Snuza Hero SE baby movement monitor.

Snuza Hero SE baby movement monitor.

The value of Snuza monitors in today’s mobile world is significant as it is an ‘out-and-about’ monitor, unrestricted by the conditions imposed by other monitoring products. The innovative Snuza range offers unsurpassed technology in the world of baby monitoring in that it uniquely combines finely-tuned precision monitoring with mobility and ergonomics. Because Snuza hero clips over the waistband of baby’s diaper, it doesn’t matter where they sleep. Perfect for at home, when travelling or when visiting friends and family. The Snuza hero has a unique vibration feature that is activated to stimulate baby is movement is not sensed for 15 seconds. If movement is not detected within 5 seconds of the vibration, an audible alarm is activated. You can be assured that Snuza hero is safe. There are no wires or cords that could potentially harm baby; Your Snuza is made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics; and importantly, does not send or receive radiofrequency signals. Comes with replaceable battery and comprehensive 1 year warranty.

Main features

  • Portable
  • Unique vibration stimulation feature
  • Audible alarm if movement not detected
  • Replaces Snuza Halo Mobile Baby Movement Monitor

Verified reviews


A great portable monitor

I’m a physician and I asked several of my pediatrician friends what they thought about movement monitors and pretty much got a neutral response from everyone.My husband and I were looking for a video/audio monitor and came across Angelcare and purchased that for her crib.However, when she got sick with a cold and we needed to have her sleeping upright, we had a dilemma since the movement monitor wasn’t portable. My husband actually came across Snuza because it was portable and we decided to go ahead and purchase it despite my daughter not having any of the risk factors for SIDs.Thank goodness we did. Since purchasing it, it has gone off twice, and neither occasion was it a false alarm. It was actually the night before she got sick both times. I believe she had so much drainage that she wasn’t able to clear and she had a respiratory pause. After the first time (which occurred because the Snuza was still on despite her being in her crib because we didn’t want to undo the swaddle) we use the Snuza at night as well.Both times the Snuza went off before the Angelcare. We never had a false alarm with the Angelcare. The Snuza does have false alarms if it comes off the diaper, but this has only happened like 2-4 times and it is during the day when she is active.Since both alarms, I send the Snuza with her to daycare. No one knows what causes SIDs, but both times, the Snuza went off when she was alseep and was when she got sick overnight and congested. Pretty much she went to sleep fine and woke up sick so there was no way as a parent I would have known to be on alert. However, after both times I suctioned her out and had her sleep sitting up without any more alarms.I had the Angelcare, but Snuza gives me peace of mind, especially since the two events and her being in daycare. With 20% of SIDs occurring when a baby is being watched by a provider, it gives me peace of mind when I send it with her to daycare each day. I would recommend this to anyone. I’m not a pediatrician, but in my limited experience with my daughter, I would highly recommend a Snuza to any parent.

Nikki Fence Lake, NM

I can actually sleep now.

I bought this monitor for some peace of mind when I started putting my 6mos old daughter in her own room at night. She is my first and I had a real problem with seperation anxiety. We are very fortunate that she sleeps through the night with just a fuss here or there. However, going blind staring at the video/audio monitor, trying to see her chest rise and fall after she hadnt repositioned in hours, was making me crazy. So… I bought the Snuza for my nerves. I’ve used it for about two months now and I LOVE it. This model fits in the palm of your hand, it is so small. Very easy to use, simple instructions. The babysitter has no problem using it. I will try and post pics later. I had read some people had false readings with fans, etc… with some similar monitors so I tested it alone in any area she sleeps around the house. No problems. She sleeps with a fish tank, a humidifier and sometimes a white noise machine or music. Nothing interferes. The design is really cool, the soft rubber tip sets on the tummy and picks up the tiniest movements when they breath. However, it does not pick up digestive activity, I actually watched it one nap when she had gas bubbles. Silly, maybe, but reassuring. There is no way the baby can accidentally turn it off by moving around either. My baby is a tummy sleeper which has presented a couple of challenges; One, she will dislodge it when she wiggles around if I am not careful to tighten her diaper properly and make sure the clip is fully seated. Two, it is harder to hear and slightly muffled when it does go off because she is laying on it. We have had two alarms so far. One was definitely a false alarm because the monitor came loose. The second one I am not so sure about because my first instinct was to turn it off before I checked her breathing and messing with it woke her up. At least now I know I will hear it and wake up if it does goes off. And I can sleep knowing that even if she hasnt moved in hours, which she does sometimes, she must be breathing because its quiet.

