Smart Trike Zoo 3 In 1 Frog

Smart Trike Zoo 3 In 1 Frog

Smart Trike Zoo, winner of a Right Start Best Toy Gold Award and winner of a Bizzie Baby Silver Award. The unique 3 in 1 concept designed for quality and functionality for a baby 10 months and up. It converts easily from a safe and comfortable baby tricycle to an independent tricycle. The product includes shoulder belts for security and a sun canopy that protects the child, guaranteeing a fun and safe ride.

Main features

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  • 3-point Y harness with shoulder pads, seat belt and safety bar
  • Adjustable/removable telescopic steering handle
  • Special injection rubber wheels
  • Bottle holder plus telephone toy
  • Detachable and adjustable fashion canopy

Verified reviews


A Tale of Two Trikes: Smart Trike vs. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 trike

We just can’t get enough of baby trikes and actually purchased both the Smart Trike and the Radio Flyer trike. For background: as of this writing, our daughter is 7 months old and in the 50th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height. She’s pretty long and definitely seems to be bigger than most kids her age. Developmentally, she is also very far ahead of other babies her age (already standing, crawling, sitting since 3.5 months). Our pediatrician confirmed that, developmentally, she’s more like a 10-12 month old.The Radio Flyer is cool looking, but was a royal pain in the butt to put together. It took us over an hour. Lots of screws, the handlebars were hard to assemble, and getting the wheels on nearly caused my spouse and I to get divorced. But, once put together, it seemed pretty sturdy. The parent steering on it is OK. Not great, but better than the Smart Trike. The straps are not very effective on the Radio Flyer. If you make them tight, it’s hard for the kid to reach the handlebars. Make them loose, and the kid can escape (well, mine can). But, the wheels on the Radio Flyer are nice and the materials seem higher quality relative to the Smart Trike.The Smart Trike, however, seems a bit more comfortable for my daughter. There are footrests (none on the Radio Flyer), and there is a slight recline to the seat which seems more comfy on longer walks. There’s also some light padding. The steering capability is slightly better on the Smart Trike IMO, but you can’t make turns as sharp as you can with the Radio Flyer. The wheels on the Smart Trike are also bigger, which makes the trike feel sturdier. However, they appear to be of lesser quality (plastic) so we will see how well they hold up.The Radio Flyer is probably better for larger kids. My daughter is larger and I feel like she’s going to outgrow the smart trike faster. That said, the Smart Trike is our preferred baby trike for now. It’s just more comfortable and secure for her on longer walks.

Lauri Midway, FL

Great bike, lots of fun for my little one!

It does take time and effort to assemble it, but it is a great bike. I own two – one for each of our homes, my second one is 4 in 1 recliner of the same brand, and I have to admit the recliner is more comfortable (my son is 9.5 months only, and this bike is designed for 10 months and up, while the recliner can be used as early as at 6 months of age), but it is more pricy, too. But the quality of both biles is good, and they are easy to ride and control.

Wendi Spencerville, OK

My 11-mo old loves it

It tool me about 20 minutes to assemble it following the instructions and we have been using it for 6 weeks now every day and love it. We usually go for slow walks for 1-1.5 hours as well as use it instead of a shopping cart in the stores and the baby loves it. It is great that it has a telescopic handle, so I can easily put it in the back of my small SUV by easily means 10 seconds to fold the handle, put it in and close the trunk door while my son is watching from the car seat. Also because of the telescopic handle, it fits great under the tables in the restaurants, and the back "trunk" fits my diaper bag if we go for long walks. The only thing that does not work well for me is the canopy – not that fast to remove it and it is very sensitive to wind (getting up or down), and you cannot rotate it to the sides when the sun is shining from one side rather than from above. But my son is wearing sunscreen and hat, so we just detached the canopy for good. But the trike itself is so light, convenient and good-looking that we love it without canopy and I would recommend it to anybody with a 10-mo old baby.

Elda Milton, IN

Mixed emotions

This tricycle is really cute, but I have a hard time steering it with the parent handle – even after I locked it so my baby couldn’t steer it. It is a perfect size – she is small at only 21 lbs at 21 months. It was pretty easy to put together, but I accidentally put the wheels on backwards and couldn’t get them off. I tried to contact Smart Trike but there was no phone number and the email system didn’t work properly. I ended up taking my tricycle back to toys r us and they gave me a new one which I put together easily. I feel a bit suckered by the "steers like a stroller." It most certainly doesn’t steer like a stroller!

Carmela Loma, CO

great first trike, easy to use

Out of the box, this trike looks really easy to assemble. You don’t have any small parts or many screws (I think there was one and an Allen wrench), you don’t need a screwdriver either. I was able to put about half of it together before I needed some muscles to click the handlebars into place. After we put it together, we realized that the instruction skipped the part where you need to attach the shoulder straps underneath the seat. So that was frustrating because we had to take it apart and put it back together. It didn’t take long though, maybe 5 minutes. We built it for our 1 yr old, so we used all the parts and kept the instructions for the next conversion when she is about 2.My daughter really enjoys riding in this even though it is, essentially a stroller at this point. She likes to “steer” and right now the handlebars are not controlling the wheel, so it works out well. We have gone several miles in the trike and it seems to be holding up well. The shade is really nice because you can adjust it or just flip it up and out of the way. The wheels are hard plastic and look kind of cheap, but they have held up well. I think it’s a really cool toy for her at this stage, and hopefully it endures and fits her for the next couple years.

Corinne Powellton, WV

Great, versatile toy

Lots of options on this Trike! My son always loves riding this thing and the 3-1 functions are all very useful. Only concern is the durability of the wheels if you end up on gravel for any reason

Myrtle Brackettville, TX

best birthday gift ever!

OMG! this color (bee) is soooo cute !! I will definitely upload the picture soon. When I take my son with this trike into shopping mall or park, people always make big compliment and ask " where did you get this?" I always replied with a very proud tone: " You won’t find it in local store, it’s only available online", hahaha….That’s true, you can find similar tricycle in toysrus local store, but those color are ugly (sorry, but I don’t want to be mean). This trike is well designed, and my son loves this gift so bad! He won’t get off and even have dinner in this trike, hahaha…..Not only my son, my neighbor’s kids all love it! So I will ordered more and give as 1th birthday gift for my neighbor’s kid, or christmas gift, or thanksgiving gift of coz!

Toni Winchester, CA