Sleepy Wrap Classic Wrap Baby Carrier, Brown, 0-18 Months

Sleepy Wrap Classic Wrap Baby Carrier, Brown, 0-18 Months

The Sleepy Wrap was dreamed up to be the ideal baby carrier void of buckles, rings, hard parts, digging straps or pinching fabric. Simplicity and comfort were key. An active mom in love with her newborn can still keep her child close and secure and get on with her daily life. The Sleepy Wrap is a wrap baby carrier made of a high quality durable knit that retains its shape. It places no pressure points on your baby which is so important on little developing hips and spines, so there is no limit on how long your baby can spend in the wrap. The Sleepy Wrap offers complete head, neck, back, and leg support for your little one. Carried babies cry less, learn more, and sleep more- especially when worn by their loving mothers in their Sleepy Wraps.

Main features

  • Free from any potential harmful materials or dyes
  • From premature/newborn to toddler
  • Wrapping instructions enclosed
  • Hands free walking, hiking, shopping

Verified reviews


Good Wrap

I have an Ergo carrier and that by far is my favorite. I bought that after much consideration and reading many reviews. However, I have a baby that needs to be held often, he’s good but just likes to be held. Not good when you need to get stuff done. I used my Ergo one day around the house when trying to do chores and it was so bulky for that task. I had an amazon card and decided to order one of these for use around the house. I had heard they are better than a moby because they are made out of a stretchier jersey material. I have nothing to compare it to as far as a wrap is concerned, but if the jersey material keeps you from having to readust I’m all for that.As a wrap in general this one does what it is supposed to and I liked it. For me I prefer my Ergo that just pops on and off of me. But for home and for a little baby (he was about 2 months when I got it), I do recommend this.

Louise Freedom, WI

Love my Sleepy Wrap!

I started out with a Baby K’tan when my son was born and quickly realized I wanted something else. A friend had a Sleepy Wrap and I tried it out and liked it immediately. The pro of the Sleepy is that it is not “sized” – so my 6’4″ husband can wear it as easily as I can. It is also very secure, and my baby seems to love it! Once you figure out the wrap, it’s actually quite easy to do, but there is a learning curve to figure out the wrapping technique and then to figure out how to get baby into the wrap relatively quickly and safely. On the con side, because the material is very stretchy, it can be hard to get the fabric wrapped tight enough that baby is high on your chest once he’s in the wrap. Also, in the winter, it can be difficult to put on and take off because the ends of the fabric drag on the group (I’ve solved that problem by putting on the wrap before I leave home and then just popping baby in once we arrive). The only other con I can think of is that it does seem the fabric would be a bit warm for the summer, but for winter time it’s been just great!

Marie Ford, KY

Dangerous Pictures!

The Pictures suggest you can use the sleepy wrap on your back! You CANNOT do that safely. The Picture needs to be removed. The weight of the baby will pull down on the fabric because it is stretchy and your baby can FALL. On your front they r easy to support with your hand, on ur back NOT SO MUCH!!! Look on youtube at this link. […] It is NOT SAFE!!!! The sleepy wrap and moby are WONDERFUL for front carries with newborns. NOT ok for back wraps.

Christy Fountain, NC

A lifesaver

I received the Sleepy Wrap as a baby shower gift, and it has proven itself to be a fantastic product. My son is currently 4 months old, and he is a frequent eater (breastfeeds every 1-2 hours) who takes very few daytime naps. He also wants to be held constantly and cries if laid down or left alone too long. The Sleepy Wrap is the only way I can get him to nap longer than 30 minutes during the day! He will often sleep for 2-3 hours in the wrap, waking for a snack and then back off to sleep. I’m a full-time student taking classes online, and I can study and surf the internet with baby wrapped against me! It’s the only way I can get things done during the day. If you are a fan of Attachment Parenting, this product is perfect.I also use the Wrap when going out and about. I simply put the wrap on at home, then transfer him into the wrap from the car seat and carry him with me in stores, at the mall, etc. He either looks around happily or sleeps peacefully. A much better alternative than carrying a carseat, lugging along a stroller, or finding a shopping cart to place the carseat into. The Wrap is extremely comfortable when standing or walking, and I have no problems with back or neck pain while carrying my son, who is currently 15 lbs.My son was developing a flat spot on his head, and one of the ways I helped treat this was by keeping him in the Wrap. There is no external pressure on his head, so it’s much better than laying him in a swing, bouncer or crib.I can even breastfeed my son in the Wrap. The website says no repositioning is required, but I find that I do have to reposition my son, from side to side and sometimes further down my chest, in order to feed him. It is not a completely discreet way to feed, so I use my Jelly Bean nursing cover over it.If you have a fussy or needy baby, I highly recommend getting this wrap. We also have a Baby Bjorn, which my husband often wears, and he prefers the Sleepy Wrap for both his and baby’s comfort.The only con of the Sleepy Wrap is that it takes practice to put it on just right, but after about a dozen times it becomes second nature. Also, as I mentioned above, I do have to reposition him to nurse, which often leaves the Wrap stretched and I have to re-wrap it in order to get the snug fit I desire.

