Smart Mom Teething Bling Donut Shaped Pendant Necklace

Smart Mom Teething Bling Donut Shaped Pendant Necklace

Teething Bling was inspired by babies who like to tug on mom’s jewelry. Made from the same material as many teething toys, Teething Bling looks great on Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and Caregivers but is safe for curious babies to handle and chew. Smart Mom Jewelry is non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free. CE marking approved.”

Main features

  • These colorful and elegant necklaces are a great wardrobe accessory and baby teether in one.
  • Great for nursing moms too gives baby something to hold while nursing.
  • Made from a food-safe
  • federally approved
  • non-toxic

Verified reviews


barely used

My son never took to this, I wore it probably, 3 times before giving up. Will see if maybe my daughter likes it better (due in Jan)

Tracey Saunemin, IL


I purchased this for my 4 yo autistic son in place of the "T" chews bc it looks a little more fashionable but he hates it and yanks it off the first chance he gets plus the $$ is highway robbery

Tina Bear Branch, KY

“Is it okay that he’s chewing on your necklace?”

Everyone who’s seen this necklace thinks that it’s real jewelry – so much so that one person tried to take it out of my son’s mouth! My 8-month-old loves it, and I’m enjoying the freedom of not having to bend down and pick up dropped toys. It might not be the best toy for you if you wear a lot of necklaces (since your baby will probably think, “Hey, that’s mine, too!”), but this is the only one I ever wear, so it works.Pros: style; function; mouth-feel; size; easy to clean; pop-open emergency clasp for when little one pulls a little too hard!Cons: picks up hair/lint easily; string/chain is already starting to fray lightly and will likely need to be replaced before he outgrows this as a chewing toy; string/chain gets DRENCHED with spit so I can only wear with darker tops.If the string/chain were slightly modified, this would be an easy 5 stars.

Dessie Chappell Hill, TX

Waste of money

It comes on a VERY cheap string basically and the teether part is very durable but my children just ignored it.

Gretchen Carnesville, GA

Baby enjoys this necklace!

My 6-month old does enjoy chewing on this necklace. The only reason I knock it down one star is b/c you need to use a lint-free cloth to dry it after washing it. If you let it air dry water marks show on the black, and if you use a regular towel it leaves tiny flecks of lint. Maybe another color or pattern would hide the water marks better…I just wear a LOT of black and clothes that coordinate well with black, so this was the best color choice for me. Overall, very happy with it. It’s funny to see people look at you like “you’re just going to let her chew on your jewelry”…but I’m happy to market the product by explaining that it’s MEANT to be chewed on!

Flossie Calpine, CA

Great to keep baby occupied

Silicone donut works as a baby teether, just as advertised. Other reviewers have mentioned the stickiness…I haven’t found that to be an issue. If you wash it, just let it drip dry. Clasp on the pendant works great. Perfect length for baby to teethe while she’s in my arms or in a baby carrier (I have an Ergo). Great purchase, especially for the price.

Rosemary Rison, AR

love it

this is soo cute and such a good idea. but made just a little bit on the cheap side! i replaced the string

Lori Cedarville, WV

this thing is huge – would never wear it out in public

Unless you like huge jewelry, I wouldn’t recommend this necklace. I’ll admit that my daughter loves to play / chew on this necklace, but I would never wear it as any sort of fashionable jewelry. They should have an “items are larger than they appear” disclaimer – big! But, the bottom line is that my daughter does like it, so it serves its purpose.

Traci Trent, TX

Safe for babies to chew

SmartMom Jewelry was kind enough to send me one of their teething bling necklaces to check out. Now the baby won’t be here until October, or that’s the estimated due date anyway, I’m guessing sooner, I still wanted to begin preparing early. The difference between this teething necklace and a regular necklace is that even though it does have style and can be worn to business meetings and everywhere else, it actually has a soft rubber material used as the design so it’s safe for the baby to chew on! It’s made from a silicone that is phthalate and lead free, non-toxic, dishwasher-safe and federally approved. It’s obvious that a mom thought of this because who else wears jewelry like us and has to think of if it’s going to end up choking us by the little hands later? Point made.I love this idea!It looks cool and can be worn anywhere without you looking like the crazy mom who just needs her nerves calmed. Yes, we’ve all been there just to try to soothe our babies. At least this route is painless! I actually had one of these necklaces when Sophia was an infant and boy was it a life saver! She enjoyed chewing it and also wearing it like mommy. The necklace itself is light weight so it won’t weigh you down. Also, the way the snaps are made, if the baby pulls too hard the necklace can just snap right off without breaking it or breaking your neck.SmartMom Jewelry definitely has my approval and for as many more babies as we choose to have I intend on using this product come teething time! They have a variety of colors to choose from as well as styles. The best part is it’s safe for the baby since it’s made for your baby. You don’t have to worry about “all that dirt” they’re putting in their mouth. I highly recommend giving them a try, you won’t regret it. The friendly customer service and quick shipping was definitely a plus as well!READ FULL REVIEW:

