Soothie Pacifier Attacher – Pink Flower with Green Petal Clip

Soothie Pacifier Attacher – Pink Flower with Green Petal Clip

More than 2 million Soothie Pacifiers are given out to newborns in half of the nation’s hospitals each year! Moms have been trying to solve for the need to have an attacher themselves, by putting string through the ventilation holes. This is a problem for 2 reasons: first, because it blocks the ventilation area, and second, it presses up against baby’s face. Finally, an attacher designed specifically with Soothies! Pink Flower with Green Petal Clip Version

Main features

  • Soft, LATEX FREE material won’t scratch baby
  • Durable one-piece construction
  • Ribbon and clip to securely attach to babys clothes
  • Dishwasher safe; Can also be sterilized or boiled

Verified reviews


Cute but alittle heavy

This is a very cute pacifier attacher and it holds the Soothie brand pacifiers securely. Only thing I suggest is don’t use it for newborns, its alittle heavy & big ..we’ll probably use it as the baby gets bigger. Also the strap is a tad long on it and I wish there was some way to adjust it.

Patty Carleton, NE


I have found the Soothies to be great and this holder is just too adorable! The clip appears chincy (sp?) but works fine. The cord should probably be a couple inches shorter, though. Seems too long–so be careful where you attach it (out of reach to baby’s neck).

Edwina Queens Village, NY

Too big for little baby

Our baby loves the Soothies, so we thought this would be a cute attacher. However, it is too heavy for her to hang on to at 4 weeks. We will continue to try as she gets older, but we prefer the Booginhead attacher or the Wubbanub to keep the paci from slipping away.

Flossie Freeburg, PA

Way too big

I am shocked at how many people like this pacifier clip. Even though it is really cute, I found it incredibly bulky, big and basically unusable. When it was attached to the pacifier, it was so awkward and heavy that my daughter could not keep her pacifier in her mouth – she used it more as a chewing toy than as a pacifier attacher.When I bought this a couple of years ago, it was the only option I saw in stores for a soothie pacifier clip but thankfully there are other, non-bulky options available now – I recommend going with one of those.

Bessie Grant, FL

As big as a baby’s face!

I agree with the other reviewers. This was too big and heavy for our baby. The pacifier just fell out of her mouth and she got frustrated. I gave it two stars instead of one because it makes a great chew toy!

Esther Burt Lake, MI

Cute, but pretty Big.

This paci holder is cute, but a little big. I only used it once because it just seemed so bulky.

Becky Shauck, OH

So so

First off, $20 is way too much for this, I got mine at target for about a quarter of the price. It does the job for us, but like previous posters have mentioned, it is large, and somewhat heavy. My 8 month old tolerates it, but prefers the soothie without it. We’re going to try a different brand and see if it’s better.

Gabriela Fort Shafter, HI

Too big for newborns

I bought this thinking it was super cute, and thinking it was the only way to attach a Soothie to a binkie clip. We used this for the first couple weeks, and found it way too cumbersome to even use at all. The flower is huge on a newborn baby’s face, and actually makes it more difficult for them to keep their pacifier in. The flower is so large it hits clothes, blankets, carseat straps and pushes the binkie out. The whole contraption is very heavy and pulls the binkie out of their mouth. The strap is also too short to be useful. By the time the baby is old enough to have it fit correctly, they are old enough to stick their own binkie back in. You can find binkie holders to small ribbon loops that you can attach through the holes on Soothies that work a lot better.

Dale Basye, VA