Skip Hop Zoo Bib, Dog

Skip Hop Zoo Bib, Dog

Skip Hop Zoo Bib – Dog The adorable bib that tucks into its own built-in pouch. Lightweight and water-resistant with a handy catch-all pocket to keep things neat and tidy at mealtime. ZOO Bibs have a clever tuck-away pouch-perfect for travel or for storing when dirty. Adorable ZOO faces and details are sure to delight baby at every meal.

Main features

  • Signature Skip hop zoo characters
  • Built in, tuck away pouch perfect for storing dirty bibs
  • Lightweight, water resistant material
  • Catch all food pocket
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry

Verified reviews


Well, well!!

It is very good quality but I have bought others and they do the job for half the price. it was more to make it match with the plate

Beverley Gainesboro, TN

Darling puppy bib, but…

1) not very absorbent – baby drool leaked through within the first 5 minutes. The bib is very lightweight – almost feels like nylon – but for that reason, it seems like it’s not very absorbent.2) doesn’t fold into the pocket like it’s supposed to – no matter what we did, we could not get it to fold neatly into the pocket like the picture on the package. It rolls up, but it doesn’t stay tucked in.3) pretty expensive, for what ends up being kind of a decorative bibMaybe this bib would be better only for feeding? Not sure, but it isn’t a very good drool bib. But did I mention that it’s absolutely adorable?

Angel Weston, MA

Cute Bib for little zoo lovers

This bib seemed very thin when I first received it however because my 9 month old is a dog lover I thought I’d put it to the test. It’s absolutely adorable, like all skip hop products. And tt works quite well. It’s easy to get on and off. The front pocket is big enough to catch food. It folds into a small pouch for travel and on the go. Some reviewers complain it’s difficult to get it in the pouch but we had no problem. I actually like that it’s so thin as it makes traveling with it that much easier. When it gets dirty, which it does, I simply run it under the sink and lay it out to dry. Great bib for little eaters, especially those who love animals.

Tania Lynwood, CA

Aweful material for a bib

I love Skip Hop Zoo buddies. I got the lunch pail for my little boy, as well. The bib though, while it is super cute, is such an aweful material for a bib. It got stained and ruined the first use; and for the price of this bib, it is not worth the buy!

Tamika Smoot, WV

Cute as can bee

Cute baby bib. Love that it is larger than most baby bibs, especially around the neck. Functional and serves it’s purpose.

Francesca Bluffton, TX

Travel bib

This folds up very tiny. I kept it in my purse for times when my daughter, now 2, was eating away from home and I didn’t want to lug in her diaper bag. It rinses well and dries super fast.

Deanna Altair, TX

Love it!

Skip Hop’s bibs are the BEST!Very colorful, fun, well designed. Easy to fold and clean! Very good material!Enjoy meal time 😀

Teri Walton, WV

Addorable – Wipes clean easily

This is super cute and works great. It catches most of what the babe drops, wipes up easily, and pops in the washer. Love It!

Rosemary Jasper, AL

Best bibs

Best bibs, they fit perfectly and they wash so easy, after a lot of washibg they start to fade but for my babies are the most comfortable

Eliza Warner Springs, CA

The velcro tabs are terrible

We have had a few of these bibs. They are adorable and wash up really well. I wanted to love them but the Velcro on every single bib has been so disappointing. It loses it’s stickiness so quickly and then the bib starts coming undone while my son is wearing it. Such a shame because they’re really cute. I learned my lesson and stopped buying them.

Diann San Pedro, CA

small gripes

I really like these bibs – I bought 3 of them a couple months ago and use them daily.They rins in the sink and are dry to use at the next meal, and having the pocket to fold (or squish) them into while on the go is nice.My one gripe is that the neck hole is too big. I have to remember to tug the bib back from behind my daughter or she ends up with food all over her color/neckline. Also have had blueberries leak through (nice blue dot on the shirt, though it was covered by the bib).On the whole I like them, very cute and functional.

Eugenia Madison, OH

Wish i had gotten it sooner

We love this big, its awesome for going out, wish we had gotten one sooner or that there was a larger option for older kids. But I love the generous pocket in the front, and that it stuffs right into the pocket in the back and thus contains all the mess so that it doesn’t get all over my bag. Definitely a great baby shower gift!

Teri Adamsville, OH


Looks cute and keeps him clean. A bib my little one doesn’t mind wearing and can be thrown into the wash.

Kaye Smiths, AL

Cute bib, but not waterproof

I love how adorable the Skip Hop bibs are, and if you are only feeding your child relatively dry food, it works pretty well. It’s handy to have a pocket to catch crumbs, although you have to make sure the it is positioned out to be able to catch any. It’s usually pretty hit or miss with my daughter (a forceful spitter-outer). However, any sticky or wet foods soak right through the thin material, and the design has begun to wear off after a few months of use. Still a cute bib, but for the price I would purchase something with a more waterproof material and prominent pocket.

Kelley Axtell, NE

Perfect eating bib. Can’t figure out how to fold into pocket.

Perfect for ‘eating bib’. Not useful as a drooling bib. It’s easy to get on and off. It’s nice and portable and good quality. Machine washable.I’ve been slowly replacing all my other bibs with skip hop zoo bibs. Only thing is, you’re suppose to be able to tuck the bib away in pocket but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do it.

Esperanza Nyssa, OR

Cute but pricey

This is a cute bib, though the color is a little more beige than I expected. It’s pretty pricey though for a baby’s bib considering similar plastic bibs that you can get elsewhere for a lot less, but it is very cute. I had to splurge for baby because I love the owl pattern so much.