Elizabeth Beaver City, NE

My baby loves it

This necklace serves the purpose it was purchased for. My 6 month old who is teething loves to chew on this. She puts anything in her mouth she can get her hands on. This is great for when I’m holding her but I don’t want to have to hold onto a teether. The necklace was really long so I tied a knot on each side of the necklace to make it a little shorter and that makes it the right length. I got the moonstone color and it is a decent looking necklace. It is obviously nothing I would wear as regular jewelry, but I don’t think it’s super obvious that it is a teether. I really don’t mind that it isn’t the most attractive thing to wear because my daughter loves chewing on it so much.

Kathi Sherwood, MD

helpful for my son

First, I would NEVER wear this myself. It’s a big hunk of rubber on a string–not fashionable in any sense. Even for my preschool boy I bought it for, we decided it’s better not worn out in public (unless under his shirt). Having said that… My son was chewing on books and even took a bite out of an envelope from the mail! This necklace really solved the problem as he had an acceptable item to chew on. He’s not even autistic or anything–just some freak oral fixation. He got over it within a matter of weeks, and now my one year old occasionally uses it to soothe his gums. It does pick up dirt and lint, but rinses easily. I feel that the price is a bit high for what this is, so you might want to try something else if you only need it temporarily. And if you are planning to wear it yourself, I think chew beads would be a better bet 😉

Jewel Blackwater, VA

Teething Bling

I picked out this necklace based on the color. I didn’t realize that it smelled like Vanilla so I returned it. I ended up getting another one in black.

Robbie Clay, KY

Dual use fun

This is a nice item that gives baby a teether or toy and mom an accessory to dress up an outfit. I missed being able to wear around something around my neck since baby loves to grab anything around my neck. It was nice to find something that works for both of us.I would recommend this item to other moms.ProsYou don’t have to search for a quick distraction in the diaper bag.ConsEasily picks up fuzz and lint

Wilda Lutcher, LA


My baby loves chewing on this. The minute he sees it hanging from my neck, it’s in his mouth! It works great while he is being worn in his baby carrier too. My friends have even commented about why I would let my child chew on my stone necklace. They couldn’t beleive it wasn’t real. I will probably purchase more in other colors!

Elvira Plainfield, CT

Teether to go.

Our 9 month old daughter got this for my wife for Mother’s Day. I had read a review that the two tone necklaces looked more like real stone than the single color ones, and I therefore can’t comment on the single color ones since we didn’t get that kind. The Turquoise and Moonstone ones we did get do look like stone, though I would say the Turquoise,Smart Mom Teething Bling Donut Shaped Necklace – Turquoiseone looks more realistic. So much so, people this morning thought my wife was wearing a real Turquoise necklace. Our daughter was all over this thing from the time my wife put it on. My wife likes them and baby likes them, can’t ask for more than that. Though she may like the Turquoise one better, my wife does like having a couple color options and does like the Moonstone one as well.

Estela Gravelly, AR

Great teether!

I decided to order this as my son loves to pull/chew on my jewelry when I am carrying him around. No sooner did I take this out of the package and start wearing it than my son had it in his mouth and was chewing on it within a minute! He loves this thing, and I do too! I was thinking that it might look a little less like a necklace than an actual teething ring that just happens to be on a black cord. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and found that it is very pretty and looks like a necklace instead of a teething ring. I like that it has a breakaway clasp so that if he pulls on it, it will come off instead of posing an entanglement hazard.My son loves to chew on this and it definitely keeps him occupied! I plan to order a couple more in different colors!

Graciela Avon Park, FL

For Smart Moms!

EVERY mom with an infant should have one of these. Nothing better to occupy your baby while shopping, in church, eating out – you name it. All kids want to play with their mom’s necklace. My daughter had broken 2 of my chains. This she couldn’t break, and loved playing with/chewing on it. And it looks fabulous! Unless you’re up close, it looks like a stone. It’s not for forever – now that she’s over a year old, she’s not so worried about chewing on stuff, but it was worth the money for the time I used it. I just wish I had discovered them earlier! I’ll definitely buy more if I have another child.

