Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag Black

Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag Black

The Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag is an amazingly organized and functional diaper bag with a super sleek style. With eighteen pockets, the via messenger has spots for everything you and baby need when you hit the road. There are bottle pockets, compartments for food, cups, toys and more. The via messenger includes the new shuttle clips; a unique strap and fastening system that allows the via to attach neatly and conveniently to the handlebars of any stroller and then convert into a cool, hip messenger style diaper bag. When attached to the stroller, you can leave the shoulder strap attached or remove it for a cleaner look. The via messenger includes magnetic closures throughout and a comfy shoulder pad.

Main features

  • Hangs neatly on a stroller and can be worn over the shoulder
  • Patent pending shuttle clips make the Via the ultimate stroller bag
  • Two sets of hidden magnets allow the flap to close in different ways
  • Cushioned changing pad and shoulder pad included
  • Eighteen large pockets including seven zippered pockets and personal pocket with key fob

Verified reviews


Limited everything and it’s heavy but at least it looks nice.

I’m disappointed in this bag. I went with a Skip Hop bag because so many people rave about it and I really loved that it has so many pockets, looks like a nice bag not a baby bag and it hangs nicely from almost any stroller. Unfortunately now that I know what I need from a diaper bag this bag falls short on many levels.Although the bag looks good, it’s heavy and it gets heavier once the wipes, diapers, extra change of clothes, toys, cell phone and whatever else you may throw in the bag goes in . Also, the pockets inside take up all the space inside the bag so once you put diapers, wipes or anything else in the pockets you end up with little to no space for food, formula, a bottle, snacks, sippy cup things you may want to put in the center of the bag. The outside pockets such as the anti microbial pocket in the back isn’t roomy enough to put anything in there unless you stuff it in and sometimes you really REALLY don’t want to squish up soiled clothes. Trust me zip lock bags are WAY better and disposable when it comes to poo’ed on pants.The changing pad is really hard to put back into the back pocket because the bag is so compact. Anyone who has had to hold their infant and stuff an uncooperative changing pad back in the bag while at a rest stop on 95 North can appreciate how important the need for an easy to store changing pad is.The top flap is ok but it bulks out if you over stuff the bag which is what I tend to do. I don’t over pack, I take just the essentials which is why I’m not happy with this bag. I suggest for all new moms to buy a cheapo bucket bag at first and then go out and get a really great bag once you know what your needs will be for your baby.

Sara Spencer, OK


This is a nice diaper bag, but really only useful for day trips, and NOT as your “everything” diaper bag (if, like me, you like to overpack to be prepared for everything – I’m a new mom). Yes, it has a lot of pockets, but they’re sewn so flat that you can’t fit much in each (except anything flat!!). The only useful pocket is the main compartment – the pockets on the flap are pointless, and the big pocket on the back of the bag is good for a magazine or thin book for mom! Nice style, but just not a useful bag. If you really want a nice, stylish, roomy bag, check out Fleurville bags!

Imelda Decatur, MI

For the minimalist!

I should have taken heed at other reviewers’ comments of this bag being a bit too small. I wanted a non-diaper looking bag that is not gigantic and covered in ugly patterns that plague all baby gear for some odd reason, but this bag is only practical if you are a minimalist by personality. Once all the internal pockets have items placed in them there is not enough room in the bag for anything else except maybe a swaddle and a few outfits. The external pockets are useless as they are flat and don’t expand. The side bottle mesh pockets are very handy though and the light colored lining is key to finding things. Great for guys too!

Ronda Cedar Run, PA

Good diaper bag

After looking at many different diaper bags, we decided to get this one because:1. LOVE the shuttle clips that easily clip on and off the stroller2. shoulder strap is also very comfortable and padded well3. the “special AgION antimicrobial pocket” is handy when quickly putting away soiled clothing, used burp clothes, etc.4. interior of bag is insulated throughout, keeping warmed bottles warm so we don’t have to worry about heating it up when we are out and about5. the changing pad is nice and well-paddedOverall, this bag has a lot of great features and suits our needs. When I was ordering this bag, I thought the many pockets would be useful. But after using this bag for a while, I realize that although it’s not bad, it’s not as convenient as I thought it would be. Just a thought for an overall very well-made bag!

Antoinette Redding, CT

Diaper Bag and New Purse!!