Virginia Howell, UT

This bib has an awful smell

After several uses I have noticed that this bib has a terrible smell after rinsing it off and letting it hang dry. It will go away after machine washing it and then comes back after a day. I even wash it with dish soap after every use. The smell is so strong our whole kitchen has this terrible odor from it.

Christa Madison, GA

fun and dry fast

we have 3 of those and rotate through, they are small enough to easily pack and dry really fast! Makes mealtime and cleanup easy!

Ruth Wetmore, KS

Great Bib

We have several of these bibs, as they are great for traveling/going out to eat and fold into a small pouch to fit into a diaper bag, purse or pocket. The bib is somewhat waterproof in that it will buy you a little time to blot liquids off of it before soaking into a child’s shirt. The little pocket at the bottom of the bib does a great job of catching food and keeping a child’s lap clean. The velcro on this bib is strong enough to still work very well after a few washes. The bib dries quickly and can actually be rinsed off in the sink with soap and water instead of being washed with the laundry (the velcro is strong enough to snag other pieces of laundry if it doesn’t stay attached in the washing machine). I highly recommend this product! We received our first one as a gift and it has been by far, one of my most useful presents for our one year old!

Madeleine Luray, VA

Cute & Functional

I like this bib because I can hand wash it with dish soap after each use, hang it, and it’s dry by the time I need it again. While it fits my 7 1/2 month old nicely, she still has room to grow into it. This is my favorite bib, I’m very happy with it.

Delia Bartlett, TX

Cute, not exactly waterproof

We made a HUGE mess when we eat, so I don’t expect much from our bibs, but this holds up okay unless it’s soaked in liquid, then all bets are off. The pocket collects a lot of dropped food.

Graciela Ruthven, IA

Very cute

This bib is really cute and stays on pretty well (although my son can still pull it off). I haven’t been able to fold it up li I is suppose to do, but I’m sure that is just me.

Deborah Mc Donald, TN

Our favorite toddler bib

These are our favorite bibs. You can rinse it off and hang it to dry and its ready before the next meal. This means you need less bibs bc arent constantly washing the cloth ones. They do fade in the washer and dryer. They are super cute and work great at catching the mess.

Evangelina New Salem, PA

Works great and very cute

I love this bib. It is nice and big and easy to clean. It is also so adorable. I also bought the plate, bowl, fork, and spoon.

Randi Ada, OH

These bibs are great!

This our second child. With our first child we went through lots of different bibs and none of them performed as well as this. I happened by skip hop through the subscription service citrus lane, they included one of their toys in a box we got. Our son loved so we checked out more from the brand. Glad we did! We have about 5 of these bibs now. They wash great! I wash them in the bathroom sink and hang them up to dry on the shower rod, they dry fast. I love that they ball up, so if you are out and it’s all dirty, you don’t get a big mess packing it back up. You can also just have one in your purse just in case.

Sandy Junction City, OH


I love this product…easy to toss and take in diaper bag…Cute design and easy to clean…still fits my three year old…messy eater!

Leah Kamiah, ID

Perfectly portable!

This bib is great! We had the monkey version, and liked it so much that we recently bought the owl. It has all of the things I normally look for in a bib–it’s big enough to cover a meaningful amount of her chest, it washes easily, and has a big pocket to trap dropped food. The velcro is the soft, non-grabby variety. (Why don’t all baby items feature this velcro? It’s awesome!) I wouldn’t exactly call it waterproof, but we’ve also never had anything soak through–she’s eaten extremely soggy frozen/thawed strawberries in it, and none of the sticky red mess ended up on her shirt.But the thing we love most about this bib is it’s portability. The whole bib can be tucked into a pocket on the back. The resulting package is really small and light. And because you turn the pocket inside out to tuck the bib in, any mess on the bib gets completely contained. So it’s perfect for throwing into a bag. I have one in my (very small) purse at all times, and because it’s turned inside out after use, I don’t worry about what is on it when I throw it in the bag. I have no idea why other companies haven’t copied this design–it’s so brilliant!The only downside of the Skip Hop bib is the price–it’s considerably more expensive than some cheap-o bibs you might buy. But we’ve never regretted buying them. We use them 10 times more than any other bib we own, because they’re so much better!Update: 2 years after initially writing this review, we’re recycling the same skip hop bibs that we used for our daughter–this time for our son. They have held up pretty well, though the color has rubbed off on some of our favorites (the owl is particularly worn, the monkey, ladybug, and bee have held up better). We love them so much, that we regularly buy them as a new baby present. They are one of the best baby products we’ve used.

Deidra Boyd, MT

more cute than functional

I wish this bib was a bit bigger. It’s not that easy to wipe off – need to wash it so overall I would skip buying this again

Vanessa Egegik, AK

Cute bib for toddler

These bibs are a great size for an older baby/toddler. They are waterproof and are very compact. They wipe off nicely and my son loves all the bright colors!

Belinda Concord, PA

buy it!

If you are looking for a larger bib, that is compact, soft, and keeps your kid clean, look no further. I love these bibs, I got a bunch of them for my 1 year old. They catch a good amount of the food she drops, fold up into them selves in her diaper bag, or my purse, or pocket, are easy to clean and the velcro is soft and won’t scratch your baby. I think they are cute to look at and I especially like that the closure is off to the side.

Juanita Dublin, MS