Skip Hop Versa Expandable Diaper Bag, Cream Links

Skip Hop Versa Expandable Diaper Bag, Cream Links

VERSA keeps up with you and baby through errands, playdates, work and even the gym. Pack it, grab it and go. Two insulated front pockets are roomy enough to store baby’s bottles, sippy cups and food. Nine more pockets easily organize diapers, toys, clothes and all of your personal items keeping everything safe and dry. A quick zip down the center provides over 20% more storage capacity.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Expandable center makes bag 20% larger
  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Non skid stroller straps fits on any stroller; Cushioned changing pad; Soft, lightweight material; water resistant lining
  • Two roomy, insulated bottle pockets and handy front zip phone pocket; Eleven pockets, secure zip top closure
  • BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalate Free

Verified reviews



I’m no diaper bag newbie- I have a 3 and 2 year olds and i’ve been thru many high end diaper bags (petunia, storsak, other skip hops, ju ju be’s…) so my review is a good one! this bag is SO amazing for the price. VERY similar to the storksak emily but less than half the price and a bit larger which when you have two kids is better! So much room for everything without looking silly when not as full for errands or a quick trip. Can be packed with tons of stuff for a longer day out too. Don’t know why anyone mentions the fabric seeming cheap; it seems very nice and silky yet strong to me. Love the four outter pockets on front and a small zipped one for my iphone- great for my small bits and keys and sunglasses as well. This bag is SO stylish and practical, i just love it to pieces! The hobo shape is really high end looking and all the pockets keep me organized. The blue lining was a bit shocking at first now i think it looks vibrant and a nice contrast to all the black. Clips on the handle of my bob just great! And at the lower $59 price on amazon, how could i resist?Update almost 2 years later!Still in love. kids now 5 and 3 and its perfect. lots of pockets for snacks, my stuff, band aids/meds and misc. I can fit so much in here, and now my needs are different and it still rocks. you CAN maching wash on gentle in a pillow case and air dry for a nice clean bag. The black is so classic and i get compliments all the time still. best diaper bag for 2 small kids, babies or pre school aged!

Darla Valley Forge, PA

Genius Design

I LOVE this bag. I got it in the cream link pattern, and it feels so trendy without being over-done. What I love best about it are ALL the pockets- none of them are superfluous, they are all easy to access, and extremely practical. I love that the changing pad pocket is on the outside, making it easy to access all the diapering stuff when pinning down a wiggling poopy child. I love the roomy diaper pockets on the inside, the cell phone/pacifier pocket (my daughter doesn’t use a pacifier so I co-opted the pocket for my cell and it’s perfect! No more digging!). The ONLY complaint I have is the coloring. I love the contrast of orange and cream, but I thought when I go ordered it that it would be more of a white than a dark beige. Also, because it’s so light, it gets dirty really fast- the material is a slick nylon kind of a material, not the coated canvas many diaper bags are nowadays. A bottle of anti-bac leaked in my bag and it wasn’t actually water proof (granted, that was a pretty extreme test of their water-proofing, but still!)- The brown of the zipper for the orange section ran and left a permanent stain on part of the bag, and the orange portion got a water stain. This was not Skip Hop’s fault though, so I don’t think it detracts from the bag. What does detract from the bag for me is that the corners get pretty gross looking from brushing up against things in the course of the day- hard to feel stylish when your bag gets that dirty looking, that easily. It’s not machine washable, so I often have to empty it out and go at it with a toothbrush, being EXTRA careful not to get the orange section or brown zippers wet, God forbid they stain the bag! That said, it’s lightweight, stylish, practical, and unique looking. Despite the wear and tear of staining, I would probably buy it again.

Lois Mc Alister, NM

Commenting on Colors/Style

I originally ordered the black bag. When it came I observed that it is very nice looking, but the gold zippers threw me off. Seemed kinda “whips ‘n chain-ish” at first glance. I decided to order the cream links one instead. Well, this one turned me off even more. The middle part is orange which I think is even listed in the description, but I missed that info somehow. I was expecting it to be almost red, but it truly was orange. The part that really turned me off however is the look of the links pattern on the fabric. It kinda screamed “diaper bag,” whereas the black one does not. In comparing the two, I decided to keep the black one. I intend to write another review once I have used it, but for now, just commenting on colors/patterns. BTW this bag is vegan so that’s a huge plus if you’re not into the leather thing!

