Snoozy Organic Flannel Cotton Anti Allergy Waterproof Multi Use Pad, 27″ x 36″

Snoozy Organic Flannel Cotton Anti Allergy Waterproof Multi Use Pad, 27″ x 36″

A great option for moms looking to offer an organic product but still looking for waterproofing.  Our quilted multi use pad is made with a surface layer of 100% organically grow Cotton flannel with an allergy barrier that is a soft knit fabric backed with ultra thin breathable, waterproof polyurethane membrane. It is sized to allow for shrinkage.  Multi Use pad for bassinet, carriage, diaper bag, cradle and/or changing table.  Machine wash and dry. The OE Blended Standard applies to products that use a blend of organic and non‐organic cotton or other fibers, and contain a minimum of 5% organic cotton. The OE Blended requires that the organic cotton is grown on certified farms and sets criteria for proper handling and tracking of the organic cotton through all steps of textile processing.

Main features

  • Features a 100% Organic Cotton quilted surface and 100% Polyester filling
  • Laboratory tested to provide protection from allergen molecules of less than 10 micron
  • Lead and phthalate free waterproof polyurethane protective layer
  • Certified by Organic Exchange Blended Standards
  • Sized to allow for shrinkage

Verified reviews


Great product! I’m buying more!!

These pads are two of the best items I have purchased so far for my baby! I use one or both of them every day to keep the baby on for air time out of her diaper as well as when I have the baby with me on the bed or couch–even when the baby is diapered–just in case. I am definitely getting more of these as well as the smaller version. I just wish they were available in a third size in between the smaller and the larger versions.

Serena Mount Holly, NJ

Pretty good product.

I use this pad for my baby and I to sleep on at night. It is big enough to protect from any diaper spills as well as breast milk leaks. It is reasonably soft, breathes well and it does a great job catching the spills. I just wish it was a little more substantial in its weight, as it tends to bunch up and fold underneath us a bit. Overall though I found it to be a good buy.

Lorena Lake, MI

Essential item

Try to leave your judgments aside, but we’re co-sleeping in-bed with our new baby. We started with one package of Snoozies, and ordered two more packages. Although we have a water-resistent mattress pad, the Snoozy prevents having to change our sheets in the middle of the night when we have diaper blowouts or leaks. We probably change the Snoozy once or twice a day. The fabric pills a little, but is nice and soft. I love that it’s organic since baby is sleeping on it for hours (with any luck) at a time. I added Snoozy to my registry on a whim, and now it’s one of our top-5 essential baby items.

Yolanda Pine Hill, AL

Used this all the time!

I have used this so much with our newborn son, its soft and washes easily!

Joni Pledger, TX

Just received

This flannel pad is a little larger than I anticipated. Not a problem at all. I have yet to run it through the wash, so I am wondering if it will shrink a bit. As for first impressions, the materials are sound and the stitching looks like it will last quite a while. Also worth noting, on the packaging, there is a lot of information about this pad helping with allergies. Not an issue for our home, but perhaps could be helpful for someone else. Very excited for our little one to give these a whirl in the bassinet, changing table, etc!

Fran Dowagiac, MI

Essential for a newborn

These pads have been invaluable. At first, before baby arrived, my husband didn’t see how these would be so essential, but he quickly changed his mind the first week w/ our newborn son. We ordered another 2-pack so we would have extras on standby for when the others were in the wash or soiled. We keep one in the crib, one on the changing pad, and anywhere else our baby is and there is the potential for a diaper blow-out (i.e., on top of the Boppy pillow while nursing) or a spit-up mishap. After quite a few washings, the pads are holding up well, no pilling, and still doing their job. I washed in warm water to work on the stains and that worked good, after first rinsing w/ hot water and treating with Bac-Out stain remover.

