Soft Jamb Door Stops Color: White

Soft Jamb Door Stops Color: White

Absorbs shocks, protecting doors and walls. Model S610 Package contains: 3 Door stops One piece construction with no removable end caps, springs or sharp edges Large screw securely fits into existing hole G.S.C. certified* *Global Safety Cooperation (G.S.C.) certified products have been tested for simplicity, reliability and ease of use and installation. Warranty – If not completely satisfied with this product, return it with proof of purchase for replacement free of charge to: KidCo, Inc., 300 Terrace Drive, Mundelein, IL 60060-3836

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Great Doorstop that looks good, too!

These childproof doorstops stopped my 1 year old from pulling all the stops off and from the potential choking hazard of the little white caps on standard metal stops. They are easy to install (I’m a woman and did it myself), as they just screw into the old doorstop’s hole. EASY! Plus, they look great, and I prefer them to the metal stops anyhow! At this price, you should be able to replace all the stops in your home!

Lakesha Elwood, NJ

Great until your kid steps on it

I liked these at first but now I don’t like them as much because my 3 year old sometimes likes to step on them causing damage to the trim they are screwed into. They cannot support the weight because they do not bend. I’ve also had one break, but the main issue is the damage when these get stepped on. Keep that in mind. It would be nice to see these in a flexible design but I’m not aware of any. Also, I wouldn’t call these “soft”.UPDATE 2010-02-10: Had another one break… so at least two have broken now. I have removed some other ones because I think they would cause more damage/risk than their worth if my son were to step on them or “play” with them.

Janelle Winston, OR

Excellent product

Excellent product. Simple to install and effectively ends all worries about my son accidentally choking on the rubber end of a typical door stop.

Lorene South Shore, SD


This was great to keep my toddler from closing his bedroom door and getting up to no good. It would be even better if it had a velcro attached to it so that you could attach it to the wall or a door when not in use. I just got some velcro and did it on my own.

Vanessa Caguas, PR

Easy to fit and a safer option for kids

Easy to unscrew the existing door jam and screw this one in it’s place – they even provide a screw. One piece, so kids can’t pull off the tip of the door jam and potentially choke.

Willie Virgie, KY

Work great – before they break

I’ve now replaced these things 3 times now in my house. After some months, they simply snap off. I agree with the other reviewers about that they are super easy to install and are WAY safer than the standard ones with those removable white end caps. But make no mistake about the name “soft jamb” – they are NOT any kind of soft. They are hard plastic and it does not hold up well to the door hitting into it (and no, they’re not getting battered). As I said, this is now the 3rd time I’m replacing them because (currently) 2 of the 3 that we have in our house snapped off. They always snap off in the same place – right at that thinnest point, leaving just like an inch of the thing sticking out of the wall. Why am I replacing them if they don’t last? Because I can’t find any other company making them and they are much safer than the standard ones. If they had cost a fortune, I would find another way, but they’re cheap enough to replace when they break. But just keep in mind if you’re buying these that you should get a couple more than you need so you have extras for when they snap.

Donna Sidney, NY

Fantastic for toddlers and pets!

Out toddler and cats constantly removed the tops to our standards door stops. Not only was this concerning from a safety/chocking standpoint, it was also quite frustrating finding them missing. We replaced all of our standard door stops with these and the problem was solved. It was super easy to screw these in to the existing holes.

Tonya Montezuma, NC