Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest, Bee

Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest, Bee

Tiny travelers rest easy with cozy Zoo pals. Featuring our signature Zoo animals in plush velour, our neckrest is sized perfectly for young travelers, easy to tote along for family trips or quick jaunts. Little ones will feel at home no matter the destination, with their own Zoo pal along for the ride.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Ages 2-4 years
  • For use in the car, on a plane or while waiting to get aboard
  • Features a signature characters from the zoo collection
  • Made of soft, plush velour
  • Dimensions: 10.5″ high x 10.5″ wide x 3″ deep

Verified reviews


SUPER soft , plush and cozy

I have tried MANY different neck rests for my 3 boys…some are too flimsy and flat, some too big and round for the neck to be comoforable, some the material is not comfortable. This neck rest wins hands down! It is the softest material and is comfortable on the neck. I now need another as my toddlers both want each tume we are in teh car. Once again another really high quality product from Skip Hop!

Roxie West Louisville, KY

Great for traveling!

This is so great for traveling! My husband and I love to travel, and we love taking our kids with us. It’s so nice to look back and not feel so bad for my child’s head not falling down because they have fallen asleep from a long day, or simply cause it’s nap time. With the neck rest, my child’s head is up while she’s sleeping, and she looks comfortable. She loves the colors too! She’s always talking about how colorful it is! Guess, she’s learning while using a neck pillow! How awesome is that! 🙂

Deborah Millerstown, PA

Better as a Stuffed Animal

Our toddler prefers to use this as a toy than for its intended purpose. As a neck rest it’s not very comfortable for her. The head of the bee is very fat and causes her head to be pushed forward way too far to be good for her posture, not to mention it’s not comfortable. The only way we can use it is to turn it backwards, but we are afraid of her head falling forward and the bee covering her nose and mouth and causing her to suffocate. So we can only use it when we are on a plane or something and sitting right there with her, and making sure her head doesn’t fall forward. For our car its useless.

Juliet Terrell, NC

Kids love it

Super cute and cuddly … the only thing is to note that there is an age range for neck sizing. I didn’t realize until after I purchased. Not too big a deal but my 5 year old who is like an 8 year old size could use a bigger neck pillow. My 3 year old – it fits perfect.

Kasey Islip Terrace, NY

Very cute and useful neck rest for the older infant

Great ‘2nd-step’ neck rest; my grandson (at 10 months) had grown out of his infant neck rest so this made a good transition pillow. We bought it to support his head/neck when he fell asleep in his car seat.

Beth Tampa, FL

nice neck rest

I bought it becasue I want to use it when I brought my girl out. it is the one which i saw from the internet. the figure is very nice and the material is soft. I haven’t ask my girl use it just i am afraid if she doens’t want to take off due to so much like in that.

Jacqueline Hillsborough, NC

Cute, but too thick to go behind neck

This is very cute and although our daughter loves owl’s and gives it plenty of kisses… we can never actually use it as a neck pillow (at least not yet). Too thick at least for toddler under 2 years old. Hopefully this will become useful for its original intention down the road, but for the time being is relegated to being just a stuffed animal.

Randi Lamartine, PA

Still a little too large for our 18-month olds

Ordered these for our 18 month old twins to have on long car rides so their heads wouldn’t slump forward anymore. I think the girls will grow into these as they are still a little too large for them (but the smaller ones out there are for infants and are way too small). Thinking by age 2 these will do the trick. In the meantime they do like the pillows to play with in the car so I can’t complain about that:)

Allie Lake Leelanau, MI

Love This Little Pillow

I love this little pillow for my son. He is not very good at using it yet, but I think the first time we take a longer road trip, he’ll be all over it. It’s a little difficult to use, especially at first, and especially if the child is a squirmy 15-month old!

Kristina Pendleton, NC

nice but a little bulky

My little one likes it but it is a little bulky to use around his neck in the car seat. I use it as a prop though to keep his head from jerking down while we are traveling. I feel ok with it because I am right beside watching him. He likes to play it too, so that’s a bonus.

Marta Covington, MI

Holiday Travel Life Saver!

After taking road trips for the past 7 years with our kids, we started to feel anxious about having to go anywhere further than 4 hours away, or over nap time. Our boys would get so cranky when they’d fall asleep in the car and get that “crick” in their necks! This Christmas we are driving more than 10 hours and really needed a way to keep our 2-year-old well rested and happy in the car.Finally! The Skip Hop Bee neck rest came to the rescue. My mother-in-law sent it to me as an early present so we could try it out before the road trip. Our toddler just loves it. When he’s awake it serves as his “one stuffed animal” (all 3 of our boys are allowed only one in our crowded back seat). He loves the fuzzy bee, even imitating its sounds to the the amusement of all of us in the car. Even better – while he sleeps it serves as a perfect pillow. It keeps his head upright, which I never thought would be possible. He’s fallen asleep with his new pillow a couple of times already in the car and wakes up cheerful – without the horrible pain in his neck that all the kids have had before.My older boys each want one too. They “tried the bee on for size” and it fits. They are 7 and 6 years old. We are shooting for a rush delivery to get 2 more before our Christmas road trip! Thank you Skip Hop for “doing it again”!

Peggy Hinton, VA


It’s soft and is nice fabric and is well-made and is cute. I just wish my daughter would actually use it more.

Jeanie Zeeland, ND

good product for both kids and parents

I personally like all Skip Hop Zoo products. Vivid color and Cute design. I got this for my daughter, and now I am using it when she’s not. We both like it a lot.

Alissa Ocracoke, NC


I bought this pillow for my baby. The bee pillow looks cute, the colors are bright and it’s soft and cozy. Love it.

Kerri Elk Creek, MO

Comfy and well made neck rest

This is so cute! My daughter needed a way to keep her head from falling forward when she’d sleep in the car on long trips…this is perfect. It’s well made, and we have the lunchbox to match! Perfect size for a toddler!

Ernestine Macfarlan, WV