was a pretty hard task. You need scissors small enough and sharp enough to reach in the area to trim the knot. If you accidentally trim too much, the knot becomes undone…Once we meticulously operated on it… the toy worked just fine.

Marie New Meadows, ID

In love!

Everybody loves this owl! It is adorable and flap it’s wings when moved. Our 8months old cant move it herself but love looking at it and crawling to catch it. I love that it works even backward. Great toy!

Shana Plymouth, PA

love this little owl

I love all the treetop friends toys, and decided to snatch this one up when it was on sale half price. It seems durable, and is very cute! My kids all want to play with it even though I ordered it for the baby. My kids are 4, 2, 2, and one on the way. The only reason I gave only 4 stars is because I’m still trying to get in touch with someone about sending me his wings. He came wingless….

Monika Cement City, MI

Very cute and different toy!

I bought this for my friend’s little boy. It is a very cute toy and the wings flap really well.

Millicent Abington, MA

A well made simple wooden toy

I love buying these simple wooden toys for my little guy. He hasn’t played with it much since he’s not walking yet but it’s held up to all of his samashing and thrashing.

Harriett Pierceville, IN

Imbalanced, small string, hard to pull

Functionality: 1 starDesign/look: 4 starsIdea: 4 starsThe toy is quite imbalanced. It constantly topples over to the side or on the front. The only way it moves forward without falling over is it is pulled slowly and “strategically,” which a child would neither know nor have the patience for.The string is a bit too small. When my 13 month old niece pulls it, she has to bend a little and eventually ends up lifting the toy in the air. This however can obviously be resolved by adding on a piece of string to the end but we really shouldn’t have to.Finally, I feel there is a lot of friction in the wheels and the toy gets stuck and slows down the child ahead of it.

Bonnie Granite Springs, NY