SnugGlider Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Swing Frame

SnugGlider Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Swing Frame

Variable swing speeds keep your child soothed, happy and engaged. View larger The SnugGlider is compatible with all Graco Classic Connect infant car seats. View larger Graco Baby SnugGlider Classic Connect Infant Car Seat Swing Frame Classic Connect Compatible The SnugGlider Classic connect Infant Car Seat Frame is the perfect accessory for soothing baby, since it is easily compatible with any Graco Classic Connect infant car seat. Simply connect your car seat to the gram, and the combination allows you to create your own compact infant swing set, for endless hours of soothing for your sweet baby anywhere. It’s a perfect option to create a swing system where ever you are with the support and comfort of your infant car seat. The SnugGlider will accommodate a child up to the top weight rating for any Graco infant car seat (make sure to check your car seat manual for this weight rating information). Open-Top, Easy Access The SnugGlider was built with convenience in mind. The frame has an open top, so that it’s easy not only easy to access baby when you need to get her in and out, but also to access your infant car seat. So, whether you want to hold baby in your arms or take baby on her next adventure and it’s always easy to get your baby in and out. Travel or Store, with Ease The SnugGlider is ultra-lightweight (it’s only 8 lbs.!), and Graco made it super-easy to fold, so it’s simple to store or travel with it. This way, your baby always has a cozy, soothing place to be, whether you’re at home or on the go! Swing, Set to Music Your little one will love the five classical sounds and melodies built right into the SnugGlider. Get ready for endless hours of fun, as your child falls in love with music and enjoys the engaging sounds in their swing. You Set the Speed Graco created the SnugGlider with variable swing speeds, so that you can match your little one’s moods. Faster speeds are fun for your baby, while slower swinging makes it easier for him to get a little rest. You’ll love interacting with your precious child, as he enjoys swinging in his SnugGlider. A small, quiet baby will swing higher on each swing speed setting than a larger, more active baby, and you control the pace. The open-top design allows easy access to your child. View larger Key Features Variable swing speeds for baby’s different moods Frame weighs just 8 lbs. Age / Weight Recommendations Compatible with any Graco Classic Connect infant car seats only Follow car seat instruction manual for child’s weight limitations

Main features

  • Instantly transform your Graco infant car seat into a swing.
  • Open-top design for better accessibility, allowing you to move baby from the car to the house without disturbing her.
  • 2-speed vibration to help keep your baby calm and relaxed
  • Five classical songs plus nature sounds to help soothe and amuse your baby.
  • Compatible with all Graco Classic Connect infant car seats, and suitable to the maximum weight of each car seat.
  • Frame is easy to fold when you want to travel and easy to take apart for storage.
  • Instantly transform your Graco infant car seat into a swing. Variable swing speeds allow you to find the right pace to suit your baby’s mood.
  • 2-speed vibration to help keep your baby calm and relaxed; Frame is easy to fold when you want to travel and easy to take apart for storage.

Verified reviews


Great concept, poor performance!

This is our first baby and I researched everything we even considered buying. I tend to take negative reviews with a grain of salt and was excited about this product. We just received this swing frame as a gift and I put it together right away and tried it out. We have a Graco Snugride carseat and my 7 week old baby is 11 lbs. This product folds up well for travel, which is one of the main reasons we registered for it. The vibration (2 settings) and music/nature sounds work well. You can adjust the speed which is nice. The problem with it is the motor simply cannot keep up. You can hear and see the problem. The motor works hard to keep up and the swing would go faster at times then slow way down – which startled my sleeping baby. It actually kept a more consistent pace before I put the batteries in and just pushed the seat with my son in it. If Graco put a more appropriate sized motor in it, I would definitely recommend this product. Until then, mine is getting returned.

Odessa Ashley, ND

Wish they’d work out the kinks

Geri Chippewa Lake, MI

Wish I would have gotten this a long time ago!!

What a great product! I wish they would have come out with it back when my first son was a baby! Our current baby is eight months old, and he is still in his Graco Infant SafeSeat (he has several more months’ worth of room to go in it). The SafeSeat fits beautifully in this swing frame. Whenever I get home and my son is asleep in the car seat, I just pop the seat into this frame and turn it on, and he will go right back to sleep and stay asleep for a long time. Or if he is napping in the swing and I need to go out to run an errand, he stays asleep because I don’t have to move him out of the swing into a car seat. Wonderful!This is the only swing we have, and I find that it is the only one we need. As a plus, the swing frame folds up compactly and travels very well. The only complaints I have are: 1.) The swing motor is a little loud, and 2.) I have to run the swing on the highest speed to keep it swinging, since my son is getting a bit heavy. But overall, this is a brilliant and much-needed baby item!

