Sophie La Girafe – So Pure Teether Giraffe

Sophie La Girafe – So Pure Teether Giraffe

The first teething ring made from 100 percent natural rubber. Soft model for a more advanced teething period. Ideal for soothing painful gums with natural teething ring. The two rings have different textured surfaces for baby to choose from according to his age and needs, to give even faster relief for aching gums.

Main features

  • The first teething ring made from 100% natural rubber
  • Soft model for a more advanced teething period
  • The two rings have different textured surfaces for baby to choose from
  • The first teething ring made from 100% natural rubber. Soft model for a more advanced teething period.
  • Soft model for a more advanced teething period.
  • The two rings have different textured surfaces for baby to choose from according to his age and needs

Verified reviews


Really diasppointed.

I don’t normally write bad reviews on here, but I had to for this item, because I was incredibly disappointed with it. I purchased Sophie Le Girafe because so many other people gave it good reviews–and because it was supposed to be vanilla scented/flavored. When ours arrived, it was much smaller than I pictured but that was no problem. However, it completely reeks of rubber. No vanilla at all. It’s like chewing and eraser. Even after washing it my son made a horrible face when he put it in his mouth, and refuses to to use it. I don’t blame him, it smells nasty–like balloons or latex gloves. Don’t buy this. It’s a stinky waste of money.

Sallie Middleburg, KY

best teether out there

After trying teether after teether (you know those ones filled with water or gel that you can get at the grocery store for a few dollars) with no luck, we decided to try sophie. Our son has loved it every moment:-Easy to hold; his little fingers can grab the curved part plus the legs so it makes it much easier than those bulky teethers to grab and hold onto.-Easy to chew; the teething surface is flatter and therefore easier for him to put in his mouth. The variety of shapes means he can use it to teeth on the front or in the back near his molars.-Lots of textures;-Easy to cleanWhile the price is more than other teethers, this is by far the best designed and to me, worth every cent. When we’re out we attach it to a pacifier clip so if our son drops it it’s not lost!

Judi Olney, TX

My 4 month old daughter seems to like it…

After hearing so much hype about Sophie the Giraffe and having a baby who’s in dire need of something good to relieve her teething symptoms I’ve decided to order it. I love the fact that it has handles because our baby is just getting coordinated with hanging on to small items and this is perfect! VERY (barely noticeable)light scent of rubber is to expect because it’s made out of rubber! After receiving it in the mail I think some reviews that blame strong rubber smell are a little exaggerating. It is not bad at all. And yes- vanilla was meant to describe the product’s color, not scent which was not mentioned anywhere in item’s description. So if you’re looking for something “tasty” this is NOT it. I highly recommend this product.

Lakisha Pocatello, ID

Sophie the Giraffe teether

I love the design on this giraffe over the original design of Sophie, where the legs and neck were exposed to gagging your baby. This design makes it impossible to shove the head in their mouth and gagging on it, due to the swirl design connecting everything together. The legs are closed so your baby can’t choke by shoving a foot too far in their mouth. I love this, and your baby will love it too.

Celia Hinsdale, MT

Prefer this Sophie to the Original!

It is a genuine Sophie, although like others, I have no clue why it’s labelled ‘vanilla’. The reason I like this Sophie over the original is that the legs and the head are attached to those side grips. My baby had the original and was so zealous in her chewing that she was able to shove the head or one of the legs far enough down her throat that she would gag. Having them all closed off by the hand grips completely eliminated the issue for us.

Jessie Boston, IN

smaller than the regular Sophie the Giraffe

This is much smaller than the regular Sophie the Giraffe product. But my 6-month old baby girl loves this teether! The handles on the side make it easier for her to grip and she seems to enjoy it much more than other teething toys I’ve bought for her.

Eleanor Mogadore, OH

Preferred over squeaky Sophie

I asked for a Sophie the Giraffe on my baby registry, and this is what I received. At first I was disappointed. I was referring to “Original Sophie” and not this one. But alas, my 4-month-old likes this teether better than the other Sophie because he can actually get it in his mouth. The other Sophie is just too big for his mouth at this age, and he gets frustrated. Plus it sounds like a dog toy, where as this Sophie doesn’t squeak.The toy is very durable and I like that it’s made from safe material. A lot of teethers are made in China from suspect materials and I don’t want my baby chewing on them. Plastic is not the best thing to be chewing on IMO. This is rubber and very solid. It does not smell or taste like vanilla. I think they are referring to the color of the toy?Overall I like the Sophie toys and this one is no exception. Hopefully he will grow to love the larger squeaky Sophie as well.

