Skip Hop Zoo Playspot

Skip Hop Zoo Playspot

Little ones will have fun playing on the bright, colorful Play spot while finding their favorite Zoo animal. Large in size and large in style, it makes a great cushiony area for playing. Unlike other foam tiles safety-rated for children 3 years and up, Play spot is designed, tested and manufactured for younger children. It’s easy to put together with our unique connector system, and you can configure it in endless ways to fit your style.

Main features

  • Ages: 0 plus (US)
  • Innovative soft EVA foam tiles
  • Oversized tiles means extra large play space
  • Customize the size use 4 tiles or all; even add more sets
  • Rearrange tiles and spots for different looks
  • Innovative soft floor surface featuring
  • Oversized tiles mean extra-large play space
  • Customize the size by using four tiles or all; even add more sets
  • Rearrange tiles and spots for different looks
  • Ages: 0+
  • Zoo Playspot finished size (12 tiles, in inches): 56w x 42h x 0.5d

Verified reviews


A marriage of style and quality

I am super picky about what my kids toys look like, so I was please to have found a playmat that is easy on the eyes –love the mix of bright and muted colors–and that my kids love. We use the mat for my infant (7 months) to have a soft and clean place to sit and play, and my toddler son (3 yrs) loves to put it together like a puzzle and identify the animals and colors. Rare to find a product they can both use so much!I find the quality fine. I see reviews about paint peeling but we’ve had ours out for a few weeks now and everything is in place. And my son plays hard with it, but we don’t walk on it except with socks.Overall i think the design and quality is great and what you would expect from skip*hop!

Angelina East Prairie, MO

Bought for wood floor use…

Although we haven’t used it yet I am sure it will work great in our basement which has laminate flooring to provide padding and keep baby warm on the floor.

Brianna Wheeler, MI

Bright, fun colors!

My daughter loves the adorable animals and bright, fun colors on this play mat. It is a fun departure from letters and plain tiles. It is the perfect answer for our hardwood kitchen floor – just the right amount of cushioning for tumbling.

Latoya Cochranton, PA

Superior to other playmats on the market

There are a bunch of foam surface playmats on the market and this one has some advantages that others don’t:- The pieces are all large. Many of the alphabet floor puzzles, in contrast, have small bits, like the inside of the letter B, that get chewed, misplaced, or thrown around.- Unlike alphabet foam tiles, the round pieces are interchangeable. When my 3 year old pulls out abunch of the circle pieces, it’s not a big project to rematch the whole thing back together.- It doesn’t have strange border pieces that come off easily and (in our house) were generally used as ‘weapons’ when my daughter and her friends were old enough to pull them apart.- It’s easy to separate this mat into smaller sections and then put it back together later. I can take a small section into my kitchen while I’m cooking, but put it back when I’m finished.- The foam is very firm and seems strong. Our previous mat started to collapse under footsteps and furniture, which hasn’t happened at all with this mat.While it is showing some wear, I think it’s holding up better than our old alphabet mat (now relegated to the backyard). We have two cats and plenty of crumbs on the floor and wiping it with a bleach-type wipe from time to time does the trick. I also rinsed a few tiles in soapy water after a spill and that didn’t affect the animal print at all.In general, my daughter (age 3) loves the colors and animals on this mat. It is very fun and vibrant. She was drawn to it as soon as I took it out of the package and was totally engrossed in playing with it. She uses it like a puzzle. My son (newborn) will grow into it. We have a lot of hardwood floors, so it’s nice to have a good cushiony surface as he starts sitting and crawling.

Kathryn Homer, MI

Cute but… while it lasts

I loved this playspot before my daughter used it… in fact, it was one of the first things I bought once I knew I was pregnant. However, once we started using it I soon grew very disappointed. The animals all fade, very quickly! within a month and a half of use they all looked in pretty bad shape. Now, 8 months later.. I can’t stand to look at it in the floor. It looks like it was used in a kindergarden for about 10 years, when in reality I only have one baby and she is not even a year old. Also, the circles don’t fit well in the space provided for them. Some are very loose and some are very tight…I’m off to buy a much cheaper replacement… I bought this because it was o so cute, but it was only cute for about a month…too sad.