Pamala Hiland, WY

Great design but poor quality

I found this diaper bag to be a perfect size for a few diapers, a bag of wipes, a baby blanket, a toy or two, hand cleanser, an outfit change, and one or two other small items. It has many many compartments and is highly functional.However, the zipper gave out after a few months of light use. I never overfilled the bag or was particularly rough with it. I have bags of similar size I’ve been using for travel for literally years, so for this one to give out after a few months is pretty bad. The zipper is simply poor quality. I won’t purchase another diaper bag from Skip Hop.

Estella Warner Robins, GA

perfect size! super cute

I am not going to lie, I have 5 diaper bags and ONE child. I am somewhat of a diaper bag hoarder! (Same with strollers, buuut that’s another story) I have 2 duffle bag style diaper bags which were okay for when my 20 month old was a baby but now they are huge and it would look like I am staying a week at Disney World if I toted those things around. Then I bought a Carters Travel Light Mini Diaper Bag which I used (and loved!) for quite some time. It is SMALL but holds what I needed plus a sippy cup on one side and my Camelbak water bottle on the other side (bonus!). Anyways lets face it, the carters bag isn’t the cutest thing ever and although useful I grew tired of that bag. Next was a JJ Cole Mode diaper bag (in mulberry patch, if it matters) which is so cute and I did like the bag for a short time. It has nice straps but I found it to be too narrow of bag for my liking. What I do like it for is the summer time because it holds sun screen on the side pocket, its bright and would hold a small towel or two and some bathing suits. After I stopped using that one, I went BACK to my carters bag, grew tired of it again… see the pattern here? So when I saw this cute bag I was excited! I thought the price was good on amazon and the reviews seemed positive. I just got it in about 3 days ago and so it hasn’t been put through the test of time yet. But I CAN tell you that I love the set up- it has two pockets in the front that hold a sippy AND my camelbak (yay!!) and inside I have 5 size 4 diapers, a big pack of wipes, tons of snacks, gum, my wallet, keys and there is tons of space for lots more. The bag is NOT as narrow as my jj cole, so I can get to the bottom a lot easier. I like the fabric too, its hard to tell from the picture in my opinion but its kind of a silky fabric that is easy to clean. I would know this because it already got a huge sticky mark on it from something on the kitchen table (gross) and easily wiped off! Its big but not HUGE which is nice. For our family it would work even with two children, but I don’t pack extra clothes in any of my diaper bags. I keep those in a zip lock bag in our trunk because we almost NEVER use them. Its definitely fashionable with out being flashy… i love the black color & the blue inside is super fun. The design is great. It comes with stroller straps that can stay attached to the bag until you are ready to use them (which is really nice because my jj cole does not have that option. The stroller straps are just floating around the bag somewhere) I know I haven’t used this bag for long at all, so I plan to write an update in a few months! Hope this helps!

Chelsey Stem, NC

Nice bag not for me

This bag is fantastic and if my daughter was a newborn this would be perfect, but she is now 18 months and my daily outing need are a lot less so this is just a tad bulky for me even with the closing zipper. I will think about purchasing it if we have another baby though. The orange are brown are really cute and hip and I don’t think it feel like drab Mommy bag.

Jennie Edson, KS

Perfect diaper bag!

I absolutely love this diaper bag. I previously owned the Skip Hop Duo and used that for 3 years before ordering a new one. I liked the Skip Hop brand so wanted to stick with it. I wanted a bag that looked more like a purse and had more pockets for organization, so the Versa fit the bill. I have a 3.5 and almost 2 year old, with another baby due soon. I’ve been using the bag unexpanded but will most likely expand it when the baby is born. I love the number of pockets it has. In the front zipping pockets that are insulated and supposed to be used for bottles, I keep my wallet/lotion/tissues/personal items in one and snacks for the kids in the other. The small pocket at the top that’s supposed to hold your phone is too small for my iPhone and Otterbox, so I keep Chapstick and hand sanitizer in it. I like that there are 4 pockets in the main bag area. I keep kid medicine, wipes, diapers, sippy cups, etc. Definitely enough room for everything I need. It’s been a durable bag, too. I bought the bag in black to reduce signs of wear, and I’ve been happy with the decision. I read reviews before buying the bag that seams were coming apart or tearing, but I haven’t had any issues like that, and I’ve had the bag for over 6 months.

