Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Peace of Mind at the Press of a Button Superior Sensor: Placed next to baby’s abdomen, detects even the slightest irregularity in breathing Snuza Hero detects even the slightest movement and will alert you if your baby’s movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute. If no movement at all is detected for a period of 15 seconds, Hero will vibrate gently. Often this vibration is enough to rouse the baby, and Hero will revert to monitoring mode. After three vibration/rouse incidents, the Rouse Warning will alert you to the fact that your baby’s movements have stopped for 15 seconds on three occasions. If no further movement is detected for another 5 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you. -Small – fits onto baby’s diaper -Portable -Easy-to-use -Vibration stimulation after 15 seconds -Rouse Warning -Audible alarm after 20 seconds -Movement-rate Indicator to warn about weak or infrequent movement Snuza safely and conveniently monitors your baby’s every movement. Clip the Snuza onto the waistband of your baby’s diaper and switch on. The flexible sensor detects your baby’s tummy movement. A built-in vibrating stimulator on the Hero model gently rouses baby 15 seconds after movement stops. If there is still no movement after 20 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you to take immediate action. Snuza can be used in conjunction with a baby sound or video monitor so that it can be heard in another room. Snuza monitors are particularly useful for co-sleeping twins and multiples, where an under-mattress monitor is not effective. Snuza is the only type of movement monitor that can be used if baby is sleeping in your bed. Kit Includes: SNUZATM Hero baby movement monitor with award-winning infant health care information Instruction manual 1-877-737-9677 Made in South Africa Please Note: This item has been built to U.S.

Main features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Small – fits onto baby’s diaper
  • Vibration stimulation after 15 seconds
  • Audible alarm after 20 seconds
  • Safe – no wires or cords.

Verified reviews


Loved for the first 2.5 months

I can’t find a way to contact the seller for this item I ordered in June for the birth of our first baby. It worked perfectly until last week when it started malfunctioning as if the battery were dead – we have went through about 4 batteries and each time it works for a day or two and then stops. We will most likely buy another one but it is frustrating that I can’t return this one or find a way to get in touch with the seller on this older order!

Lori Clairfield, TN

Didn’t work for us

We bought both the Snuza and theAngelcare Baby Sound Monitorwith the intention of using the less invasive Angelcare in our son’s crib and the portable Snuza on our trips to his grandparent’s house.Unfortunatley, the Snuza just did not work for us. I am hesitant to trash it completly since there are apperantly many happy reviewers, but I just don’t see how others were able to have it function as intended. For Snuza to work, the diapers have to be closed super tight, much tighter than we would close them otherwise, to the point were it seemed that our son was uncomftorable. Without doing so, Snuza would not maintain the required contact with the belly and sound the alert.After a number of Snuza false alerts we gave up. For those of you who are curios, a Snuza false alert at 3:00am goes like this:- you are woken up by a loud alarm possibly indicating that your child is not breathing- you jump to the crib and see that your child is actually ok, but as you can guess, crying histerically, having just been woken up by the same alarm- to turn off the alarm, you need to reach the Snuza, which requires taking off/unbuttoning your child’s clothes, while you are doing this the alarm is obviously still beeping- you spend the next hour putting your child back to sleepOn the other hand, with over 9 month of continues use, we have never had a false alarm with Angelcare. Again, hypothetically, for those that are able to get Snuza to work, it offers a distinct advantage in portability over Angelcare. For us, the false alarms just didn’t make it worth the hassle.

Liz Gadsden, AL

Portable baby breathing monitor – the best!

As a new mom, I was nuts about SIDS. It doesnt help that my cousin did actually die of SIDS at around 6 months, so my husband and I are big monitor freaks.We own the Angelcare system and it works a treat. But when we go to travel or when our little one is lounging and sleeping ouside of her crib the Snuza is the answer!!
• Dont worry about other electical voltages if you go overseas(dont need to plug anything into the wall)
• totally portable, can be used anywhere
• lets you know with yellow light if the virbating function came on while baby was wearing
• alarm is loud…you WILL hear it if it goes off.
• easy shape to use

Beverley Conyngham, PA

Do NOT buy if you cloth diaper or have a squirmy baby!

