Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Replacement Cover with Zipper for Easy Use – Heather Gray

Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Replacement Cover with Zipper for Easy Use – Heather Gray

13857 Features: -Pillow not included.-T-Shirt soft jersey knit replacement cover.-No more struggling to replace the cover.-Easy zip-off and on.-Machine wash.-Snoogle pillow sold separately.

Main features

  • T-Shirt Soft Jersey Knit 60 % Cotton / 40% Polyester Replacement Cover
  • No more struggling to replace the cover – Easy zip-off and on!
  • Machine Wash
  • Heather Gray
  • Snoogle pillow sold seperately

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money

This item was very poorly made. I was afraid that it wouldn’t even stand up to a wash, or putting it on the pillow. The zipper was very cheap, the fabric was thin and scratchy. It did not match the description online (or the packaging that it came in.) I immediately returned it. Now, I just wrap my pillow in a jersey sheet and it is much preferable.

Dolly Muldoon, TX

Lovely!! So soft!

Purchased the Snoogle without any cover at a local store in a city I was visiting. The Snoogle without a cover is quite scratchy and I ended up putting my super soft pillow case where my face/neck rested and that worked for the trip I was on. As soon as I got home, I knew I wanted a soft cover for it to keep the pillow nice and to make it much more comfortable.While I still think the price is a bit much (docked 1/2 a star for it), I do not regret paying for it!!! SUPER soft, washed well, and looks nice on my Snoogle.As for the “zipper for easy use”…Hmmmm… I envisioned the zipper to go along most of the “back” of the Snoogle, even going over the curves, even just a little bit. But it doesn’t. And it was a little more difficult than I had hoped to stuff the curled edges in and it get it situated. It was much more difficult than putting Boppy slipcovers on and I had hoped it would have been equal to that. That’s where 1/2 star gets lost.Overall, I would definitely recommend it over the regular covers (it’s SO SOFT!), would recommend it to friends (have already), and would definitely purchase it again if I had to! If you have a super sewing machine savvy friend/relative, you could always buy one cover and have them make a pattern and sew you a few more in your choice of fabrics to save money.

Cecile Caledonia, NY

Soft, Comfortable, Easy to Wash!

This cover came with my snoogle and I love it. The fabric is soft and t-shirt like and kept me cool at night which was important for a hot-blooded pregnant lady!The cover washes and dries well, no shrinking or pilling and fits nicely over my snoogle pillow (which I also love!)I definitely recommend this cover for your snoogle!

Kristi Van Etten, NY

Soft and flexible; zipper exposed

Soft, cozy jersey cover that slips on easily and zips to secure. Just scrunch it up and slide it on easily like putting on a tall sock/nylons. So much nicer than the cover that comes with the snoogle originally. It feels thick and like good quality. I also like that this cover does not hold the more extremely curved edge so tight, so it allows the pillow to be more versatile (doesn’t poke me in the babybelly when I have it flipped around). I washed it in warm water and hung dry before using and had no issues. My only complaint is that the zipper is exposed (no fabric/flap covering it) along the outside edge and would be annoying if it were in a spot that hit my face or other skin, but it’s not an issue for the way I use it. No pilling, either.

Brandi Ligonier, PA

Could be thicker/softer but still very good

Although it is a little thin and it could be a bit softer it fits well and I like the color and it is comfortable.

Marina Wilseyville, CA

Easy to put on, but not quality fabric

After reading lots of reviews I knew I wanted to purchase a pillowcase for my Snoogle that had the zipper. This pillowcase is pretty easy to put on, it fits a little snug but it is doable. The fabric is pretty soft even though it is thin.My main issue is that I started breaking out with cystic acne on my neck (both sides) and I think it was from the pillow &/or pillowcase.I do have to say the price for this pillow case is insanely high (around $25) for a piece of fabric with a zipper. I bought only one & then had my mom make me a few more pillowcases & my neck acne has cleared up since I started using the cases she made me. Luckily she had extra fabric laying around that she was able to use, so we just had to buy the zipper tape (from newport news). If you want multiple pillowcases & know someone who is crafty, I would suggest buying just 1 pillowcase & use it as a pattern to make more of your own.

Virgie Herndon, VA

Soft and snuggly

I love this cover! Fits perfectly and was actually fairly easy to cover the Snoogle with. I was worried since the Snoogle is such a weird shape but it worked great.

Tami Dongola, IL

MUCH more comfortable

This jersey cover is SO much more comfortable than the somewhat scratchy one that came on the Snoogle. The jersey fabric feels like a soft old t-shirt…much nicer to sleep on, particularly for your face.The zipper runs up most of the straight part of the snoogle so you just have to slip each end into pockets, then zip to close. Still a little awkward, but easier than stuffing the whole thing in the original cover.

