Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 5

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 5

Pack of 5 snappis (2 green, 2 white, 1 bright blue) The Snappi® is a safer, more reliable, EASY to use fastener for cloth diapers that replaces the nasty diaper pins. The stretchable non-toxic Snappi® hooks into the diaper material to make a strong closure. They work best with diapers that have a loose enough weave for the Snappi® to hook into. (Snappi® terry cloth diapers, cotton pre-folds, and others) Note they do not work well with flannel or other tightly woven diapers. How to use your Snappi®: To improve elasticity, stretch your Snappi® fastener a few times before use. Step 1: Hook left Step 2: Stretch across and hook right Step 3: Stretch down and hook center The Snappi® should go from a “T” shape to a “Y” shape when stretched properly. Warning: Always use a cover over a Snappi fastener. Keep out of children’s reach when not in use. Do not use a Snappi fastener on toddlers that have the ability to undo or take off their cover/diaper/clothes. Do not use your Snappi for longer than 6 months. Not UV resistant – exposure to the sun can reduce the effectiveness of the Snappi. CAUTION: Any tear in the Snappi can lead to separation of a piece, presenting a possible choking hazard. Inspect the Snappi before each use and discontinue using immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear of the teeth or any other parts. Do not cut a Snappi as this may cause tearing.

Main features

  • SIMPLE – only one item needed to create a snug fitting diaper – a reliable alternative to diaper pins
  • ECONOMICAL – allows for a less expensive cloth diapering system with regular prefold/countour/flat diapers
  • EFFECTIVE – holds the diaper snugly in place for baby’s comfort; Also helps prevent leaks from a shifting diaper
  • Easy to clean – in hot soapy water
  • EASY – attaches in 3 simple steps; Stretchable non-toxic Snappi hooks into the diaper material for a strong closure.

Verified reviews


Helpful, but I didn’t need it

I bought these fasteners because I read that it helps for cloth diaper closures instead of pins. I was changing from the plastic pants (pull over plastic pants that mimic underwear) to FLIP diaper covers. I had read online to purchase both the Snappis and the Flip diaper covers. Well, I didn’t need the Snappis at all. I did use them a few times, they don’t stretch as well as I would have liked them to, but they did the job. I was using them on a 7 month old baby, he is not large for his size or anything and I found that I had wished they were a little longer. I’m not sure about any other diaper covers if you would need the Snappis, but they are a much better (and safer) alternative to diaper pins.

Elvia Miles, TX

These make cloth diapering so much easier!

If you’re planning to go the cloth diaper route, Snappis are a must have. I can’t imagine trying to fumble around with safety pins while the baby is squirming. When our parents and grandparents saw these they were so jealous that they weren’t around when they had children. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I have had the pull tab on 2 break. This doesn’t make the Snappi unusable but it is more difficult to put on and kind of annoying. Still highly recommended.

Elnora Brainardsville, NY

Worked ok for us

We used these a few times with our prefolds- but I ended up just using a pad fold on our diapers, so we didn’t need the snappi. I like the idea of these instead of pins- but wow, those little teeth on the snappi are SHARP. Watch out- almost as bad as a safety pin. Yikes.

Camille Thurmond, NC

is ok

I was scare of the baby when she get older if she can remove the hock from the dipper so she is too young to said yet but keep it on mind

Earlene Germantown, TN

Don’t need 5!

I love Snappi! The have been great, but stick with a 2 pack. I wasn’t sure how many I would need so I went with the larger pack, but only ever used 2. I only needed 2 for when I misplaced one.

Staci Lowman, NY

too small

Doesn’t really hold the cloth diapers, child complains its to tight, two of the clips have already broke with in the first day would not recommend.

