Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness, Monkey

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness, Monkey

Zoo pal keeps little ones safe and close during journeys. Zoo Harness is a mini backpack with a detachable tether for the smallest travelers. Friendly zoo faces, adjustable pack straps, a top grab handle and the secure easy to attach tether all keep walks in crowded spaces relaxed. Take off the tether and your little one will feel like a big kid with his own mini backpack.

Main features

  • Signature Skip Hop Zoo characters
  • Remove tether to become a mini backpack
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Pockets: 1 exterior

Verified reviews


Harness is too short

My two and a half year old, six month old, and I all flew out to Utah from Wisconsin, with a two hour layover in Colorado. My son already had the Skip Hop Zoo Monkey suitcase (which we love!!!). So when I saw this at Toys R Us for $15 (and noticed all the 5star reviews on amazon), I decided it would be worth it (I had a gift card for that amount). My son didn’t love it at first (he did LOVE this suitcase right away). But after some adjusting he got use to the chest snap being right up on his neck. I have to say, he looked super cute wearing it and hauling around his matching suitcase.But … I only held on to the harness for about 45 seconds. It made me feel like I was going to walk right over the top of him. If I were traveling in Asia (lived in Singapore for a few years), this would be perfect! But all three of the airports we were traveling through were open enough my little guy could walk a few inches ahead or behind me without getting lost. He isn’t the kind of kid who just takes off.So in the end, pushing around his suitcase did more to keep him by my side than this harness did. I’m not sure we’ll ever use it for more than a backpack to carry around snacks in. It worked great for that!

Gina Bois D Arc, MO

Super cute & does the trick!

I got this for my 2 year old (extremely active) son – it does just the trick! I’ve been through several harness backpacks & all of them are either cheap & ultimately break, or the chest strap rides up on my son when he walks. The wrist strap is reinforced so it’s nice & sturdy. The chest strap does not ride up since it’s reinforced on both sides. The backpack doesn’t hold much which is fine with me. Oh, & it’s ridiculously cute 😉 Order it!

Christina Tony, WI

Fits and functions great for toddler

I bought this as a "big brother backpack" when my 19-month-old became a big brother. We’ve had the backpack for about four months now, and my son absolutely loves his "monkey backpack". It’s the perfect size for him to wear, and he can easily unzip the zipper. He likes putting a few of books, toy cars, and an old cell phone in it to take with him on various outings. It also functions as a nice diaper bag when he goes to nursery. He can fit a few diapers, a changing pad, a travel pack of wipes, a snack, a cup, and a toy in it and still be able to easily carry it on his back (the chest buckle helps). It’s the perfect little backpack to make him feel like a big boy.

Linda South Jordan, UT

Cute, easy for toddler to wear, but strap too short

I’ve read reviews about other safety harnesses that toddler’s refuse to wear (for example the stuffed animal backpacks are unnecessarily heavy and bulky.) I had no problems getting this on my toddler. It’s was a cute backpack that he was happy to wear. It matched his other skiphop animal products (straw cup, bib, utensils etc.) Unfortunately, the strap was too short.My 18mo is taller than most his age and I’m 5’2". The strap allowed my toddler to move about 1 foot in front from me, that’s it. Since my husband is taller than me, most of the strap was used to as the distance between his arm and my toddler’s backpack length giving no running room. I wish they made the longer – and even better longer and adjustable.

Nancy Grant, AL

Awesome back pack for small children

I have yet to use the harness yet but I love this back pack for my son who just started walking. We use this take his stuff in at Daycare and loves to strut around with it on his back. My son is 15 months to give you an idea on size. Also, the thing is super cute. I am looking forward to using it when we travel this summer.

Harriett Cedar Lake, MI

Very cute, but too tight

It is a very cute backpack. however, the strip for the shoulder and the front are too tight and short. My son will grow out of it soon. Now he is 2 and we might have to change something else in couples of month. The other thing bothers me is there is only one plug in the front. When you pull from the back, it is very easy for the strip slide up and the kid can lose balance. I have another one works better. There are two plug in in the front to maintain balance.

Maxine White Pine, TN

Cute, with a minor flaw.

This backpack harness is very adorable, and we love it for our daughter who is two. It fits her perfectly, and as it is adjustable, I see it fitting her for a few more years. My only issue is that the strap is short. I mean, 2 1/2 feet long. This was an easy fix however, as we just bought a new strap.It is definitely worth the money!