Amparo Bancroft, WI

Worth the money for peace of mind

This is the kind of product that you will probably never need, but in the 1 in 1,000 chance that you need it, it might make a difference. I will never know if this device has ever made a difference to my baby, but I kind of don’t care. Just having it on him helps me sleep better. I was a totally nervous new mom and completely paranoid about SIDS. I woke up multiple times a night just to make sure he was still breathing. Now I can sleep better because I know that the alarm is LOUD and it will definitely wake us up if there is ever a problem!The construction seems quality and I expect it to last until we don’t need to use it any more. We have had a couple of false alarms, when the monitor has fallen off his diaper. I will gladly take the false alarms to know that the device works. It was pricey and my husband still thinks I am a bit crazy for making him put this on our baby’s diaper every night. Honestly the $80 has been worth it for several months of better sleep.

Cristina Micanopy, FL

A must have for each of our babies!

Definitely a must have baby item in our house! We just purchased this for our second baby as we loved it with the first (but wanted a new one for this baby). The additional peace of mind is priceless and the device is so easy to use and non-invasive. We were worried that it would irritate the baby’s tummy, but we never had any problems with our first. He wore it every night for nearly 12 months (yeah, I probably could have been a little less paranoid, but he didn’t seem to mind).The only drawback is that as they get bigger and move around more and try to lay on their tummies it can slide off the diaper and eventually give a false alarm, but we didn’t even have enough of that to make us worried about it.I would highly recommend for any baby. You won’t regret your decision to purchase this.

Ollie Punta Santiago, PR

Somewhat peace of mind, several false alarms

I’m not sure if I rather have false alarms or not so I guess it was reassuring either way. If the diaper is too wet it become separated from the belly which causes the false alarm. There are other times that it went off and I wasn’t sure why, he was sleeping peacefully. It gave some peace of mind either way. We brought our baby home after 2 months in the NICU so being off of monitors for the first time was a little scary. The snuza eased us a bit.

Teresa Mc Queeney, TX

Well worth it

I am an uber-paranoid mom when it comes to sleep safety. I thought I would outgrow it, but my daughter is 4 months old and I still wake up in a panic on a regular basis convinced she isn’t breathing, or have to get up and check on her constantly just to make sure she is ok. This has really helped to put my mind at ease. There is a little light that flashes green with each movement/breathing, so when I wake up in the night I can just look across the room and while it’s too dark to see her breathing in her crib I can see the light flash with each movement. If she isn’t breathing or moving frequently enough the light changes to orange so I know to check on her. Since babies’ breathing is pretty irregular it can be normal for them to breath slowly and then more quickly. I have watched it turn to orange while she is sleeping and it was because she held her breath for a few seconds in her sleep but then she started breathing more quickly and it returned to green. The light isn’t too bright to interrupt anyone’s sleep. We have only had two false alarms, and both were soon after we started using it and happened because we did not secure it properly on her diaper. It fell off and then the alarm went off because it wasn’t picking up enough movement. Now that we secure it properly we have had no issues.

Judi New Wilmington, PA

Awesome monitor!

I purchased this monitor because my son (about 2 months at the time) insisted on sleeping on his belly. I rested easier using this monitor each night. I used it for the past 3 months every night- not for his daytime naps. It has a loud alert beep that I vaguely heard through winter pajamas & a sleep sack. I am sure if he had on fewer layers I would have heard the alarm easier. If your child is a belly sleeper or you are just over-cautious, purchase this monitor. You will not regret it.

Judi Springdale, PA

Too many false alarms

Almost every night there would be a false alarm that almost gave me a heart attack so I just returned this monitor. I followed the instructions very carefully and I’m confident I was using it correctly…but maybe my baby squirms too much.

