Skip Hop Treetop Friends Friendly Forest Activity Mirror

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Friendly Forest Activity Mirror

Baby will delight in discovery as she sees herself in this baby safe friendly forest activity mirror. Perfect for tummy time or anytime. An adorable wide eyed owl and sweet birdie keep Baby Company as she learns self recognition and engages in tactile play. It stands upright or folds flat and loops on the back allow it to attach anywhere.

Main features

  • Field of “grass ribbons” for soothing tactile play
  • Ages: 0 and above
  • Tuggable crinkle leaves playful patterns and linen details
  • Pull and place owl rattle and birdie squeaker
  • Stand upright with wedge or attach anywhere with loops on the back

Verified reviews



I ordered this mirror thinking I could use it with a rear view mirror to see my son while driving in the car, but it’s not a real mirror… it’s like a fun house mirror in a haunted house or something. It’s actually a bit scary for him because nothing is recognizable. Also, the stand is flimsy, and the straps are too, making it hard to even use it if you wanted to. I’m returning it.

Kelli Artesia, MS

Cute but does not hold up too well

The item itself is very cute looking, the little figures squeek but the mirror looks very distorted definitely not like pictured where baby can see herself clearly. But I have noticed that with pretty much all baby mirror toys.It is definitely not as sturdy as I hoped it would be. Just a little fingerpush and it collapses. The straps to hold on a bedrail etc. could be a bit longer as well as it keeps coming off due to the pull on the velcro.I probably would not buy this again. My baby has not even shown any interest in it. And we have had this since she was about 6 months. (She now is almost 12 months)There are definitely better toys out there that entertain much better… But if you just want to buy it for looks, it is definitely worth the money – LOL

Angela Enning, SD

Poor quality

This mirror is beyond cheap… Before even unwrapped (ordered and exchanged twice) the mirror was extremely scratched. There was no packing or shipping film to protect the mirror from the grass bottom that was cutting in it.

Terry Farragut, IA

My Baby Rolled Over For the First Time Looking at this Mirror

This mirror arrived in the mail and I immediately placed it in my daughter’s crib on her belly. She rolled over for the first time! I tell everyone this mirror got my daughter to roll over. It is cute, functional and I like that it isn’t too sturdy as she holds onto it now when her diaper is being changed.

Dionne Freeport, MI

Very cute, baby loves it!

Some other reviewers thought this was cheap or poor quality. The mirror is not like a real mirror (not as clear) because it is a baby toy, so it is exactly what I expected it to be.It has a stand and also straps to attach it to a crib. We stand it up and sit it in front of baby during tummy time and she can see herself just fine. She loves the mirror. We sometimes put it just out of her reach to encourage crawling. She likes to play with the “grass” and pull the little squeaky owls off (which are stuck to the mirror with velcro.Overall, I would say that this is a good, safe toy for baby. It is also attractive and entertaining. I would buy it again.

Lashonda Alton, UT

Baby enjoys it, despite a few faults

The mirror is a bit wonky, but my baby doesn’t seem to mind. The only real problem is that I don’t want to use the velcro straps to attach the mirror in his crib, because I don’t want him to be too stimulated when he’s supposed to be sleeping. But when you use the prop to set it on the floor, if the baby tries to grab the velcro owls, he ends up pulling the whole mirror with them. I don’t really have a convenient place to attach it. But like I said, my baby really enjoys it, even if he does end up hitting himself in the face with it. He’s especially interested in the grass flaps.

Luann Sizerock, KY

Super Duper!

I had the farm friends mirror with our first child and loved it. So it was a no brainer to get the treetop version for our 7 month old. Not only is this mirror adorable, it is versatile–I love the squeaky toys and that you can attach it to a crib or use it in a car. As a mother of two versatility is a must!The reviews about the warped image are silly. It does warp a bit, since, for safety reasons, the mirror is a thin plastic. I can assure you, your infant isn’t applying liquid eyeliner in this mirror:) I actually think my daughter likes the funhouse aspect!

Katrina Raleigh, IL

sooo cute

My daughter loved this for tummy time. It has a great stand for floor play and can also attach to the side of the crib. The birds have velcro on the back and can be stuck anywhere on the blue part. My daughter loved to play with the green grass ribbons. The little leaves make crinkle noises. Great toy for babies who are not mobile yet. My daughter is now 17 months old and she still loves to play with this toy! Much better than other mirror toys I have tried!

