Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 3

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 3

Pack of 3 (purple, white, mint green) The Snappi® is a safer, more reliable, EASY to use fastener for cloth diapers that replaces the nasty diaper pins. The stretchable non-toxic Snappi® hooks into the diaper material to make a strong closure. They work best with diapers that have a loose enough weave for the Snappi® to hook into. (Snappi® terry cloth diapers, cotton pre-folds, and others) Note they do not work well with flannel or other tightly woven diapers. How to use your Snappi®: To improve elasticity, stretch your Snappi® fastener a few times before use. Step 1: Hook left Step 2: Stretch across and hook right Step 3: Stretch down and hook center The Snappi® should go from a “T” shape to a “Y” shape when stretched properly. Warning: Always use a cover over a Snappi fastener. Keep out of children’s reach when not in use. Do not use a Snappi fastener on toddlers that have the ability to undo or take off their cover/diaper/clothes. Do not use your Snappi for longer than 6 months. Not UV resistant – exposure to the sun can reduce the effectiveness of the Snappi. CAUTION: Any tear in the Snappi can lead to separation of a piece, presenting a possible choking hazard. Inspect the Snappi before each use and discontinue using immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear of the teeth or any other parts. Do not cut a Snappi as this may cause tearing.

Main features

  • SIMPLE – only one item needed to create a snug fitting diaper – a reliable alternative to diaper pins
  • ECONOMICAL – allows for a less expensive cloth diapering system with regular prefold/countour/flat diapers
  • EFFECTIVE – holds the diaper snugly in place for baby’s comfort; Also helps prevent leaks from a shifting diaper
  • Easy to clean – in hot soapy water
  • EASY – attaches in 3 simple steps; Stretchable non-toxic Snappi hooks into the diaper material for a strong closure.

Verified reviews


Works ok but not a fan

Used snappies when I was new to cloth diapering. I used these with prefolds when LO was 2 weeks old. Since the snappi has sharp edges, I had to use diaper covers (which the product instructs to use anyway). After some fiddling, I figured it was much easier to use prefolds with just the diaper cover and no pins/snappis. Nothing against this product – does what it claims to do – is easy to use – but not needed at all if you have some good diaper coversThirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Meadow, Size One (6-18 lbs)

Lynn Staley, NC

Great alternative to pins!

If you are using cotton prefolds or flats, then these are a great alternative to the traditional diaper pins. However, they tend to tear up wool and fleece and have problems grabbing onto hemp and bamboo. It helps to stretch out the snappi a little before using the first time and remember to wipe it off with a wipe or wash it in cool water and dish soap every now and again. Hot water and excessive heat in general will weaken the material. Also there is a larger size for toddlers. I recommend buying this size at around 10-12 months. Speedy shipping and instructions included on package. I gave this four stars because it seems to only be effective when used on cotton fabric.

Beth White Marsh, VA

Work great

These work great for keeping prefolds on. They are, in my opinion, easier to use and safer than diaper pins.

Rosella Pierce, CO

Left big holes in the diapers

These fasteners left huge holes in my prefolds. I paid too much for my diapers to have them turned into rags.

Alexandra Hopkinton, MA

Stretchy – Hold Firms – Great Product

Better to use than pins. They are stretchy and will hold firm on cloth diapers. Not once has it snapped off even though baby moves and squirms tons. I would recommend rinsing them under some hot water once in a while just for sanitary purposes. Does not rip apart the cloth diaper or any other clothing it might accidentally get caught on. Awesome little product. Would recommend.

Dee Chicota, TX

No more pins!

We use these every night for our cloth diapers. They were shipped in a timely fashion and were exactly what I was expecting. They have held up very well for all the time we use them.

Blanca Millwood, NY

Great product!

Snappis make it possible for me to use prefolds. I wouldn’t feel comfortable using pins, and folding the diapers under the covers never seems to hold them in place well enough. These work well and are very easy to learn for grandparents, husbands, etc.

Cortney Valley Grove, WV

beats pins

I love these snappis. this is a much better choice than old style pins. They work great with my prefolds.

Caitlin Vivian, SD

Awesome product

No complaints, I love using these. Before I knew about them, I struggled with a squirmy baby. She’s still squirmy, but changes are a lot faster and her diaper fits better. Personally, I never use the safety feature, but it’s a nice option. I’m still using the first one I took out exclusively and the other two are still in the package.

Dorothea Waco, GA

snappis have revolutionized prefold diapering

I am here to say I would never even have considered using prefolds if not for snappis. They make cloth diapering so easy and changes so fast. They cling to the fabric and are super easy to use, yet babies and toddlers cannot undo them. Fantastic product. I like that they come in the infant and toddler sizes.

