Soft Gear My Booster Seat, Mint

Soft Gear My Booster Seat, Mint

Soft Gear My Booster is made with our exclusive closed cell foam technology and is mold-resistant and latex free. The patent pending suction cups on the bottom of the booster and the hand holds on each side help to prevent your child from slipping and falling. Plus, it’s anti-microbial so microorganisms won’t degrade your booster or affect your child’s health. My Booster is lightweight and transportable so your toddler can avoid germs from public booster seats. Carrying case included.

Main features

  • 100% Closed Cell Foam
  • Made in US
  • Non slip surface
  • Germ resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Light weight and portable
  • Carry case included

Verified reviews


Great Booster

My 2 year old loves this booster and regularly carries it around with her to sit on in other areas of the house. It does not suction to our pleather padded chairs, however we have not had problems with the booster sliding around. The espresso color also matches great with the dark wood finish of our furniture, though some of the other colors definitely win out on cuteness. It is easy to clean and small enough to carry around when we go to visit friends and family.

Liza Spring Valley, IL


My daughter love this booster . We had the ones that strapped to the seat and when we took it off it ruin our chair .. I love the fact it sticks to the chair . Easy to clean

Charlotte Edgerton, KS

Soft, pink, and wipes clean – but doesn’t suction to chair

Overall, I’m very happy with this product. My two year old daughter and I love the pink color. It’s also very easy to wipe clean. The package shows the booster easily suctioning to a chair, but that was not my experience. Our kitchen chairs do not have a smooth bottom, so that may be the problem. That’s not a problem for us because even without the suction, it is sturdy and stays in place without sliding around. I wish I could say the same for my daughter. She likes to sit on the low back of the booster, rather than the seat. I considered getting a booster seat with a buckle for that very reason. However, I didn’t like the buckle on my older son’s booster seat. The straps were difficult to clean, and we found we didn’t use it much after he turned two.

Deann Flushing, MI

Perfect booster

Bought this to graduate from a buckled booster seat at the kitchen table. It’s very, very easy to clean and very comfortable. The suction cups also work very well on our wooden chairs. I highly recommend it. Worth every penny!

Angela Centre, AL

Great seat

This is a fantastic seat. We had a space saver high chair that converted to a booster seat, but the arms/handles made it so that the chair couldn’t realyl go under the table and be used withotu the tray. So, now that my daughter wants to sit at the table "no tray!" we needed something else. It is comfortable and does the job. Note: we have cloth seats so it does not suction but she is stable and not wiggly and it is fine. Love it.

Guadalupe State Line, MS

Awesome booster

I have to save after having a cloth high chair and having it stain from my daughters messes, I wanted something that would be easier to maintain. This booster is definitely it! It is easy to wipe down, holds onto surfaces well, and stores really easily. I have to say it was a great investment.

Kathie Crothersville, IN

Simple and functional

My 3yo outgrew her high chair. This booster has been a perfect next step. It’s a simple one-piece design, so nowhere for food to get stuck. It’s brown, so no worries about stains. It’s lightweight, so we can easily move it from chair to chair. At this point, we don’t need straps, so we’re glad this doesn’t have any.The suction cups don’t work on our chairs, but that has not been an issue at all.Overall: a great purchase.

Arlene Henderson, NC


Awesome booster. Waterproof/food proof. Great for older kid who needs a boos. Easier to get in and out than a lot of others. No straps which I love this thing is awesome. No worries about furniture it’s on, it’s comfortable, it’s a good height. Seriously my search is finally over.

Bessie Lawley, AL

Big Girl Seats

I’ve been using these for a few months now and the kids love them. I do too. My kitchen seats are kinda concave in the seat and thus, these seats won’t stay seated when you push them down. But with the material they are made of, the seats don’t fall out of the chair or slide. They are easy to clean also.

Octavia Glorieta, NM

My kids fight over this!

We have two kids 2 & 4 and they fight over who gets to use this booster seat. It’s perfect for kids who are old enough to not need to be strapped in. We use it in our trailer so we haven’t used it on a regular chair yet. It’s small enough and portable enough that if we needed to take it to restaurants or friends homes we could. So far my very busy kids haven’t damaged it even while camping for the past 1 1/2 years.

Nola Grace, MS


Great booster but its bigger than I had imagined. I have a similar one in blue for my son and I thought it would be the same but this one is significantly bigger. Which makes it harder for my daughter to get on/off by herself.

Felecia Wittenberg, WI

Works good

Easy to use and seems to fit all the chairs we have tried it on. Our son likes it – great for a transition out of the high chair.

Edna Kivalina, AK

Cushy Tushie

This is a great booster seat for toddlers. It stays put when pressure is applied in the seat and is easy to clean. And the best part is that our fussy little toddler who flat out refused to sit in a hard plastic booster, will jump right up into this one every time without fuss. Definately worth the price for that small peace.

Mina Ava, NY

Awesome product, amazon colors not accurate

This is a great, comfortable product. I am using it on my giant 2.5yo on leather like material chairs and we both love it !It doesn’t stick but doesn’t slide either.That said be very mindful of the colors on amazon and I would suggest to go to the manufacturer website to see more accurate colors. I initially took the mint and the color had not much to do with what is pictured here…so I turned toward the brown one hoping it would blend better (the brown is darker in real).