Mabel Kipnuk, AK

Way too cute!

This mirror is adorable. My daughter has always loved looking at herself in mirrors, and this one is too cute to pass up. The 2 little toys are velcro’d on so they can’t get lost. It can stand up on the floor, or be attached to a crib.

Elva Freedom, PA

Baby loves it!

My 5 month old son absolutely loves his Skip Hop activity mirror. He stares at himself in it for hours on end some days. He likes to play with the fringes of ribbon “grass” on the bottom as well. He has been using this item during tummy time and when he is laying in his activity gym for months and he still enjoys it just as much as he did in the beginning.The mirror is large and very cute. It has two fun birds that velcro onto the sides. My son has not played with them yet, but he likes to look at them. the mirror stands up pretty well but is easy for him to knock over, which he does frequently. I wish it came with a strap of some kind to attach it to the arches on his activity gym, but it is easy enough to rig it onto it with a ribbon. As other reviewers have mentioned the mirror image is a bit distorted, but that does not seem to bother my son at all. Most mirrors on baby toys seem to be the same way…

Pat Udall, KS

Great Developmental and Entertainment Tool

This mirror is so great. Even before I had it out of the package, my 3-month-old was smiling at himself in the mirror. We use this mirror inside, but you can also use is in the car. It is a normal, high quality mirror. (Just make sure you take off the protective film that is covering it, or it will look distorted.)We have theSkip Hop Funky Farmyard Activity Mat. This mirror matches well, even though it is the owl theme. In addition to using it on the floor for tummy time, I have attached this mirror to the top of the arch of the activity mat so that he can look at himself while on his back. I just secure it really tightly and stay close by. He smiles and talks to himself and really enjoys it.I had thought about buying this for our firstborn, but at the time had thought, can’t a regular hand mirror do the job? But I never could get the hand mirror to stay in place, and it was a pain to readjust every time I repositioned the baby. This mirror is at just the right angle, is lightweight and safe, and is so easy to reposition. My son lifts his head a little higher and a little longer during tummy time if he has something to look at, and he loves looking at the colors and his cute reflection in this mirror. This has been a great developmental and entertainment tool for our son.

Ashlee Lemon Springs, NC

This is cute

It’s a cute mirror but the actual mirror part is like looking in a funhouse mirror. My little guy isn’t very interested in the actual mirror part because he can’t really see his reflection very well like other mirrors. But the birds are fun- one rattles and one squeaks. He enjoys playing with it, but if you were wanting to use it as an actual mirror, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Dorothea Winnebago, MN

Cute, but not practical.

This looks great and it did get my baby’s attention, but it’s too flimsy to stay up for very long once baby’s hands can reach it. It also doesn’t attach well to the sides of the crib. Would not purchase again.

Ester Santa Paula, CA

Not ideal for crib use

This activity mirror is really cute and works fine freestanding and would probably attach ok to a horizontal bar, but I got it to put in the crib for my baby to have some mirror time and it doesn’t attach in a way that works for a crib. The straps would work fine for a horizontal bar but don’t work for the vertical crib bars. I just ended up shoving the stand that holds it up on a tabletop in between the bars and that seems to keep it in place fairly well, was just a little hard to wedge in.

Delores Wakarusa, IN

Cute – but mirror is wonky

My little girl really enjoys playing with this mirror. The owls are adorable and she loves to touch the leaves that crinkle and the taggie ribbons at the bottom. The only downside is that the mirror is a bit fun-house looking, not a very clear image.

Dawn Vails Gate, NY

Cute but not really a mirror

I bought this so that I could see my baby in the backseat while driving but the mirror is made from some sort of cheap plastic that does not reflect anything at all. In fact, it is not even reflective enough for baby to use just for fun. The criters are cute and the design is nice but you cannot call it a mirror. I ended up buying a cute backseat headrest mirror from Target that did the trick just fine.

Chasity Walpole, MA


I sent this to my grandson in spite of some of the negative reviews. In a video sent to menu my daughter, I can clearly see him raising his head and smiling. The reflection was clear and it did not tip over as some said. And it came in less time than stated. LOVE AMAZON.

