Snuggin Go Reversible Strap Covers, Camel

Snuggin Go Reversible Strap Covers, Camel

Reversible strap covers adds comfort for traveling in car seats, carriers, and strollers. Add comfort and a touch of style all at once. Match the fabric of your Snuggin Go or Snuggin Go Too with these great strap covers.

Main features

  • Reversible
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine wash and tumble dry

Verified reviews


Super nice!

Ok so these are just thin cloth with velcrow. BUT thats what I was looking for. All the other covers have way to much padding and my little one has a chuby head and neck so these are super soft and thin perfact~!~

Adelaide Lawson, MO

They have little black raised polka dots on them, whcih you can’t see in the pics

I bought these because I thought they were plain black, but when I got them they actually have little raised black polka dots on them. I’m going to keep them, but probably wouldn’t have ordered them if I knew that in advance.They feel very soft and the velcro seems strong (my nine month old can’t get them off), which is a plus. I don’t know how they’ll hold up to being washed because I just put them on the car seat and stroller.

Nelda Crockett, TX

So soft – awesome!

the strap covers that came with our carseat were not very soft and showed every drop of drool that my daughter dispensed on them, so i went in search of a replacement. these are AWESOME! first and foremost, they are so very soft. if you have the carters super soft changing pad cover – they feel like this. second, since they are black they do not show the pools of drool as they dry and rewet, third they wash up great. the only downside is that they are a little long, so if your child is on the younger side – they will be a little tight bumping up against the chest strap, but they will work great as they grow. I am ordering a second pair for the stroller as we speak! highly highly recommend!

Marjorie Elmwood, IL


These are great strap covers. The pink is cute. They’re very soft and a good size. Easy to wash and get on and off.

Janis Ely, MN


These were just what I wanted to prevent neck burns from the car seat seat belt. Not too hot which is great since we live in southern California.

Lidia Speedwell, TN


These are just 2 pieces of Minky fabric sewn together. No padding. The velcro sides are stretched out so they are longer than the rest of the cover. This causes the edge of the velcro to stick out and be scratchy.

Catherine Cima, CA

Keeps baby’s neck protected

I bought these to keep the straps on the car carrier from rubbing on the baby’s neck (duh). I like these far better than fancier models I’ve seen. The one with the cute little animals on them get all up in the baby’s face and are cluttery. The models that are too short just scoot around and don’t work well. THESE however have none of those problems. The fluffy fabric is thick and soft enough to protect his neck, but not so much so that it obstructs his face or breathing. These are also long enough that they don’t have to be scooted in just the right spot to work. I wish I’d bought these first, would have saved me trouble and money.

Lakeisha Lake Village, IN

Would love to know

Tiny tiny tiny. No clue what type of handle this is meant to cover. Would love to know. Clearly it’s only meant for specific things. Sad.

Lois Gridley, IL


These are amazing. Super soft and they match her carseat cover I bought.The only thing is, I wish they had used a softer velcro. If you don’t put them together perfectly aligned, the velcro can stick out and scratch baby (Has only happened once, and she didn’t even seem to notice).

Brandi Kerr, OH

Velcro scratches neck

I purchased these for our daughter’s car seat so that the straps would not rub against her bare neck. Unfortunately as others have stated, the Velcro scratches her neck and causes more harm than the straps themselves. This product is cheaply made. I immediately returned it.

Carolina Proctor, VT

Snuggin Go

I actually purchased this product to use as a shoulder protector when carrying the diaper bad, that padding is very thin, but it works for what I bout it for when i double it up and use both. I picked green, but just so you know the shade of green is a lot lighter then it appears to be. I think they are a bit to thin to use for protecting a baby from the discomfort of a belt.

Hilary Washington, NC


These strap covers are great. I like that the black fabric matches my stroller straps and the fabric is super soft. They are also very easy to clean and the fact that they are reversible means that if we are out and about and baby spits up on them I can turn them around to the dry side and keep baby dry. They are easy to take off and on and they are easy to wash, just make sure the velcro is closed when you wash them so that they don’t attach to other things in the wash.

Bobbie Kingsville, OH

Hard to find black colored ones

These are nice and soft and they only black ones I could find to match our infant carseat. Love them!!

Nicole Premium, KY

Perfect for infant car seat!

Love this for an infant car seat! These are softer than the ones that come with the car seat. They are also safe and do not add too much bulk.

Joy Mc Leod, MT

Comfy fabric but….

Although the fabric is soft and comfy… it is very thin (I can still feel the seatbelt straps are sort of sharp at the edges) and expensive. It is better than using just the carseat straps though, because they were digging in my little ones neck. However, for the price, they could be a LITTLE thicker, atleast at the edges.

Priscilla Pocahontas, VA


these are pretty soft and they are easy to put on to the car seat straps. very simple and affordable.