Based on the great Amazon reviews, we purchased the Snuza Halo when our baby was 2 1/2 months old and had outgrown our Arms Reach Mini Cosleeper. So, we had to move her into her crib in her nursery and we needed something for our own piece of mind. We’ve been using this for a month and we’ve had false alarms at least 50% of the time. Simply put, if you cloth diaper, don’t buy this. We have used the Snuza Halo with the following cloth diapers:- Rumparooz Pockets- Totbots Easy Fit (very trim cloth diapers)- BumGenius Freetimes- Swaddlebees Simplex One-SizeOur little one is in the 50th percentile for weight and 99th percentile for height so she was around 11 pounds when we started using the Snuza. Without fail, the purple part of the Snuza would rise above her belly when we cloth diapered and start beeping.So, after two weeks of constant false alarms which woke the baby up and us up and caused serious middle of the night annoyance, we decided to try the Snuza on disposable diapers since we were traveling. Well, the disposables worked better BUT, at the same time, our daughter learned how to roll over. She started sleeping on her side and squirming around. She literally moves from one end of the crib to the other at night. After a few days, we were getting false alarms again where the Snuza had completely fallen off the diaper because she moved around in her sleep.So, if you cloth diaper or have a squirmer, don’t buy this product. It has been a threat to our marriage and our mutual well-being: there’s nothing worse than waking in the middle of the night to BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, your little one screaming, and discovering that the stupid machine has once again fallen off her diaper.EDITED: After I wrote this, we spent a lot of time looking for another movement monitor and finally decided upon the HiSense BabySense. I LOVE it! We’ve had no false alarms and the alarm is very loud so when I’ve forgotten to turn it off and lifted baby up, you can hear it all the way across the house. It’s excellent for wrigglers because the pad covers almost the entire crib. I highly recommend that monitor.

Alice Stringtown, OK

Love Love Love

Our daughter was 2+ months old when we got this. We had just started vaccinations, and as new parents, we were nervous. A lot of reading we did scared us about SIDS. Read about Angel monitor that goes under mattress, and talked to a few people who had it. Got mixed feedback…people liked it but said it was hard to set up and had a lot of false alarms. We don’t mind an occasional false alarm. Better safe then sorry, but we also didn’t want to think our child wasn’t breathing and panic over and over unnecessarily. This monitor is easy to put on, does not bother the baby at all – we even feed her and burp her over our shoulder at night with it on and she doesn’t seem at all bothered. It has gone off two times since we bought it.The first time was a few days after we started using. Scared the crap out of us. It is not extremely loud, but beeps like an alarm and woke us both from our sleep. When the alarm sounds, this means it has vibrated several times against your baby to attempt to get them to breath and has not succeeded. We jumped up and went to her, I picked her up, and she was breathing. The thing is, through all of this, she did not wake up. I think she may actually have briefly stopped breathing. From what we read about SIDS we all stop breathing in sleep some times, and unfortunately with infants they sometimes forget to start again. I don’t know if that is true, but at any rate we felt it may have been legitimate.The other time it went off, we did not attach it properly to the diaper, it was too loose and lost contact with the baby.As parents, we feel this may be overkill, but we feel we’d rather be safe then sorry, and we found it allows us to sleep at night with a bit of peace. Our daughter likes to push her face into the side of her crib, put her little lovey in her face, etc, and although we fix all of these things when we see them, you worry you will be asleep and she will do it again…anyway, this helps us sleep. I’d pay a lot for that!*****Update***** We have had the Snuza approx a month and a half, maybe two months. We use at night daily. Tonight it was quietly beeping and I woke up to find that the battery is not low, but dead. The beeping is a once every other second beep that is quiet and did not wake me. I was disappointed with battery life of something we just purchased. Bought batteries off amazon, but had to buy in bulk to get them to come within a day or so…frustrating but we love the Snuza, so whatever.