Daphne Swiss, WV

Too small for price

We were looking for a non-toxic play mat for our 4-month-old, and since we already have the Alphabet Zoo playmat by SkipHop, thought we would try this one. It had an awful plastic-like smell out of the package and is pretty small for $50. My daughter could only roll over and I had to constantly put her back on the mat after she scooted off the side. I am planning on ordering her a large mat from Their tiles are purchased individually and are made from EVA foam that is tested free of formamides, BPA, phthalates, and has no latex or fire retardants.

Nadine Pemberton, MN

Painted animal tiles peeling badly after just 3 weeks of light use

I’m a huge Skip Hop fan, and now that my little guy (5 months) is starting to roll around, I wanted a soft surface for him to do his thing. I really like the plain Skip Hop Playspots, and the cute animal tiles on the Zoo Playspot made purchasing it a no brainer.Sadly, after 3 weeks of light use, 4 out of the 8 animal tiles (which are painted on) are peeling and chipping like crazy. The paint is actually rubbing right off of the tiles with a simple touch of the finger. My little guy is certainly not at an age where he could do extensive damage to the tiles, we don’t wear shoes in the house, and I’ve only cleaned the tiles with a soft cloth and plain water. So I have to think that it’s a problem with the product itself – which makes me nervous for when he gets a bit bigger and can chew on the tiles; I really don’t want him eating the paint.If I could do it over again, I would just purchase one of the plain Skip Hop Playspots. I’ve contacted Skip Hop directly to see if they can replace the painted tiles with just plain foam ones, or replace the Zoo Playspot with a plain one. I hope they do, because aside from the quality of the painted tiles, I think this Playspot is great.***UPDATE: I’m happy to report that Skip Hop has offered me a full refund. Apparently they would normally just replace the defective tiles, but because the Zoo Playspot is currently out of stock for a few weeks, they are refunding my order entirely. Really a great customer service experience – I’m going to go ahead and order a plain Playspot now!***

Elsa Long Creek, OR

good looking and practical

I have had my eye on these tiles since I was 6 months pregnant with my third and I’m so glad my son is old enough to roll around and play on them! I love the modern colors and design – much better than the bright primary color mats I used with my older kids. They clean up nicely and are easy to put together. Unlike other reviewers, I haven’t had any issue with paint peeling off the animals.

Rita Mulberry, KS

Cute, but that’s it

I bought this mat because I love skip hop products. Almost all my baby gear is from skip hop. So regardless of some of the negative reviews, I decided to buy it anyway because it was so cute. I have to say, I wanted to love it, but I just can’t. There’s a few problem with this mat:1) the pieces doesn’t fit perfectly. There are big cracks and space between each piece and some of the circle designs are loose and not secure.2) The mat is quite hard! I thought the mat being this thick would add more padding but it’s literally as hard as my wooden floors. Baby would cry every time she face planted on the mat.3) The designs are peeling off. I’ve had this for roughly 3 months and the cute designs that prompted me to buy it in the first place is peeling off! This is something mentioned by a lot of other reviewers but I thought I would be gentle with this mat to keep it from wearing out. But let’s face it. It’s for a growing baby who’s learning cognitive behavior and developing motor skills. You need a mat that’s going to stand up to rough treatment.I ended up buying the Genius bear mat and it’s the BEST mat ever! Spend a little more and just buy that one. Unfortunately, this product is a fail but I’m still giving it 3 stars because it is very cute. =P

Bette Linwood, NY

cute design but small

Smaller than the other skip hop plain tiles. Paint does peel with only minimal play However, easy to clean. The design was perfect, but make it durable to last.

Arlene Wooldridge, MO