Jade Aurora, OH

Battery Hog

If you’re into buying expensive batteries several times a month then this is what will expect with the Snuza. Maybe we just have a dud but expectations are not high with the one we purchased. Came with a dead battery and had to replace before we could use. Should have returned but wasn’t worth the hassle. Once we replaced the battery it worked and gave us a piece of mind while baby was sleeping. However that didn’t last long. In last 2 months we have changed the battery 3 times. Also batteries are not readily available so was waiting on shipment part of this time. Idea is fabulous if only the product was better. Really wanted to have high reviews for this … very disappointed.

Marva Howard, CO

Peace of mind.

We used a sensor pad type monitor with my oldest child that would give us false alarms when she would roll too far from the center of the crib. We bought this monitor for our newest addition in the hopes of less false alarms and also because I could use it on him when he napped in his swing as a newborn. It turns out that as soon as he learned to roll at 3 months he began to sleep on his stomach and I was so glad I had this monitor. We use it for every nap and all night. I really do love this little monitor and we’ve only had a couple false alarms when the monitor has fallen off. We use cloth diapers and since they’re so thick it can sometimes be hard to get the monitor on securely. I also have to put it on his side because he does sleep on his stomach and it will leave red marks if I put it on his front side.

Rosario North Grafton, MA

Havent Used It Yet, But Love The Idea

My wife and I are Having A baby soon, and purchased this item just for peace of mind. You cant put a price on a newborns life. A must have for anyone having a newborn.

Joyce Luzerne, IA

Love it. Can rest better at night knowing this is on my daughter.

I could not sleep without this. My daughter is 3 months old and I have used it since her birth. I didn’t like attaching it to her diaper so I cut the elastic band from a pair of her pants and just hook monitor on her that way. Now that she moves a little more sometimes I attach it upside down and it still works fine. Also I just attach it to pants if she has them on and it still works. I have had some false alarms but that’s because it may have slid off but it doesn’t bother me. I would rather be safe than sorry. I love that is portable bc she sleeps in different areas.

Jodie Ambler, PA


We ordered this wanting to use it with out preemie once he was discharged from the NICU and thinking it’d give us more peace of mind at home.What a mistake- despite reading the instructions and watching a video online, it still went off randomly at all hours.Plus having the monitor clipped to his diaper snugly left our little guy with skin chaffing which must have been uncomfortable for him.We returned this.

Marcia Peterborough, NH

Peace of mind

Love this thing. Shortly after our baby was born, I had trouble sleeping because I was terrified I’d wake up and she wouldn’t be breathing. After I bought this, I had a much easier time calming down enough to sleep. It actually works really well. The only time the alarm has gone off is when she had on a specific cloth diaper that gapes in the front. The monitor wasn’t against her belly properly. The alarm is quite loud and drives my dog nuts. So if I slept through the alarm, there’s no way I would sleep through my dog going crazy.

Kristine Jenkins, KY

Most valuable baby product. BUT TEST IT WITH YOUR SOUND MONITOR! (See below)

Has lasted 5 months so far without needing a new battery. Gives such peace of mind. My favorite baby item!IMPORTANT: if your baby is staying in a separate room and you’re using a sound monitor, test that monitor with the Snuza! Our original baby monitor, the “Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision” DOES NOT TRANSMIT THE FREQUENCY OF THIS DEVICE. But our second monitor, the AngelCare system, did. So just be sure to test it out so you know if you can hear the beeps if it goes off.

Kristin Schererville, IN

Peace of mind and a little more sleep for mom!

So we wanted to wait out the critical window for SIDS with our baby in a bedside cosleeper. But she was getting too big and I wasn’t getting any good, restful sleep. Upon the advice of my husband, my doctor, and my concience, we planned the ‘big move’ from our room to her crib in her nursery. Part of that plan was the Snuza. Since she wasn’t out of the proverbial woods yet we needed this peace of mind. We have had one false alarm where the unit came off the diaper and registered a lack of movement. This was probably more due to sleep deprived user error combined with being a novice user, and an overly loose cloth diaper wasteband, than any failing of the product itself. Since then we have made sure to seat the unit better, and tighten the diaper band better, and no second false alarm yet! The only odd negative about the Snuza is that you need to press both side buttons in simultaniously to turn it off and if you don’t it just mocks you with beeps and lights until you do get it right. Such a minor thing that I didn’t even take off a star.

Agnes Roanoke, VA

I can sleep!!

