Sleep Buddy ~ Sleep Training System for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

Sleep Buddy ~ Sleep Training System for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

SleepBuddy is designed to help your child learn when he/she should stay in bed, which results in a more peaceful night for everyone in the house. The SleepBuddy package includes the SleepBuddy light, A Bedtime Surprise children’s book to introduce the SleepBuddy concept, a rewards chart to help encourage and track your child’s progress, and a simple, step-by-step Parent’s Guide. -Subtle and soothing tabletop sleep light that blends well in all rooms -Simple to program for sleep (light on) and wake (light off) times for naps and nighttime -If your child is sensitive to light, the light can be used in the opposite fashion, i.e off for sleep, on for wake-up. -Child proof entry for programming compartment -Multi-setting dimmer for the perfect glow -An internal battery to prevent re-programming when moved from room to room. This is not a “battery option”. The unit must be plugged into an outlet while in use. -6ft. AC Power cord for easy placement

Main features

  • Teach kids when to stay in bed
  • Easy-to-program sleep light for naps & nighttime
  • Children’s Book for Concept Introduction
  • Rewards Chart to Incent Success

Verified reviews


Awesome but…

My son was waking up EVERY morning before 5 and coming in to wake us up. He was really good about going back to bed but then my husband and I were lying there awake for the rest of the morning and when he started to wake his brother up too we decided to do something about it. From the first night we had our sleep buddy he stopped. He is great about staying in his room now. We never even had to do the reward system. My son is 3 years old and understood everything quickly and the only trouble he has is when he gets up to go potty and forgets its not time to be up yet. My one HUGE complaint it the setup. It is SO annoying to reprogram. Everytime you unplug it you have to reprogram it. Not a big deal but annoying. And the TINY buttons don’t always work.

Charlotte Dresden, TN

So far so good.

I would like to say this product is great however I am a little disappointed with the design. Our 2yr old son opened it and was excited but as we turned to grab the book to read it to him he chewed off two of the feet and pulled the other two feet out from the bottom. It still work but still it is not fun to spend the money only to have part of it ruined within seconds of having it opened. I do wish it had built in memory or at the very least batterie power option. The lack of those things makes this product a little frustrating to say the least.

Chelsey Milan, MN


I LOVE this light! We had so much trouble getting our kids to focus on bedtime and staying in bed (or at least not waking up others) in the morning. We tried several things, so I was pretty dubious about how well this would work when I agreed to review it on my blog (in exchange for a free product). I’m glad I gave it a try, because it was the simple visual my kids apparently needed to go to bed and stay there!

Natalia West Stockbridge, MA

I was skeptical, but happily surprised that this worked!

I have a 22month old who has had trouble sleeping through the night for his whole life. I was desperate to try something new, as nothing I’d done so far had worked. So I got this cute little night light (we thought he might be afraid of the dark) and crossed my fingers that it would help. Well, he’s pretty young and the concept of staying in bed until the light turned off was tricky for him. I thought maybe he was way too young, But my husband and I kept pointing out the light and reminding him that he should stay in bed if the light is on, but as soon as it turns off, he is free to come into our room. It’s been about a month now, and I am thrilled to say that for the past three nights, my little ball of energy has slept through the night! Yay! It was certainly not an overnight fix. But we stuck with it and now it seems to be working. I am so happy and excited to be getting a full night’s sleep again. And my son is so happy and energetic all day long. Thank you!

Wendy Chester, VA

Save money and buy a good timer and a soft light

Super idea–an unmistakable signal for your toddler/preschooler to know when to keep sleeping and when to get up.The Sleep Buddy is simply a night light on a timer.The problem, and this is critical, is that it is ridiculously difficult to set the Sleep Buddy timer. The description says there are directions…and these are 3 lines long. I read reviews that said it was tough to set and thought, "C’mon, it has to be like an alarm clock…"Honestly, I tried for 20 minutes and then gave it to my wife, who got the "off time" set, but does not know how she actually did it.Now we would like to change the times a bit, but don’t want to deal with the unusable controls,Instead of buying the Sleep Buddy for our youner child, we will definitely buy a soft night light and an easy-to-set timer.

Dorothy Buckner, MO

Helped our bed-sharing toddler sleep independantly

We bedshared with our daughter until she was about 18 months old, until I was too pregnant and we all just needed some extra space. She was developmentally ready but needed some extra help. We got her the SleepBuddy and she very quickly understood the concept. Read my full review (and you can enter to win one) here: […]

Opal Odon, IN

Great for teaching

I love the Sleep Buddy. We ordered one for our nephew as well. We put this in our toddler’s room at around 20 months when he was getting up at 530 in the morning. 630 is acceptable so we put the clock in his room and referred to the blue light every time he was up. We basically just told him that it’s still "night night" time until the blue light goes off. A few times I could see him in the monitor when I heard him wake up and he looked over at the light and then laid back down. This will be a great tool when he’s no longer in a crib and in a bed but I’m sure we’ll have to go through more training about the blue light then. I highly recommend getting them used to this earlier on before you switch them over to a bed.

Lashonda Jackson, MT

Highly recommend.

Good concept. My two year old didn’t seem to care about the concept, he just wanted to clim in our bed through out the night, but this did help alot with the tantrums and fits to try and get him to go to sleep. Once he knew the sleep buddy rules" there was no fussing. Unfortunately, he still wakes up in the night and gets out of bed. Although not 100% immediate sucess for us, it’s definately been a great resource and is improving as he gets older. I anticipate it to continue to only get better and better.

Noemi Carrizozo, NM


Finally! My son is sleeping past 6am! He’s a “high needs” child (a nice way of saying he’s stubborn and doesn’t want to miss anything), so sleeping for our family has always been a huge struggle. He started waking up before 5am ready to start his day. It was exhausting because before that regression he regularly woke at 5:30, which was bad enough, but 5 was just terrible for my husband and I. Desperate for sleep, I ordered the SleepBuddy, skeptical it would work for my high needs kid, but willing to try anything. I loved how it came wrapped as a present and with a storybook. He LOVED opening it. My son wanted me to read him the book three times the first night we tried it, and we were reading it multiples times before bed every night for a while at his request. Unfortunately, we received it two days before going out of town, and being in a strange place was too much for him to try to understand the SleepBuddy. It took a while just to get back to what it was before we left. I would say after a month or more, he finally got it. Now he says, “SleepBuddy bluuuuuue” before bed. I can’t say that every night he sleeps perfectly, BUT if he wakes up at 5 I go in there and tell him his SleepBuddy is still blue and he goes back to bed sometimes not waking up until 7 even though it’s set for 6. For my son’s temperament, I would say that is hugely successful and borderline miracle. I should mention we started it just before he turned 2. Most nights he sleeps through the night just fine and wakes up after it turns off. I didn’t intend to use it for naps because that’s a whole other struggle since day one, but he does follow it for naps, which used to be an hour and now stretched to more. I know 6am is still early for most families, but let me tell you, the extra 30 minutes makes all the difference for us. My biggest issue is the setup, as others have said. It does take a while, but honestly, I don’t even care anymore if it means he sleeps better. In future models, a battery backup would be great, but it definitely shouldn’t keep you from buying this. The light is also a little too bright for my kiddo. He’s pretty sensitive to lights and sounds while sleeping, but I put a “blankie” on it for night time and now it’s just part of our routine. Again, shouldn’t keep anyone from trying this. If my sensitive sleeper can do it, I feel like most kids would have pretty good success as well.

Mattie La Verkin, UT