Dale Ashby, MN


Love it. had these in pink for my daughter, bought these for my son. He is 6months old and i have washed several times and they still look good. VERY comfy too!

Tamera Princeton, AL

really soft

Got these when my son was small and they have become even more handy now that he is teething! They were a really good price and have held up well!

Elisabeth Farmersburg, IN

No more Marks on Face!

I have a 2 month old and he can hold his head up, but when he’s asleep his head plops right down. I imagine for a baby that doesn’t hurt, but when we would take him out of his car seat, there would be marks from the straps on his cheeks. These are perfect and super soft. They even help with keeping his head more upright while he’s asleep.

Deanna Staples, MN

Buy these!

These strap covers are easy to clean, fit my Grago straps perfectly, slide up and down easily, but not on their own. They are soft, but not fluffy or bulky. I think they make the straps much more comfortable against my daughter’s neck. We got these when she was only a few weeks old and now, at 6 months we are still using them with no complaints!

Araceli Berkshire, MA

Great deal

These worked great when I lost one of the covers that came with the car seat. They are nice and soft and stay on well too.

Hannah Leonard, ND

Nice but not the color I ordered … again

What can you say anout strap covers? I bought them to cover the straps of my daughter’s backpack. They’re soft and they do the trick – no chafing. I only wish they actually came in the color I’d ordered. Amazon has done this before. It wasn’t worth the effort to return them. They do the job they’re intended to do.

Jenna Ness City, KS


These work really well for my daughter’s car seat. Her straps came with “pads,” but they are more to keep the straps from hurting her shoulders up and down. They rub a sore on her neck on long trips! I got these to fix that problem, and they’ve been wonderful. We haven’t had any trouble at all since then! I am very pleased with my purchase.

Deirdre Aledo, IL

cute and cozy!

I love the way these look. So far I have used them on an infant car seat and a stroller. They are comfortable and cute!

Claudia Lamar, AR

strap covers – usa

Bought these since they are made in the USA. A little long for my 5 month old…seems like car seat strap is not fastened in right place – a little low on her chest but okay. Better used in stroller when I have her out of car seat. Very soft.

Lauren North Waterford, ME

Poorly designed to scratch, but fixable

So it appears the velcro is applied to the fabric, then turned and top stitched. This means that the hook velcro goes around the edge and into the fabric (about an inch). This results in a few velcro hooks that are sticking out of the edge ready to scratch.When I received this product I checked for scratching hazards based on other reviews. When I saw this poor design I understood. I took out some stitching cut the hook side of the velcro shorter and resewed. It was a pain but it worked.Otherwise it washes up well and is really soft. It’s a good length and super thin which was my main requirement. It was somewhat annoying to fix though, that I think I will just make my own out of a soft no pill fleece rather than purchasing more to “fix” in this manner. (I don’t feel like any other brands I have found to buy are thin enough)

Aida Streetsboro, OH

Great straps for a great price!

I read some reviews that said the ends weren’t finished so I was hesitant to get these bc I didn’t want my daughter to be scratched by the velcro I find that we don’t have a problem with it. You just have to make sure the velcro closure is not on the side of the strap, position the strap cover so that the velcro closure is on the underside of the carseat strap and there shouldn’t be any issues with getting scratched by the velcro. I wish they would have made sure the ends were covered with fabric but really, for the price, its not that big of a deal. All in all the cover fits our needs perfectly. We’re using it with an Evenflo convertible carseat and I love that the strap covers are not too thick and bulky. (like some of the other ones I’ve seen.) I bought them in black and love them so much I’m going to buy another set for my carseat in my husband’s car. Just a quick note, these are not meant to act as head support for your infant. (I’ve seen some comments that the covers don’t offer enough “support”.) If you infant head support, you need to be buying one of those infant body support inserts for your carseat.

Helga Shorter, AL

Perfect for our Chicco car seat.

I bought these for our Chicco car seat straps so that they would not dig into my newborn’s neck. They work wonderfully and are super soft and long. My only complaint is that the "Dark Pink" color I was hoping for is actually more of a light pink. It’s OK, I still kept them, but I would change the name of the color. Other than that I would have given them 5 stars. As for some of the reviewers saying that they were too thin.. I would have to disagree. I wouldn’t want them being any more thick than they are.. especially for a new born. To me, they are the perfect thickness. I would buy these again.

Antionette Cushing, WI

work great, minky dots

I use these on my son’s carseat. They work great for the purpose, but I find the little dots to be a little feminine-looking. I couldn’t find any other solid black carseat strap covers, so these work well, just wish they didn’t have the minky dots.

Corinne Royse City, TX

Love These! And Made in USA!!

These have been the best car seat straps! They are so soft and keep the straps from digging into my daughter’s neck. Definitely recommend!!

Barbara Flasher, ND