Adeline Staten Island, NY

Cheaply made

After ordering and returning the Skip Hop Studio diaper bag because it was too small, I ordered this one, having read reviews that this one was larger. I expected the material to be of a similar quality to the Studio bag, particularly considering the regular price (or even sale price) of this bag. However, this bag is made of a material that has a very cheap feel to it. It wasn’t that much larger than the Studio and didn’t have any helpful organization features – not even any external bottle pockets.The worst thing about this bag is that the lining isn’t sewn down, so when you put in and pull out items from the internal pockets (or just from the inside of the diaper bag) the lining moves with the items and is quite frustrating to access your stuff.I ordered Skip Hop diaper bags because they all come with shopping cart straps and they rated well, but I’m disappointed.If anyone has a stylish, roomy-but-not-bulky diaper bag they love, please comment on this posting and let me know – I’ve tried the Skip Hop Studio (too small & straps were too short for me to wear comfortably), Skip Hop Versa (see above), Carter’s Everyday Tote (too small & also cheaply made), & my favorite is the Baby Innovations bag I got in a retail chain store (not available on Amazon), but it doesn’t have shopping cart straps (this is my 1st baby & I didn’t realize how helpful they are). I’m currently using the backpack bag I got for my husband, but it’s not very stylish!

Shauna Glenvil, NE

cheap bright gold zippers

product has cheap bright goldplate zippers, not the antiqued heavier metal look in the picture. the fabric was pretty thin, i had expected a thicker faux leather so it would pass as a purse as well.

Carly Norco, LA

Not so great

I really wanted to love this bag but I don’t think it is going to work out for me. I think it is nice looking but as other reviewers mentioned, the gold accents are very bright and they seem to cheapen the look of the bag, as does the shiny material, almost making it look tacky to me. After my previous diaper bag fell apart, I thought I would give this bag a try despite its not entirely perfect looks. After 10 minutes of trying to pack it, I got frustrated. I didn’t find there was enough room for my personal things (wallet, tissues, phone, chapstick) and all of my baby’s food items for a day trip. Also, when the zippered front pockets have items in them, it is hard to use the outer pockets. I would like to have my wallet handy and also be able to keep out a sippy cup or two. It might work for some people, hence the 3 stars, but I don’t think it’s right for me. I should also mention that I was looking for a more feminine bag, but going from a backpack to to this with the over the top gold accents might be too big a leap.

Magdalena Big Wells, TX

Could be bigger

The first one I ordered was damaged – be careful and inspect the product before accepting it! The threads were coming undone. Now, it’s been approx 4 months and it seems to be doing ok. I like the way it looks but wish it were a tad bigger!

Susie Orinda, CA

Nice bag

Kind of spendy for a diaper bag that I only sort of like. It is nice looking. The compartments on the outside of the bag are great, but inside, the pockets kind of get weighed down and end up emptying the stuff that I put in them out into the main cavity. It is large enough but I don’t really think that the expander really does much.

Kathi Appomattox, VA

Lightweight, fashionable, lots of pockets

Saw another mom carrying this in Babies R Us check out line a couple weeks ago… she had it stuffed! And it still looked good… so I promptly broke out of line and went over to look at the bags for myself. The cream links pattern is very cute, but stuck with black for versatility. I’m addicted to amazon scan it to verify if online price is cheaper than in the store (which it usually is…) so waited to get it online instead. Now that I have it, I can see this being a bag I love to carry, baby or not.Pros:- Lightweight- Spacious- Lots o’pockets!- Can put bottle / snacks / sippy in front insulated pockets- Front small zip paci-pocket ensures I know how to get to the paci quickly- Stroller handle straps have rubbery sticky stuff to keep from sliding back and forth while walkingCons:- I need to find a portable clutch wallet that will hold my credit cards, lip gloss, and phone so that if I need to leave bag with baby (i.e. church nursery, grandma’s house, etc.) I can take my stuff out easily and leave bag.

Cecile Central Lake, MI

Zippers break easily

The zipper compartment in the top middle broke off on mine, but called SkipHop and they gladly replaced it. I liked this bag so much because it is superstylish and can be used as a purse as well without feeling weird. Alot of people dont know that it is a diaper bag and are very surprised when you tell them that it is.

Germaine Lovell, ME

The diaper bag that has it all!

Safe, sturdy, functional, stylish! It is the diaper bag I wish I had had all along! Comes with its own changing pad, so dont have to buy that seperate. The pockets are so functional. Just the right size. Not too small and not too oversized! Cant say enough, but they definately put time and thought into designing this bag. The feature of attaching it easily to a full stroller is a great plus! Look no further, get this bag!