Clarissa Proctorville, OH

Peace of mind at night

Yes, we are first time parents as I’m sure many of Snuza’s customers are. Fear is a primary selling point, and stories of SIDS scared us into researching products like the Snuza. I think it’s a nominal cost for the peace of mind and potential safety of our baby. He has been sleeping with it every night for a couple months and the alarm has only sounded twice. Both times were because we didn’t secure it tight enough to his diaper and it slipped down to the side. So I guess we know it works!UPDATE: 11/30/2012We have used this Snuza every night for almost 5 months now and it has worked very well. The alarm goes off occasionally (maybe 1-2 times per month) but it has always been because we either didn’t secure it enough or the little guy was shifting a lot during the night. This past week it went off a few times even though it was clipped securely and he was breathing normally (well until he was disturbed and then he was very upset with us). We think it might be a weak battery so we are looking for a replacement battery. I’m disappointed if that is the case but I guess 5 months of use every night is pretty good.VOTE: If you find this review helpful, please vote yes! I like to review and your votes help me know how I’m doing.

Mabel Mount Gilead, NC


If I could only recommend one thing it would be the snuza. It has made sleeping so much better, even though it has come off a few times, we us cloth and sometime it is difficult to get a good fit. There have been twice that it has gone off while I was holding her and she hasn’t been breathing and still touching her. I don’t know if she was just holding her breath longer of it the vibration/sound trigger her to breath, but I am so glad to have it. She is 9.5 months now and have used it every night except for the time in the nicu (however we did use it three night in the nicu while in the bonding room, just didn’t when she was hooked up to the minutes). We did replace the battery around 8 months.

Neva Ladysmith, WI

Lets a paranoid mama get more sleep.

My kids have all been spitters, gagging and choking when sleeping on their backs. My new baby started out doing okay, but as his intake went up, the spitting went up too, and pretty soon it was clear he needed to tummy sleep to protect his airway from glorp. Now, I’ve always tended to wake up when my kids are breathing quietly, and I’m hyperaware of them (we cosleep). So I wanted something that would tell me if he wasn’t, in fact, breathing.We started out using this as directed, on the tummy, and it was fine, but a fair number of false alarms. When we shifted to him on his tummy at night, the monitor needed to move, it was putting red marks on his belly when he was lying on it. So I put a pair of shorts over his jammies, tucked the monitor in the back of the waistband, put him in his sleep sack, and watched… it caught every breath. And we stopped getting false alarms, because his wiggling and startling and full diapers weren’t pushing the alarm out of position.Now that he’s in his snuggle nest for a good part of the night, on his tummy, I can be in the room and see that little light blinking through the halo sleep sack from a distance, and when I go to sleep I know it will wake me if there’s a problem. It seems to have an ideal level of sensitivity…very sensitive to his movements, almost completely insensitive to mine in the bed, so very little chance that something would happen to him and my movements would “mask” it. It’s gone off with him in my arms when worn on the front when his diaper was full.It is alarm-clock loud, and has woken me from a sound sleep multiple times.It’s a tiny little thing, the battery lasts months, I’ll repost when it dies. Baby is currently almost 3 months old, we’ve been using it since he was about 2 weeks.

Dawn Sodus Point, NY

have to have

I am a first time mom and was horrified at the thought of SIDS so I got the snuza halo. I didnt use it the first couple weeks because my sons umbillical cord hadn’t healed all the way and I was afraid the monitor rubbing it might cause an infection or irritate it (I dont know that it would but I am a worry wort) and I slept horribly worrying about if he was okay. I have used it EVERY night since his umbillical cord healed and I have slept wonderfully. It stays put if you fold down the top of the diaper to give it something to clip onto but isn’t tight enough to cause any skin irritation. He doesn’t even seem to know it’s there. The battery lasts approx a year and a half and has a low battery indicator. The only thing I would change is to make it a little louder…its pretty loud (especially with the baby monitor on) but if I am down stairs with the TV on I am afraid I wont hear it if it goes off. You have to take into account the monitor is under their PJ’s and blankets when they are swaddled. He’s 6 months old now and still wears it everynight (and will probably will until he’s old enough to take it off himself!)