Anita Clintwood, VA

super cute but strap is short

I love the design of all skip and hop. I wish the strap is a bit longer. I am not sure how long the strap should be, but a arm length is really short for my six feet one husband when he uses on our baby

Willa Ridgecrest, NC

great quality

Great quality backpack fits little ones very well. Very well made. I love the chest clip. We actually converted to feeding tube backpacks

Edith Pilger, NE

Very cute and so useful!

I just love this product. At first I was a bit embarrassed to "use a leash" on my son but once I saw how cute it was I didn’t care anymore. My son doesn’t like to hold hands and loves to run off. He actually loves wearing it and asks for it now. I recommend it for big amusement parks.

Fanny Caddo, TX



Gabrielle Estcourt Station, ME

Super cute

I wanted to get my daughter a small backpack since she keeps trying to carry my heavy bags around. Now that she’s walking, will more like running, I thought this would be great. She doesn’t like to hold our hands if we let her walk with us so I thought this would help us keep her safe while letting her walk.

Ivy Marquand, MO

Love skip hop!

My daughter loves this backpack and wears it as often as she can. The strap could be just a little longer, but I switched that out with a longer old purse-strap I had.

Abby Mantua, NJ

it”s so cute. my baby love it.

It"s so cute.Product quality is very good. My baby love it. It is very suitable for children to play.thank you.

Ada Lattimer Mines, PA

Cute product. Not fond of the zip tie packaging

We will be taking a flight tomorrow with our 1.5 year old son. He’s very active and likes to run around, so I figured I will get a harness backpack to give him some freedom while waiting at the airport. Looking at the offerings on, this seems to have the highest review, so I ordered it. It’s a really cute bag indeed. The backpack will allow me to put a couple soft toys and some snacks in for him to carry. The metal ring and hook for the harness will hopefully be sturdy and last a long time.The only thing that took off one star is the packaging. The bag is tied to a card board using zip ties. Fine I can cut those off like most products. However there’s also a zip tie tying the metal ring and the harness hook together at the bottom of the backpack. It’s so tight I swear I thought I was going to cut myself and head to the ER right before going on vacation! It’s so tight the zip tie is a tiny ring, with no room to get a scissors’ blade in to cut. It’s really dangerous. I just wish the manufacturer can change this. It’s really not necessary to make it so tight just to keep two parts together in a retail package.

Nannie New Era, MI

Too cute!

This backpack is absolutely adorable! My 15 month old daughter loves wearing this around the house (we hide the harness leash inside the backpack when not in use). She loves being able to snap the buckles together, but she can’t yet figure out how to unhook them thankfully. We bought this for an upcoming trip and since she loves to run we figured this would come in handy at the airport. The "leash" is short so depending how far you want your child to roam, a longer dog leash would do the trick. I haven’t tried to stuff too much into it yet, but it’s pretty roomy (for a mini backpack) so I would say a couple books (small), a sippy cup, some snacks, and a toy or two would probably fit into it.

Rene Morrow, GA

I never thought I’d be “that mom”

This thing is amazing. My son LOVES to go outside and roam around without anyone holding him. I try not to be the paranoid mom who is in antsy mode when her child is with someone else. My mom, mother in law, husband, and anyone who takes my son out to play (I am 9 months pregnant so I have zero energy to take my lovable but oh so active 15 month old out) uses this and he doesn’t try to break loose or anything (which is what I worried about!). No complaints about it being too short (at least not yet). I love that the harness comes off because my son loves to wear this all day in the house (no strangle hazard and nothing he can trip over). It’s a good size to fit some snacks, a juice box, and diaper/wipes inside. You can probably fit more but I wouldn’t stuff it if my son is going to be wearing it. I also like that where the harness connects is metal and not plastic. It feels very sturdy. It’s super cute and gets the job done.

Kim Tonica, IL


Perfect – I needed something for daycare, church, etc for just a few essentials. It’s perfect when my son’s not playing with it.

Kara Stanton, KY

Great for keeping “runner” at bay

used this at Disneyland and it was great to keep my 21 month old close to me. It is a VERY short "leash" to keep that in mind- for me that was ideal as I want him close. It also harnesses around them so it stays on and is not easy to come loose. I will be using this in any circumstance I need him close to me for safety reasons- I don’t mind people calling me "that mom" as long as my child is safe.

Bethany Oostburg, WI

Our kid loves it a lot!

My son won’t put this down. It isn’t just a leash, think of it more as a backpack for storage that your kid will love. We got it for our trip to Disney, but my son wouldn’t put it down after we go thome.

Frieda Seneca, NE