Janice Keezletown, VA

Needs more work

The idea is good, put your sleeping baby from the car to the house without the baby waking. My daughter is rarely sleeping when we come home so there goes that good idea and when she is, unfortunately she still wakes and wants out. So, I rarely use it and even though I rarely use it, the motor all of a sudden started making a loud disturbing noise that wakes my baby anyways. Its not worth the money spent, in my opinion. Save your money and buy something else.

Lorna Montgomery, MI

Highly recommend

People obviously have babies with different preferences, so for those who disliked the swing system, my experience with my infant son was vastly better. The complaints that it is too low to the ground — DUH it’s in the PICTURE — are silly, because that’s precisely WHY I like it — it’s easy to simply drop the car seat into the latch. And, it latches VERY easily, and you can tell immediately if it’s in wrong so no worries about your wee one tipping off the base. I agree with the others who commented that, while making a sort of mechanical “clicking” sound, it is quiet and gentle, and actually puts MY baby to sleep. The selections for vibrations and songs (we love the ocean sounds) is soothing, and turns off automatically, which is convenient. As for the baby sitting in the car seat more — we just bought one of the infant fleece bags, so it’s just as comfortable as a “regular” swing seat.Lastly, to address the complaints that the swing does not move slow enough: my son hates when it’s low anyway. I have not had to replace the batteries ONCE and I have been using it several times per week for four months. If you’ve got a small place, this is the swing for you. I hope mine lasts for the next.

Patsy Cuba, NM

waste of $

I borrowed a REAL graco swing set from a friend for the first few weeks after my son was born, and he absolutely loved it.So, I went on line to find one to buy for him, and found this frame that would match with the graco car seat that I had already bought him. perfect, i thought. BIG MISTAKE.Turns out, he hates his carseat, and definitely does not want to stay in it any more than is necessary. Also, the motor is SO loud, and annoying, it would scare him every time i turned it on. In addition,it is so SHORT. I didnt realize that I would be bending to the floor every time I wet to put him down or pick him up. It is seriously lower than my knees! ridiculous.ALso, the buttons to adjust the speed and music are hidden below the lip of the carseat, when hooked in, so you have to like, lie down on the floor to see them. why!?It sadly just sits in the corner now, unused. probably my biggest baby buying regret so far. my advice, just buy the real graco swing that comes with the seat included. baby and mom will be happier.

Angelia El Paso, AR

Terrible swing

This swing could barely move with just the car seat in it and wouldn’t move at all with the baby in the car seat. Forget about it if you have other kids running around the house as well, it’s the perfect height for little hands to poke the baby!

Aurelia Walton, NE

Great if you baby likes swings!

My son isn’t the biggest fan of swings. For this reason, I can only give this item 3 stars. Personally, I find this item to be great. It’s easy to assemble and made of durable plastic. The batterys are either c or d for the swing and aa for the vibration and music. It’s very helpful to be able to carry the baby in from the car and place them in the swing while you unload the groceries. I’ve only done this once, as my son doesn’t like swings, but I found it super helpful! The swing is low to the ground. I didn’t realize this when I purchased, but it seems logical. It’s only about a foot off the ground. We place it on the den ottoman so it’s higher up and off the floor.I would recommend this item to anyone whose baby likes swinging because it is a 2 in 1 situation which relieves you of buying another item.10-11-11: When my son hit 9 weeks he started enjoying the swing! We brought it with us on vacation and it was a gem! However, the motor did go out after 4 weeks of use, but Amazon replaced it free of charge immediately.

Adela Annemanie, AL

Can’t live without this!!!!!

I don’t know what we’d do without this swing! We have a full sized swing, and our son prefers to nap in the swing over lying down, so this makes a nice portable alternative. We’ve brought it on picnics, when we go away, and even to a wedding reception, and it lets him nap. It’s also good for when we come home and he’s fallen asleep in the car – we just bring him inside in the carseat and snap him in the swing, and he’ll keep sleeping. I wouldn’t be without this!!

Yesenia Claunch, NM

Great concept, but kid hates it!

