Sock ONS Securing Garments Keep Baby Infant Socks on Multiple Colors and Sizes

Sock ONS Securing Garments Keep Baby Infant Socks on Multiple Colors and Sizes

Keeping socks on babies feet is no simple task. Little kick, tug at the toes and they’re off! Sock Ons are clever little things that keep those socks on. Resembling something like a ‘sock jacket’, this garment is worn over the sock and ‘locks’ it into place with a patent pending design. A must for all parents!

Main features

  • For babies 6-12 months.
  • Not suitable for walking or wearing with shoes.
  • 82% Nylon 18% Elastane.
  • Keeps baby from loosing socks. Keeps socks on.
  • Best Baby & Infant Product 2010 Silver Award.

Verified reviews


what a difference!!!

I cannot say enough great things about sock ons! Until we purchased these, my son pulled his socks off CONSTANTLY! I put these on over every pair of socks he wears and he has yet to pull the socks off! I am impressed 🙂

Lauren Mountainhome, PA


Little socks are expensive, and frustrating. They are hard to get on spread out toes, and seem to constantly fall off. You lose them at Grandmas, at the store, and in the car. I bought sock ons for my baby boy and have used them every day since. (well, now the weather is warm so he is barefoot, but whenever he wears socks, they stay on because of sock ons).They are washable, they stretch, and they save sanity.Buy these, I promise, you will buy more for yourself and for all your friends with babies.

Marsha Reddell, LA

Great idea!!

Sock ons are great!! my son is always getting out of his socks and these things really work. definitely recommend to anyone who has a little one that wiggles out of his socks like mine does!

Carmen Abilene, KS

So effective, but so tight!

These work wonders (and stimulate interesting discussion among similarly neurotic people as myself who are always looking to maximize efficiency!) but they are awfully tight. I found myself checking my 2 mos. old’s little feet to make sure that the blood is still flowing and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to use them on his month-older paws even though they are supposedly for 0-6 months.

Colleen Trimont, MN

Excellent Idea!

These are an excellent idea! They work just like they are supposed to and are great for keeping socks on the feet of a baby who hates shoes and socks. After using them a while, she now keeps her socks on without them. They taught her not to pull her socks off. Thanks!

Christina Little Chute, WI

So clever!

I love these things. They keep my little girls socks on through multiple attempts to pull them off, especially in the car seat. 🙂

Grace Fort Yukon, AK