Skip Hop ZOOtensils Fork and Spoon, Ladybug

Skip Hop ZOOtensils Fork and Spoon, Ladybug

Zootensils’ friendly characters make mealtime fun. This adorable fork and spoon has soft side grips so it’s easy for little ones to hold. This flatware has stainless steel heads, very grown up. Skip Hop products meet or exceed all applicable standards for product safety in the markets we sell to. This includes physical/mechanical standards, as well as recent legislation regarding chemicals and minerals such as BPA, lead and Phthalates. All parties involved in the manufacture of Skip Hop products are required to follow these guidelines, and all tests are conducted by registered independent testing facilities.

Main features

  • Signature Skip Hop zoo characters
  • Perfect chunky size for growing toddlers
  • Stainless-steel heads
  • Soft sides for easy grips
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


not dishwasher safe

it said dishwasher safe but the paint came off in the first waSH ITSELF…WASTE OF MONEY…CUTE DESIGNS THOUGH…I WOULD BUY MUNCHKIN

Katharine Big Timber, MT


I bought the set of bowl, plate, fork, spoon and bottle. They are cute, great for kids. I also got some other from the same collection. Can’t comment about durability since I have not used them yet, but quality looks fine.

Rachelle Eads, TN

Own two sets, and paint came off both after first hand wash. Terrible.

Let me start by saying that I own several Skip Hop products. I’ve loved them all. So I was excited to use these as stocking stuffers for my 18 month old who is really getting into feeding himself. The chunky design is great for little hands! But the quality is atrocious! We handwash all the kiddo plates and utensils, and the paint came off in the first wash! I was certain it was a fluke with the dog set, so I opened the panda set. Same thing! After reading other reviews, I see this is not isolated. I am terribly disappointed in Skip Hop, and expect better. I cannot recommend the purchase of these and am baffled by the higher star ratings shown here. I can see that many are from people who haven’t actually used them yet, only ordered them.

Shelby Trilby, FL

Too big for my 17 month old

I’ve only tried the spoon thus far. I’ll update this review over time.At 16-17 months, I’m finding the spoon to be too big for my toddler’s mouth (despite her big head). The bowl of the spoon is too deep for easy eating as well and she has to try twice to clean off the spoon. The handles are a little big for her hands at this age too. She ends up grabbing the spoon closer to where the bowl meets the handle. For reference, she’s average sized and still learning to get the right grip on the spoon.The quality seems pretty good – I’ve put the spoon through the dishwasher a couple times without issue. Plus they’re cute! Just too big right now.

Lou Hyde Park, UT


I bought this to add to my gift closet for any baby showers I might go to this year. It is super cute and is perfect for my yellow themed basket

Claudette Franklin, NH

These used to last

Now they don’t even last a washing — which is sad because my son asks for his “doggie poon” at ever meal. Then he points to the spoon and says “owie” because the doggie’s face is nearly completely scratched off. I have all of the characters, and only the owl seems to hold up. We bought the bee set a while ago, and that one has seemed to hold up ok. I think Skiphop must have a new manufacturer.

Leigh Arkansas City, KS

perfect set

they go great with the matching plate and bowl set. the fork might be a little too pointy still for my 17 month old who still doesn’t know the consequences of stabbing yourself in the eye but it will be perfect for her when she’s old enough.

Saundra Daleville, AL

Nice looking

They are cheap, nice looking and my todler seems to love them, i see he maneges them with no problem 🙂 i wish i had bought at least one more set 🙂

Meghan Cardiff By The Sea, CA

Updated: Not so good,

These are great. My son struggles with utensils, but he does really well with these. The handles are large, and the fork and spoon are perfectly sized for small mouths. My son already had the dog plate and bowl to go with these. Thinking of ordering the same set with the monkey to match his daycare bag and suitcase.Update 2 months later. These have only been handwashed, yet the design is coming off of the handles. Only used about 20-30 times. For the price, I expected them to last a little longer.Update. Contacted SkipHop. They provided a replacement set. The design started coming off after the first handwash. These are not something I would recommend. This is clearly a defective product.

Maura Avon Park, FL

Wide Spoon Bowl, Ultimately Precious

I love this utensil set, and my son does too. At 13 months, he’s not completely independent with a spoon yet, but these are easy for him to grip to feed himself.The bowl of the spoon (where the food sits) is very wide, which is good and bad, if Mom is feeding the kiddo. It’s good for little ones as they have a better shot at getting at least some food in their mouths.

Colette Clarksville, TX

Wobbling and about to separate!

I got this as my little one has a Bee lunch bag as well.The metal parts were wobbly from day 1 (unpacking) but hasn’t come off;however, I don’t trust this anymore and stopped using them.The Heinz cutlery set I bought from the supermarket is sturdier.Waste of money

Tonya Blairsville, GA

Cute Picture scratches off easily

I got these for my son’s first birthday.They are nice in that they are easy for him to hold and manipulate. However, the owls began scratching off right away.Disappointing.

Taylor Atomic City, ID

Paint chips off from rubbing on anything that it comes into contact

The only issue I have with this product is the paint chipping off. There are many more reviews complaining about the same problem. It happened almost immediately after using it and continually got worse. We only hand wash and with the soft side of the sponge. The paint chips show up on other stuff it has contact with and is hard to remove. I don’t think it’s toxic but the thought of paint on my toddler’s fingers and possibly ingesting it is a put off. I hope skip hop reads these reviews and makes some changes because I love the size and design.

