Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 5

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 5


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Hard to use

I bought these because my granddaughter is in cloth diapers and was told these help keep the diapers in place. The directions were difficult to follow and I found these impossible to use.

Angel Heflin, LA

Really unnecessary!

I give them 4 stars because there’s nothing wrong with them, but they are truly unnecessary! I bought these when I first started cd’ing but quickly found that I didn’t need them. I trifold my prefold, and fan out the front and back so that the sides reach each other then put my Thirsties cover over it and it stays perfectly in place. I sold them since I don’t use them. I like the girl colors though 🙂

Beverly Exeter, MO

Good little item

I had never seen nor heard of these until a friend introduced them to me a month or so ago. I ordered them and got them a week later. They work well, and quicker than I’d imagine it would take to do up a couple pins. They do try to catch on anything, I’ve found, and my sister actually punctured a finger on the teeth of one while simply picking it up. I’ll continue to use them, and even order the toddler size for my larger child.

Latonya Timber Lake, SD

don’t like it

it does not hold the cloth diaper well, and very sharp, I am afraid it will hurt the baby if the baby move and we are not careful.

Francine Gravel Switch, KY

Not for me.

I’m sure they’re great, but I can not give a great review simply because I could not get the hang of prefolds and flatfolds. They only time they worked for me is if I laid them down into the cover instead of wrapping around baby, which then makes these useless. It was probably user error. At the time, these were the best price per snappi…I got them for $10.23.

Lindsay Martville, NY


I like these snappis a lot. I’ve never used diaper pins, but these make me less nervous. The do hurt if stepped on, and I have to be careful to not leave them on the changing pad so they don’t hurt my baby! They wouldn’t puncture like a pin, but it still wouldn’t be comfortable.The big pack is nice because I can keep some in all the place I change diapers.

Nannie Remsen, IA

Better than yo mama’s diaper pins!

Super easy to use while wrestling with a squirmy infant, and I don’t have to worry about sticking anyone!As a mother of infant twins, I don’t have time to mess around with diaper pins or wrestling a cover over a fitted or prefold before it’s been secured.I use these primarily with prefold diapers, I can throw one on and quickly secure in place with these. They have small claw-like projections that grab the fabric and silicone tabs to pull on to put the Snappi off and on.

Karla Manchester Center, VT