Evelyn Rochester, VT

Fabulous (& works with cloth diapers)!

Excellent! I have 2 children (one who is 4 years old, the newest addition is 3 months old). I didn’t use anything with my older, mainly because the products out then were too sensitive and had too many false alarms, rendering them almost useless. With our new baby, I was spending half my time checking on him to see if he was breathing…. def losing even more sleep at night. Not good for an already sleep deprived mommy. I could NOT use the Angel Care monitor or any other that went under a mattress because my son has awful acid reflux and cannot lay flat. His severe reflux was another reason i wanted to monitor him more, because even with the meds, he’s still uncomfortable at times. I started looking into the Angel Care and thought maybe I could jimmy rig it under the cloth and backing of the Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Sleeper he sleeps in… until… I found this. It was considerably cheaper and no pads to worry about…. just clips onto the diaper??!?!! I was super excited, ordered it, and even paid an additional 3.99 to have it delivered in a day. I am happy I did. This is pretty darn great!!!! I can set the sound (3 levels) so you can hear and audible tick every time the baby breathes (helps me sleep even better at night), it vibrates in attempt to rouse baby if nothing is sensed within the allotted seconds (15, I believe), and if the vibration rouse doesn’t work to rouse them, it will alarm. I have had it alarm twice… the second night I had it was the first time (I ran in, it was clipped exactly where I left it, and still in contact with his skin). He was crying at that point, but I do think the alarm roused him and the Snuza did what it was supposed to. The second time, i’m still not quite sure if it was a false alarm or indeed a necessary one… I’m leaning towards a false alarm considering that when i leaned over to turn it off he was still sound asleep (I turned it off super fast). This just tells me the vibration didn’t work so well either, primarily because it probably lost contact with is skin.Overall… this is WONDERFUL for babies who sleep at an angle that cannot sleep flat and NO worries for mommies who cloth diaper, like myself. Clips on rather well and stays put pretty well, too. It clips and stays perfect on the Bum Genius Hook and loop diapers, stays very well on the Bum Genius snaps, and pretty well on the Kawaii baby diapers. However, while it works with the fuzzibunz diapers, it tends to slip off at times (this isn’t a huge deal for me considering I don’t use the Fuzzi’s at night). All in all… I’m a happy momma, that sleeps a little better (when he does 😉 and didn’t have to compromise my love of cloth diapering. THANK YOU SNUZA for making a wonderful product!

Greta Port Huron, MI

Great piece of mind

I purchased this product to help me sleep at night without wanting to get up and check my son every few minutes. It does exactly what it says it does. If the child stops breathing, the vibration goes off to try and wake the baby and after that the alarm goes off.If I was purchasing this device again I don’t know that I would buy this model. I think I would buy the version without the vibration feature.Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor, Orange/White, 0-12 MonthsOurs has gone off several times, and the baby was breathing fine, but it didn’t even wake him. So I don’t feel the vibration does much.I only have 2 small complains about the alarm. First, I would like to see a different way of attaching the device to the child. My son moves around a lot when sleeping and the device slips off in the middle of the night causing the alarm to go off. The other problem is if your child sleeps on their side, the device may still be attached to their diaper but the tip will not be touching their stomach so the alarm will go off. I don’t think there is much that can be done about that.As a side note, the first one I bought had a problem after 3 months. It still worked but you couldn’t turn it off. I called and they replaced the device without any questions. I was able to keep the defective one until the new one arrived so I could continue to use it.

