Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Knit Easy on-off Zippered Cover – Sand

Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Knit Easy on-off Zippered Cover – Sand

If you are like most people, one pillow throughout the night is just not enough. There’s the pillow that goes behind your back for support, the one between your knees for temperature control and the two to prop up your head to aid in breathing. And, if you’re pregnant… don’t forget to add one more for tummy support. The Snoogle is uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Perfect for sleeping, relaxing and even nursing baby. Complete with easy-off zippered removable washable cover.

Main features

  • Easy on-off zippered 100% cotton knit cover
  • Unique c-shape design for multiple positions
  • Provides the support you need during and after pregnancy
  • Support your hips, back and tummy for a better night’s sleep
  • Total body comfort from head to toe!

Verified reviews


Great cover

I bought this Snoogle with the 100% cotton jersey cover after returning the Original Snoogle to Babies r Us(which in my opinon came with scratchier cover). It’s great! Very comfortable! Here’s the thing- If you get the original Snoogle and then later buy the 100% cotton cover seperately, that cover is $30ish on top of the price of the Snoogle. It’s cheaper to buy them together like this set. Hence, I’m happy with this purchase. Though I do wish the overall cost of the product wasn’t so much, it is helping me sleep at night. Also, would like if there was a wider pillow portion so minus a star. I still would recommend this to other women who are pregnant and wanting help with sleeping on their side.

Maryann Yantis, TX

Itchy and hot cover, too lumpy

I bought this in hopes of easing my sleeping problems during my pregnancy.#1, the jersey cover gets really warm and is itchy. Actually, I wonder why all maternity pillows have such low quality covers – why can’t they offer purce cotton with thread counts above 300?#2 I can’t sleep on one side too long as my hips and shoulder start to hurt, so I need to flip over from time to time. That being said each time you ‘flip’ you need to carry this pillow and rearrange it for your new position. And it’s not light nor is it easy to do when you’re groggy.I highly recommend just using a Boopy sleep wedge and your regular pillows.

Cleo Jefferson, AR

Loved this

I bought this product early in my pregnancy as I knew I needed some time to get use to it. It worked so well all the way till the baby can. I am not much of a side sleeper, but this helped stabilize my back, stomach and legs so that I would not be tossing and turning all night. It was a life saver once I got use to that way of sleeping.

Lesley West Charleston, VT

The best

I can’t live without my Snoogle! I have tried lots of other pillows and this is by far the best!! It fits my body perfectly and allows for maximum comfort. I used it when I was pregnant with my first baby and bought another one now that I am pregnant with my second baby. I could go on forever how this is the best pillow out there! It is a pregnancy must have!!

Briana Mundelein, IL

A love/hate relationship

This pillow has been a life safer in terms of helping me maintain a comfortable position while sleeping. However, the padding on the inside rivals that of the cheapest pillow you can imagine — it is stiff at first, then softer, then useless after a few months. Also, as a petite woman (5’3″), this pillow is very large (which isn’t a bad thing, but be ready to share your bed with a third party!). Overall, I’m not sure i would buy this particular pillow again, but it has gotten the job done.

Sydney Centerville, MO

LOOOOVE this pillow!

I sleep SOO much better now! I highly recommend! Cover comes off easily to wash too. I have no complaints.

Monika Sharpsville, PA

Great for keeping you comfortable.

I have been using this pillow for about 3 months now and it has helped me to feel more comfortable on the bed at night. I really enjoy that I can remove the cover to get cleaned.

Keri Blackshear, GA


I bought this when I was a few months pregnant with my son. I was a stomach sleeper with a bad back and thought this might help me transition to be a side sleeper while pregnant. Well, it worked! It worked so well that I never got rid of it once I delivered. My son is 4 months, and I still sleep with it. It is the most comfortable pillow ever! And my back doesn’t bother me anymore now that I’m sleeping in a better position. It does take up a bit of room, though. And the cover can be taken off and washed. It’s held up really well. I highly recommend this – even to people who aren’t pregnant!!

Deena Aquashicola, PA

couldn’t live without it!

I do not know how any pregnant woman could live without this! My husband hated it because it took up so much room and made such a barrier between us but it was the only thing that allowed me to get a good nights sleep in the 3rd trimester.

Addie Casey, IL

Great but will make husband jealous

I loove love love this pillow. I used it while I was in my late pregnancy and it really supports your belly, legs and back well and it also supports your neck.

Sofia Campbell, NY

VERY Disappointed!

Being pregnant with lots of expenses on the way, I hemmed and hawed and compared products before deciding that this was going to be a great investment as it’ll help train me to sleep on my sides and help me get a good night’s rest…I loved it for the first few weeks… and raved about it so much, baby’s father wanted one too…so I found him one for half the price, same maker Leacho, but from a big chain.Until the thing deflated to half the size!!! (Another 1 star reviewer said the same thing! I should have listened!!)I wasn’t even that big to begin with! 4’11 and was a size 0 pre-pregnancy!The thing deflated before I was even 6 months pregnant!! And it went from extremely comfy…. to painfully uncomfortable!!What a HUGE waste of money on something I was only able to use for a few weeks!!Don’t waste your money! There are cheaper alternatives out there!

Sofia Bettles Field, AK

Totally awesome

I’d recommend this pillow to anyone not just pregnant women its really comfortable and can be twisted around a number of ways to fit whatever you need to get comfy.

