Sliding Closet Door Lock [Set of 2]

Sliding Closet Door Lock [Set of 2]

S339 Features: -Sliding closet door lock. -Part of the SecureStick line of adhesive mount home safety products. -Protects little fingers from getting pinched by sliding doors. -Secures glass, mirrored, laminate or wood sliding doors. Product Type: -Edge Protection/Window Locks. Room Use: -Door & Stairways. Color: -Wood. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -2 Inches. Overall Width – Side to Side: -3.75 Inches. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -9.75 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -0.12 Pounds.

Main features

  • Part of the SecureStick line of adhesive mount home safety products
  • Protects little fingers from getting pinched by sliding doors
  • Secures glass, mirrored, laminate or wood sliding doors
  • Offers on/off feature
  • Multi-Pack: 2 locks

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your time…

These are CRAP… great “concept” but the tape doesn’t stay put. I just pushed the door (pretty lightly) and it popped right off- after giving it 24hrs to “dry”- lol. So it popped off and took some paint with it… my friends 2yr old could have opened the door no issue with this thing installed (she’s a great trial in knowing what we need to baby proof!). I knew it was a risk- as it seemed too good to be true- but figured it was worth a shot for something so cheap. Have to find another product now… oh well. Live and learn ;)There is not other way to install- we could drill a hole, but don’t really want a hole in my closet door- besides, it’s a hallow door so it wouldn’t work anyway. And you could maybe super glue it… but how long would that last?

Jenna Tarrs, PA

adhesive did not adhere!

I followed the instructions for installation but the first time my 2 year old tried to open the door it popped right off. I ended up putting then on with super glue which is staying but will cost us for damage when we move out. The glue also glued down the locking mechanism so we can’t use the feature of keeping it open. Annoying when putting away laundry!

Deanna Paris, VA

ok. first one didn’t stick long

we installed this on our son’s mirrored closet doors. It stuck for awhile but then it let go. We put on the second one and it is holding up so far, but I think with a solid thud against it would cause it to come off again. Luckily my son hasn’t tried again. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other options out there for these types of doors.

Colette Wabash, IN

Work great if you use aftermarket adhesive

These work wonderfully but I highly recommend buying aftermarket adhesive, as the adhesive strips that come with these does not last long at all.

Arlene De Kalb, MO

Didn’t work at all for us.

These didn’t stick to anything. I even added my own sticky tape when the original failed, but that didn’t work, either. My toddler son pulls them off with ease, so now they’re laying around the house, useless. Disappointed!

Verna Madison, WV

Great product, but don’t use provided sticker

Obviously, this is easy to install and easy to use. Clean the area that you would stick the lock on. Place a double-sided tape on the base. Stick the lock onto the closet door with strong pressure. To operate, push the flaps down to open the closet sliding door.Unfortunately (but not surprisiongly), the provided double-sided tape in the package is nowhere close to strongly adhering to the closet door surface. I have two different closet door sets: one is a glass mirror door set and the other is a cheap plastic door set. The provided adhesive tape stuck well to the cheap plastic closet door, but failed to stick on the mirror closet door.For the mirror closet door, I used two side-by-side double-sided foam permanent adhesive tape. Now, it works perfectly. I am aware that it will be difficult to remove later, but its a small pain compared to the possibility that my toddler will shove the closet doors closed over my baby’s tiny fingers. With the right type of adhesive, this lock is ideal for me (no power drill needed).

Terrie Sagamore Beach, MA

Easy to Install, Works for a Toddler but not Husband-Proof

I purchased this to keep my 15 month old son out of his closet… he was constantly taking the toys out and making a mess I needed to be able to control what he could access, and when.Took about 15 seconds to install the lock and the kiddo immediately went to pull the door open and looked aghast that he couldn’t do it.Warning: it is NOT, however, husband-proof. Even though I told my husband it was there, a couple days later he went to open the baby’s closet door and ripped the lock right off. But he’s a man, what do you expect? I was able to stick the lock right back on and so far it has stayed.I would imagine if I went thru both sticky pads, I could use any kind of double-sided sticky tape or Command-type adhesive pads.