Concetta Coachella, CA

Good concept, product has some pluses and minuses to consider

First of all, Amazon seems to be classifying this item as a toy based on the questions it is asking me when submitting this review. There is some error occurring here, because clearly this is not a toy.I am torn about my opinion on this product. At the end of the day, I think I am happy that I purchased it. Its a toss up as to whether I’d purchase this one again, or go for one of the Angel-care type pad movement monitors. Here are some observations that may help you decide.First of all, I’m not sure that this product is all that well made. The battery was bad on the first item I received. The manual states that the battery should last a year. I bought the product brand new, and after about a week of use the battery indicator went off. This was NOT reassuring for a product that is supposed to be used almost 24/7 during the early nervous-making days of a baby’s life. I contacted Snuza immediately who, to their credit, offered to ship me out a new battery. I was nervous that I had received a dud of a monitor though, so decided to return it and purchase a second one elsewhere.The second monitor worked fine for about 4 or 5 months. Then gradually the buttons got harder and harder to push. You had to push several times, from slightly different angles, to get the monitor to turn on or off. I contacted Snuza again, and since it was still under warranty they offered to replace my product. I have to give Snuza credit for being so responsive, but it also makes me wonder when I had two separate mechanical products on two different devices.I do like the concept of this monitor though. The one problem is if you forget to put it on, its a bit of a pain to put it on after the baby is already asleep. You aren’t likely to do that with an Angelcare type system.

Marilyn Jessup, PA


This was a good product, even though I returned it, if I would have used it, it definitely would have been worth my money, anyone could hear the sound go off in the case of a baby to stop moving in his/her sleep.I just wasn’t the type of paranoid mother to need this product!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Juana Rio Grande City, TX

We Returned It

We bought this when my son was first born as I was very paranoid about SIDs. Unfortunately we had a false alarm almost every other night. We actually returned it after only a few uses because we would always wake in a panic and it would scare him too. For us it just wasn’t practical.

Lizzie Mc Clure, PA

Can’t say enough good things

This is the only reason I sleep at night. Amazing. I wish the alarm sound was a bit louder, but otherwise, no complaints. We have had two false alarms, both times because we didn’t fold the diaper over properly before putting on, so the device slid off. Love this.

Stacie Union, MI

Provides Peace of Mind

I bought the Snuza about a month ago. When I got it, it seemed as though the battery life was depleted, but I went with it anyhow, about 2 weeks ago the alarm started going off for no apparent reason, when the baby was awake. I took the cover off the back of the Snuza and discovered that the battery was not snapped in the slot all the way, so that would explain the alarm going off so randomly.I have since bought a replacement battery and haven’t had any issues since. I like that it has a ticking sound option, I use the ticking at night and during naps just use the snuza with out the ticking.I would have given this product 5 stars had the battery not been depleted when I received it. Plus if the diaper isnt’ hooked tight enough or there are gaps the alarm will also sound. Or if the diaper gets too full overnight, the snuza will come away from the belly and alarm goes off. Have had this happen twice.Overall a great product and would recommend it to anyone.

Angie Leland, MS

How to make the snuza stay on a wiggly baby all night

I really like the Snuza Halo for my twins. It allows me to sleep better at night. I found though, that they could wiggle out of it and then it would create a false alarm waking me in the middle of the night. I discovered that I would use 1 inch medical tape and tape the Snuza to the diaper to hold it on during the night. No more false alarms!

Lakesha Islip Terrace, NY

I can rest easy!

I wanted to use this for a couple of months before I reviewed it. I bought it when my son was a week old and he’s now 3 months old. I love this product and highly recommend it.First, it allowed me to sleep without feeling like I needed to get up and check if he was breathing. Secondly, I have not had one false alarm. Thirdly, I am on my first battery still, and we use it all night long every night.We clip this to our son’s diaper and put his onesie and swaddle over it. It never comes loose. I was worried it would fall off or that there would be false alarms giving me heart attacks all the time. I bought a multi-pack of batteries at the same time I bought the unit, thinking I’d be replacing them every couple of weeks. I’m happy it’s lasted all this time. My son has his first cold right now and I doubt I would have slept a wink without the Snuza.

