Smart Mom Teething Bling Bangle

Smart Mom Teething Bling Bangle

Teething Bling is made from fine quality materials. As with any adult jewelry, unsupervised handling by childre is not recommended. These products are made from a silicone that is phthalate and lead free, non toxic, dishwasher safe and federally approved.

Main features

  • Made for little ones to handle and chew.
  • Made from the same materials as most teething toys.
  • Pretty and practical.

Verified reviews


My son really enjoyed it. And I didn’t mind wearing it.

Cute, durable and used teething toy. My son is picky about teething toys, but he actually enjoyed this one. And, I didn’t mind wearing it. Great for travel. Negative is that it is expensive.

Celeste Rich Creek, VA

Like it

Like this my baby chews on it often enough and I carry it around and it’s easy and quick to put around on your wrist and wear like a bangle!

Angelia Doe Run, MO


I like the idea of a bracelet and necklace that my baby can chew on freely, I will definatly be using it alot once shes teething. Its good quality, made of something that resembles rubber. When I took it out of the package it had a slight plastic odor that I didnt find too pleasing. Of course I will be washing it before I use it, Im not too worried about the smell because its a “non toxic” product.

Tamara Meddybemps, ME


My granddaughter is teething. My daughter-in-law likes jewelry. This is a perfect match for them. I bought both the bracelet and the necklace. Biggest problem my granddaughter has is deciding which one to put in her mouth! The biggest problem I had was deciding which color to get.

Jill Deer Lodge, TN

Good backup

Love the color. This is a good backup teether. It’s nice to be able to stick it on your wrist when your Lo is done with it. It’s actually a great shape. Easy to hold and chomp on.

Jan Galena, AK