Antionette Haskell, OK


I love my purse!!! it’s big, everything fits, it hangs from the stroller and best of all… IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A DIAPER BAG!!

Coleen Lickingville, PA

Great bag, BUT….

When I got it, it looked fantastic… Until I opened it and found two pairs of old baby socks in them!!WTH? But considering they were just baby socks….Anyways. The bag is amazing! I’m so mad now I spent so much money on all sorts of diaper bag before finding this at such a GREAT price!The catch is, I’m very petite, 4’11 and about 110lbs, so big bags tend to over whelm me, and weigh me down. To top it off, some how, I’m blessed with a BIG baby, so between me carrying my 19lbs, 6m old around, I really thought I had to just give up on having a diaper bag bigger then a hand bag.But this bag is incredibly light! It’s made of fabric, but of the non absorbing kind, unlike my Vera Bradley baby bag, does not look cheap at all, like the plasticky generic kinds, and it has TONS of pockets that are ALL perfect size and useful, even more so then the highly touted VB, and even more functional too! AND it’s cross body, so they weight is more distributed then just sitting on my shoulders!Unzipping the outer pockets, and you’re greeted with surprisingly the prettiest baby blue fabric! A pleasant surprise.I haven’t need to use the expandable zipper yet, but still I can fit a good amount of things into it: a small purse (my personal items such as cell phone, money, etc.), a smallish ‘snack bag’ with food pouches, and crackers, etc, a change of clothes, wipes, diapers, etc. the exandable zipper will come in handy come winter time though so I can store a baby blanket in it too.Oh and the outside pockets are great for bottles and a few toys, and the pockets without zippers is awesome because it is DEEP, so you what be afraid to loose your items! I threw my change in there from the store, and my keys.Awesome bag! Highly recommend!

Janell Morrill, NE

Amazing diaper bag with lots of pockets

I’ve had tons of diaper bags and this one is by far my favorite. The pockets on the sides hold Dr.Brown’s bottles great and I love the zipper expansion to make it bigger!

Nona Saint Helen, MI

Chic looking baby bag

I bought this bag because I wanted a diaper bag that did not look like a diaper bag. This bag looks like it cost hundreds but is less than $80. Lots of room and love that you can expand it if needed. I can fit everything I need for my 2yr old and newborn. My husband also doesn’t mind putting it over his shoulder. It can be crossbody too!

Sophia Holt, MI

Love, love, love this bag!

I saw this bag online and fell in love with it, but never ordered it as it wasn’t a necessity. Then I saw it hanging off of a woman’s stroller as she was walking down the street and it quickly became a must have in our house. This bag is roomy and it carries enough stuff for both my 4 month old son and my 3.5 year old son. I have to say that aside from the functionality, the best part about this bag is the style. It actually looks like an oversized hobo purse and less like a diaper bag. Every single person who has seen me with it has asked which bag it was. Nice job, Skip Hop.

Gayla Sumner, NE

Love the bag, fabric is a bit touchy

I have been using this bag for a few weeks now. I love it. The pockets are plentifold and I enjoy the shape and color a lot. The satin fabric is very nice and wipeable yet classy enough to look dressy. The black one I have has a blue/turquoise lining in it, which I appreciate. You can see everything inside without looking into a black hole.Something I am not so happy about: the fabric is sensitive to scratching. I have a few scratches on the front already and I have no clue how they got there. It’s not terrible but I would be nice if it was a bit more scratch resistant. On the other hand the fabric is very lightweight and thus makes it great for travel. Who wants to carry a bag that weighs 6 pounds when empty! That’s one reason I stayed away from PPB bags.I’d definitely recommend this bag and would buy this again if they came out in a different fabric, say printed canvas.

Emily Bethany Beach, DE

Not big enough

Just received this bag today I’m due any day now with a winter bundle. What I like about this bag is the style of it, the stroller straps, it’s very lightweight and the ability to expand it. What will probably not work out for me is how narrow the inside of the bag is it’s just too small for the colder weather baby needs. I could only fit 1 outfit, 1 swaddle blanket, 1 heavy blanket, and 1 tiny newborn size coverall. With that alone it’s stuffed to the max and can’t be zippered. This isn’t even including my diapers, wipes, or bottles. If I paid full price for this bag I would probably return it for something a little bigger but I think I will hang onto it for drs appointments or quick errand runs. I will definitely need something bigger for at least the first year. This is my second baby so I know that first year the diaper bag is stuffed like Mary poppins bag. This would be a good bag when they get a bit older and you don’t need to bring everything under the sun with you everywhere you go. Overall I would say go for something with a wider opening and a little larger for newborns. Especially if you are going to have bulky winter items to stuff in it!