Janell Plain, WI

Love it!!!!

I love this thing. It portable so my son wears it wherever he is sleeping. We have had a few false positives, but they were all or fault by not securing it well enough on his diaper. Hey I love the fact the alarm goes off after it senses no movement. At least I know its working…:) Best investment we’ve made. The peace of mind is well worth the money.

Jacklyn Saddlestring, WY

Helped us sleep!

This was a life saver for my wife and myself. Clips right on and goes off if the baby doesn’t move for 20 seconds (or repeated 15 second durations). Only times it has gone off were when it fell off or we took it off and didn’t turn it off. Gives us loads of reassurance that the boy is okay.

Lillie Escanaba, MI

Worth every penny for peace of mind!

As a new mom I was so terrified of SIDS, it’s like a big bad wolf story told to parents-to-be. SIDS is the monster under the bed, the scary thing in the closet, etc. and it’s all that is on your mind the second it comes time to turn out the light. Even before my little one arrived the idea of it was keeping me up at night and so I started researching preventatives like the Snuza and the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor, Blue. I had heard some scary things about babies being shocked on the angelcare mat so that turned me away from that, and after reading lots of consumer reviews I settled on the snuza.I am so happy I have it, it’s VERY tiny, about the length of my little finger and fits inside my palm with room to spare so don’t worry about it being overwhelming on your little one. On a newborn it does take up a little room on their tiny bellies and so I had to put it to the side of her umbilical cord stump, but there was no way I could let her sleep without it being on. One night while rocking her I fell asleep in the chair and I had her all bundled up in a blanket on my lap, the alarm went off and woke me up and her up. I don’t know if she was not breathing or if the monitor just lost contact with her belly because of how I was holding her but now more than ever I’m glad I have it, because of the ever present “what if?”.A hundred dollars for peace of mind every night you lay your baby boy or baby girl down? Absolutely worth it, you won’t regret the purchase.

Nell Carpio, ND

Early indications are it works as advertised

Do to our premature babies special needs, we only used this for a few days before our baby had to return to the hospital and they sent him home on a monitor with digital display and alarm setpoints for heart rate and oxygen saturation. In those few days we think we heard the Snuza Halo going through its vibration mode as it was supposed to when are baby paused breathing. Our baby was never motionless for the 15 seconds it takes to alarm but on a couple of occassions when we forgot to turn if off after taking it off his pants to change his diaper, it alarmed after 15 seconds as it should have sitting on a table. We plan to resume using this as soon as our baby is off the hospital’s digital monitor. My plan is to use this for a year because our child is high risk. It is very compact so it is not in the way at all.Update after 6 months of use: As I outlined in a review of the Snuza replacement battery, battery life lasted about 2 months each for the original Snuza battery and just slightly less for the first replacement battery (FDK) and then dropped off steadily until at 5 months the replacement Snuza brand battery lasted 2 weeks and the replacement FDK lasted 2 days. So we called it quits on the Snuza Halo at 6 months. My complaints are the Snuza started drawing down batteries faster with Snuza age and battery size is very non standard and despite attempts to order a Sanyo battery adverstized on Amazon, that Amazon seller and Batteries Plus only carried an FDK battery which didn’t last as long as the Snuza (see my Snuza replaement battery review). Despite this, I would recommend the Snuza again as it gave us great piece of mind. It did work as on occassion it came off our babies waist and we awoke to the alarm. I also heard it vibrate on occassion before we moved our baby out of our room. Not sure in those cases if our baby truly had stopped breathing for 15 seconds and the Snuza stimulated him back or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me since he displayed sleep apnea on the hospital monitors and in listening to him breath when sleeping. Hopefully he would have began breathing on his own but I liked the vibrate stimulation prior to alarm mode. So I still recommend this product despite it only lasting 6 months. These were the crucial months when we needed the monitoring after 3 months of him stopping breathing and needing stimulation in the hospital as a 3 month premature baby.

