Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad Featuring Safety Stay on Corners, 28″x 52″

Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad Featuring Safety Stay on Corners, 28″x 52″

A great option for moms looking to offer an organic product but still looking for waterproofing. Our quilted crib mattress pad is made with a surface layer of 100% organically grow Cotton with an allergy barrier that is a soft knit fabric backed with ultra thin breathable, waterproof polyurethane membrane. Specially designed patented safety stay on corners and extra deep sides keep this mattress pad in place at all times, no matter how thick the mattress.  You can never have too many mattress pads, so keep several in your linen closet. It is sized to allow for shrinkage and the full skirt is designed for a snug fit.  Machine wash and dry. The OE Blended Standard applies to products that use a blend of organic and non‐organic cotton or other fibers, and contain a minimum of 5% organic cotton. The OE Blended requires that the organic cotton is grown on certified farms and sets criteria for proper handling and tracking of the organic cotton through all steps of textile processing.

Main features

  • Features a 100% Organic Cotton quilted surface and 100% Polyester filling
  • Laboratory tested to provide protection from allergen molecules of less than 10 micron
  • Lead and phthalate free waterproof polyurethane protective layer
  • Specially designed patented safety stay on corners and extra deep sides keep this mattress pad in place at all times, no matter how thick the mattress
  • Certified by Organic Exchange Blended Standards

Verified reviews


I returned this right away!

This mattress pad is backed with plastic! It smells like plastic and the “Organic Cotton” title is completely misleading. False advertising!

Cora Calpella, CA

Great Quality!

I was VERY pleased with the quality of this mattress pad. I washed it upon receiving. It held up great in the wash & was very soft. Fits the mattress perfectly without any bunching or loose folds. Highly recommend!

Colleen Effingham, IL

This seems like a decent cover, with some small issues.

I received this product to review and I wanted to mention a couple of things that I noticed about the product which readers may want to know.1. This pad is more of a beige color which is probably good, given the nature of things that end up on a baby’s mattress that require a cover.2. The mattress top is quilted, but not super fluffy. I think this is good for safety, but I know some people like a soft mattress cover.3. There’s not as much overlap on the back which might make it come off easier. At 3am when you’re trying to get it off, that’s a good feature. I’d just worry that it might come off on its own if it’s being used for an older child who moves a lot.4. When washed, it doesn’t look as crispy and new as the others I have do. That might be attributed to the "organic" nature of the pad. It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look like it was just taken out of the bag. The fact that it’s a beige color might be contributing to that look.

Herminia La Vernia, TX

like it a lot

its nice and soft, washes well. i recommend to anybody looking for a waterproof crib mattress pad. i wish they would come in different colors 🙂

Magdalena Plainview, AR

Ordered ad gift for grandson

They seemed to be thicker and thus offer some more padding than most normal mattress padsCame quicklyWashed a few times and seem to be holding up

Sonja North Branford, CT

They work!

Well the first day I put this on to protect the mattress and guess what, my 3 month old pee’d while changing her! I know, I know my bad for changing her in the crib but I was impressed that when I pulled it up it didnt go through. It is absolutely NOT waterproof but it is thick and if you’re quick about getting it off the mattress you wont have to worry about a ruined mattress. I am pleased with this purchase.

Marian Atkins, IA

BEWARE – 100% organic cotton pad is REALLY ONLY 20% organic cotton blend

I purchased three organic cotton mattress covers from three different company and I feel that many companies are jumping on the organic bandwagon and pushing out inferior products with a bit of false advertising. This product states 100% organic cotton surface, but the pad, on the label, says 20% organic cotton blend. Again, that is very misleading (and the pad is thick and bulky anyway). I am definitely returning it.About the other two if you are searching for the right one. I bought the Colgate organic mattress pad as I have the Colgate Eco organic mattress and spent a lot of money on it ($250). I have been pleased with the mattress and was looking forward to buying this cover to match. I received it the other day and noticed that the underside of the cover smelled a bit like plastic. Obviously this was due to the waterproof backing. I could maybe live with that, but….and this is a big one.I would like to know how this is sold as organic ?? The care instruction label states 100% polyester. That’s right 100%.I understand that it can’t be 100% organic cotton AND waterproof, but there is nothing remotely labeled “organic” cotton, or ever COTTON except the paper product insert and the top of the pad says certified organic cotton. It feels soft like cotton, but is it?I am very disappointed. I would hope that the company would get back to me regarding this because it is VERY misleading to sell something as organic cotton, while it states that is 100% polyester….unless the label is incorrect. Please see my review for the update.The third product, the Naturpedic waterproof mattress pad felt like a piece of soft piece of canvas. HOWEVER, the label states 100% organic cotton.

Diane Neskowin, OR