I am very happy with this purchase. There are little compartments all throughout the bag to hold those misc small things. It is not a huge diaper bag like the ones from the 1990s, but it is what I wanted for traveling around for the day. This item is great for both my husband and myself. Originally I was going to get us two seperate bags, but with this one there is no need since we both really like it.

Geri Desert Center, CA

not the best bag

We got this bag for both myself and my husband. I really, really wish I hadn’t picked this bag. I love this brand but this bag was not practical for either one of us. Other then it being black and the most normal looking bag i could find it just didnt cut it. THe pockets are great but overall it doesnt fit everything you need because of its slim design. Also, the changing pad that came with it is cheap and small. we had to buy another one to use. I stopped using this when my son was 6 months old. It did not work once i was carrying along toys and books and other items.

Bobbie Beetown, WI

Disappointed – bag frays!!

We did a lot of research prior to purchasing the Skip Hop Messenger bag, and initially we were very pleased with the bag. Unfortunately, after only 2 months of normal/light use, we noticed the piping on all edges and corners of the bag was starting to fray :-\ It made our bag look like we had rubbed it vigorously and really taken the bag through the ringer. I ‘trimmed’ the fray off after the first 2 months, and now at 3.5 months, it’s back and needs another ‘hair cut’. The bottom panel was also pulled away from the edge seam and starting to fray – which is an even bigger concern as this is evidence that the panels are cut very close to the seam and not well secured. We manually fixed this – but for a bag at this price, this shouldn’t be necessary. I can only imagine what this bag will look like in the next several months :-/We did contact Skip Hop and they were very easy to communicate with and quick to help us process our warranty. We received a coupon code for the list price of the bag to use on their website – for the same bag or anything else we’d like.Overall, our impressions of the bag:Pros:
• Lots of organization – we love when things have a ‘home’ – and there are plenty of pockets in this bag.
• Large side ‘pockets’ (mesh with a toggle to tighten) on the outside for bottles – I have a large 1L Camelbak waterbottle and I LOVE that it fits in this side pocket!
• Unisex design – my husband feels very comfortable using this diaper bag
• the top flap folds over the opening which keeps things from falling out
• SkipHop customer service is excellentCons:
• Material is already fraying after 2 months of normal/light use – looks beat up.
• bottom panel of bag fraying away from seam.
• seam on changing pad is coming undone – easily fixed (just a basted seam to separate the pad into thirds) – but speaks to the quality of the bag.
• bag is a fair size, however with cloth diapers (2-3 inserts, 1-2 shells, large wetbag), wipes, and an extra outfit it is filled to capacity. Our daughter is only 3 months old – so we aren’t even trying to bring along treats, toys, etc. at which point, this bag would be too small.
• The top flap only closes via magnets at 2 locations on the front of the bag – when full, the top magnets never catch. It’s convenient and looks nice when the bag is empty – but practically speaking – the magnets are worthless. However, the flap still stays down fairly well – so not a major issue. Magnetic snaps would be more secure.
• The ‘mom’ pocket is at the bottom of the bag under the flap. I have a decent sized wallet – and with a full diaper bag, it barely fits – much less anything else along with it. It is also not in a convenient place. Generally I’d like a pocket easily accessed while the bag is on my shoulder and baby is in my other arm – to drop my keys in after locking the car, to quickly grab my cell phone, etc. I end up dropping those items in the back pocket with the changing pad since it’s the most accessible.

Lena Sumner, NE

Just ok.

Pros – lots of pockets to organize everything. Stylish for mom or dad to carry.Cons – I’ve returned it twice with defects (zipper, then a pocket tore). Major problem, and reason for only 2 stars, is the lack of space. While there are many pockets, they don’t expand so it’s hard to put much in the bag (unless your items are very thin or flat – not helpful for baby gear). We ended up getting a Eddie Bauer Belmont Duffle diaper bag instead and are very pleased with it.

Katie Liberty, TX


Pros:- stroller straps are awesome, though i seem to be the only one in the family to know how to work them. Everyone else keeps on detaching the long strap.- sleek, red matches the color of my bugaboo strollerCons- multiple pockets that are too small and/or unusable. Cant put anything in the pocket that is supposed to hold dirty clothes.- magnetic closure doesnt work when bag is full- and that’s exactly when you would want it to work- after 4 months of usage, the cover flap looks badly frayed

Teri Sawyer, KS

great compact bag – neutral for sharing w daddy too!