Cherry Crownsville, MD

Love this theme

We love this treetop friendly forest theme, the colors, patterns etc. My only complaint is with the mirror quality. Not sure if it’s because it is flexible or on a cardboard backing but you can’t see yourself very well in it (distorted) and the point of it is for baby to discover himself in the mirror. Otherwise it is very cute.

Tori Woodston, KS

Great floor mirror for Baby

My 7 month old daughter has loved this since she was 5 months. Great for the floor too. And it can be attached to a crib. Nice versitility!

Eileen Pershing, IN

Thought skip hop was better…

We have a few skip hop products that we absolutely love! Wouldn’t say this product is up to standards…. the mirror is totally wonky and overall it’s just flimsy. The velcro on the straps (tried to hang it in the car) are terrible and I wouldn’t hang it in the crib either because it would get pulled down in a second. Also has a little fabric covered cardboard stand in the back which bent the first day out of the box. Disappointing at best.

Marlene Cokato, MN

Excellent for tummy time

I purchased this item to enhance my baby’s tummy time and this is exactly what it does. It will catch her eyes and we play peak a boo with the little birdies that you can Velcro to it. I did not expect it to be sturdy to the contrary : this is after all a baby toy and when time comes she will want to grab it and see what it does when you push or puul it. I would not want her to be hurt by a too heavy item.

Lorie Kempner, TX

Only useful when you are holding it and playing with baby

The straps that you use to attach this to things don’t have much give or a wide Velcro strip, so you can’t hang this securely on very many things, as a result when my baby pulls on the owl or bird, the whole thing either moves or falls down (and if it’s propped up, it definitely comes down with the slightest tug). When we play together and I hold the mirror it’s a great toy because he loves the grass and leaves and looking at himself, i just wish he could get use from it when playing alone.

Leticia Springboro, PA

Was a Gift

This was a gift but the mother really liked it…she said it was very cute and her son enjoyed it.

Loretta Campbell, MN


I love this and my baby. I use it for tummy time and she loved staring at herself and the bird and owl and fake grass in the mirror

Ruthie Saint John, IN

Very cute! Great with the crib set

This entire crib set is very cute and wonderful! I bought the crib bedding, the round pillow, this mirror, the hug and hide owl, and 2 set of the rattles. All are darling!The mirror straps are too short to go around our Target crib rail but there is also a kickstand strap, so we just set it up against the edge and it is great!The little owls on the side stick to the sides and can be moved- so it will be fun once my baby gets older and wants to play a little in his crib! So far, he just likes staring at himself. 🙂

Deidra Mount Enterprise, TX

Super Cute! Mirror is distorted.

The sewing on ours is crooked – like the bottom of the mirror is slanted. Nothing a baby would really care about, but just something I’ve observed. Bought this play mirror because it matched our Skip Hop Treetop Activity Gym. I like that the birds detach and re-attach so she can play with those when she starts pulling. I’ve attached it to the bars on the activity gym with the straps on the back – baby loves to look up and stare at herself and crack up. Mirror looks funny – all distorted like a fun-house mirror. I wonder if that affects their developing vision. But ALL of the baby mirrors I’ve looked at (4 of them) have the same weird, distortion. I suspect because they are not glass and made to be shatter-proof.

Rosalia Valentines, VA

Cute mirror

This is a really fun mirror that I started using with my 2 month old. He really seems to like it so I’m looking forward to continue using this for months to come.PROS: Mirror props up easily on a flat surface. Colors are fun and materials seem sturdy. I also like that the little leaves make crinkle sounds and the birds are attached with velcro and can be positioned differently on the mirror however, they cannot be completely detached because there is a string keeping them attached. There is plenty to keep a curious baby engaged.CONS: This mirror doesn’t attach to the headrest in the car very well, at least not in mine. Good concept bad execution. The mirror while it won’t break and is safe looks like a fun house mirror and that’s a bit annoying. My baby doesn’t seem to care though. =)If I had to choose between this mirror and the lady bug mirror I would choose the Skip Hop. I was torn because the lady bug one seemed really cute but this one is made better and has more fun features.

Ola Christine, TX