Renae Hollywood, MD

Expensive but worth it!

Let’s be honest, the Snoggle pillow is expensive but so blasted comfortable when pregnant, except for the cheap, scratchy standard cover that comes with it. I hated to pay another thirty bucks for this replacement cover, but am now glad I did. It’s a very soft cotton jersey fabric, with a good zipper on the back side. It’s much more comfortable than the standard cover and waaaaaaay easier to take on/off for washing.

Helene Axtell, KS

Fits nicely, but overpriced.

I really like this cover. The material is nice because it’s soft. However, I think it’s overpriced and thin. There was a hole in it after about 5 months of use.

Cherie Ceylon, MN

Very soft

Love the color and it was much easier to put on than the original cover. Very soft and worth the $$

Lynda Sand Creek, WI

Necessary purchase!

The snoogle has helped me sleep comfortably during pregnancy and obviously the pillow cover was a must. The cover is good quality and was delivered on time.

Rosario Howes, SD

Material is soft

The material was soft and comfortable. Easy to wash. But when I tore the tag off the material, it also tore a hole in the material.

Beatriz Bellevue, TX

Soft and comfy

The cover is a must have. Not crazy about the pillow but if you get the pillow it would be unbearable without this cover.

Rosalyn Watertown, SD

Love the Pillow, but not this cover

The cover is a serious pain to put on – even without drying it in the dryer. I thought that the zipper would help, but it wasn’t a significant improvement. Also, the Jersey fabric is thin and mine has small holes from trying to pull it over the pillow.Because the cover is so much of a pain to put on, I would use a regular rectanglar pillow case cover and put it over the side where my face touched so that I could wash it more frequently.

Tameka Walnut Shade, MO

Soft Cover

I got the teal colored cover because it matches our bed sheets. I like the color it’s exactly as pictured. The zipper makes this really easy to put on unlike the original cover that comes with the pillow. The fabric itself is very very soft. It is thin like a favorite t-shirt worn and washed several times. I like it, but some might think that it’s not sturdy. If you want a soft cover this one is certainly soft. I’ve only had it for a couple of days so I can’t attest to durability, but so far it’s working just fine.

Kayla Garden Valley, CA

Much better than my old cover

I had another cover when I bought my snoogle three years ago during my first pregnancy. It was rough, stiff, and pilled over time. I saw this one and gave it a try. It is much more comfortable. I gave it 4 stars bc it is DEFINITELY overpriced. The material is thin, as other people said, but it was fine after being washed. I was able to get the pillow in the case in about 2 mins right before bed. The zipper is along the back and was not in the way when I slept. Overall, I am pretty happy. They just have you over a barrel with the price bc the thing is such a weird shape.

Twila Fountaintown, IN


loving it. soft fit almost perfect zipper is nice and the color matched about everything couldnt ask for much more

Jeanette North Washington, PA

Definitely worth it!

This case is so much nicer and softer than the one that came with the pillow which is excellent. Makes this already amazingly comfortable pillow even better. The zipper is also SO useful, if you have the pillow already you’ll know about this but if not…the original case that comes with the pillow does not have a zipper and is a total pain to get on and off for washing, it is pretty frustrating and time-consuming. The zippered version makes this task so much easier.

Zelda Edwardsport, IN

Nice Snoogle Cover

This was a great price for a great pillow cover. Love the color and the tshirt material. Goes on easy, protects my pillow and is machine washable. Great product!

Evangelina Monroe, ME

Every pregnant woman should have this

The pillow is OUTSTANDING but the pillow case that comes with this is a NIGHTMARE. This replacement cover with the zipper is a dream come true for Snoogle owners.

Harriet Kipton, OH

Very soft

The original cover that comes with the pillow is so hard. This jersey cover is easy to remove and wash. It is very soft. I only wish I had purchased it with the pillow as a combo. Would have been more cost efficient.

Kathleen East Randolph, VT

good cover

This is a good cover for the snoogle, which has a very difficult to remove/put on cover that comes with the pillow – the zipper makes it much easier. The fabric is a little thin but comfortable and soft.

Joan West River, MD

Cover is soft

My old cover was getting old and not soft but this one was amazing and very smooth. BUY THIS ONE

Dayna Dayton, WA

Soft and comfy

This cover was easy to put on the snoogle and fit it nicely. I like the feeling of the material, however I only gave it 4 stars because in certain areas where my legs rest on the pillow, the material has begun to pill up. Other than that, its great!

Sally Ranger, GA

It’s ok

It did its job when I needed it but be careful what you stuff in it. I used the microfiber material and it got through the jersey material and caused me to itch. It was slightly uncomfortable. Once u find a good stuffing then it would work great.

Gwendolyn Sound Beach, NY