Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 6

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 6


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daily use, still like new

These are amazing. They save time and frustration and are so easy to use. People who haven’t seen how they work and think cloth diapers are all about safety pinning are always totally fascinated by these. Whoever created these needs the Nobel Prize.

Liz Belington, WV


I love these, I use only cloth diapers and ordered a few packs, but one 3-pack would have been enough!

Concepcion Venetie, AK

MUST-HAVE for pre-fold users

I seriously don’t know how our relatives did it back in the day with diaper pins instead of Snappis! Used nothing but Snappis with our first child (one set stretched gradually as he grew and was all we needed till he potty trained at 2.5). With our baby girl, I started off with Snappis but switched to Boingos (look them up!) when the Snappis seemed uncomfortably tight on her hips (she was still only about 3 mths at the time and they hadn’t stretched much yet). My husband thinks I’m crazy and REALLY prefers the Snappis, but I keep using the Boingos because they are just SO cute!! Every time I see them they make me happy. 😀 And, part of me feels like they are maybe 25% more comfortable than Snappis, but I’m definitely biased by the cuteness. In reality, Snappis are just as good if not better (I’ll admit this to you, but not to my husband! :D). One piece instead of two, and the little handle on the grippy part is definitely something the Boingos are missing. I will say that I friend of mine (the one who told me about Boingos), said she really prefered Boingos when her daughter got a bit bigger.

Leta San Francisco, CA

Snappi fasteners a must have

I tried using safety pins to fasten my cloth diapers but a wiggly baby makes it an anxiety inducing chore. Snappi makes it so much easier although I still haven’t gotten it down as easy as some other cloth diapering mamas. I like that for around about the price of 3 I got 6. I recommend getting plenty since I tend to misplace these easily.

Belinda Lost Creek, PA


I love snappi’s. They are so much simpler than pins and so quick to put on and take off. Definitely makes cloth diapering more doable!

Mai Whitehall, MT