Delores Richfield, OH

Cute set, but not practical

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a cute utensil set. I mean, it’s skip hop, right? My daughter has a fascination with owls and we got these as a gift. First … the fork is actually sharp enough to spear food, unlike a lot of other toddler forks out there. The spoon has a decent curvature to it that it can actually HOLD food instead of a lot of spoons out there that are practically flat or so tiny I’m not sure how any kid can eat using them. With that said, the decorative part is entirely TOO LARGE and bulky. My kid is 22 months so she has great motor and gross skills now. She can eat using her utensils with very minimum oversight from me. But the bulkiness of the handles makes it awkward for her to grip them in the style adults grip their utensils (think about how you hold a spoon). It actually makes her grab them like a caveman. So while they’re cute and I can’t deny that the fork and spoon portion of the utensil set are actually practical, the handles makes this set a no-no in my book. Maybe for younger toddlers it might be suitable, but for kids who already know how to use utensils, this is absolutely a no.

Toni Newport, OH

Paint has come off….

It’s great looking, but only after a month and half the paint came off… so it looks a bit worn already… but good besides that.

Ronda Montrose, MN

Great for toddlers, but coloring wears off quickly

These are great for toddler use – now that my toddler is at the point that she uses utensils effectively and properly, plastic forks are useless (they don’t allow her to "stab" her food at all, and well, she might as well just use an actual spoon if she can only scoop" food). These are a great size, and the larger handles are easy for her to grasp. But, the coloring/picture wears off easily and quickly, which is disappointing.

Maryann Russellville, AR

Best spoon and fork we have!

We got this spoon and fork about a month ago for my then 17 month old. We had the take and toss plastic stuff and she couldn’t stab anything to pick it up, nor was she steady with the spoon. We also have the Nuk cutlery which is fine, but this is BY FAR the best. It is weighted well and my 18 month old can eat yogurt and cereal with the spoon. She can also manipulate the fork better than any other because it is wide where her hand holds it. They are also easy to take along anywhere. I am looking into getting another set and I recommend this as a present to any one year old. I have not put them in the dishwasher. It isn’t hard to hand wash them, so that is what I do.

Clara Force, PA

these are cute but…..

the owls are wearing off already. I have only been using them for 1 month. on the other hand they do work as intended, and my son is able to grip them easily.

Norma Mount Dora, NM

Within a couple weeks the design is all scratchy

They’re cute and work, but the design scratches off from regular use very quickly. Within just a couple weeks they look like we’ve been using them for two years.

Josefina Cliff Island, ME

Cute but short and wide.

Love skiphop zoo line. We have straw bottles, bibs, plates, backpacks etc.These utensils are good. They match the other feeding products I own from skiphop. My only complaint is that the fork and spoon are wide, yet the length is short. I like the short length for my 15mo toddler but the wide spoon makes it hard to self feed.

Joan Simon, WV

Olivia LOVES “Ahhhh-wools”

My daughter loves these! She’s in love with owls and asks for her utensils by name "Ahhh-wools".As for durability, we put them in the dishwasher, and they come out beautifully with the screen printed owls intact and not faded a bit.My only con is that the large handle, may be a bit too large for the little hands of a 19 month old. They are unusually large, and may be better suited for an older more dexterous toddler. She seems slightly awkward using these ones at times compared to her other utensils-however, it doesn’t stop her from asking for her "ahhh-wools".I can’t get her perspective on the matter as she’s 19 months old, but she seems to be pleased with their quality and use.

Erika Brooklyn, MD

Great size

My one year old uses these! My mom can’t believe it, but perfect size for her little hands! Have to keep them clean all the time.

Traci Mount Laurel, NJ

like it

Useful, practice beautiful.I love Owl model… the size it’s really good to travel and they look fashion with the rest of colection (plate)

Letha Amber, OK

Cute design, but it’s washing off

I really liked these when I bought them, and so did my daughter. But unfortunately, after just a month, the cute little design is washing/wearing off. I switched to some rubber-handle ones instead which are holding up much better.

Savannah Robbinsville, NC

Cute and practical utensils

I’ve bought several sets of these utensils for home and for gifts. My two year old son has the bee version and asks for them specifically. They are holding up well to lots of dishwashing (and throwing).

Caitlin New Philadelphia, OH

Cute set

I bought as a gift for my two year olds friend. I live the skip hop items and they always seem to hold up well. I like how they have lots of coordinating items.

Alison Kirkland, IL

Its alright.

The only thing i dont like about it is that the design scratches or fades off so easily when washed. I dont think mine will last a year. But its so cute! I love owls and just had to buy my daughter a whole lunch set.

Carole Camargo, IL

Cute set

Only problem I had with this set is that the owls started fading after the first few washes. I only hand wash these and they still are fading and almost gone

Randi Black River, MI


One more practical and beautiful product of this brand. Small and simple to be carried to every place. The fork could be more rounded.

Carole Worthing, SD

Cute, but…

I think it is a great functional product. So why the three stars? I am simply sick of the picture wearing off. They wear off the plates the cups..Maybe because I hand wash everything? Don’t know. They are cute and my little 2 year old loves them. I just wished the bee did not wear off after only a few washes.

Tanisha Edson, KS