Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bins, Ladybug

Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bins, Ladybug

Whether it’s holding books, shoes or toys, this versatile storage bin adds colorful zoo personality to any room. Zoo storage bins are made of sturdy canvas and fold down flat when clean up time is done.

Main features

  • Fun textured details
  • Easy to grip handles for little hands
  • Sturdy canvas, folds flat when not in use
  • Organize clothes, toys, books and more
  • Fits most cube shelves

Verified reviews



These bins are cute, but if you are looking for cubes that fit the expedit system from IKEA or like-sized cubbies (which seems to be the standard), these are small.The storage boxes by 3 Sprouts are a cute alternative that actually fit better (and are much sturdier too). I started with these, but switched to 3 Sprouts even though they are pricier.

Joan Bluford, IL


The faces on these boxes have a horrible chemical smell…like pvc. Sent it back, there is no way I want my son’s toys or anything else inside of it!!!

Judy Orangeville, IL

Really cute but a lot smaller than expected

I bought this bin to put toys in. I was hoping for something a little bigger. This actually looks like it is well made and will probably last a while. But the sides are flimsy and won’t hold heavy toys. It would be great for cloth diapers, clothes, or stuffed animals. It is cute, though, and my son was really excited when I opened the package.

Eloise Concho, AZ

Cute but Not much support

The bins are cute but there really is no support on the sides so it never stands up. Even with items inside, it collapses into itself. I used the bee to keep her soft toys and The owl bin for books and it’s just ill shaped when the books are placed in. Over all, I wish the sides had some sort of paneling to keep it upright and more sturdy. I’ve found cheaper sturdier cloth bins from ikea.I don’t recommend this product.

Reba Ruskin, FL

cute but walls easily collapse

Very cute and I purchased it mainly for the design aspect. My main complaint is that the walls have no support and they collapse all the time. Would have loved to have seen a hidden cardboard support in the walls for more stability and sturdiness.

Deanna Tafton, PA

Cute and Helpful

We use these canvas bins all around our house for stashing away diapers, hats and mittens, and toys. They are very handy for managing clutter and staying organized.The Skip Hop storage bins are very well constructed. The fabric is durable so the bin doesn’t implode when filled with heavier items, which has been an issue with other brands. The handles are handy since we frequently stash a bin at the bottom of the stairs to fill with items that need to be put away upstairs. My daughter can grab it and bring it up herself. I use the animal designs to help my kids with clean up tasks. I can say “trains go in the owl bin” and they know exactly where to put them.

Tessa Gales Ferry, CT

extremely cute

I used this as the gift bag for a baby shower… and it’s very cute and functional! gotta love things that you can use in multiple ways!

Robin Morrill, KS

Perfect for the car

I have this same basket in the owl pattern but since I have the ladybug in a backpack and lunchbag I thought I’d get this one for the car too. It’s well made and perfect for our needs (to contain toys and blankets in the back seat of my car). However, if you are looking for something sturdy for heavy items like books, I probably wouldn’t recommend.

Inez Artesia Wells, TX

Perfect to keep all the new Christmas toys!

My youngest was a very lucky boy this Christmas – he received what seemed like hundreds of new matchbox cars and little trains and “guys” to play with. He had already inherited a gazillion of the same things from his older brothers so I was thrilled when Grandma also gave him several Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bins!While I felt like this gift was really for me – a way to keep all this new “stuff” sorted and out of the way, my son loved them as well. They are the first “storage solution” that both mother and son love equally, albeit for totally different reasons. My little boy was instantly drawn to the cute little animal faces and pretends he is feeding his new little friends whenever he puts his toys away. I’m just happy to see him cleaning up but also pleased with the “cuteness” of these boxes, much better than the generic plastic bins we had been using. These can be out on display and add a splash of color and whimsy to our toy room.Thanks Skip Hop for making my son happy about cleaning up his toys!

Lucy Asheville, NC


Works well to contain toys and looks cute also! I will definitely order more of these in the future for my toddler.

Kelly Rainelle, WV

Love Skip Hop products! Too Cute!!!

Like all the other Skip Hop products I own, I have been pleased with these. They are visually appealing and do their job of wrangling toys and other items for organizing children’s rooms, play yards etc.They are a fairly decent size and you can fit a good bit in them. We have all of the animal designs and they are all cute and lined on the inside, which makes them more durable than other regular cloth bins of this type. I do agree with another reviewer that said the Sprouts bins are better quality,we have these bins as well and they are larger and alittle better made. However, for the price of these, you cant go wrong.If you are looking for something larger or perhaps for an older child, consider the Sprouts bins, while still cute and graphic enough for little ones, their designs are somewhat less bold in nature and may work better for an older child’s room. But if your looking for something to throw toys in for a toddler, these are a great buy and I highly recommend them.

Deann Colerain, NC

Cute and functional

I received this product as a baby gift several months ago. Since, it has contained several differnt items. It is sturdy and super cute. I love that there are several other matcing items. Love the Skip Hop brand.

Deana Seymour, TN

Adorable but flimsy…

The design is quite sweet, and I purchased it to place a bunch of items in it for a baby shower as a gift basket. It will work fine for that purpose, but as for long term use, it is not at all sturdy for a playroom or nursery. Probably not worth the money…but I will not return because I need it for the shower! I have ordered other Skip Hop items — through Amazon– for my own use that have been very sturdy, so am quite surprised at the lack of quality of this item.

John San Carlos, CA


I’m obsess with skip hop products!! I love this basket so I can keep my boy’s toys in their place. Love the colors and the fact that it fits onto his Ikea book shelf perfectly

Ladonna Hopkins, MI


Cute storage bins. I wish the sides were more sturdy & would hold it’s shape but it gets the job done… and they look cute. The ears on the dog stay folded inward like in the picture but that doesn’t bother me. Overall, I would still recommend these bins.

Esther Coulterville, CA

Great bin!

I love these storage bins by Skip Hop! We have purchased a lot of Skip Hop products to decorate our nursery and this was just another great find. I love how they turn something ordinary into something much more lively and fun! Highly recommend!

Alice Castalian Springs, TN

SO cute!

My cousin is having a baby soon so I got this box to help with the baby’s room and to wrap the gifts in 🙂

Neva Altair, TX

Very Small

First off, this is cute, bright colors, would look nice in any boy or girl’s playroom or nursery. My issue with it is that it is VERY small. I bought this for my 13 month old. He has large board books and bulky noisy toys. This bin was too small for the large books and just didn’t hold many of his toys. Perhaps for older children it would be fine for crayons or coloring books but not a good choice for younger children that still have the large and bulky toys.My overall feeling is that while this is cute and colorful, I wouldn’t waste my money, or rather I would put it towards a larger bin that I could get more use out of, whether for a younger child or older child.

Deidre Parkman, WY

cute but not rigid enough

I was kind of disappointing that the sides of the basket don’t want to stand up like the ones at target do. It is very cute and my daughter loves the ladybug face. It fits in the cubby bookshelf.

Addie Hemet, CA

Is very lovely

Is very lovely,But no I imagination of so big, can only put a few items,But it doesn’t matter,Because I like the look of it

Essie Leetonia, OH

Bee Storage

This bee storage sits up good and stays in its shape. It holds great as well and is a cute storage to put things in.

Susie Bevington, IA