Soft Bowl Set in Sorbet

Soft Bowl Set in Sorbet

B3174 Features: -Materials: polypropylene (PP) and elastomeric (SEBS).-Have a slip-resistant base which is perfect for those early feedings and for children learning to self-feed.-Stack for easy storage and are dishwasher safe. Includes: -Includes: 3 plastic bowls. Color/Finish: -Color: Sorbet.

Main features

  • Product Dimensions – 5 in diameter x 2 H
  • Materials – polypropylene (PP) and elastomer (SEBS)

Verified reviews


Not made in France.

We got these bowls originally because we thought they were made in France. When we got the package, it states on the outside packaging that it is indeed made in China. The bowls themselves look very sturdy and difficult for a toddler to shove off a table due to the rubber bottoms. They are ergonomically great and cute colors that a child would like. It looks like a good quality product. However, we returned them for some children’s cutlery and bowls/plates made in the U.S.A.

Tracy Madison, NE

Best toddler bowl EVER!

I got a set of these bowls at my baby shower and had no idea as my kid was an infant how invaluable these would be by age 2! I just came searching to buy a set for my niece and it looks like they are discontinued?!? I’m really disappointed to see such a great product get discontinued. Hopefully they will make a come-back. Until then I’m holding tightly onto mine!!Why I love these bowls:They don’t tip over! No matter how hard my kid tried to dump this bowl, she just can’y!They don’t slip! They have rubber coated bottoms, which is WAY better than those suction cup bowls that my kid pulls up in like minus 2 seconds.They are the perfect size..They are dishwasher/microwave safe..They are fun colors!!If I had to knit-pick.. they don’t stack well and take up space in the cabinet (WORTH IT).. and also they collect a bunch of water in the dishwasher b/c both sides are bowl-like.. but that’s so minor, I just dump the water in the sink.

Anna Cave In Rock, IL

Pricey, but great bowls

These bowls are pricey, but the slip resistant base more than makes up for the price. The only thing I would comment on is that they really should only be used for purees of fruits/veggies when your child is an infant, and then for raw fruits/veggies, cereal, etc, when your child is older. As my son got older, and I started to put things like pasta with red sauce in them, they started to stain. The stain does not come out with ANY type of cleanser.

Shelly Friesland, WI

Great baby bowls

These work as expected and clean easily. I like the colors and the quality of construction. I definitely recommend these for a baby under 1 year.

Carissa Granbury, TX

I have a baby girl not a puppy. lol

Everyone in my family laughed because they look like little doggie dishes, but at least they don’t flip over. Of course my baby’s little nose isn’t stuffed into the bowl. It works well enough but does stain with certain foods.

Janis Ellenton, FL