Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket, Owl

Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket, Owl

Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket – Owl Whether you’re hitting the road for a day trip or catching a flight for a family vacation, our Zoo travel blanket will make sure your child is happy and comfy on the go. The soft, sweet blanket easily tucks away into its own friendly portable pillow, complete with a carry-on strap for little hands. This plush zoo friend also keeps little ones company at home, perfect for cuddling on the couch or getting cozy with sleepover pals. Product Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 10

Main features

  • Plush blanket tucks into its own pouch for easy transport and makes a soft pillow
  • Pouch can be stuffed and used as a pillow
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Signature Skip Hop zoo characters

Verified reviews


Not as cute as the picture.

This looked liked a super cute plushy and blanket. It doesn’t look as cute to me in person. My daughter likes it though because the blue blanket part is super soft. She also likes that she can carry it around my the handle. I don’t like that it seems to shed blue fluffs and find the red border around the blanket isn’t nearly as soft as the blanket itself. Plus, the red border also makes it a little less pliable.

Anastasia Maupin, OR

Cute and cuddly

This is a very cute little blanket and the fleece is soft to the touch. It’s sure to be a favorite with adults and children alike. Unfortunately it is made with poor quality materials. I pre washed on gentle/warm cycle in a front loading washer before giving it to my granddaughter and the felt eyes looked worn, the bright color faded and the fleece texture was noticeably thinner. I sew with fleece often and know not to use fabric softener and that there is always some loss of loft due to pretreatments on manufactured items but this was excessive. The blanket will be ratty and threadbare in no time if it’s washed frequently, which a child’s items undoubtedly need. It’s so cute, I really think it’s a shame that the quality is so poor. If you get it, be ready for some sad faces when it has to be tossed before it’s time.

Haley State Road, NC

Nice idea, but kind of high-priced for what it is!

This blanket is great, BUT I would be kind of ticked off if I’d paid for it. It’s a good size but isn’t very thick. The travel pouch is a neat idea, but I don’t think warrants the high price. Also, when I first unfolded it it shed a lot and it looked like Grover had exploded on me.

Claudette West Unity, OH

Just right for car trips

This blanket, while too small for use in the house, is just right for covering my son in his car seat. He was able to unstuff the blanket and re-stuff it without assistance. And he’s really happy that it’s a monkey! My son thought it was like one of his hooded towels and put the monkey head on his head and wrapped up. It’s a really soft blanket and the monkey face is really soft too. The handle isn’t big enough that I’m worried about some part of his body getting stuck in it, but it’s just right for a little boy to carry on his own.

Constance Fredonia, PA

Cute, but has an issue

This is a cute, cuddly little blankie. However, my one biggest problem is that the fold-in area of the blanket is kind of irritating. Otherwise, it’s convenient and the kids love carrying it around.

Jacqueline Falmouth, IN

Skip Hop Zoo Travel Blanket, Owl

Of all the adorable motifs Skip Hop offers, the Owl is far and away my daughter’s favorite, so when this cute critter turned up in the mail, she was all smiles and squeals of delight. She couldn’t wait to get it unfolded so she could wrap up in it. We love how it folds into itself to make a cute little carry-along pillow or traveling buddy. It’s every bit as cute in person as it is in the pictures, and so soft, so vividly-colored. It also washes nicely, so far, when we can get it away from the Toddler Unit long enough to give it a good wash-and-dry!

Sheena Bryan, OH

Quality product Makes a great gift

LOVE this item.We have a young family member whose mother is seriously ill and this has been a wonderful gift for the child, so when we pick her up to go some place she grabs this as a ‘comfort’ toy that not only seems well made but is soft, washable, and has a nice size blanket fold out that has been perfect in the car for her to sleep and stay covered.Would make a great gift!!

Tara Ralston, OK


As soon as I took this out of the package my four year old daughter was in love! I thought it would be more for traveling, but she has adopted it and will not be parted. She sleeps with it and stuffs the pocket part with toys:) It is REALLY CUTE and REALLY SOFT!

Noemi New Plymouth, OH

Fun travel companion

I got this to accompany us on a 10-hour flight to London. Our two year-old enjoyed having it on the plane. At least I think she did–she wrapped herself in it and fell asleep, which kind of the point.I like that it compacts into a little ball with a handle–it definitely makes shoving it back into your backpack that much easier. I’d travel with this one again.

Tania Westborough, MA

Appealing and cuddly, but small and thin.

Having traveled extensively with my kiddo (and I mean planes, trains and automobiles all over this country and across both oceans), I really valued well designed and pragmatic travel items.I give this blanket a 4-star because it’s easy to carry along, cute, WASHABLE, and serves multiple purposes (blanket and pillow). I think it is best suited for the 1.5yo-late 3yo range, beyond that it’s just too small. It’s thin, but that has it’s ups and downs. Don’t plan on it being snuggly warm, but often time when traveling things tend to be hotter than not. Plus kiddos run warm as it is so thin is good for that.Overall, a decently priced little option for your little traveler (or just for preschool naps). Start your kiddo with it young so they can grow with it and grow to love it.

Wilma Crane, MT

Love it for my little monkey!

Our toddler is a little obsessed with monkeys, he is little monkey and we are of course mamma monkey and daddy monkey so we thought he may really like this, particularly when we are travelling. It folds up neatly into the case, he loves carrying it and it clips onto his stroller our our bag with a carabiner or hook. The material is soft and it is well sized for the average toddler to snuggle up with or carry.