Jacquelyn Stonewall, NC

Love it.

This was our little angel in the night. Our baby was a stomach sleeper- the pediatrician really had minimal objection to him sleeping on his belly (she’s old-school) and he slept much longer stretches that way, but just to be on the safe side we always had him wear this little contraption on his diaper and despite a few false alarms that woke us all up, it was worth it to know we’d be alerted if the worst happened.

Roxanne Aurora, NE

Good product– Better and Worse than Angelcare….

I am so thankful to have the Snuza Halo Baby monitor. We have a two month old son, and use it when he naps in his Pack’n Play in the living room. It is extremely simple to use- turn it on, clip it to the diaper, make sure the light is functioning appropriately, and get the baby dressed. Ours has functioned exactly as advertised. Here is a brief comparison between the two most popular (it seems) movement monitors on the market. We have both.Snuza:Benefits- The Snuza is portable and easy to set up. It works as advertised. It does not take up an outlet.Disadvantages- if I forget to put it on and the baby falls asleep, he must be undressed (if wearing a sleeper) to put it on, which wakes him up. It is more expensive than the Angelcare monitor. I can’t see that it is working during the night. If I am farther away, I wouldn’t be able to hear the alarm, so I have to stay relatively close (easy in our two bedroom, but someone with two stories might find this a pain), or buy a sound monitor to carry around. It will not work in a swing or stroller– it only measures movement, so even if the baby isn’t breathing, the movement from the swing may be mistaken as breathing by the machine.Angelcare:Benefits- This monitor doubles as sound monitor and a temperature gauge. I can bring the hand piece with me to do chores around the house, so I can keep “listening in” on our son (and be sure he is breathing) even if I am too far away to have heard the Snuza monitor. Most importantly to me, the visible “ticker” provides me with comfort when I wake up in the night… I can see the monitor is definitely working and the baby is actually breathing. Also, it is cheaper than the Snuza.Disadvantages-The initial set up is a bit of a pain… A board is recommended to place the monitor on, but I used a hardback kid’s book. The wires are cumbersome. It takes up both outlets on my side of the bed so I can’t plug my cell phone in next to me. More importantly, the Angelcare monitor is not portable and can only be used in our son’s crib. When tired, I have forgotten to turn it off when I get my son out of the crib to eat… Sure enough, as soon as I get in the living room, the monitor starts beeping and my husband has to turn it off.Both monitors offer tremendous peace of mind and neither has had any false alarms (except when I forget to turn them off when not in use). You can’t go wrong with either, imo.

Stacy Lancaster, TN

This little gadget allows this new mom to sleep easier!

I’m a recovering type A personality. I used to make coffee nervous, but as I’ve gotten older, thank goodness I’ve mellowed. Somewhat. So now we have a newborn, our first child, and I’m fine putting her to sleep during the day between feedings….but at night? Whole different story. She sleeps in a bassinet next to me for peace of mind and overnight feedings. The peace of mind? Not so much. Every little noise, sigh, and movement she makes has me up, painfully almost tearing out my c-section stitches because I move so fast, and popping on a light to check on her before I’m even aware that I’m awake. Or checking. There was no relaxing or reasoning with me over settling down. It’s just a mothering instinct gone awry. And even asleep I can hear our little girl’s slightest movement and sound despite a white noise machine and a snoring husband. Bottom line is since leaving the hospital at night, I was not sleeping, just kind of laying there somewhere between sleep and my next hyper-alert check. Total nightmare. And as I discovered from our postpartum doula who has been helping out a few nights a week since coming home, this happens and you never know if you’ll be the nervous hyper-aware parent or not. Some of our doula’s postpartum mommas ended up going from co-sleeping or bassinet beside the bed to moving the child down the hall to their own room because they couldn’t shut that instinct off and were falling off their feet. It sucks. And the nights of doula help where I can get a little sleep were winding down and I couldn’t figure out what to do because no way can I not sleep 7 nights a week!But then our little girl’s belly button appeared and I was able to use this sweet little gadget a friend recommended. I’d half-forgotten that we even bought this. (My friend said it could give a false positive before the cord falls off and can you imagine my state if false alarms went off? I’d never sleep again! So I waited to use it and kinda regret that I did.)I tried it during the day first and it seemed to work. A little hard to get on and off over the diaper at first or switch to a new diaper and a little hard to turn totally off when bathing her (thought it was off until the alarm sounded and then couldn’t figure out how to shut it off). So the type A in me came out and yeah okay, now only
• I
• can put it on her because
• I
• know it will be on and on right (hey, by this point I was all for whatever helped me to get some sleep even if I was micromanaging and dictating). And after one panicky moment @ 3 am that first night when I wasn’t sure if it was turned on (but thankfully I could see the tiny led flash green through her clothes that signaled it was okay) I slept. I SLEPT! Two whole hours. A minor miracle.I still half-listened, and I probably always will, but knew she was okay.Well worth the money, the peace of mind, and a shot if you’re unable to rest!