This is a thoughtfully designed, stylish, practical messenger bag! I really like this bag for the very reason that some other reviewers did not: it is compact. Its size and shape are perfect for outings with a baby. It is not huge inside, but I actually like that it forces me to edit what I am packing a bit so I do not end up lugging around an overly heavy bag full of stuff I don’t actually need. Too much weight in the bag would make it harder on my back since I am already carrying the baby in the infant carrier plus whatever else I have going on any given day such as grocery bags.I love that the cross-body style frees up my hands and arms from straps and/or bags falling from shoulders so I can get baby in and out of her stroller, hold my preschooler’s hand while in parking lots, buckle and unbuckle carseat belts, etc. while still wearing the bag since it has my wallet, keys and phone in it. And, I also love that the changing pad (which is included) fits into the open back pocket so that I don’t have to dig around in the internal pockets with one hand while balancing a baby in a public restroom changing area! My previous diaper bags both had dedicated changing pad pockets inside and it was always a challenge to dig them out when balancing a wiggly baby, etc. This is a huge plus!!!I have the platinum colored bag and really appreciate that it is not covered in babyish or loud, tacky patterns that I would never carry otherwise like so many other diaper bags out there. And, my husband appreciates that the silver-color is rather neutral and not too girly or purse-like when he takes the baby out solo.

Aurelia Broadbent, OR

good quality, but too small

This bag is great if you’re looking for something for a toddler or older baby. I found that it was too small and everything felt scrunched if I wanted to put more than one outfit in the bag for the baby. Although I was also packing formula, so maybe it would be ok for a short trip for a breastfed baby. The quality was good and I LOVE the stroller clips. The zippers were study and the front flap had a magnet to keep it down. It is also not too girly for a man to carry.

Lynda Brookings, OR

Two Years Later

We bought the lime green version of this and have now been using it daily for two years. It has held up well and is the type of bag my husband never minded carrying. We like the side pockets with the drawstring. They seem to be a great size for bottles, sippy cups, juice boxes, fruit, etc. The worst thing about this bag is also one of the major reasons I was interested in it – the pockets. I thought I wanted lots of pockets. However, we hate all the pockets now. My spouse and I laugh about how it is like looking for buried treasure. It turns out I’m the only one that can find anything in it. If you say “the outside pocket” – guess what? There are 7! If you say “the pocket on the back”. It turns out there are 4! Maybe we just aren’t consistent at putting things in the same places. I also think it is a little small on the inside. That being said, we have used it for years, so I guess it isn’t a horrible bag. It just isn’t the greatest bag either.

Lynnette Pittsfield, ME

Great Diaper Bag

I love that it has SO many pockets. You never have to dig through to find something because everything has its own spot. And, of course, my husband loves the unisex color and design:)

Maura Blue Jay, WV

small, top won’t close all the way

This bag was too small once i got the diapers, wipes, change of clothes and a blanket and a toy. the bag ended up being so over stuffed that i couldn’t get the top flap to close back down, and would end up leaving the bag half open. I since gone over to a backpack. Its the easiest diaper bag, and keeps my hands free to chase after and hold my toddler.

Felicia Denmark, IA

Great compact bag for moms and dads

I looked at several Skip Hop diaper bags but ended up getting the messenger bag. Here are my reasons for choosing this over other diaper bags:1. I liked some of the other more purse-like diaper bags but knew I would have a hard time getting my husband to carry them. This messenger bag is cute and yet masculine.2. Some of the other diaper bags were bigger but I wanted something a little more compact. That being said, this diaper bag will fit essentials for a day out (diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, extra outfit, water bottle, etc.) but you will not be able to carry a lot of extra things around with you. I did not want a huge diaper bag because I knew I would fill it and then have to lug it around.3. It has a number of zippered pouches which will securely hold my phone, wallet, keys.4. The pouches on the sides of the bags have draw-cords on them which allows for a more secure fit for water bottles or bottles.So far, I am really happy with my choice and I recommend it if you are in need of a diaper bag for small outings.

Allene Carlinville, IL

I really want to like this diaper bag, but I just don’t!

