Soft Gear My Deluxe Changing Mat, Pink

Soft Gear My Deluxe Changing Mat, Pink

Soft Gear My Deluxe Changing Mat allows you to safely and comfortably change your baby’s diaper. With its raised sides, your baby fits snugly in this cushioned, non absorbent changer. It’s also anti microbial, which means microorganisms won’t degrade your changer or affect your child’s health. Plus, it won’t crack or peel like vinyl covered changing pads. My Deluxe Changing Mat is lightweight, easy to clean and conveniently rolls up for storage.

Main features

  • 100% Closed Cell Foam
  • Made in US
  • Non slip surface
  • Germ resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Raised sides for safety
  • Rolls up for easy storage

Verified reviews



There is a mat like this one but more expensive I had my eye on… luckily I opted for this cheaper version and I’m so thrilled I did. As far as changing mats this one really is worth it’s weight in gold. Instead of buying a cloth changing mat which you have to buy covers for and regularly launder, this thing is cleaned in about 2 seconds with a wipe or two. Any leaks or blowouts have been easily removed from it’s surface and my daughter seems pretty comfortable on it. She’s a long baby and my only concern with this product is that she’s fast getting to the point where she will be too long for it, and she’s only 3.5 months at the moment.. I’m not sure if any other changing tables would be long enough, though. Overall, worth every penny. I use this thing almost every diaper change.

Carmela Tarlton, OH


Made of toxic leaching PVC!!!! This has been known to be toxic and harmful to children- especially infants. Buyer beware. It’s much safer to only buy organic!!!!

Rochelle Indian Lake Estates, FL

Great for odd-sized changer

We have the Dream On Me Chloe convertible crib with attached changer, and as with any attached changer, it’s not exactly the same size as a separate one. This mat fits on our changer perfectly and our changing pad covers fit over it with no issue. So glad we found this, as the changing pads that usually fit attached changers are so thin.

Sheila New Haven, IL

love this changing mat!!

This fits perfect on our changing table which is an odd size so it was hard for me to go d something that fit perfect . I love that I don’t have to wash anything every time there is a little mess all I do is wipe it down . It’s perfect after baby has a bath too, ..

Tanya Fort Eustis, VA

So comfy!

Originally I thought the biggest con of this, was that it was going to feel cold on my baby’s back, however it stays pretty much an average temperature and doesn’t shock my baby when I lay him down on it. I love that the sides cradle him. Not only does it keep him safe but also prevents him from rolling around too much.I wish it was a bit longer because right now my son is 22" at 2 months old and he fits perfectly in the middle. I can tell that in a few months he’s not going to sit so well on it. There is a bit of wasted space where the head part curves up to support the head, but when I move him up that far is chin hits his chest and I can tell it’s not comfy. When he’s bigger I might buy another and stick them facing each other like a little boat.

Ruth Homer, LA