Kim Shipman, IL

Super cute and cozy car lovey:)

When I got this the plan was to keep it in the car but it often finds its way inside – my 2 yo loves it! He likes to turn the head (which holds the blanket when folded) inside out and try to restuff it himself…nicest thing is he can without scratching himself up on Velcro bc this has the super soft non-scratch kind so they can even lay with their face right against it. When it is folded up it has a little handle like a backpack perfect for a little one to carry it around by. I think we are going to need a second one on a different animal:)

Leticia Leslie, GA

Good travel blanket

It’s soft, it’s compact, and it makes a great travel blanket. it’s nice that it can be fit into the little monkey carrying case. So far, we use it in the stroller because I can just stuff it into the basket below when it’s not in use and I don’t have to worry about it falling onto the ground. My son likes the softness. It’s definitely not the thickest blanket, so if we were traveling somewhere cold, I’d use one of the thicker ones we have, but it’s great for the car, airplaine, stroller, etc.

Estela Scarborough, ME

Nice but small.

The blanket itself is very soft and I like that it’s packable, easy to travel with. But the size is good for my 1 year old. My 3 year old son is too big for it and can cover only half body. But it’s good for the car, I keep it there for kids when they fall asleep in a car to cover them. Very warm and cozy indeed.

Kristina Sunset, SC

Absolute PERFECT gift for the little monkey fan!

What makes this travel blanket SO cute is the monkey face carrying case. The blanket is relatively small and lightweight, but that’s ok because that’s not why my son likes it. He likes it because of the monkey face carrying case. The too small and too lightweight blanket is ok, because this gift put a HUGE smile on my monkey boy’s face. 🙂

Annabelle Payson, UT

It works!

Well what can I say, it’s a cute travel blanket to tack on to travel, or just to have in the car for your toddler. It’s cute, comfy, folds neatly into the bag, and can be carried anywhere you go. Just pick the right pattern and be cosy and warm!

Doretha Bloomington, NY

Fun for travel and around the house

This monkey travel blanket is a new favorite of our 4 year old. It is perfect for him playing pretend around the house or taking in the car for a road trip to the grandparents house. It is really soft and he loves the handle so that he can carry it around by himself. The only downside to this is that we have to constantly zip the blanket in and out for him since he isn’t quite to that level yet

Paulette Vanderbilt, PA

Wonderful blanket

Soft and cozy, unfolds very easily, folds entirely flat. Putting it back is just as easy, it just folds back into itself. I wish they had something like this that was adult size!

Lara Shiloh, TN

What a Hoot!

Travel blankets for kids have been around for a long time but this one is the cutest combination of practical modern use and vintage craft look that I have seen. Our little man loves owls so it was a slam dunk – I love the colors and clever carry handle. I think he’s going to be sad when he gets too big for the blanket anymore but I bet it ends up being a pillow on his bed for a long time anyway!

Ola Manvel, TX

Good, but Not Great

My youngest son’s room is decorated with monkeys and I thought this blanket would be the perfect addition. It is cute and fits right in with the monkey theme, but the fabric used for the monkey’s face doesn’t appear to be high quality – it has a slightly “cheap” look about it. The blanket part (when the monkey is unrolled) is plush and soft and my son loves it. It also folds back up into a monkey head quite easily (a big plus).After reading other reviews about what happens after washing it, I have chosen not to wash it yet – which I don’t feel good about. Regardless, it will soon need to be washed and I hope it doesn’t substantially deteriorate. Overall, it’s fine for my purposes, but I wouldn’t feel good about purchasing as a gift.

Milagros Gosport, IN

Probably destined to become Favorite Blanket!

Another total win for Skip Hop! Fantastic product for any toddler (or even older kids). The blanket is super-soft and not bulky, but it keeps in body heat, so it’s perfect for keeping warm in the cold car on winter mornings. The design is brilliant as it makes the blanket easy to bring back and forth without little feet tripping on it (or the hassle of an exploding blanket in your arms, if you know what I mean).Plus, when tucked into the attached pouch (which isn’t bulky or weird when unfolded), it’s a FRIEND! The carrying handle is great, although I’d say the only way Skip Hop could inprove on this would be to instead add soft straps to the “back” so that it could be carried as a backpack (considering how many toddlers love backpacks!). Love the other designs as well…and will probably purchase more…it makes a great standby gift that’s practical yet fun.

Manuela Dry Creek, WV

a comfort blanket for boys or girls

This blanket kit is very sweet to look at. It has the perk of also being a toy when it is put in its holder. It carries on our endearing owl theme. I like that it is self-contained because even though my almost one year old grand daughter is too young to wear a backpack or enjoy the portability, it seems a little more sanitary to have its own cover. I question how well it will wash because I have already mentioned shedding bits. Right now we just keep it in the car for just in case and it is a toy. We can update this review as far as the wash ability goes, it is too soon to tell. It’s definitely not the kind of thing you would want to wash often.. and I’m holding off. We have other Skip Hop items so there is something fun about matching without being overly commercial. I would say this is more of a comfort blanket, it will help keep you warm but it’s not super insulating. This is very handy for daycare and for any impromptu nap/coziness. I enjoy that it is neither overly feminine or masculine.

Katrina Portola, CA

Super Cute!

Very cute blanket. I bought this as a gift and I also included the backpack and plate sets. My SIL said she loved all of the products. Great quality and perfect for her little one year old.

Jenny Konawa, OK


I bought this for my son to have his own blanket with him thought our vacations, it is great easy to fold and convenient for traveling.

Edith Dycusburg, KY

Great for daycare.

My son loves his monkey blanket. It is so easy to throw it in the car for road trips, daycare, and sleep overs. It is soft and when folded up he can use it as a pillow. It is one of the only blankets he will sleep with at daycare.

Annette Sacramento, KY

my son loves it

I was looking for a blanket to distinguish other children at his day care. My son loves it. He’s been using it for two weeks. I wash it on fridays and doesnt get linty. I love that in can roll inside into its own pouch, I’m looking to use this for my younger son too.

Kristen Jerseyville, IL