SnoozeShade Original – Safe Breathable Stroller Baby Sunshade & Blackout Blind

SnoozeShade Original – Safe Breathable Stroller Baby Sunshade & Blackout Blind

Moms find many things to drape over the stroller when trying to get baby to sleep – none of them are perfect. A British mom decided to solve this common problem. Launched in 2010, SnoozeShade® Original is the UK’s best-seller & world’s first blackout blind for strollers. Endorsed by baby experts worldwide, use it from birth to make your life on-the-go & traveling with a baby easier. With regular use, SnoozeShade becomes a sleep trigger & baby knows it’s naptime. Daytime naps lower baby’s cortisol levels, which, if not reduced, will keep baby wired just when they need to sleep at night. Easy to attach, simple to remove SnoozeShade can be adjusted for full cover at naptime, angled to block the sun overhead (useful for flat-lying bassinets) & gives shade/protects little legs from the sun when baby is awake. SnoozeShade products are NOT cute but they work SAFELY! Our fabric is an air-permeable mesh (air passes through) made ONLY for us. Safer than blankets, minky, plush or cotton fabric items (which are not breathable). Test this – put a blanket against your nose and breathe through it. Hard isn’t it? Do the same with SnoozeShade & you can breathe easily. All precautions are taken – no long straps, snaps or tags. Everything is done to exceed safety standards – it’s the safest product of its kind. Features: Sneak-a-peek zip lets you check in without letting in lots of light to wake your sleeping child Sleeping baby emblem says do not disturb baby For toddlers 9-12 months plus (or if very nosy) we recommend the Plus or Plus Deluxe model as baby can see out. Please see our pictures for use & note that when the shade is used for sleep your child cannot see out (that’s the whole point). We have a YouTube channel with fitting help – please CONTACT US directly if you have any questions. Also see our popular versions for Infant Car Seats and Playards

Main features

  • The UK’s Best-Selling Mom-Designed Stroller Shade Is Expert-Endorsed and Paediatrician Approved AND Helps Your Baby Sleep In The Stroller When You Are On-The-Go
  • We Safety-Test To The Max! Our Air-Permeable Mesh Creates A Shaded, Well-Ventilated Environment For Naps On-The-Move In The Stroller
  • So Easy To Use In Multiple Ways To Create Shade From The Sun – Blocks 99% of UV! See Our Pictures For Examples Of How It Can Be Used For Sleep And Sun Protection
  • Stops Biting Bugs, Insects, Wind, Chill and Cats From Disturbing Your Little One’s Precious Sleep – Napping is Healthfully Encouraged As Baby Cannot See Out Clearly When Shade Is In Sleep Mode
  • Fits All Single Strollers Easily With Elasticated Straps And Sides (Check Out Our YouTube Channel For Video Demos). Approved By The Melanoma International Foundation. Free Storage Bag Included

Verified reviews



Purchased this for my infant daughter, she sleeps much better with this shade, and it keeps her cool during hot days. It is breathable and sturdy against high winds as it has multiple straps. I would highly recommend this product, especially for all day outings.

Emilie Belmont, NY

Best stroller cover for naps

This really works and I wish I would have bought in sooner. Best naps on the go especially if you combine it with the Kids Earmuff!

Sharron Delmar, AL

Perfect for our Britax

This fits both our Britax strollers (B-ready an B agile)in the forward facing position. I think it is overpriced, but we had to incest in it. It is a great sun-shield and also helps keep out wind and drizzle, as well as other objects being carried by the wind.We have to open the from zipper window to be able to see the baby as it is quite dark.

Geri Saint Cloud, WI

Very disappointed

This was very misleading. The hole in the front is only about 3 inches long and the thing will not even cover the stroller!!! It is only big enough to cover an infant car seat! Complete waste!!

Henrietta North Bend, OH

Totally black out

I should have heeded the other reviewers who warned that this shade was completely black. You can’t see your baby and, psychologically, it feels like you’ve locked your baby in a dark closet. I can imagine this being an effective shade if you are at a hot baseball game and your baby is sleeping. But if you are just walking through the neighborhood and want your baby to be able to see out and want to be able to see your baby, this is not the right product.

Casandra Junction, WV

Wish I had thought of this…

After struggling for months with using clips to hold blankets onto my infant son’s stroller to protect him from the hot Colorado sun, I finally went to Amazon hoping someone had created a more practical solution. This fits the bill. It works great on my Eddie Bauer travel system stroller. There are a few small triangles of sun that can still sneak through on the sides, however, this can be remedied by loosening the other side to pull the cover more one way or another.Like advertised, the fabric is totally breathable and it does not feel hotter underneath it. The fabric is quite dark, making it difficult to see much through it. However, my son doesn’t seem to mind it so far, and I am just thrilled to have him protected from the sun.

Leona New Holland, PA

Great for not-so-great nappers!

What a great product! After getting my nosy little girl to sleep the snooze shade keeps the stroller dark, yet lets air through so she can take a nap while we are out and about. The snooze shade is small enough to shove in my diaper bag or to just leave in the basket of my stroller.

Wendy Muleshoe, TX

Great way to protect baby from sun or help them sleep.

I bought this after finding that despite the window shades, my son was constantly getting sun in his eyes in the car and crying. This fits perfectly over the carseat and two different strollers. It is strechy so it adapts to any baby gear you have. It is breathable and the zipper allows you to check on the baby. Our son loves it and so do we.

Elvia Morrisville, NC

Attaches well to a Britax B-Agile and does everything it says it does.

My son recently had to start napping in his new Britax B-Agile. He stopped napping in his stroller and SIX MONTHS old… at that age he was still napping twice a day so I began running back and fourth to my house to get his naps in. It was ridiculous.I wish I’d had this product sooner.It attaches well to the Britax B-Agile. My only issue is that the pressure from the elastic folds the Britax canopy in if I fix it so that the material covers my sons feet at the bottom. Instead I put the top elastic of the Snooze Shade one “bone” higher, about in the middle of the canopy when it’s extended. My son’s feet poke through the bottom, but that’s neither here nor there. He always has sunscreen on anyways.I like the peek a boo zipper as well as the fabric. It lets in a bit of light through the tiny holes, enough that my son isn’t blacked out of the world. It looks peaceful in there, honestly! Just enough light to fall asleep, and more than enough shade to keep him from distractions of the real world.I think this will be a life saver for my upcoming summer, as well as my Britax B-Agile stroller which my son happily sleeps in.A wonderful companion to any stroller with sleeping children in it. The SnoozeShade was a good buy for me.My only wish was that it cost less. I wish I didn’t have to pay so much [$35] for some UV net and elastics. But what can you do?

Tracey Wilkinson, IN