Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag, Monkey

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag, Monkey

With friendly faces and matching zipper pulls, Zoo lunchies make lunchtime fun time. Sized just right for little kids, or a mom and baby on the go, these soft bags have a roomy main compartment that holds sandwiches, snacks, drinks and more. An insulated, wipe clean interior keeps food and drinks cold, plus an inside mesh pocket holds lunch money, an ice pack or utensils. Zoo lunchies coordinate with the entire line of ZOO PACKS little kid backpacks. The clip on handle attaches securely to any backpack.

Main features

  • Roomy, insulated bag keeps food and drinks cold
  • Large main compartment big enough for sandwich, apple and juice box
  • Interior mesh pocket for utensils, lunch money and more
  • Top handle attaches onto another bag or zoo pack
  • Adorable zoo face with crafted details

Verified reviews


cute for under 2 year olds and short errands

We fell in love with this lunch bag. it’s adorable and matches his book bag. I was hesitant in ordering this because child tried zipping and unzipping two other skip hop lunch bags at target. The ziper keeps getting stuck behind the animal’s features ( hair, arms,) that are flapping adjacent to zipperline. It was so cute we ordered the bee one anyway. However it is not stain resistant or big enough for a preschooler’s lunch and snacks. The pocket that holds the ice pack has no closure so the ice pack always falls out when you move the bag. For one dollar more, I will purchase a stain resistant and larger lunchbox with horizontal and vertical strap/ handle with easy zippering.Be prepared to scrub hand wash this lunchbag daily since yellow is such a light color.

Germaine Neilton, WA

Too difficult to keep reasonably clean

My toddler son received this monkey lunch bag as a gift and we both loved it. It’s really adorable and just the perfect size for his lunch. The zipper works well, and I like the pocket on the inside. His school has a fridge that the kids can put their lunches in, so I cannot attest to the insulation of the bag.After a month of use, however, my love for the bag started to diminish. The bag is fabric, and the fabric isn’t coated either on the inside or outside. So anything moist or liquid that comes into contact with the fabric soaks right into the fabric and you can’t simply wipe it clean. Spot cleaning does NOT work.Fabric bag + young kid + food/drink = gross and smellyUnless you have time to thoroughly wash the bag every other day (or even weekly) with soap, water and a good scrub – but if you have a small child, I’m doubting you have the time for that. Or the energy.Not only does it start to look grimy after a few weeks, but I’m sure it is teaming with more germs than the average parent would find acceptable for their kid’s food storage system.After a couple months, I ended up getting theCrocodile Creek Classic Lunchbox – Solar System 10″ x 7.5″, which you can spray with cleaner and easily wipe down with a wet dishtowel to get it reasonably sanitized and cleaned. However, the Crocodile Creek isn’t perfect either: the zipper often gets hung up on the bottom corners. It might be frustrating for young fingers. But overall, it’s a better choice than the Skip Hop in my opinion.

Tabitha North Chili, NY

Super cute! Small but functions!

Adorable. Keeps food cool. A little small but ok with the use of small sacks, baggies etc. Would be cool if the strap were longer.

Gay Centralia, KS

So disappointed!!

I ordered the Dog lunchie for my son. In a WEEK the eye ball popped off! I have a baby son and we used this bag to keep his bottles cold. The dogs right eye fell off and thank goodness I saw it because what if he got ahold of it and choked?!? I’m so disappointed. Everyone raves about skip hop and I’m not exactly sure why….

Wilda Bolivar, TN

Perfect for toddlers

I can’t say enough about this lunch bag. It’s so adorable. I looked everywhere for something small and unique enough to distinguish from all the other Thomas the train or Toy Story lunch bags. The owl and dog are so cute and good quality. First use his entire juice bottle spilled in the backpack but was just like new after a quick hand wash. Love this product and plan to buy the bookends too.