Best invention EVER! I love this thing & my 3 month old never goes to sleep without it! We’ve had one false alarm on the first night using it & that was because I didn’t fold diaper so it was on him kind of loose. I can sleep so much better knowing if something were to happen (God forbid) this thing will go off & wake me up. It does leave a red mark on his belly but it’s not bad. The alarm is loud but if baby is in another room u may not hear it but it’s loud enough you’ll hear it if baby sleeps in the same room as u.

Bonnie Modoc, IN

Not for cloth diapers

We got nothing but false alarms while using with cloth diapers and diaper covers. As a result, this tool, which is a good idea, was a nightmare.

Milagros White Mills, KY

Got this for our second child.

I heard about this product and got it while we were expecting #2. She arrived 4.5 weeks early and is still currently in the NIU. we had a night of rooming in where we used the snuza…gave me a great piece of mind. cant wait to get her home and use it daily.

Charlotte Louisville, MS

Love the snuza, but….

I love this product and use it everyday, I only wish it lasted longer! I purchased one, used it for a few months and it stopped working. I ordered a second one and contacted the company. The broken snuza was replaced and I held on to it as a backup because of the experience I had with the first one and because other reviewers had commented that they also had problems. Well now the second one is not working so I am using the one the company sent as a replacement. I contacted the company regarding the second broken snuza and have not heard back from them yet. The snuza fits on his diaper, cloth or disposable and does not seem to bother him at all, although he has learned to pull it off so I have him in a onsie when he has it on. I have luckily only had false alarms due to gaping with a wet diaper or it coming off from him moving around. He sleeps on his belly now that he can roll over and it still does not seem to bother him and it works fine that way. The false alarms do not bother me because it just reaffirms for me that it is working.

Brigitte Atkinson, IL

Very please with Snuza.

So far I am very pleased with my Snuza Hero. I like that it stays with the baby, so I can use it even if baby is sleeping in his swing or bouncer (not just the crib / bassinet.) To me this is a huge advantage over the Angel Care movement monitor. I have had three false alarms, when the monitor became dislodged due to my baby’s movements. (Two of the false alarms occurred in the same night when I did not want to unswaddle my sleeping baby to reset it.) Because of this, I am convinced it works since the monitor clearly knows when it is not detecting baby movements. The Snuza battery that comes with the monitor lasted me about five days (at night only.) I bought off-brand Zeno batteries and so far the first one has lasted about two weeks, so my suggestion is to get those batteries if you use this monitor. As a note, you’ll need to order the batteries from someplace like Amazon or go to a specialty store. They are not sold at mass retailers.

Latanya Sherrill, IA

Piece Of mind

As an anxious mother I am very scared of SIDS. I don’t put my 10 week old in her crib yet, because she sleeps in a bassinets. So the Angel care Monitors won’t work in a bassinet. I found the Snuza and bought it immediately. It’s small and the baby doesn’t even feel it hooked to their diaper. It’s worth the money.

Sonya Dallas, OR

Piece of mind!!!!

I finally decided to use this item when transitioning my baby from my room to hers. I have to say, this has given me great piece of mind. No false alarms of yet ( used it for about three weeks now). As soon as you remove the monitor, it starts beeping right away. It is VERY sensitive! I love it!! Gives me great piece of mind that it will go off if there is no movement noted when clipped to my baby. I was hesitant on clipping it to the diaper, I thought it might be uncomfortable or get dirty, but so far so good. My baby does not seem to mind or notice it and it stays nice and clean. I don’t think I could fall asleep without it…. Now I can fall asleep and don’t need to stare at the monitor or sneak into her room to make sure she is breathing. Money well spent!

Liz Bascom, FL

Peace of mind…

I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this, We have not had any “false” alarms and so far has worked! Gives us a peace of mind! Wish there were more products like this so many mothers worry every night! Only 4 stars because we have only had it one month!

Mollie Riverside, MO

Thought I would like better

After several friends got this I really thought this was going to be "the" product I needed. We had DD in a rock n play and I needed peace of mind. You have to fold the diaper over so it will stay on better. We had a lot of false alarms though. Her diaper would roll down and it wasn’t touching her belly so the alarm would go off. I tried moving it to her side inside of front and that didn’t help. I can’t see how it’s comfortable for baby either. The clip is right against their skin unless you put it on pants that are over a onesie. It’s not very loud either. It was fine when she was right next to me and I could hear but hearing it through a monitor is very difficult especially if you turn it down so you only hear baby cries and not every single movement. We have the Angelcare movement and sound monitor for her pack n play and crib and love it, no false alarms.