Deloris Paradise, TX

Indispensable co-sleeping / bed sharing item

We currently have 4 of these and I’m ordering another 2 pack. I co-sleep and bed share with my 5wo newborn son. These pads catch diaper leaks and leaks from breastfeeding in side laying position. We have a very expensive mattress and this little mat has protected it really well. It’s also protected blankets etc on countless occasions. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the laundry if I didn’t have these! The only downside is that my baby is a little firecracker and sweats a lot during the night. In the morning, the mat is saturated wet where his body is, so I swap it out for a new one each day. If there is a mess of another type, the mat goes in the washer. Our 4 mats stay in heavy rotation. Yes, the cotton has pilled slightly after many washes, but it doesn’t affect the softness or function of the mat. No this mat doesn’t breathe and I would prefer a 100% natural mat that did that, but I have serious doubts a wool one would protect our expensive mattress as well. Quite simply, these are indispensable. The only reason I give it 4 stars is that it isn’t made of entirely natural materials.

Kenya Stone Mountain, GA

Good for co-sleeping!

I bought these pads to lay my baby on in our bed since we cosleep. They have been great for catching milk, drool, and the rare diaper blowout, without me needing to change our sheets every day! The flannel topper is soft and holds up well to frequent washes. I also use them to give my baby some naked tummy time on the floor, or for a quick changing surface in the back of the car. One of my best baby purchases!

Melva Du Bois, PA


We use these on top of our changing pad which has saved the expensive cover from many a mess. Great product, also love that it is organic.

Tara Webb City, MO

Cozy and Organic!

I bought a pack of these for my new baby. I washed them three times before using them. They got nice and soft and cushy in the wash. The construction is very good and there are no quality issues after the first three washes.I will say they are a bit bulky – so if you are expecting something to toss in your diaper bag, you might want to find something thinner. But, for use at home or anywhere you don’t mind bringing something a bit larger than some other waterproof pads – this is perfect. Will be perfect for tummy time and ‘diaper free’ time.

Deidra Patrick Springs, VA

A good pad – works well

I bought this for use under my baby when he sleeps in our bed. So far it works and washes well. Keeps accidents off of our bed. It can be a little tricky to keep it from bunching up when he/we move around at night, but that would be true of pad.

Jeanie Leechburg, PA

These are great!

I love that these are organic, and they’re very soft. My baby loves lying on them and often takes naps on them. I use them for all kinds of things and take them everywhere I go.

Benita Cedar Bluff, AL

LOVE these!

We have used these for many purposes. My favorite use is in the first few months when we have our children sleep with us. These protect our bed and bedding from diaper leaks, spit up and anything else that comes with having a newborn! We have about 6 of these and just love them! We have a 3 week old son and I’m reminded once again how much we loved using them with my daughter!!

Isabel Corinne, UT

10 Stars!!!

I love these pads and use them for everything. She takes naps on them when she is on our bed, I line her changing table with them, her mosses basket was lined with one, I keep on in the car for those occasions when she needs to take a nap somewhere other than her own bed. I love how soft they are. I love that they are vinyl free and organic cotton. I put them on my baby registry and thought I had gotten too many (I have 6) but now realize that it’s the perfect amount – I can have some in the laundry and still plenty for all my uses.

Lauren Burghill, OH

Works great for a few things, can’t really travel with it

I use these on the diaper changing pad, instead of other covers. Works great and is cushy feeling. Only complaints I have are that they were slightly smaller than I expected, and puffier than I expected. Meaning I can’t really use these under sheets on her bed, or in the pack n plays, nor can I travel with them. However, I can just use the other waterproof pads I have for that stuff and use these exclusively for the changing spaces– so no big deal. Just be aware of what you’re buying.One additional comment, and this may just be my EBF baby and my washer/well water, but for some reason all the ‘organic’ cotton items we have stain a lot easier than the non-organic ones. Go figure.

Elvira Kathleen, FL

Just what I wanted!!

I ordered only one…thinking, if I didn’t like I’ll just return…it’s perfect!! Exactly what I wanted, thicker than I thought! Very happy about that. Didn’t smell like any sort of chemical out of package. Washed great!! I’ll be buying another!!