Becky Netcong, NJ

Wonderful product for this new mom

My 4 month old baby likes to put everything in her mouth – her fingers, my fingers, my hair, my clothing and especially my jewelry. I had to stop wearing necklaces, but then I ordered this pendant. It’s not exactly “nice” jewelry, but it’s cute with a casual outfit and it serves it’s purpose: to keep my good jewelry out of my baby’s mouth! I ordered this pendant while it was on sale ($10). I wouldn’t pay $20 for it, but for $10 I was very happy with my purchase.

Brandie Prairie City, IA

awesome, only one small problem

I originally bought this item in white but returned it and reordered it in a different color. The first one had two male ends for the clasp so the only way to wear it was to tie it in a knot. The second one was perfect. I wear it all the time and my daughter love to play with it and chew on it. Works well as a nursing necklace too. My son even wants one for when he is holding his sister. Will also make a awesome shower gift.

Erin Pierce, ID


The pendant was a little bigger than I was expecting, but I still love it. It’s easy for my baby to grab and she loves chewing it!

Stacy Sprague, NE

snap broken, stuck fingers, cord = choking hazard for my baby

I purchased this necklace based on positive reviews, its washable, and the thin cord. As soon as it arrived I gave it to baby to play with and get used to it. Her thumb got stuck in the small (small!) pendant hole. I was able to snap the necklace once and since then it hasn’t worked. I can never use this as intended; a way to keep her occupied during nursing instead of looking around at every noise.I had read other reviews that babies liked the cord over other similar necklaces with smaller beads and I knew my baby would too. Once she started sucking on the cord I realized that it could easily become a choking hazard if she sucked too much into her mouth, which I hadn’t thought of at the time of purchase but in hindsight it seems so obvious!I believe I’m going to try and return this despite her liking to chew on it.

Edna La Grange, KY

Great item for babies, looks and works great

We purchased several of these for our friends and my wife. Our baby loves pulling on jewelry and can safely pull/teeth this without hurting himeself. My wife enjoys all the colors and is happy she can now wear jewelry again without endangering our baby.

Leslie Benton, LA

Cute idea, but..

My little one just doesn’t stay interested in it for long. She would rather a teether with more texture I guess. But this is just my baby.. others seem to love it! Maybe we’ll try again in a few weeks or so and see what happens.

Nita Belmont, NH


people always comment that my necklace stone is so nice. they have no idea it’s rubber until the baby grabs it to chew on it. I love the look of it and even more, the functionality!

Elizabeth Brothers, OR

Great product!

I got this for a gift for my sister (& nephew). He just turned 7 months, and has been playing with and using this necklace for the last couple of months. My sister said that he loves it and when she puts it on, it keeps him busy for a little while. Which can be a big help with new mothers!!

Stacey Violet Hill, AR

Everyone loves it.

My son likes to wear it, my baby likes to teethe on it. The only drawback is that I keep losing it because my kids hide it from each other. Love the anti-choke clasp. Stuff sticks to it, so you should wash it (like everything else that goes in baby’s mouth.)

Nancy Jessieville, AR

Great Necklace

I bought this too keep the little ones hand on it instead of my hair and it works. Baby loves to look, feel and chew on it. The pendant is larger than I thought it would be but that makes it easier for small hands.

Lindsey Saint Francis, KY

my son loves it

This is a great necklace for a teething baby. It is cute and most people would not know it was a teether. But it is wonderful for my son to chew on and it keeps his focus when he is nursing. I certainly miss it if I forget to put it on before we leave the house.

Vonda Oconee, GA

Wish I had this awhile ago!

My child started teething a few months ago and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. I love this teething necklace so much I also ordered the jade color. It’s a great distraction for my child who loves to pull on my hair, chew on my shirt or grab my face while we are out and about. Basically, you have a toy/teether that they can’t drop on the ground while you’re carrying them. I do agree with one of the other reviewers that says you may hear (especially from a mother-in-law), “Oh, you’re letting your child chew on your necklace (insert gasp)?” but just ignore it because your child is sure to love it. And at 6 months, they’d chew your “real” necklace anyway.

Annabelle Beaver City, NE

Could your little one chew the chrome off a trailer hitch?

WOW, this is a great necklace. It is so great that I bought 3 of them in different colors so I would always have one around to wear.Our daughter started teething at 4 months and had 2 teeth out and fully functional before her 6 month birthday, so we had lot of chewing right out of the babygate. These necklaces look like stone or jade rings, but have the perfect semi-soft texture that is great for teething babes. Before I found these, I had a goofy looking teething ring I’d wear on my wrist; I am not a vanity hound, but since there are days I am under-slept and/or don’t get to wash my hair — it is nice to wear something pretty.This would make a wonderful shower gift, or gift to aunties and grandmas.

Lillie Copper Hill, VA