I got this diaper bag for my baby born back in October of 2012. I’ve been using it for 7 months and I finally had to come here to write a review of it. I really, really wanted to like this diaper bag. I love the Skip Hop Brand and thought that this bag would be great for my husband and me. We don’t like overly baby looking items and thought the messenger feature would be nice for carrying. Fast forward 7 months and I am finally going to get something bigger. This bag might be nice if used only for a quick outing to the store with a few diapers, wipes and one change of clothes, but try to put anything else in there and you won’t be able to. Once anything is put into the pockets on the outside the inside cavity becomes so tight that you can barely put anything in there. If you are a cloth diaper person, forget it. I guess we’ll keep it around for those quick trips.

Antoinette Collins, WI

Not enough space

Once you realize how many things you need to put in this bag, you will realize it is NOT enough space. I like the pockets but definitely needs to be a BIGGER bag. Regretful we got this one b/c most of the ones I see in stores and that moms carry are bigger.

Keisha Trampas, NM

Kinda Small

This bag might be a better bag for a guy? The color is kinda blah and it is jsut not quite big enough. My husband "doesn’t need a diaper bag" ; ) – wants to use a backpack, fair enough, – so I sent it back. Return was easy. I think there are better Skip Hop bags out there. I ended up with a totally different brand that is much bigger and got the pronto changer from skip hop for the car, plane, etc (which I love). If you want just one bag, that is more compact, this is a good one. Quality appears good.

Sue Lumberport, WV

Great diaper bag for both moms and dads!

I had been searching for an every-day diaper bag for a while — I wanted something stylish, not too girly, and obviously, practical. Definitely got it here.This bag has A TON of pockets — for all your baby’s and your stuff. I don’t carry a purse when I’m out with the baby and all of my things (wallet, keys, small camera, etc) fit, with no problem. Plenty of room for several diapers (I usually keep ~5, but more will fit), wipes, few changes of clothes, blanket, burp cloth, etc. I really like the anti-bacterial pocket…Love the charcoal color — my husband feels totally comfortable with it. It looks like a normal messenger bag.Attaches to any stroller perfectly — I really like the design of the straps.I do wish it had an insulated pocket for a bottle, but no biggie. The side mesh pockets can carry bottles.Fair price for such a great bag.

Hilary Lena, IL

After a long search, I love this bag!

I’ve been looking for a great diaper bag for my now two year old son. Even though he’s two,we still have a lot to carry around with us. I wish Amazon had more pictures of diaper bags. Seeing the front and back doesn’t help a whole lot. I never thought I’d want a messenger bag, but I’m so happy I chose this one after ordering the Skip Hop Grand Central Station, which was just way too bulky. This bag holds a lot, has a lot of pockets and is still semi compact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great size, but it holds everything together nicely instead of being a foot and a half wide. It sits on your shoulder nicely and having the ability to wear it cross body when you really need your hands free is a great option. I encourage you to look this bag up on youtube. There are video reviews, which helped me to make my decision. The mesh pockets on the side are also wide enough to hold a Contigo water bottle, which is what my son uses. I couldn’t recommend this bag enough and I really never thought I’d like messenger style. One thing, I orinigally ordered the green color. It came stained (despite being new in package) and when we put a little water on it to see if we could get it off you could see where the water had been after it dried. We decided to just get black, because I didn’t want a bag that was going to get very stained as you can not possibly keep a diaper bag from ever even getting wet, let alone a lot of other messes! Great diaper bag! PS My hubby doesn’t mind carrying this either 🙂

Dixie Cottonwood, CA

love the style of this bag!

this bag meets all expectations. it won’t carry a high capacity of bulk items, but it gets the job done!

Jody San Pierre, IN

loved it at first….but then…..

This bag is beautiful!! Just what I was looking for. This bag is definitely high quality and very practical I think. I absolutely love the stroller clip/straps to make it so much easier on outings. I know people think it is a little narrow, but it is again so much more practical that way when is it hanging on the stroller and it is plenty big for my baby’s needs.UPDATE: Okay, after a few months of use, I thought I should review again. This bag is fraying around the edges, and I alternate with another bag, so this one doesn’t even get much use. I am so dissappointed….for the price, I would expect better quality. I still love the size and the color, and the pockets are fine for me….but the fraying of the fabric is bothersome. : ( Now, I am in the market for another bag.

Janis Olaton, KY

Great bag but not roomy.

