Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof PlayYard Pad Featuring Saftety Stay on Corners, 27″x 37″

Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof PlayYard Pad Featuring Saftety Stay on Corners, 27″x 37″

A great option for moms looking to offer an organic product but still looking for waterproofing. Our quilted play yard mattress pad is made with a surface layer of 100% organically grow Cotton with an allergy barrier that is a soft knit fabric backed with ultra thin breathable, waterproof polyurethane membrane. Specially designed patented safety stay on corners and extra deep sides keep this mattress pad in place at all times, no matter how thick the mattress. The mattress pad has an envelope design that wraps around the bottom of the play pen mattress that prevents it from coming off. There are no attachment or straps that come with the product. You can never have too many mattress pads, so keep several in your linen closet. It is sized to allow for shrinkage and the full skirt is designed for a snug fit.  Machine wash and dry. The OE Blended Standard applies to products that use a blend of organic and non‐organic cotton or other fibers, and contain a minimum of 5% organic cotton. The OE Blended requires that the organic cotton is grown on certified farms and sets criteria for proper handling and tracking of the organic cotton through all steps of textile processing.

Main features

  • Features a 100% Organic Cotton quilted surface and 100% Polyester filling
  • Laboratory tested to provide protection from allergen molecules of less than 10 micron
  • Lead and phthalate free waterproof polyurethane protective layer
  • Certified by Organic Exchange Blended Standards

Verified reviews


Very good for a pack n play, especially if you have a mattress topper!

I bought this along withGraco Quilted Pack ‘n Play Sheet, CreamandCarters Velour Playard Fitted Sheet, Chocolate. This is the item of the three that is not being returned. I purchased theMamaDoo Kids Playard Mattress Topper, Foldable, BLUE -Made in USAas a topper so the baby can actually sleep in the pack n play, but the other fitted sheets out there don’t seem to allow for any extra room. They are extremely fitted, which is a good thing if you plan on using them directly on top of the original hard surface. This waterproof sheet must be washed in cold and dried on LOW setting, but at least it stood up to the low dry, which I cannot say for some of the other waterproof pads that still melted. I thought this was a cheap brand but am very happy with the initial quality. And for the price, organic too? No complaints here….this was a good purchase. 🙂

Sondra Oregon, MO

Dimensions Incorrect

First of all, the dimensions of this mattress pad are totally incorrect. It says on the packaging that it is 27 in x 37 in, which would just fit the mattress board of myGraco Pack ‘n Play Little Hoot. However, even before washing, I measured the pad and it was at least 3 inches short in length, measuring about 34 in. I tried putting it on before washing, and as I suspected, it was a super tight fit, causing the board to buckle in the middle. Since there were some positive reviews and successes with this product, I thought I would give it a shot and wash it in cold water, gentle cycle, followed by air drying it. Now the product has shrunk a tiny bit more, causing the board to buckle in several places, not just in the middle. In terms of dimensions, it’s totally misleading and definitely doesn’t fit every Pack n Play. On the other hand, the quality of it does seem great. It’s very soft, very cushy, is organic and waterproof. It has all the things I’m looking for to provide my little one with something safe and waterproof to sleep on during the early days when he’s in the bassinet portion of his Pack n Play. I can’t seem to find anything else that is an equivalent product to this for that purpose, so I guess I am keeping it and hoping that the buckling will eventually lessen as I stretch out the mattress pad.

Tamika Bayou La Batre, AL

Not using because too soft/thick

I ordered this for my Graco Pack N Play, but after putting it on I realized I wouldn’t be able to sleep b/c I’d worry about whether my son would smother in it! I’m super paranoid about SIDS and don’t keep anything in his sleeping space. This was just a bit too thick/soft for me to be comfortable with. However I ended up keeping it because I figured I could always use another waterproof pad. I put it on the floor sometimes and let him practice tummy time/rolling over.