Tessa Benham, KY

Adorable! Perfect for Our Kindergartener’s Lunch

We purchased the Skip House pink mouse backpack, and were looking for a coordinating lunch bag. We bought the Skip Hop Penguin Lunch Bag.PROS:My daughter was wild about the penguin design. It is incredibly cute! (They all are, honestly.)I loved that it is BPA-, Phthalate-, and PVC-free.It’s very easy to clean the inside. Wipes down very quickly with a damp cloth.Internal name tag space.Adjustable carry handleCan be laid flat and unzipped all the way around. for easier unpacking at lunchtime.INTERNAL FIT:It has a small mesh pocket on the inside where I tuck her fruit strip, or pack of cheese bunny crackers, and a folded up napkin and her ID card. The main internal portion easily holds our square sandwich container, small container of crackers/cookies, and a Contigo Autoseal Kids Cup.POTENTIAL CONS:It does not easily hold the shorter/fatter food containers (wide thermos-style). Nor does it easily hold a small yogurt, mini ice pack, water bottle, AND a plastic sandwich container. But if you pack your sandwiches in those small reusable bags, that might work for all the extras, though the sandwich might be a bit smushed. ;)I really wish it had an external pocket (like the Skip Hop backpacks have). The inner mesh pocket is good for a few things, but not a lot.Does not hold afternoon snack and lunch. Not an issue for us, but might be a concern for others.BOTTOM LINE:I highly recommend this for a single lunch container for a young child (preschool or kindergarten). We keep her snack in her regular backpack, so this one works fine for lunch only.5 stars because it works great for our needs, and our daughter absolutely adores it. :)But once she’s older, we’ll be moving on the a larger lunch bag. She’ll be very sad to not be able to bring her Penguin buddy to school. But for this year, it’s perfect!

Hannah Latham, MO

Good for kids

Good for kids food like a dry cerial, or a sandwich a small fruit and a small drink. Not much room for anything else. But it’s so adorable.

Jackie Fieldale, VA

So cute

This lunch bag is so cute. I bought it for my 8 month old to take his bottles to daycare. It fits 3 Dr. Brown’s bottles and an ice pack easily. My only negative comment is that it is a little small. I have to do a combination of the skinny and the wide Dr. Browns bottles to get them to fit. You couldn’t fit three wide neck bottles in this bag. It just isn’t big enough. It also has a place inside for my son’s name, since EVERYTHING at daycare must be labeled. Plus it looks adorable. Definitely a great purchase.

Evangeline Hamburg, LA

Really cute lunchbox

You cant get much girlier than a pink and red ladybug, and my daughter is in lunch heaven with this. Ive thrown the whole thing in the wash numerous times (not in the dryer), and it comes out perfect looking, even the leather zipper pull. I do try to wipe it down rather than wash it, but still, its great to know you can do this, say, if yogurt leaks and the lunchbox is in the car over a long holiday weekend…

Valeria Salem, NH

Very happy with the product

I bought this as a gift to my little daughter. Everybody loved it. It’s very good stuff, not to mention that its super beautiful!

Faith Sardis, MS

Hard to keep clean and dry = mold

The inside is a fabric that wipes clean on the surface but still allows moisture to seep through. We use it to keep milk bottles which sometimes leaks and there is moisture from the blue ice so it would be impossible to keep this dry but we let it dry open overnight. I’ve put it in the washer on the hand wash setting a few times but nothing will take away the horrible odor. Mold is also growing on the outside and I can’t seem to get rid of it. This is the main issue with the product. I will never purchase this again.Besides the bad, it is a good size, cute design, keeps stuff pretty cold for a few hours, and has a convenient mesh pocket inside.

Angelia Planada, CA

Zebra is super cute!

We got the Zebra lunch bag AND the back pack. So fun! The orange nose part is bright and textured. I got the bag for my son’s (6 months) bottles and cereal container to take to school… and the pack for his clothes, floor blankets, etc. He likes to play with the yarn hairs and ears. 🙂 It clearly states not for children under 3, so you have to watch them with the bag… but, he thinks it’s a riot when I start packing this up.

Marilyn Twin Bridges, CA

High quality! We love Skip Hop Zoo

We own the Skip Hop Zoo rolling kid’s luggage, this lunch bag, and the neck pillow. All of the Skip Hop Zoo products are very durable and made of sturdy materials. Their zippers open all the way (which is great for little kids to get their belongings in/out) and this lunch bag is very well insulated. For $10 you can’t get any better.

Virginia Grover Beach, CA

Super cute and very useful!

We LOVE Skip Hop and this hippo lunch bag does not disappoint! We can fit lots of items in there including a sippy cup, a couple food pouches, an ice pack, and we still have room for more.

Lorrie Savage, MN

Cute little lunch box

I got this lunch box for my 9 month old son’s bottle, breakfast and snack for daycare. Makes it easy to carry it all, but it doesn’t really keep it cold all day. It is a bit small, but that’s what I wanted and it is really cute. He loves playing with it even, especially the banana zipper.

Mamie Pratt, WV

Cleans up great

Even when my son spilled gatorade in it and I didn’t know for several days, this producted cleaned up awesome. I love Skip Hop Zoo products.

Jeannine Rock Falls, WI


nothing spectacular. I just received the giraffe lunch bag and the color brown is displayed as espresso but its really a milk chocolate color. The bag is not that big, enough to fit a juice box and a sandwich.