Mamie West Simsbury, CT

It’s an okay product

I purchased this product to use with Gerber prefolds under Thirsties covers. I thought they would be essential to helping the prefold stay in place. Examining the product, there are little teeth on each of the three ends. At first I was concerned by these, as they are rather sharp. It turns out the cloth was so thick it doesn’t touch my baby’s skin. They are fairly easy to attach, but I don’t think they are necessary. I have the same results either way. Maybe I’ll need them when my baby is moving more, he’s still only two months 🙂

Manuela Falkville, AL

work great

these are a great invention to avoid diaper pins and work well at keeping the diaper together. Probably wouldn’t order the white ones again though as the claws on these are pretty sharp and they don’t stand out on the white color which might lead to poking of ones self or ones baby.

Amparo Marshall, TX

Perfect for cloth diapers

These are amazing! Great for cloth diapers you have to fold on your own. We have been using them every single day for 9 months and have never had issues. They really dont come off at all. Be careful though, I have twice during these 9 months pricked my finger on the part that sticks into the cloth. I have never even scratched my baby though. Overall, these last for about a year or more with daily use (after that they get a bit stretchy and sometimes the little tab can rip). But they do last for a long time.

Gabrielle Marcy, NY

a MUST for prefolds

1,000,000% easier and faster than dealing with diaper pins. If you use cotton prefolds, you MUST use these. What more can I say?

Candy Friesland, WI

Can’t cloth diaper without them.

We use prefolds and covers for our cloth diapering system. (From newborn to now 4.5 months) Snappis are so much easier than pins (I’m too afraid to try them) and they are so fool proof even my husband is a pro. I love that there are 5 in this bag. I keep a spare in our diaper bag, just in case, and it’s just helpful to have extras. Can’t say I’ve lost one yet, but if I do, I know I have others. Great product.

Lottie Taloga, OK

best diaper fastener!!

These are the greatest prefold diaper fasteners out there. They keep the diaper in place without poking holes in the diaper. They stretch and last a very long time. You don’t need to buy very many unless you have a habit of losing small items. I used only 2 in a year. They are easy to use too!

Noreen East Chicago, IN

Snappis, not always needed anymore

These are great when you need them, however when you are looking at the diaper covers you will buy these are not always needed these days. They are perfect for a squirmier baby and they prevent bunching. With the covers I currently have I do not use them often, though that might change…If you need them they are worth the money and way better than the diaper pins.

Merle Alexandria, PA

Great product

These are a great product. The exposed teeth on the tabs are the only downside to the product. The exposed teeth make it important not to scratch your baby and to make sure to keep the snappis away from baby. I’ve been using snappis for a year now, though, and haven’t hurt my baby with them. My snappis are still going strong after a year of use (even though I believe the manufacturer says to discard them after 6 months).

Veronica Neffs, OH

Snappis aren’t always needed.

I’m fairly new to cloth diapering and wanted to try both prefolds and pockets. I ordered a pack of 5 snappis and wish I wouldn’t have gotten so many. I don’t understand why you really need them at all, unless maybe they’re more helpful with an older, squirmier baby. The covers I used held the diaper on without a snappi. I was surprised at how stiff they are — I expected them to be much stretchier. It seemed to put a lot of pressure on my little guy’s sensitive parts! I have since decided that for now pocket diapers are best for us, but maybe down the road I will try prefolds with snappis again!

Celeste Combs, KY

Does the job just fine

Does the job just fine, but it could be nice to have them a bit longer across to pull the prefold together. And I have a thin baby!

Flossie Valders, WI

Works as expected

Good selection of colors. Wish we purchased this earlier instead of purchasing them in packs of 3. Hopefully we need to use all of these eventually.

Sharron Adamant, VT

Perfect substitute for pins!

This is our second baby, almost five years after our first. And can I just tell you how much the world of cloth diapering has changed in just those five years. We prefer to use prefolds with a plastic cover. With our first we went with pins, after being stuck in the thumb or index finger more times than I can count I was anxious for a solution this time around. These are prefect. No worry of anyone being stuck, user friendly for anyone changing the diaper. Fits on a variety of sized bums too. Would have preferred different colors, but Amazon was out of the pink when I originally ordered. Lets be honest though, its for a diaper, color doesn’t really matter!!