Meagan West New York, NJ

Allows for multi-tasking while keeping an eye on baby wherever you are

I use the wrap around the house so that I can cook, clean, etc. while my baby sleeps and can keep an eye on her. I can also breastfeed with it then allow my baby to fall asleep in the wrap. I usually wear a camisole with it and the wrap keeps my shoulders and upper arms warm. I recommend only put one layer of clothing (i.e. short-sleeved onesie/bodysuit) on your baby when using the wrap so that your baby doesn’t get too warm. This is great for babies who always want to be close to their mommies and daddies 🙂

Gwendolyn Homer, IL

Loved it when it was new but then it stretched out – 4 months in

When I first got this it held my baby firmly but as I’ve used it it has stretched out a bit and doesn’t feel that same as before.

Kara Sandy Hook, CT

Better than the Moby Wrap

Before the Sleepy Wrap (aka Boba Wrap), I used the Moby Wrap. The Moby was great because it was comfortable, machine washable, and easy to take the baby in-and-out. The Moby was not great because the fabric strip seemed ridiculously long, felt heavy, baggy, and difficult to bring along in my backpack (which I converted into a diaper bag).When I first saw the Sleepy Wrap online, I was very curious on the differences. Since I liked my Moby, I just had to try the Sleepy Wrap.Sleepy Wrap vs. Moby Wrap:PRO:-The Sleepy fabric is shorter and lighter than the Moby. With all the stuff I carry in my backpack, I love how the Sleepy takes up less space than the Moby. When wearing the Sleepy, I feel less anchored down and I don’t feel like I’m swimming in fabric like the Moby. The Sleepy is out of my way while driving because it hugs my body.-Sleepy fabric is stretchy. You wear the Sleepy fairly tightly around your body to keep the baby snugly against your body.-The Sleepy Wrap comes with a travel bag larger than the Moby Wrap travel bag, making it easier to stuff the wrap into the travel bag when rushing through the day.CON:-Because the Sleepy fabric is so stretchy, you need to make sure the fabric is snug around your body so that baby isn’t sagging down or bouncing too much in the carrier.-Limited colors/design choices. Considering that the Sleepy seems like an improvement from the Moby, the Sleepy Wrap manufacturer should offer more choices in colors/patterns/designs or else the Sleepy Wrap may just look like a knockoff of Moby.-Machine washable, but it is encouraged to spot clean rather than machine wash. Most likely because the washing machine will damage the elasticity of the fabric. So, you’ll have to spot clean this carrier.CONCLUSION:Sleepy Wrap is better than the Moby Wrap.

Maura Boerne, TX

A must have!!

I didn’t buy this until my baby was already a month old. Boy do I wish I had had it from the beginning. It’s so nice to be able to be snuggly with baby and still have use of my arms. My husband wore it a lot too. We mainly used it at home. It’s a little cumbersome to put on. It might be awkward in public. It washes well. Worth the money!!

Dianne Wynona, OK


My wife wears it and has no problems with it. The baby loves it and falls asleep very easily in it.

Lynnette Thorp, WI

Great!!! Bought this twice!

I gave mine away to a friend and found that I soon needed it again!! Bought but in a different color. This is an indispensable item for any mother to be. BELIEVE IT MOMMIES!!! You’ll never want anything different and neither will baby so watch out, try it with a melon or sugar bag and see if you like it cause once baby goes in, he’s not going want out again.

Lourdes Coolidge, GA


This wrap is great! It took a little while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it is easy. My baby girl loves it, and my husband has even started to use it with her! The fabric is soft and washes well.

Teri De Leon Springs, FL