Renee Home, KS

Great for most of pregnancy

I bought this because I was so uncomfortable while trying to sleep while pregnant. I am a stomach sleeper and taking that away from me was awful. This was great from late first trimester through mid third trimester. By the end, nothing worked. It is bulky and took up a lot of space on our queen sized bed, which drove my husband crazy. The pillowcase is washable but it got lint balls all over it, so I suggest washing it separately.

Cara New Johnsonville, TN

It was okay, nothing special but not terrible

It took me a few months to write this review because I wasn’t entirely sure what I would say. This is my second pregnancy and I ordered this around the beginning of month 6. I’m now in my 8th month and I use it 5 nights a week. It’s much skinnier than I thought it would be. I didn’t find the cover to be scratchy or uncomfortable, but I think the tags are poorly positioned. I had to cut them off and it tore the cover, which had to be repaired. The size of the pillow is ok. I’m short (5’1") so it seems to work for me. I guess the reason for my average rating is because sometimes it’s comfortable and other times it’s not. I was expecting it to be amazing and help me sleep better each night, but it’s really a trial and error process. Sometimes it’s so frustrating that I don’t sleep with it at all. I find it difficult to roll over while sleeping and trying to keep the pillow between my legs. I also was disappointed that it’s filled with what feels like cheap, clumpy cotton. I would prefer something more comfortable like maybe a combination of down and softer cotton. I guess my overall review matches the star rating I left. It’s "okay." I guess you’d have to try it and see for yourself. I don’t recommend it or not recommend it. Hope this review is helpful although it’s very neutral. I think during my next pregnancy I will try another pillow.

Alyce Camp Nelson, CA

saved my back during pregnancy

At first I thought there was no way this thing was going to be comfortable, but it really is. Since using it I have not had any back pain. It also helps stop me from rolling onto my back in the middle of the night, which the doctors advise against.UPDATE: looking back on my pregnancy, besides comfy dress shoes, this was the best purchase I made for my pregnancy!

Beatriz Beverly, MA

Love it!

I have spent a lot of time looking for a great and reasonably priced pregnancy pillow. This one is what I was looking for. It’s firm enough to hold me in place and soft enough to keep me comfortable. Pillow case comes off and is easy to wash. This pillow doesn’t take up all the room in our bed, so my husband still has his space (we have a Queen).

Leila Wapwallopen, PA

Not for me…too hot!

I am disappointed in this pillow. After reading all the reviews I decided to get it. However, there are two major problems:1. The filling bunches up. It feels cheap, almost like cotton balls. After a few uses it was all balled up and uncomfortable.2. The material/filling gets way too hot for me! Even with my AC cranked to high I just could not use this pillow. I felt like I was over heating.Needless to say I have not used it since. 🙁

Marion Smock, PA

a godsend

This helped me keep comfortable during long nights of pregnancy. It would keep you off your back too. I also used this during and after labor to keep me comfortable. It was a godsend during and after labor especially when I was trying to find a comfy position while trying to nurse. All the nurses asked me what in the world it was, because it looked bizzare but kept me so comfortable!

Judith Cora, WY

Great buy

I reviewed the other pregnancy pillows and thought about the pricier ones but this one is great. It is soft but not too bulky( I have a king bed) but it would fit fine in a queen. My last pregnancy I used a body pillow and Boppy wedge but that really was a poor sub for this. The cover is pretty and soft. So far no negatives. I am 22 weeks along.

Nellie Jacobsburg, OH

Worth It

I hesitated buying this because I figured it was just an overpriced pillow and I was doing okay with my mountain of pillows at home. This makes life so much easier. I should have bought it months ago. Not just for sleeping, it works great for making a little portable desk around me which lets me set my laptop and books in front of me without the discomfort I had previously. The jersey cover is super cuddly and soft.Very happy.

Freda Linesville, PA

A Requirement for Pregnant Women

I could not live without this pillow! It was well worth the money. I only wish I had made the purchase sooner!

Camille Emmetsburg, IA

Much better than a body pillow

I used a regular body pillow until 35 weeks … I know … but it just wasn’t doing the job and I decided that if this helped me even for a week, it was worth it, because I was that miserable and uncomfortable, waking up totally stiff and unable to walk.The snoogle is great. The Jersey cover is soft and nice, right out of the box. I thought that it was too soft to give me enough cushioning between my legs, but it was actually great. I don’t think it takes up too much space on the bed. I slept SO MUCH BETTER.I struggled with what color to get and eventually got the sand, hoping it would look good with a cream bed ensemble. For what it’s worth, the sand has a very khaki/drab feel. It’s a kind of yellow that looks like it could be a 10 year old white that just yellowed and stained over the years. I don’t like the color at all and realize anything else would have been better. Still love the pillow, but if you’re wondering about color, I’d stay away from the Sand unless you have that khaki/army green/etc color scheme going. This is definitely not a cream or ivory relative. Way too yellow and drab for that. Not docking any stars for this because it is called SAND after all. Just hoping to help you if you’re also wondering about colors and considering the sand.Happy pregnancy!

Vera Mooresville, AL

A MUST while pregnant!

This is the greatest thing to own while pregnant esp from 2nd trimester. I gave it a four because it lost it’s ‘cushion’ over time. So I still need extra pillows with it. Besides that I love it -it’s not as bulky as I hear others can be and does what it is supposed to do. This product seems to have multiple uses -like for instance, I like to shape it into a circle and lean against it while I read a book. I love it -not just for pregnancy but for afterwards too!

Hazel Rolling Prairie, IN