Sandra New Market, VA

Great item!

I got these for cloth diapering my son. I have the size two for my daughter. These should be perfect for him since they are about an inch shorter than the size twos.

Annmarie Doniphan, NE


These are a pretty awesome alternative to safety pins! They are so easy to use! I usually keep one on each diaper bag (she has 2) and leave the rest at home. They don’t usually get dirty so I guess there wasn’t really need to buy 5 of them =)

Harriet Calipatria, CA

Love Snappis!

I am new to cloth diapering, but I’ve already tried pretty much every style out there. My favorite is prefolds with a Snappi. I got hurt on one though. One of the little spikes went into my finger and left me with one of those tiny excruciating cuts for a few days. I’m much more careful now and I haven’t had a problem since then. I like these MUCH more than Boingos. They’re more stretchy so it feels like you get a more secure fit.

Rochelle Tintah, MN

A must have!!

I bought these for my 7 1/2 month old, and they did not work for us because they were a little small but I would highly recommend these to any cloth diapering mama! They are great for newborns. I will be ordering the toddler size and I have no doubts that they will work. They are great for using if you are just in the house and don’t want to use a cover, especially if you have a squirmy baby like mine who won’t sit still long enough for me to get a cover on him. I have read reviews of people saying they broke easily, but I did not have that issue. If you have to pull that hard on them you may need to get the bigger size (size 2).

Audrey Streetsboro, OH

Easy to use!

I tried to use pins just for the sake of trying and it just isn’t worth it. Get the snappis!

Dana Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

There’s just nothing else like a Snappi

I love our Snappi fasteners. They take a lot of the intimidation out of cloth diapering, because I was pretty terrified of using pins. They are easy to use and hold super tight. They can be very stiff at first, but if you stretch them each direction 50 times, which I think it directs on the package, they loosen up a lot. And will continue to stretch and become easier to use after a couple weeks’ use. I highly recommend these for any moms doing flats/prefolds and covers.

Manuela The Colony, TX

Love Snappies

Love these! So easy to use and work great. Always use these with my prefolds to get the best fit, keeps prefolds snug. So much safer, and easier than pinning.

Nona Newport, VT

A must have for prefold cloth

These are awesome I don’t know what people do with out these. Eventually they will wear the little tab rips but they are still functional. We’ve been using them for about 10 months

Lolita Belvidere, TN

Same since birth

I ordered 6 of these when my daughter was born, and we are still using the same ones 18 months later. They are super sturdy and durable.

Carissa North Vernon, IN

Very useful!

I ordered a pack of these to see how they would be compared to pins… i really like them! Seems like the teeth at each point might pull on the fabric some but probably not bad enough before they grow out of the prefold. VS. the pins- I like how they have the one that pulls the crotch up, making it fit a little more snug… Good quality, will last for awhile!

Millicent Bethel, ME

Great alternative to pins, work well under diaper covers too

Snappis are awesome. We found them particularly useful when our daughter was transitioning from the newborn sized cloth diapers to the next size up. Newborn was just a tad too small, and the next size way too big. Snappis made using the newborn diapers doable for a bit longer without the dreaded blowouts!! (TMI?) We cloth diaper with chinese prefolds and Thirsties diaper covers. The snappis came in handy when prefolding the newborn size didn’t cut it and we were doing laundry multiple times a day just to stay in diapers. Instead, we folded the diaper “traditionally” and secured it with a snappi, and then covered it with a Thirsties Duo Wrap. Now, with the triple digit temperatures of August in Northern California, sometimes I forego the diaper cover altogether and fold traditionally with a snappi and let the babe cool off in just that. In any event, snappis are a great addition to the slough of stuff you have to have to cloth diaper, and at their price point, are a reasonable addition for occasional use.

Latanya Estancia, NM


These are great! I would never use pins. They are easy to clean, easy to use. So glad I bought them.

Kathi Lane, IL