Sallie Graysville, IN


It’s portable unlike the Angel Care systems. You can put it on baby no matter where they sleep. Gave me peace of mind when I moved my son from my room to his.

Cassandra Brockton, MT

Have not used it on our baby yet (not born yet) but love it!

Our baby has not yet been born, but after opening the package, reading the directions and playing with the monitor I am completely satisfied with this purchase. It looks like it will be wonderful peace of mind. I will update once we actually use it in real-life. 🙂

Cora Protem, MO

Great baby monitor, less warranty than before though – tip for extending battery life

I bought the Snuza Halo monitor, now called the Hero, in 2012 for my son. He was my first and I felt like I had to check on him every 10 minutes because I had read so many things about SIDS. My husband would wake up to find me sleeping with my hand on my son’s chest because I didn’t want him to stop breathing in the middle of the night. I found this and didn’t think twice about buying it. I paid $129 for it in 2012 and it came with a 2 year warranty. I did have to have my unit replaced because it had a defective button and I couldn’t turn it off after a few months. It was quickly replaced without any problems. I used the monitor on my son until he was about 9 months old, and only stopped because he was sleeping on his stomach and would move a lot causing the alarm to pull off his diaper, making the alarm go off 4-5 times a night.I had my second son recently and pulled this out immediately. It had been a while, so the battery was dead. I went to order a new one, but the manufacturer wants $20 for the battery plus $10 shipping. I went to my local battery store and they found one that was the same voltage and amps that came with the alarm originally. I put it in and the alarm gave the "low battery" warning. So I turned it off and back on again and it said everything was fine. I’m not sure why that’s happening, but it does with every battery I’ve gotten for it since then.The other issue with the non-original battery, is that it doesn’t last as long as the one that came with the alarm. I had the replacement alarm for over 6 months and never replaced the battery. I would turn it on and off each time I changed or bathed my son. The non-original batteries last about 2 months without being turned off except when my son it bathed. For diaper changes, I just lay it next to him and usually his movements on the changing table are enough to prevent the alarm from going off. We don’t really take it off except for baths because, like most babies, my son will fall asleep anywhere at anytime and I’m not going to wake him to put the alarm on.The original version of this that I own has problems again with the buttons. I don’t know if it’s because I was turning it off and on a lot with my first, but it pretty much became impossible to silence or turn off, so I had to buy another one. I was very disappointed when it arrived to find that the box said it only had a 1 year warranty instead of the 2 year that they use to offer. That is the reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5.TIP FOR EXTENDING BATTERY LIFE:Don’t turn it off and on again when changing the baby. Lay it next to them on the changing table and there should be enough movement to prevent the alarm from going off. Only turn it off when you are taking it off the child for baths. The on and off seems to drain the battery quicker.

Esmeralda Ibapah, UT

Prefer Movement Pad Monitors

Our household loves this safety gadget. I just want to add that once our little guy started moving around in crib a lot (between 6 and 7 months), this became a bit cumbersome. We’ve had more false alarms as the sensor had more of a tendency to become removed from baby’s belly (we clipped the snuza directly on to his diaper as directed). We’re still using the Snuza, but we recently also purchased the Babysense Infant Monitor (babysensellc dot com) and making the switch soon.I gave the Snuza 5 stars because for those first 6-7 months, it was excellent, and we plan on using it again for our next baby.Update: At around 7.5 months we put the Snuza away. Now we are using the Babysense Infant Monitor (it’s similar to the Angel Care Movement Monitor). If I had known about the Babysense Infant Monitor when my son was a newborn, I would have used it instead of the Snuza. The Babysense Infant Monitor is more value for our money and less hassle. Therefore I’ve changed my 5 star rating to 3.

Blanca Maple Heights, OH

Love it!!

I love the Snuza and use it every night. I think every baby should wear one. I always have clothing on top so it doesn’t get pushed off and have had a few false alarms from it coming off but I will take false alarms any day over it not working.I always check for breathing, not I just see the flashing light which is right on que with every breath.

Sharon Troutville, PA