Antoinette Eastaboga, AL

Not a proper fitting item for the GRACO 36" square playyard

This item is not a proper fit as it’s shown. The Graco 36" playyard floor pad is four foldingpadded panels that need to lay down flat on the playyard floor. The playyard floor’spadded panels do pull up against the fitted corners of this playyard pad cover. The resultis that the floor panels are then bunched up and hike up against each other, and do not layflat as they need to be. It is really a flaw in the playyard pad design. I am sure thatGraco wanted the playyard to be able to be packed up the same way their traditionalpack-n-plays are packed up….. And that is why they used the same 4 fold pad paneldesign….. But this pad cover does not fit properly. I like the pad, and its quality, andif you can live with a poor fit, then go ahead and buy this. I bought two of these pads,and I now wish I had only purchased one. Just be ready to have to make adjustmentsto get the pad panels to lay flat onto the bottom of your Graco 36" square playyard.

Krystal Lancing, TN

Wonderful Product

I had read about the shrinkage issues before purchasing this product, so i just was mine in cold water and air dry, and mine has never shrunk at all. I have 3 of these at my house and one at the grandparents, we LOVE them.

Georgette Pinon, NM

Great for Mamadoo mattress topper

We have the Mamadoo mattress topper (a fold-up mattress to go on top of your play yard mattress) and this pad fits perfectly over it. It provides protection and nice padding.

Cecelia Grand Blanc, MI

Too small!

Doesn’t fit our MamaDoo play yard mattress. To bad, I really wanted something to keep our play yard mattress waterproof.

Donna Lejunior, KY

Fits PnP perfect alone or with MamaDoo mattress

I have this currently over a MamaDoo mattress topper on top of the regular PnP foldable "mattress" and it fit great. Not tight or anything. Washing it has been fine too. I definitely recommend this quilted pad.

Madeleine Indianola, WA


We bought this to use in our Pack N Play and it’s been wonderful. We always have an organic pad and an organic sheet down. We pretty much just use the PNP for travel so I can’t say it’s used that often, but it’s worked wonderful when we’ve needed it! No leaks!

Aisha Benedict, NE

Good play yard mattress pad

I got this to cover my mamaDoo mattress topper which we use for our Graco play yard. It’s a snug fit but it does the trick. I like that it’s organic cotton.

Mattie Wendell, MA


In actuality it measures 3 inches shorter in length than the package promises. (34 vs 37 inches long)Either it was bought, washed & shrunk, then returned & resold or the manufactures are selling defects.Others had this similar complaint and I should have listened and not wasted my time & money buying this!!!

Jeanie Buford, WY

Essential for a play yard

If you ever plan to use your play yard/pack and play for travel and sleep you NEED a waterproof pad. This pad is really nice and thick so it adds a bit of cushion (in my opinion, the Graco PAP we have DESPERATELY needs some extra cushion) and allows my baby to sleep on a softer surface when we use it as a "porta-crib" but I can’t even begin to emphasize how important WATERPROOF is with an infant/toddler. The pad is not much more expensive than the regular one, I highly recommend it to keep your play yard in better condition longer.

Nona Scottsville, KY

too small

The size it claims to be is not correct and it isn’t stretchy. I ended up sending this product back.

Patsy Broad Run, VA

Works great

We needed a waterproof layer for our kid’s pack and play at Daycare. This is thin enough that we can use any cheap sheets, but still does the job.

Alana Marienthal, KS

A little Big

These would likely fit well on an actually pack-n-play mattress but they are too big to fit snugly over the play yard mat.

Deena Duchesne, UT

toooooo small

Was very small to begin with, then washed it as directed and shrunk a ton. Although indicated it would fit in the play yard mattress I bought, I was never able to use it!

Jennifer Fairview, SD

Truly waterproof but not a universal fit

This is a great waterproof pad for the play yard, which our daughter sleeps in when we travel and when we have house guests. But the fit isn’t universal so we had to pin it on the underside of the mattress pad so that it would be snug enough to not worry me.

Polly Freeport, NY

Nice cover for my PlayYard

Nice waterproof cover. It is nice and thick and fits the playyard just right. I also got an organic sheet to cover this.

Raquel Rochelle, TX