Skip Hop Wall Decals, Alphabet Zoo

Skip Hop Wall Decals, Alphabet Zoo

Apply and re-apply to any smooth surface. These fun and educational decals have heaps of animal charm. Create a colorful ABC border for baby’s room, or use them to spell her name. The decals, including extra sheets of letters and additional vowels, are easy to apply and rearrange as often as you like.

Main features

  • PVC
  • Imported
  • 76 decals – includes 42 consonants and 2 or more of each vowel
  • Includes four sheets
  • Easy to apply, just peel and stick
  • Removable and repositionable without sticky residue
  • Sheet size: 12″ x 36″

Verified reviews


Really cute. Disappointing quality

I ordered these wall decals as soon as they were released by Skip Hop. They are really cute, and look nice with the bedding. However, they have a fatal flaw- they don’t stick to the walls very wall at all, even when applying for the first time (and moreso if you move the decals at all). THIS PRODUCT IS A CHOKING/SUFFOCATION HAZARD TO YOUR BABY! The decals can and do very easily fall off the wall! I’ve had several leaves completely fall off the wall on to the crib, owls don’t stick, branches don’t stick… I’m extremely disappointed with the poor adhesive quality compared to other decals I’ve used on my walls. Too bad Skip Hop skimped on the quality- really bad call on their part.

Kristy Lancaster, VA

Decal despair–won’t stick to the walls

I was so very disappointed with these decals. They are very cute and come with two sets, but they won’t stick to the walls. Our walls are clean, and were painted a couple months ago (so not recently enough that it should have been a problem), but the decals began peeling up as I was applying them. The walls are slightly textured, but not enough that it should have been a problem. I kept going back and applying pressure to try to get them to stick, but it didn’t last. This purchase was a waste of money and very disappointing.

Candy Lebanon, CT

Awesome Decals!

These are amazing. They are perfect sized letters for putting on a wall to decorate baby’s room. They are adorable and easy to use. If you stick it in the wrong place incorrectly, easy to remove and replace how you want it.

Alison Dewar, IA

Absolutely love it

It sticks really well to the walls. The colors are so bright and fun. Really made our baby room cute and welcoming. The package comes in 2 trees, I only used one.

Ingrid Burke, NY

very cute!

We got these for my son’s bedroom. They are very cute, with neutral colors and modern design. There are a LOT of letters, we didnt know what to do with them all.

Thelma Berkeley Springs, WV

Nursery Complete!

We had been looking for a fun wall decoration for our son’s room for a long time. This popped up as a daily deal, and we loved it! Looks great on the wall. The only problem is from being folded to fit in the box, some of the decals didn’t want to adhere to the wall at first.

Stefanie Shaktoolik, AK


My husband and I love these, we got them for our nursery and they are awesome. Very easy to apply to the wall and super fun

Suzette Hakalau, HI

love it!

My son loves skip hop products. We spelled out our son’s first and middle name and it looks so cute!they give you extra letters too! It is still sticking after 5 months and no signs of peeling. i would reorder their other products as well.

Millie Milpitas, CA

Horrible smell!

These have an awful smell so I decided to return them. I didn’t want the baby breathing that in every night.

Theresa Gepp, AR

Worked as advertised!

We have old plaster walls with some texture, so I was worried. These went up without a fuss about 6 months ago. We tended to them for a couple of weeks by rubbing down the odd edge that poked up. That eventually stopped and these have stuck like champs despite the texture on the wall. What’s more, the babies (both 1yo at the time) were absolutely FASCINATED by the change to the environment. Tree, bird, and flower became some of their first words because of these decals!

Bessie Java Center, NY

Love these great decals!

I bought these for our little girl’s nursery! They are So cute and stick to the walls well. I have bought other decals too and these are definitely better and look great against our light purple walls!

Marisol Milton, IL

Love these decals!

These went up fairly easily. We have military housing with smooth concrete walls. I like options, so instead of drilling a lot of holes in my walls I have mastered decal decorating and using 3M hanging hooks to fill up our walls. There is a pro and con to this set. The pro is that there is less clear plastic between the letters, so you have a look that appears more painted on. So a ‘u’ is hollow, not filled in with plastic across the top of the letter. The con to this is that hanging up the letter ‘k’ with four separate ‘legs’ to get straight can be challenging! Hope I explained that well enough. Because of this, I had to remove several letters to have them line up straight. Be careful and patient when you do this and the letter comes off with no problems. If you pull too hard and too fast the letter will stretch out. If you notice one is crooked a day later, use a hairdryer to heat up the adhesive and remove it easily. I especially liked the extra vowels that were provided and that they came in a different color so I didn’t have 3 red letters altogether, followed by a blue one. There were also separate trees and additional animals to round out your design.

Shannon Lake Hughes, CA

immediate peel-off

I have used decals many times, from many different companies and have been really lucky I guess. I love skip hop products, but their decals just don’t stay on the wall 🙁 overall it still looks adorable, and you do get two whole trees (or really 4 half trees and leaves and stuff to do with what you please), but I was saddened by the immediate peeling, especially since I’m practiced and pretty careful. It’s definitely just not as tacky as the other brands. luckily my daughter sees me smoothing it all out constantly so instead of wanting to rip them all down, she just mimics me and smooths it out again. I doubt that will last long though! 🙂

Henrietta Grass Valley, OR

Completed the look for our safari nursery!

