Snuza Halo Mobile Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Halo Mobile Baby Movement Monitor

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Main features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Small – fits onto baby’s diaper
  • Vibration stimulation after 15 seconds
  • Audible alarm after 20 seconds
  • Safe – no wires or cords.

Verified reviews


Best thing I could have ever gotten for my baby.

This is tiny, non-intrusive, and worth every penny. Its small enough to travel with the baby so I send it with her to the sitter. It has misfired a few times, but it has also gone off for real a couple of times too, or so we suspect. The alarm had sounded, we rushed to check on her and she was not moving, not stirring from the alarm, and it was snugly on her diaper right where it should be. After that happened a couple of times, I decided that I would have paid three times as much for this moniter because it has done exactly what it is meant to do. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if I didn’t own this little thing. Even if does misfire, a false alarm is better than no alarm. Do yourself a favor, buy this little diaper moniter and rest a whole lot easier.

Octavia Mauston, WI

I can finally sleep

I would definitely recommend the Snuza Halo for anyone who is worried about their child’s sleep apnea. It unfailingly will go off if it doesn’t sense vibration. My daughter has spina bifida which causes a lot of respiratory issues and makes her more at risk for SIDS than most babies. At times she breathes very shallow in her sleep. This monitor doesn’t give us a lot of false alarms and the few times it has gone off, I have gone into her room and found her very groggy and once found that I had to awaken her. It’s not 100% going to prevent SIDS but it does give me enough security that I can sleep without getting up to check on her five times each night.

Delia Amistad, NM

Great product!

I’m so happy my husband and I decided to purchase this. It gives us the ability to sleep well at night without worrying our baby is going to die of SIDS. It’s easy to operate and clips right onto their diaper so you can take it anywhere. For the most part it stays put, although once it came loose and wasn’t touching my sons skin, the alarm went off and scared me to death! First it vibrates to try to wake the baby up if they aren’t breathing, then it vibrates and the alarm goes off. If it ever had to do the first vibration the light on it blinks orange instead of green so you know it went off. I would definitely recommend this product for new parents! Totally worth the money!

Dominique Pandora, OH

Love it!

We’ve been using this for about 6 weeks and so far love it. It has come off the diaper a few times but still monitored baby. It went off once when it was unable to detect movement but that’s the only time. It was because baby was lying on her tummy so we clipped it to the back of the diaper per the instruction manual but how our baby positioned herself it was unable to detect her breathing. This is a great piece of mind and my favorite baby item by far. My husband wasn’t thrilled with the idea of ordering mostly because of price but now after using it he’s changed his mind and is happy we bought it.

Angela Aylett, VA

Wonderful product

This product is worth every penny for peace of mind alone. We already have an angelcare movement monitor for the crib, which we have had since 2010 when my oldest daughter was born, but I wanted something that could easily be used in the swing, bassinet, travel crib, etc. This fit the bill perfectly. I have only had a couple of false alarms in 5.5 months of heavy usage. My 5.5 month old doesn’t even feel it and it puts my mind at ease when she naps and sleeps. This is one baby product I could not live without!!!

Lashonda Woodford, WI

Don’t know how WE would have slept without this!

As a first time parent, I was terrified of EVERYTHING – bedtime in particular. How would I know if she stopped breathing in the middle of the night if I was fast asleep? Especially once we moved her into her own nursery! We started using this when she was 2 months old. It’s really easy to get the hang of. We found that it stayed in place better than expected. However, the alarm did sound twice as a result of sliding off the diaper. I found myself springing out of bed in a panic, but honestly, I’ll take two false alarms and peace of mind any day! All future babies we’re lucky enough to have will use this from day one.

Candice Sunfield, MI

Sleep easy

I love this product so much. It helps me be able to roll over and sleep without worrying that my sweet daughter will stop breathing. It does have false alarms if it isn’t placed correctly and that is an easy thing with cloth diapers, especially the bulkier newborn size, but I would rather have a false alarm waking me up than a 911 call.

Trina Elgin, AZ