Diana Gober, TX

Would be the perfect solution BUT the adhesive doesn’t hold

These would be the perfect solution for childproofing sliding closet doors but, as other reviewers have noted, the adhesive that comes with them does not work. I’ve had them up for about three days and the first one just fell off today (we weren’t even touching it when it happened). My husband said he might try to screw it into the door but we shouldn’t have to do that. One reviewer suggested using medium 3M command strips so I did order them at the same time I ordered these but the problem I found is that they push the mechanism out too far so, causing it to rub against the door when opening. I decided just to stick with the adhesive that came with the units but, as mentioned, I just found that it does not work.

Eva Gamaliel, KY

Didn’t work

Good Idea , but its glue is use less. It didn’t stick plus when I manage to glue them with another adhesive , it didn’t work . so it is just a waste of money

Deana Thayer, IA

Nifty little solution to a simple problem

Works perfectly on our sliding glass door. We were looking for something that could be placed high enough out of reach that our two year old couldn’t get outside. The only complaint is the adhesive that it comes with is complete garbage. Try a 3M adhesive or a mirror mounting adhesive square found at your local hardware store, just don’t expect their included adhesive to do a lot of adhering.

Vickie Taylorsville, NC

Works great for awhile

We purchased this and discovered it to be one of the most brilliant inventions ever. We’ve had it for about 2 months and it’s started to not snap back in place to the "lock" position unless the closet is slammed or the device is tapped and the spring engages. no sure way to do this (there are no exposed springs) and so it’s a little frustrating knowing the little ones can get into the closet. when it works, it’s brilliant

Ashlee Government Camp, OR

Half bad

One of the locks works, and the other just flew off when I tried to separate/slide my doors apart. The glue came off so easily!This is really irritating because now I have to find something else that can keep my bedroom closet door locked, and keep my 8 month old out.

Muriel Darling, MS

Don’t stick well.

These are well designed and very easy to use, but the tape doesn’t stick very well. Presumably, other people are buying this product as a baby/ toddler safety item, as we are. Our 22 month old is not very strong, and she’s knocked these off the door a few times simply by pushing on the closet door with a little force. I had to glue them on.

Susie Gordonville, TX

Works…with a little assistance

The concept of these locks is good and I’m happy to have them on a couple of closets in my house that I do not want my son to get into. The only problem is if the lock gets knocked off the door, then the adhesive will no longer work well and the lock will continue to fall off. To remedy that I purchased some of the 3M double sided adhesive to reattach these locks to the doors. This seems to be working great. I’m happy to have a way to keep my son safe and out of trouble, even if it does need a little help!

Deirdre Montezuma, NC

Very good product

Another genius product. You just need to use Velcro for the adhesive. Very very satisfied. Keeps my kid from getting into the sliding door closets.

Bethany Westtown, PA

doesn’t work and they won’t refund or replace the items

I’ve tried everything to get this item to work and it doesn’t. At least not on mirrored sliding closet doors. This product and the company is very frustrating and disappointing.

Alyce Bullock, NC

Might as well put directly into trash.

Could not get these to stay on. Edited to add – I was using these on sliding glass closet doors, indoors, on pre-cleaned glass, etc. No paint, nothing to interfere with the adhesive.No matter what I did – they fell off. I got really sick of picking them up and trying to re-stick them.If they would stick, they would be a nice product!But as they are, they are gracing my local landfill.

Lupe Matamoras, PA

Good locks, weak adhesive

These locks work great…but the adhesive did not. Even applied as instructed, our 2 yr old was able to yank off one right off the cabinet. We reapplied with a stronger adhesive because we’d rather have to refinish the piece down the road than worry about him getting in to these cabinets.

Arlene La Porte City, IA

Great idea, but tape doesn’t stick well.

We put this on my son’s sliding closet door with the sticky tape included in the package. After pushing on the door a few times, it popped right off. I tried re-washing the door and trying with a fresh piece of tape and it still didn’t stick well enough. Finally we used some double-sided sticky foam tape, and it held. Other than the tape, its a great product. It keeps both doors from moving and I like that you can lock it flat as well. I would recommend this, but you’ll have to get some stronger tape if you’ll be putting it under heavy use.