Absolutely love these decals! For the size and number of decals you get, for the price, you can’t go wrong! The soft color scheme matched the jungle safari bedding I had in the crib!

Sheena Garyville, LA

Cute decals but do not stick well

These decals are very cute, however, they do not stick to the wall very well. I have had much better luck with other decals. I will not be able to place these anywhere near the crib because these could be a choking hazard if they fall into the crib.

Marisa Garrison, MO

Love the prints on all the Skip Hop decals

They look great, a little tricky to apply to the wall, but some of them sort of peel off on thier own after a few days. I love them but they are tricky to apply perfectly. If you are good with crafts/precision and are patient then it shouldn’t be a problem. I do recommend them. We ahve them all, the birds, the owl and tree and the savanna

Sara Bay Center, WA

So pretty!

I was worried about the issue with not sticking well reported on previous reviews, as we have slightly textured walls (one painted a few days before, and the others about a year before placing the decals) … Probably the adhesive has been improved, as we were even able to reposition some of the decals a few times, with no problems at all. They have stayed in place for over three months already. The design is beautiful, just what we needed.

Reva Toston, MT


Got them in the mail for my new baby’s nursery! They have stayed up FANTASTICALLY! They are very cute, larger than expected in the reviews.. I could not be happier with my purchase!

Bettie Dyer, IN

Cute Design…wish it would stay on the wall!

As mentioned by other reviewers this sticker is super cute (4 stars) and a good value (4 stars) but it doesn’t stay on the wall (1 star)! Skip Hop should make a better quality wall decal than this!!! I’d rather pay a few more bucks a get a sticker that actually sticks to the wall as advertised.I’ve had entire branches, leaves, etc. fall off the wall completely. That said, 60% of the pieces stay put, 20% have curling edges that creep back/peel slowly off the wall, and 20% fall off and are a daily frustration. I’ve tried supplementing with scotch tape on problem edges, and later a non-permanant double-sided (reposition-able tape). Results were mixed…it helps, but not enough. When I reapply and check the next day…it’s on the floor again.Like others I am concerned about the choking hazard this presents as the product is designed to go in a nursery and could fall into the crib or on a changing table. Not sure what to do…if exchange it I have to take it everything down and then apply a new set that may not be any better in quality. This product has been more work and frustration than I bargained for…might have to go with boring bare walls.Some thoughts on what else exacerbates sticker adhesive problem: wall should be clean/dust-free, shouldn’t be too cold, something other than a matte/eggshell paint (satin/semigloss gets better stick). I also noticed that the leaves positioned on the folds of the original backing are ones that tend to continue to curl on the edged and peel off the wall later.

Shelley Pavilion, NY

GREAT and affordable!

I ordered these for my son’s nursery, and I was very pleased. They were a great quality, the colors are nice and vibrant, and they stick to the wall perfectly! They have been up for about three weeks now, and haven’t started peeling or falling off like the cheap ones do.My husband and I had fun hanging them up (as opposed to some decals which can be frustrating if they are flimsy and tear). You get enough stickers to make two trees, which I thought was awesome, because we got to put the decals in two locations. Sometimes Skip Hop items can be a little spendy, but we were very pleased with the price and quality.

Myrna Crosswicks, NJ

Love Them!

I used these in my sons room because we didnt have time to paint before he arrived I loved the size and look of them on the plain walls. After 6 months we decided to go ahead and paint so we peeled them off, painted and they stuck right back up! they have been up there for 4 months now with no issues at all.

Odessa Surgoinsville, TN

Cute and affordable

We put these up in both kids’ rooms. They are very well made, easy to use and affordable. You get 2 complete sets of the alphabet, plus extra vowels.

Cassie Aplington, IA

Very cute some difficulty getting them to stick

These are very cute wall decals. They are cute to decorate the room and provide a learning environment for your young one. However, if you need to reposition the stickers, then they are likely not going to stay adhered to the wall, either partially or altogether depending on how many times you needed to reposition them. They do provide multiples of the letters so this helps for the ones that fall after being repositioned. Our walls are textured but not overly so, so this may play a part inbox well they are adhering.

Consuelo Mc Gee, MO

Giraffe family

This came with two sets so there was plenty to use in the entire room. Easily went onto wall and peeled off easily for moving to right position.

Debra Guasti, CA

LARGE, easy to see, quality graphics.

These are fantastic. Feel confident buying these large, lovely, lively letters.These will add to whimsy and education to your nursery walls.They have relaxed colors so they don’t feel "babyish" and "goofy".Both you and your babe will enjoy looking at these.A great way to interact with your baby by pointing at a letter and describing the animal or reciting the letter.Sticks to the wall easily on matte paint. Hasn’t fallen off and it’s been on for months. From 62F to 72F.

Ginger Valley View, PA