Dianne Ryan, IA

So-so product

I like this product because it’s soft, but after only two washes, the fabric became kind of tattered and isn’t as nice anymore. Over priced for what happened to it.

Vicki Anchor Point, AK

So useful!

I use these for everything. Input them on the changing table, in the crib, on the floor for tummy time. They are awesome of you need a soft, padded surface. Waterproof is just a perk.

Krystal Bisbee, AZ

Love these!

I bought these w my first son and even after years of use they are still good but I went ahead and bought two more for our second son bc I love them so much. Tons of uses!!

Socorro Saul, KY

Soft and fluffy pad

I absolutely love this pad, it’s nice to know the material is safe and it’s really plush. The waterproof backing makes it nice when there is an accident on the pad. I had a babies r us pad before and this one doesn’t compare. So much better! The material is not cheap either, highly recommend and would not use anything else

Janette Melrose, IA

These are fantastic.

I love these waterproof pads. We currently use them for our diaper changing pad and two are a necessity, because they are always getting dirty. I haven’t had any issue with getting them clean – they are very easy to wash and come out great. They aren’t the softest, but I don’t mind. I much prefer organic materials, and it gives me the peace of mind to know it’s organic when I place my little guy on it.I’ve also used them in our bed, to lay him on when he naps or plays, to prevent spit up from getting on our sheets. Also, I’ve laid them on the floor for naked time. It really has a lot of uses.

Leona Tavares, FL

Great quality for a great price!

I bought these to use on my changing table and the Arm’s Reach Mini Cosleeper. They fit both uses nicely and I love that they are organic. They’d also be great in a diaper bag as a travel changing pad.

Penny Cedar Valley, UT

A Must Have!!!

I have ordered two of these packs. They are a must have for our family. They are great for the changing table because they are waterproof on the bottom but soft and cushiony on the top. If she leaks or pees while changing, it doesn’t go through to the pad. Easy to clean in the wash machine, but don’t put them in the dryer. They will shrink!!!

Aline South Burlington, VT

Life saver!

Going over night without bed wetting is a work in progress. We bought this a few months ago to cut back on mattress cover washes. I place it under the sheet right below the pillows and its large enough to cover the desired section of the bed. It has been washed and dried numerous times and still going strong!

Kate German Valley, IL

like that it’s organic but too small to really be useful

like that it’s organic but too small to really be useful. the edges roll up; wish they would lay flat.

Eve South Willington, CT


I bought this to put under the bassinet sheet since the mattress is very hard and baby doesn’t like it. I ended up using the other one on top of the changing table, and only use that now instead of any covers. It’s very soft and that’s his favorite place to be laid down. Still won’t lay in the bassinet so I can’t really comment on how that’s improved. I’m definitely going to be buying more of these. They also wash up really well in the hypoallergenic soap we use.

Agnes Upperstrasburg, PA

A Must Have for New Borns!

Our baby spits up a ton!This item has been great as it provides a safe surface to lay the baby on that can be peed on, popped on,spit-up on- with out ruining beds, sofas, rugs, etc.I have washed and dried this pad multiple times and it has held up well,ans remains nice and soft against my sons skin.I originally bought one of these in a smaller size, but I really prefer this larger surface area.Great product!

Lynne Bella Vista, AR

These are really nice. I use them on my changing table pad …

These are really nice. I use them on my changing table pad and under sheets. They work great and are a good size.

May Sandborn, IN

very soft

I use this as the mattress pad in my arm’s reach bassinet. It is a little short but works well under the sheet. I like that it is organic cotton so I know there are no additional chemicals in my baby’s bed.

Lashonda Lynco, WV

good basic item

I bought these to use as changing pad liners. They’re too big and cushiony and bunchable for that purpose, but work really well as bassinet mattress pads. I haven’t had a lot of trouble with shrinkage or disintegration, but I also wash such things in cold and line dry or dry on low, so I can’t comment on how they hold up to abuse. Overall, am happy with the purchase. I would definitely say that they’re multi-use, the test being that I bought for one purpose and ended up using for another!

Emilia Verdunville, WV