The concept of this bag is great and it has tons of pockets but the main compartment is seriously lacking in size. There is no possible way you can put something in every single one of the pockets, inside and out. There simply isn’t enough room! I consider myself a conservative carrier (I carry what we’ll need and a few other things for ‘just in case’ situations) and it is not big enough for me. It looks great though and comes with a fantastic padded shoulder strap and stroller straps. I have been on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag and have yet to find it. No one bag has yet to encompass all the best things about a diaper bag – roomy, lotsa pockets, stroller straps, attractive, padded shoulder strap, etc. You will have to compromise on something, I just couldn’t compromise on room.

Bonnie South Gardiner, ME

Pretty good but pockets ripped after a year

I received this bag when my baby was born and I am still using it. I like all of the pockets and the fact that it has the antimicrobial ones. My son is 20 months and the pockets just ripped. I might be extra hard on them though. For the most part I like the bag. Mine is green and the color is really nice. Also, both my husband and I carry it (doesn’t look like a purse). It also can hook on to a stroller which is handy.

Sandy Stratford, SD

Falls apart

When my first daughter was born, I bought a $30 diaper bag (can’t even remember the brand). I loved it, but it was a tad small and, after 2.5 years, it was a little worn out when #2 was on the way. So, I decided to invest in this bag. It gave me a little more room and was stylish and comfortable. Plus, I loved how it could easily hang on a stroller. It worked great for a while, but within a few months the pocket lining started to tear. The tears got bigger and bigger, and my keys and other important things began to fall through the holes and swim around behind the lining, making it really difficult to use. So then I cut out the lining, and just use the front pockets as one big pocket. I should have taken a seam ripper to it, though, because now all the little threads are jamming up the zippers. It’s getting almost impossible to use the front pockets. Then, about a month ago (my 2nd daughter was not even 9 months old) the plastic clip that controls the length of the strap snapped in two. I now have a safety pin holding it in place. I’m really disappointed that what I thought was an investment has turned into a mess. I really wish I still had my old bag.

Adelaide Whippany, NJ

This is a great bag…

Skip Hop knows how to make diaper bags. This is the third one I’ve had (one for each child) and they always manage to be practical and hold what you need while also looking good. My husband doesn’t even mind carrying it! I love how easily this attaches to the handle of my stroller and the included changing pad gets quite a bit of use.

Susan Ray City, GA

Great bag but just a bit small inside- EDITED TO REFLECT CHANGE IN QUALITY

This is a great bag for everyday errands with one baby. The stroller straps are very convenient and it has a good amount of pockets for both baby stuff and the stuff you would normally carry in a purse. I use the 2 wide zippered pockets on the front for wallet and make-up and gum. The 2 small side by side zippered pockets on the very front of the bag are good for your cell phone and keys and hand-sanitizer. Part of why I chose this bag was because I liked that there was a zippered pocket above the place where the diaper changing pad is, so I can keep extra diapers AND diaper ointment right there. The mesh bottle holders on the sides of the bag are great for water bottles. My only problem is that when you use all the pockets on the outside of the bag, it is very hard to get to the stuff you shove into the center of the bag. I manage to fit an extra onesie or outfit, a 9oz bottle and several 8 oz bottles of formula, one receiving blanket and one burp cloth and maybe 5 extra diapers. This is on top of the extra diapers and wipes in the back pocket and all the other stuff I put in the front pockets. I could fit more stuff inside the bag if I needed to (like a few little cardboard books, another bottle, maybe a toy), but it’s already pretty packed.It’s a great bag, easy to carry as a messenger bag or to strap onto your stroller or shopping cart. I love having my purse stuff in those 2 wide front pockets because it makes it easy to switch to a regular purse if I run out on my own. But this bag could really just use more space on the inside. They should remake it with the exact same set-up but just more fabric!EDITED TO ADD: I was frustrated by the lack of room in the bag when using the outer pockets and resigned myself to carrying a purse in addition to this bag. But after only 2 months of use, one of the inside pockets completely ripped from its trim and is fraying. I am sending this bag back and I bought a Ju Ju be BFF instead. After doing a ton of research, I’ve found that Ju Ju Be bags have a reputation for being very durable and they also have extremely functional design.

Kendra Ragsdale, IN

Smart looking but space is an issue

We bought this bag because it looks smart, and it’s one that both my wife and I can use when we are out with our baby. Here’s what we’ve found:Pros:- Looks great- Durable- Many pockets to put things away- The diaper changing pad is very useful when outsideCons:- Space is a premium. While there is quite a bit of pocket space, I think it doesn’t stretch much, or perhaps we’re trying to fill it with a lot

Ollie Bellevue, WA