Maxine Santa Ana, CA

Great for peace of mind

This product is easy to use and I have never had a false alarm. As long as you fold the top of the diaper over and make sure it is snug, you should not have any problems. This has given us HUGE peace of mind and is WELL worth the money. I love that I can use it anywhere, anytime, as opposed to the monitors that are pads for the crib, etc.

Mabel New Pine Creek, OR

If you buy nothing else, buy this!

If there is one product in the world that you should buy for your baby, it’s this baby monitor. Wherever they’re sleeping, they’ll be safe. At home, at grandmas, at daycare, it goes everywhere! The only false alarms we have ever had were when we didn’t put her diaper on tight enough & yes it was scary when it went off, but that’s a small price to pay to know that she’s ok! The alarm went off one time in the middle of the night when she was about 2wks old, and although she wasn’t blue or anything, it seemed to be attached properly so I can only assume that she had actually stopped breathing. Whether or not she would’ve started again on her own, I don’t know, but I’m really glad I didn’t have to find out. It’s a life saver, it’s only $100, it’s not worth the risk to not have.

Katharine Redlake, MN

Stomach sleeper and amazing!

I have used these since the day our twins came home. I love them. Yes i have had more false alarms than i can remember but its always my fault for not putting it on properly (the lack of sleep means not even my clothes go on right these days)After three weeks (or longer, its all such a blur) we were told our babies have reflux (which weirdly enough was a relief to know the they dont just HATE me). We were told to have them sleep on their stomachs on a wedge. Well we are all completely told OVER and OVER and OVER.. again we aren’t supposed to do that (even though most of us were laid on our stomach). So i refused to do it at first. But after a couple days of seeing my babies waking up screaming. It was time. i don;t think i would have got any sleep if it wasn’t for this SNUZA. I would have just worried the whole night. They are still stomach sleepers (at 14 weeks) and are wearing this. I still have a lot of false alarms but again its because of me. I’ll use this until they move around to the point of it falling off them.As many of stated. I would rather run into their room all the time because of false alarms than the unthinkable happening.

Sabrina Tulare, SD

Peace of mind

I’m a new first time mom and I was waking up constantly to check on the baby. This thing is amazing. It has a sound setting and a silent mode so that you know it’s working. I tested it out immediately upon receiving it and the alarm is pretty loud, more than enough to wake me up. I would recommend this to any new mom.

Michell Cambridge, ID

Peace of mind!

I was so excited when my snuza came ! I always worry about sids because I worry about everything. This snuza gave me such a piece of mind. This was priceless and I knew my baby was asleep safe and sound. The instructions were clear, and the product is overall easy to use. The only thing I did not like is that the batteries are a little bit hard to find. I have had no false alarms and the when this thing does sound it is very loud!

Valerie Seal Rock, OR