Caryn Anguilla, MS

Come off within one week

I think the design is a good idea, simple shape, easy to apply. However it does not stay on for more than one week. (I did follow the instruction to get it on my closet door).

Beatrice Ventura, CA

Simple and unobtrusive

This product is easy to install and easy to use.Took 30 seconds to install and takes a couple of seconds to go from lock to unlockIn the folded position, the doors can slide open and closed without any obstruction.

Casey Soperton, GA

Good for younger than 2.5 year olds?

At first I loved these and they worked, preventing my two year old from getting in the closet. I’m not sure if it’s a design flaw or that now my son can just push the door hard enough for the wings to flatten and the door to slide open. They are still stuck on so that’s good but maybe they would be better with a younger child.

Savannah Camden Point, MO

Ehhh …

No matter how well I cleaned the closet door surface with alcohol it eventually fell off with little effort by the 12 month old.

Ella Bicknell, UT

Adhesive won’t work, easy fix IF you are ok with drilling a hole in your closet doors…

We need this thing. My toddlers have made it a habit of emptying the pantry on a regular basis, and I can’t find anything else like it…so we made it work!The good: Its simple, and easy to use. Besides the adhesive, the rest of the mechanism works great. It is inexpensive.The bad: the adhesive will not work. It WILL fall off.The fix: Drill a hole (or two) through the lock and into your door. Insert screws. Done. WORKS GREAT!!

Jesse Alto, GA

Perfect for keeping toddlers out of the closet!

We bought these for my 2 year olds room when we moved her into a big girl bed. They work really well because it stops her from being able to open her closet and pull all her clothes off the hangers!

Lakeisha Palmerdale, AL

Ditch the tape

This product actually works great once you forget about using the cheap, thin, double-sided tape that comes with it.The tape is just too thin to stick well. Instead, we used permanent glue dots and they work perfectly!

Angel Los Alamos, CA


My toddler triplets were constantly getting into our bedroom closets and making a huge mess. Enter these sliding closet door locks and bam! Problem solved! No more toilet paper strewn about the bedroom. No more diaper boxes emptied. No more clothes pulled out of the closet and onto the floor. And no more smashed fingers or locking siblings in the closet. Easy and painless to install. Love!

Margarita Peterstown, WV

Use your own adhesive.

The design on these is very clever and works well for keeping my 2.5 year-old out of closets. But, as many have already stated, the adhesive it comes with is worthless. My closet doors are smooth and although painted, I prepped the area well by cleaning it and allowing it to dry. I pushed the lock and held it firmly in place for about a minute and gave it at least two days to settle before fiddling with it. Without any force, it just randomly fell off one day. I tried once more with adhesive from a second lock that I had purchased but not yet installed, and this time cleaned the area carefully with some rubbing alcohol. Same result after a couple of days.I installed my second lock using 3m Command Adhesive Strips since it was on a chalkboard closet door and was worried the manufacturer’s adhesive might damage the surface. The Command Strips have held up for a few weeks now, without any issues at all.Like I said, I like the design of this lock. It’s convenient and smart and does what it needs to do, but do yourself a favor and spend a couple of extra dollars on some Command Strips. This will also assure you that they will eventually come off without damaging your closet doors.

Beverly New Albany, KS

Pops off with just a little force

These worked well on my son’s closet door for a couple weeks until one day I went to open the closet door and forgot about the lock. Without any major force it popped right off the sliding closet door taking a good chunk of paint with it. I’d say its effective for younger toddlers (maybe under 2?) but won’t last long once they have any decent strength. Perhaps it might work slightly better on a mirrored sliding door with a nice clean smooth surface to adhere to. Might look for other alternatives for wooden doors with grain/painted surface.

Alana Merigold, MS

it works

Make sure you clean your door really well before applying the item. I just kind of wiped the door really quickly and stuck it on there and it fell off…still had some dust on the door I guess. Other than that, now that it’s stuck on better, works fine.

Pansy Kernville, CA