Rosalinda Emerado, ND

perfectly cute and practical

This little lunch bag couldn’t be any cuter. My daughter can’t leave for daycare without her little bee. It’s the perfect size for 2 or 3 snacks and a sippy cup. Keeps drinks cold for a few hours. When my daughter is bigger I can’t wait to get her a backpack from the Skip Hop Zoo line, the designs are just great.

Janna Comptche, CA

Love love love!

Great sized lunch box and it’s cute to boot! Highly recommend. Love the furry tail zip pull too – as does my LO. So far, easy to clean and doesn’t pick up dirt easily. Fox design is ADORABLE! Also love that the handle can unclip so you can attach it to a stroller handlebar.

Cristina Alachua, FL

Five Stars

my son loves carrying his frog.

Joanna Crawford, NE

Adorable Little Lunch Bag!

I wanted to order this lunch bag with the dog backpackSkip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack, Dogfrom Amazon. But when I went to a local retailer, I saw this lunch bag and it was so cute I could wait to order it, so I bought it at the store. The dog is definitely the cutest then the bumble bee. My son is only 10 months old so I just used the lunch bag to keep his bottles cold with a ice pack. I loved that there is a mesh pocket in the inside to hold items. It is very nicely made, and durable. This lunch bag is great for children 9 months to 3 years old. I am going to purchase (from amazon) the matching dog backpack for my son’s diapers & wipes and toys. It is great that the lunch bag can clip onto the backpack. Great product.

Elaine Belton, TX

would like it more if the strap was longer

This is cute, and it works well. It is a good size for a toddler lunch, and my 2.5 yr old daughter likes it. It’s a little awkward for her to open it herself, but I think she can do it (sometimes dumping the contents out in the process). My only gripe about it is that the handle on the top could be a little longer. It is adjustable, so that it can be small enough to simply clip onto my diaper bag, or large enough that I can slip my hand through it. Since my daughter doesn’t carry an additional backpack, but loves to carry this, I wish it had a strap long enough that she could use to carry on her shoulder ("just like mommy"). As it is, the bag is a little awkward for her to carry in her little hand (when it is full of food and a bit heavy), but when she tries to imitate me by putting it on her shoulder, the strap is only long enough to get it up to her forearm, which is uncomfortable and awkward, too.

Tina Van Buren, IN

Surprisingly roomy!!

This is just about the cutest lunch bag that has ever been made, plus it holds way more than you’d imagine!! I got it and thought, "Uh oh! This is really small!!" Turns out, it’s a lot like the TARDIS…bigger on the inside than on the outside. 😉

Jaclyn Morrisdale, PA

Very cute

It is well constructed and it is made with good materials. I am satisfied with this little bag for my 1 year-old.

Tracey Wyndmere, ND

Stylish, fun and lovely lunch bag for toddlers!

I love this lunch bag for my little toddler. Not only does it have a fun design but it also works great with keeping her snacks cool while on outings.

Dee Dundee, IA

Perfect Match

Bought this to match the rest of my little ones Skip Hop Dog Collection. Fits a lot of snacks and goodies.

Amie La Mirada, CA


I put off getting this lunch bag for a very long time. I thought it would be very big for my toddler, even though we have the matching backpack and love it. I saw the price drop to a reasonable amount one day, and ordered it. I’m really happy I did because it’s the perfect size! Not as big as her Pottery Barn Kids lunch box (the rectangular one), which is good. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a toddler’s lunch bag!

Yvette Chaseley, ND

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag, Bee

•Roomy, insulated bag keeps food and drinks cold•Large main compartment big enough for sandwich, apple and juice box and Interior mesh pocket for utensils, lunch money and more•Adorable zoo face with crafted details and fun matching zipper pulls•Top handle attaches onto another bag or ZOO PACK•PVC free and complies with California’s Prop 65 for safe food storage

Pansy Wallace, NC


Very cute packet. Take the kids to go out, take this meal package, very convenient. Very light. And lovely. I love it.

Bernadine Unionville, TN

Pretty much like a fake one

I bought totally 4 lunch bags (2 owls 1 monkey and 1 ladybug) for my friends’ kids as gifts. The 3 of them look great except the ladybug. First, it has a different wrapping. Second the material of the bag is different. At first I thought maybe it’s an older version until I found the Last reason which is the worst is that it has a bad odor. Which the other 3 don’t have. I would like to know if any other buyers have the same experience. And I hope the seller could contact me to explain what is happening. I’m now worried about all the dishes, bowls and spoons I bought and if they are fake they could be dangerous to the kids.

Aida Yellville, AR