Celeste Westpoint, TN

SImple and so much better than other booster seats

My son was using the hard plastic convertible type of feeding chair for a booster with a seat belt and we noticed he would fidget and fuss a lot while on it because it was uncomfortable with no cushion and the seat straps in the way (after a certain age you don’t really feel the need to use the straps/buckles each time they use the chair). I was looking for a softer cushion that wouldn’t slide much and is easy to bring with us if we ever need to use it outside of the home and found this item. It is the perfect solution and our son loves it. Very cushy material and it does not slip/slide on our chairs, it molds to the seat of the chair very well and even though our wooden chairs has grooves in them this still does not slide around because of the grippy material. I would definitely recommend this item to someone looking for a booster without straps that does not slip and is comfortable.

Ruth Cayuga, ND


I have wood chairs with slight sculpted seat areas and this suctions to them very well. It is so comfy that when I have sat in the chair for a second it is not even awkward for me lol. Easy to clean and the color disappears nicely for parents who don’t like every functional child item to make our house look like a romper room. One adjustment I made was, I use a small lumbar pillow along with it so my son is comfy…the pillow is rectangular and rests nicely on the back of the seat. Without the pillow my son’s back would not easily rest against the back of the chair. It’s now so cozy that my toddler will sit for quite a long time.

Amalia Morton, MS

Perfect for toddlers

This is perfect for my 3 yr old to sit up at the table nicely. She is at the right height and is very comfortable. It doesn’t seem to suction down like intended – even on my hard wood chairs, but it still doesn’t move around at all. Wipes up easily and is a great value! Wish I had bought this first instead of a cheapy plastic one that was horrible.

Marci New River, AZ

Best booster

I have twins and tried the Baby Bjorn and this one. Hands down this one is the winner. Why? Better posture and the 2 yr old did not slip between the table like one did in the Bjorn. The bjorn is also much smallerAnd doesn’t grip as well to chairs. I have to stuff a pillow behind the bjorn

Mollie Osgood, IN

Good for tots

It sure works with my two year old with little help from us.She could climb onto the booster seat and slide down from another side.The only problem is the suction cup needs to be pressed down veryhard and be checked before usage to make sure it doesn’t move.It definitely needs parent’s supervision all the time so take it downevery time when meals are over. Child might fall when climbing up and down.It doesn’t work on contoured chairs so if you have that kind of chair onlydon’t buy it. Suction cups won’t work on contoured surface.The raised edges on three sides are very helpful for the child to hold onto.And it’s soft and comfortable. Good purchase.

Millicent Shawsville, VA


I agree, this is a great seat — light and one-piece, hence easy to clean, stays in place on a wooden chair, and is so comfortable because it’s made out of foam. Great stuff! Also, it’s MADE IN USA (North Carolina)

Lorie Eaton, CO


This seat is a life saver. My 3 year old, too big for a high chair, too small for a regular chair, would end up sitting on his knees for dinner. Of course, this would turn into stainding in his seat, twilring in his seat, etc. In an effort to get him to sit still I bought this seat. I couldn’t ask for more, this is a very comfortable seat and brings him to the appropriate level at the table so he can eat his dinner. Since he is no longer on his knees, standing or twirling he is actually eating more too. Amazing!

Juliet Swepsonville, NC


Perfect. Stays put, easy to clean, matches our dark wood table. Perfect.

Anna Braham, MN

for toddler

very comfortable for our toddler. Easy to move around, lightweight. Cleans up nicely and does not mark my chairs yet stays safely

Lola Amory, MS

Kind of pricey but a great seat

My 2 year old really likes this. It’s discreet – you hardly notice it on our dining room chair. It gives her the right amount of boost to prop her up at the table. It’s very easily cleanable for spills, and easy to transport from one spot to the other without the hassle of straps. It does stick nicely to our wood chair and I wouldn’t worry about it slipping. To me, it was a bit pricey, but I really do enjoy it. I think it’ll be around for a few more kids of ours… seems to be holding up very well now that we’re a couple months of use in.

Pansy Livermore, KY

Comfortable and Stays!

This booster seat perfectly fits in our corner nook table. Our daughter just loves it and I even sat in it to see if it was comfortable and sure enough it feels nice. The suction it has on the seat is fantastic and it hasn’t moved an inch!! Will definitely buy one for our next child!

Mina Dickens, NE

Simple and effective

I got this for my 2.5 year old. She loves it. It’s enough height that she can sit at the table easily (she’s short for her age, but it’s enough to get her there). Easy to clean with a damp paper towel. The suction cups work great to keep it on a wooden chair when she’s getting up and down by herself. It hasn’t caused any damage to my chair at all (which was a problem reported with a similar seat by another manufacturer). I got the brown to blend in and while it’s not the most beautiful thing, it’s pretty neutral. It’s also easy to transfer from the kitchen table to the dining room table since there are no straps attaching it to the chair. For what I wanted, it’s absolutely perfect, and my daughter likes sitting with the grown-ups.

Esperanza Farmingdale, NJ

Works well

This booster works really well on our wooden chairs. It does not slide at all! and is nice and big to cover almost the entire seat. I love that it comes in brown so it blends in with the chairs. Easy to clean since it’s plastic. Absolutely love this!

Lucille Misenheimer, NC

Best Booster

My 2 year old loves this and it sits well on the chair and very easy to clean. It’s light and easy to carry. The material just kind of "sticks" to our wooden chair there are no straps to it. Nice to take to family stuff at other houses.

Ola Uniontown, AR

love it

this is awesome!! one of our best toddler gear purchases, and we buy lots of toddler and baby gear. discrete and kind of stylish, blends in well with our dark wood furniture, and keeps my toddler secure without the tremendous hassle of the high chair.

Madeleine Switzer, WV

Love the soft booster seat and she loves it because it is PINK!!

Needed the next step up from a high chair. This is comfy and just perfect for us!! Also ordered a mint gree one she loves to sit in it to watch tv, also!

Robbie Venetie, AK