I was excited to find this thinking I would save space and I could travel with it. Works great, but my daughter HATES it and screams within a minute of being in it. I’m hoping she’ll come around when she’s a little older but for now I’m putting it away and ordering a cradle swing. Also it seems a little pricey.

Wendy Arnoldsville, GA

Better then Expected

My lil one is currently 12 days old and spends most of her day in the seat attached to this swing. I have yet to change the batteries and I just used the cheapies from the dollar tree! I am greatly surprised! I love the fact that there is nothing above the swing to bump the baby’s head on, and its easier to get the baby out.

Margery Golden, TX

Keeps baby asleep

I wasn’t sure this was really necessary, but I am SO glad we ordered it! Our son doesn’t like to be in his carseat, and even if he falls asleep in the car he would wake up the minute we stopped moving. Now, if he falls asleep in the car, we just place his infant carrier in this and he will continue napping! It’s wonderful! Sometimes if he is getting tired and we need to go somewhere, we can even get him to fall asleep in this and transfer him to the car without him waking up.

Eliza Onemo, VA

Graco Baby SnugGlider Car Seat Swing Frame

I wish they had these when I have having my babies. My daughter-in-law and son love this and it calms the babies right down. It’s very sturdy and there have been no problems with it. It will definitely get passed down as all the new babies are born.

Christy Rapid River, MI

Good idea but not as practical as I had hoped

I registered for this swing because I wanted a swing that would fold up and not take up too much space while not in use. Although the swing has met expectations in terms of being space saving, it does not work as well as I had hoped. I may have received a dud, but I find that I often have to push the swing to get it going. It either does not start swinging properly or slows randomly during use. It is a bit loud as others have commented, but it doesn’t seem to bother my son, so I’m fine with the noise. If this product worked a bit better it would be a fantastic swing. Good idea, just needs improvement.

Sylvia Kotzebue, AK

Great for idea for small apartments!

My little one will not stay in his car seat without crying unless there is movement. I really wanted to have a swing for him but due to limited space I thought that this was not possible. Then I saw this and since the car seat has to go somewhere this seemed the perfect place to put it. I found it very easy to assemble and love the fact it will collapse down and I can throw it in the car with everything else if I am going to see someone that doesn’t have a baby themselves. The motor is on the noisy side but that doesn’t seem to bother my little one. But this is the reason I only gave it four stars. I have to say that this is working for me so far. Today my Little One managed to stay in his car seat asleep for 45 minutes before waking after getting back in the house. So it has given me time to get things sorted after getting home before having to sort him out. Also I can get him ready before I go out and set the swing going without having to worry about him getting upset while I finish getting me ready. Also it does offer a very convenient place to store the car seat and the frame doesn’t take up to much room even when up and of course if I have the need for space I can just collapse it down and store it away. I would recommend this product for those who need a swing but have limited space or who need a swing that will transport without too much problem.

Dee Saint Meinrad, IN

good size, good price, good functionality

I received this swing frame as a shower gift for our son. I definitely would recommend it. First of all, it’s not huge and it’s very portable unlike a lot of the full size swings with a giant footprint. Second of all, it’s a great price. It’s not as cheap as the portable swings, but it’s so much smaller and it’s dual purpose so I think it’s worth it. Lastly- I love a multi function item. We’d have to bring the car seat in the house anyway, so why not have a swing frame to plop it in instead of cluttering the house with more baby crap?And for what it’s worth our son was over 10 lbs at birth and we have the snug ride 30. He’s almost a month old and probably at least 11 lbs by now and the swing has more than enough power to swing away and keep him satisfied. And I like the clicking, I think it’s soothing.

Myra Sterling Heights, MI

Very cool!

This is the neatest swing. It is very light weight and easy to carry and move. I love that you can take this with you and put baby in it without taking them out of the carseat. Very easy to put together.

Mavis Lake View, IA

Good for the price

We used this swing a lot between newborn and around 6 months old, it’s great because you can bring the baby in from the car and snap it right in the swing for a nap. The battery life is pretty good and our baby really liked the swing. It had to be on the highest setting as she got bigger and the noise was a little loud, but because it was so rhythmic it didn’t bother her or us. A good product overall!

Donna Natick, MA

Their product developers thought this was enough power?