Carmella Hammond, MT

I used to love this, till the fabric yellowed.

The bag is roomy and well designed, and I used to love it UNTIL I pulled it out to use one day and discovered that it had developed dark yellow stains on the cream links fabric around all the seams. It almost looks like a rust stain, which makes no sense. I tried to spot clean it without success, so in desperation I’ve just thrown the bag in the washer, against manufacturer instructions. It looks so awful I can’t use it anymore. Incidentally, the first bag I received from Amazon had a much more minor form of the same staining and I exchanged it for my bag. The problem must be with the fabric itself. Maybe I would get it in black, but stay away from the cream links!UPDATE: The washer experiment seems to have worked. I washed it on cold, low spin, and air dried it. The stains seem to have come out. Good to know that this is possible! Still, be warned that the cream links version stains easily.

Olivia Brush Valley, PA

I love it!

This bag is great! I had a son but I wanted a bag that had some pink for me but blue fore him. It’s big enough to fit everything I need and had lots of pockets for bottles and other items. I would highly recommend this bag. I get compliments all the time

Alyssa Mayfield, NY

3 rd diaper bag

This is the 3rd diaper bag I have purchased over 4 years. I am slightly disappointed in the opening a the top is not as wide as I thought it would be.

Tisha Siluria, AL

Still searching for my perfect bag…..

I bought this bag because it looked spacious and is not designed like a typical diaper bag. Overall I like it but it still doesn’t meet my expectations. The fabric and zippers are nice. I also like the zipper pockets on the front. My main problem with the bag is the inside. Once you fill the pockets up on the inside, there isn’t much room left for anything else. Plus, the fabric on the inside seems a little cheap and plastic-like. The open pockets on the front can barely hold anything, and definitely not a bottle. And I can only fit lip balm or hand sanitizer in the little pocket on the top.This is good for a short day trip or errands, but if you need to carry extra bottles, food or blankets, it just doesn’t hold enough.

Genevieve Kendrick, ID

I love it but…

I immediately fell in love with this diaper bag as soon as I saw it. Mostly because I didn’t want one of those diaper bags with prints or cartoon characters. I wanted a bag that wasn’t obviously a diaper bag, and this did the trick. I love that I can hang it on my stroller or shopping cart. I love the long and comfortable strap too.What I don’t like is that it’s not that spacious, yes, even with the zipper expander. I have a newborn and this bag just isn’t doing it for me. I have to carry a lot of thing and everything is jammed packed in there. Regardless, I’m still able to use it, but it’s a pain in the butt when I have to go digging for stuff at the bottom of the diaper bag and its too packed I can’t see my way through. This bag will be perfect as my child grows (I think) because I assume he will require less stuff. Mostly, I just worry and pack more than I should, that could be it, but isn’t that what most mothers do anyways?

Liz Garland, PA

Cream Links: OK looking, appears slightly different than what you’d expect from picture

I haven’t started using it yet, but I like that it is light and has a lot of pockets. The changing pad seems smaller than other ones I’ve seen. Other reviewers are right. Zoom into some of the photos to get a better idea. The trim is brown, not black as it appears in the photo, and the links are not as bold. The material is also a satiny plastic, like the material that lines a suitcase. So, the material is a bit thin and cheapish looking. But at this price point, it is large and light, which are two things going for it. Other nicer looking bags I’ve seen are a bit more expensive, and sometimes heavier.

Cara Angwin, CA

Love the Versa, didn’t like the pattern

I love the Versa bag- I’ve owned it in black. This pattern just didn’t look as nice in person as it seemed to in the photo. Just wasn’t the bag for me. Returned it and replaced it eventually with the black one. Amazing bag- best diaper bag out there in my opinion. Just didn’t like this pattern.

Agnes Citrus Heights, CA

Stitching coming apart

I received this bag from my baby registry wish list and it arrived as pictured, looked nice and seemed to be decent quality. My twins are 5mos old now and I am a stay at home mom so this diaper bag is used just for every now and then outings. I do not over fill it (a couple diapers each twin) and just noticed the stitching that holds the zipper in for the main compartment of the bag is ripping apart. As a first time mom I’m not sure what the life expectancy of a diaper bag is, but for the price of this one I definitely expected it to last longer than 5 months, and it will only be a couple more outings before I won’t be able to use this one.. 🙁

Christian Moline, IL