Christian Wilmot, NH

Wish I had’ve Gotten Size 2

I got a pack of size one and a pack of size two. The size two fit great even when he was little and was easier to get on. I should have just bough size two to begin with.

Camille Altheimer, AR

Easy to use to secure prefolds.

Very easy to use and less scary than pinning a diaper. I used them with prefolds and found them to be very secure for a little baby that didn’t move much. I gave up on cloth diapering though…so I’m not sure how great they would be with a more mobile little one.

Bianca Brier Hill, PA


These are great! I never worry about sticking my little guy with a diaper pin because these are safe AND effective! Easy to use and easy to clean!

Susie Farmington, IA

Love these!

These are the best! Super easy to use and are easily washed off when the diaper leaks. The little teeth keep snagging the changing pad cover but that’s my fault. 😉

Katelyn Grady, AL

So easy

I use these with OsoCozy prefolds and they stay on really well under the cover. They’re really easy to use, they have little finger holds to help you tug them tight.

Janine Springboro, PA

Watch your fingers

I was a first time cloth diapering mom when I bought these. When I tried them out on my son for the first time, I couldn’t get each end to secure itself into the prefold on the first couple of tries. It takes a bit of practice but what I will say is, the hooks that hook into the prefold (or whatever you are using with these) are pretty sharp and I would keep them away from tiny fingers.

Lela Satanta, KS


These work so perfectly with both prefold and flat diapers. I was initially concerned about the comfort of this product, particularly on a baby boy, but decided to try it and see. It has not been the least bit uncomfortable to him. They are easy to use. A little difficult to store, because they grab onto everything. My solution was to hang them up with clothespins. The white has discolored a little after having a breastfed baby get poop on it several times.

Lynda Pauls Valley, OK

Not what I was expecting

I personally do not like these! Maybe I bought the wrong size after reading a few reviews, but they do not stretch like I thought they would. Also, when I purchased them I had no idea there were different sizes to choose from! My husband and I prefer to use the pre fold without the snappi, much easier! They do hold onto the fabric very well which is why I still gave them 3 stars, it may just be my user error for not liking them.

Alissa White Pine, TN

works great.

works great, never had a problem with them. They are well made and well priced. I would recommend to anyone that used flats or prefolds.

Pansy Mabton, WA

Works great while they fit

Works great while they fit, but once the baby gets bigger they don’t stretch far enough without cutting into her hips.

Glenna Columbia, SC

Great alternative to pins

These are handy if pins make you nervous. They do tend to snag the fabric of my flats if my toddler is being grab-happy during a diaper change, which is precisely why I can’t use pins. We use the size 1 on our 26 pound 23-month-old. They work just fine and I don’t feel the need to buy size 2.

Bonnie Exline, IA

Great product- easy to use

i was nervous about using prefolds but this snappi is easy to use. good quality and my husband is even happy with how easy it is to use.

Ivy Garfield, MN

Much Better

I hate using pins because I’m always scared to poke my son. These work really great, but 2 words of advice. Double up on your prefolds, otherwise you risk the rough edges rubbing up against your child, and make sure you get the right size.

Celina Melfa, VA


I purchased the smaller size and they still work on my very petite toddler. Someday I’ll have to get the next size but for now they’re good.

Avis Seadrift, TX


I have three snappis and I use them everyday. They make cloth diapering even easier. When you first get them make sure that you stretch them out a little on all three sides before using. Once you are fastening the diaper with them you will need to adjust the ends a little to get a good fit. I love my Snappis!

Irma Cicero, NY

A must for prefolds!

My mom bought these for me at my request when I told her I wanted to cloth diaper. She told me she thought that these were stupid and that I should just use pins. Well, after my son arrived I was happy to show her just how easy and wonderful these worked. She is now just as big of a fan of the Snappi as I am.

Kathy Ferris, TX

Easy to use and works well

I’m new to cloth diapering and was a bit nervous about using prefolds because I wasn’t sure how they would stay on. However, Snappis are awesome — they’re really easy to use, they hold the prefold on well and they are much better than trying to use pins or something similar because there’s no chance of me poking the baby. I highly recommend these.

Caitlin Warrenton, OR


Maybe it’s the diaper I use them with (Baby Kicks), but the Snappies do not grip very well. They are satisfactory,that’s all.

Bertie Kihei, HI

Not for me!

Everybody I know loves these, but I hate them. They aren’t very stretchy. They are hard to get fastened to the diaper correctly. I switched to old fashioned "safety pins" instead. Maybe I wasn’t using them correctly? Like I said, I’m the only one I know who doesn’t like these so I’m sure it’s a good product, but not for everyone (or at least me). Lol

Jessie Fulton, AR

As described!

Product as described! Makes cloth diapering a cinch! Not sure why anyone would bother using pins with these on the market.

Dorothea Comfort, TX