We were very excited about a swing that would allow us to move the kiddo straight from the car or stroller (Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame) without taking him out of his Snugride 35. However, we were sorely mistaken when we thought this swing would function as a, well, swing. The motor isn’t even REMOTELY powerful enough to keep the Snugride 35 moving. Brand new batteries won’t get it moving. Even if you “kick start” the swing by giving it a push, it will NEVER continue to swing unless you put it on the highest setting (there is a “turtle” to “rabbit” scroll wheel that is pretty worthless). Once below “absolute bunny” the swing slows to a stop in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but the fast setting is pretty jerky… way too fast back-and-forth in my opinion. The vibration setting works fine, and the nature sounds are OK. Music is, as always, awful. When will they let us load up our own MP3’s into these things?! Overall I’m disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone… even my baby enemies.

Connie Santa Fe Springs, CA

Works ok

We got this swing with our first child and used it about 12-20 times. It was mostly for trips to grandma’s. The problem with it initially was that it was either very slow or fast. It has a dial for speed that didn’t recognize a middle ground. But, if you played with it, you could get it to the right speed. Now that we have it with our second child (they are only 13 months apart, so it didn’t sit idle for even a year), after only a handful of uses the speed dial is broken. It keeps going after you turn it off and turns itself back on.The vibrating function seems to still work just fine.We are going to get rid of it and not replace it. I would have given it 2 1/2 stars if that was an option.

Katherine Colliers, WV

Great small swing

I am a grandmother and have this swing. My granddaughter used it and now I have it for my grandson. I like that it is small and easy to move around and put away. I have a full sized Graco swing that I am throwing out because it never worked right and it’s too big to have in my small family room just to have my grandson sit in without being able to swing. I’m surprised this little swing is so much better than the larger one. I wish it could be plugged in like the Fisher Price Snuggabunny swing I bought for my grandson. His parents have that one at their house and I have this little one at my house. I am happy to have this little swing. I watch my grandson 9 hours a day, 5 days a week and can use all the help I can get 🙂 His mother brings him to my house in his carseat and if he is still asleep I put him on the swing and he is happy for quite a while. He is 3 months old and big for his age but I’m not sure how much he weighs. It doesn’t seem hard on batteries to me. When a baby is fussy and you are in real need of a break you will pay anything for them too be happy!

Lourdes Riceboro, GA

Great value!

I love that I can put the car seat into the frame. And the swing works just fine and soothes my daughter. However, it seems a tad weak and I worry that when my daughter gets heavier, it won’t swing as well. Great value, though. I’m happy that she’s in her car seat while she’s in the swing, because I know she’s safe.

Minerva Big Rock, TN

More economically priced baby swing than most

I purchased this swing prior to the birth of my first child as it would work in coordination with our carseat. My daughter hated this swing and probably only used it twice. The swing seems to be a nice alternative to more expensive and cushy swings, and perhaps she would’ve enjoyed those more. I believe that at that time, my daughter did not enjoy being in her carseat, and therefore, did not enjoy being in the swing, and there was no way to use one without the other for this swing’s use. May work great for some people as it was easily assembled and worked well.

Kristina Amarillo, TX

NIce, portable swing

This is just what we needed. Our son has acid reflux so he spends a lot of time sleeping in his car seat and getting swung to sleep in his seat. This is a pretty gentle swing, even at the highest setting, so it seems to get him to sleep a little better than his nice, Fisher Price swing.The portability of it is a big bonus. We’re glad we’ll have something other than our arms to get him to sleep whenever we travel.A good tip is to make sure it’s stopped before you turn it on, turn it on, and then once you figure out how it’s swinging to give it a little push in the right direction. Sometimes it has a little trouble with our big Graco seat and our chubby kid getting going. But once it does it doesn’t stop!

Trisha Paul, ID

Best thing ever!

We didn’t even know this existed until my friend got one. Our baby loves it, and it puts him to sleep for hours! So nice when he’s finicky and needs to get some zzzz’s. The vibration and music options are great too. Now he’s 7 months and we still use this from time to time. So nice that it folds up and can be put away easily and not bulky like all the other baby swings out there. If your baby likes his Graco carseat, this is one of the best recommendations out there.

Kelsey Peru, KS

Great product!!

I love the swing frame! It swings perfectly and although I read the reviews saying that you need to put it on high before it swings much I did not have the problem. In fact, I had to turn it down as far as possible so it does not swing that hard. I think it is because I was using energiser batteries which are well-known for their ‘potential energy’ stored and my girl is still small. I hope it stays this way as it is great for now! 🙂 For the swing function there is an accompanying sound generated which I found to sound like the galloping of horses which sounded great for me, not irritating at all! 🙂

Lina Alma, WI