Joanna Bowmansville, PA

Very Confused

First off I have no idea why this product is called “vanilla”. It smells and tastes like rubber and there is absolutely no vanilla flavor to it. Maybe it’s supposed to be just to describe its color? Don’t quite understand… Secondly – I decided to buy this because a friend of mine has this (what looks to be) exact same teether and my daughter loved it. When I received mine, it looked the same, but turned out to be made completely differently. The one my friend has is very soft, could easily bend in half, weighs half as much and almost kind of hollow inside. It was really easy for my daughter to chew on. This one, on the other hand, is fully rubber filled and very hard! Again they look exactly the same. I have searched all over the web trying to see if there are different versions of this teether and how to order the one my friend has, but nothing I can find has anything in the descriptions specifying that it’s one or the other. I am completely confused how that could be…

Arlene Garfield, KS

Nice little teether

I bought this teether because I had heard that the Sophie the Giraffe teether was a great product. However, my baby could not easily hold and did not like large teethers. She needed one she can easily hold and gnaw on. This seemed like a good option because she can grip the giraffe and chew on the handles. I like that it is all natural and made in France, rather than the cheaper teethers found at drugstores which are from questionable sources. I only gave it four stars because of the price, but I do think it is worth it.

Mona Edinburg, ND


This really does taste and smell like rubber (like a tire store). Im returning it and I feel like it was a huge waste of time. Also I tried washing it and it did nothing.

Carmela Fort Valley, VA

Perfect for babies beginning to grab

We also have the larger Sophie, but found that the toy was too large for our daughter’s hands. Additionally, as she began to chew on her toys, the size of the original Sophie made it difficult for her to put it in her mouth.The rings on this toy are excellent, as they allow for the baby to have a solid grip on the toy with both hands, and the size is perfect. The toy is easily washable and compact enough to go into any baby pack.

Lauri Arvada, WY

Nice little toy/teether

I bought this as a gift for a new mother and her baby, once old enough to hold it, loves it.

Gussie Newport, VT

Wonderful teether!

Bought this product for my baby girl, she’s just starting to play with things and grab onto toys and it’s perfect for her. She can easily grip this toy and it will make a great teether also. I thought it was so great, I ended up buying 2 more for my friends who are expecting! Great gift also!

Edythe Waterville, MN

My 5 month old’s favorite teether

My baby loves “Sophie junior” even more than Sophie. The two handles make it easy for him to hold. And I guess the hardness of the rubber is perfect for teething. I have bought a dozen teethers of all diff brands, materials and sizes. This is by far his favorite.

Kimberly Birchrunville, PA

Great Teether

This teether is cute, safe, and my daughter LOVES it! It also works nice if you stick it in the freezer for a cold chew toy. The only thing I don’t like is that it seems to be a lint MAGNET! If you want to give it to your baby do it in the highchair and car seat. If they have it on the floor (on a blanket) or in the crib and drop it, every fiber, piece of lint and whatever else is there will jump up and stick to this!

Joanne Gamaliel, KY

My son loves it!

The design is perfect for small hands and obviously good taste because my son loves it! Will be buying more for relatives. Just wish the price would be less.

Flora Adak, AK

Just what we needed

I was skeptical about Sophie but ever since I gave her to my 4 month old she has been at peace.I purchased this version because it can stay on a pacifier strap and I ready reviews about choking on the full sized Sophie. A plus about this version is you get the same rubber texture without the squeak. Which will work well for us on the airplane.She smiles at Sophie and so far its the only toy that has worked. Not the cooling rings, not a frozen towel or frozrn milk in the munchkin nets, not even my finger. Just Sophie.If your worried about all the hype, don’t be!! She is the real deal and worth every penny. Each penny was worth the moment of silence. She is my dream come true!

Rocio Tooele, UT

No interest

I don’t know if I should have forked out the money for a full sized Sophie to experience the magic but this little guy does nothing for my son.

Patricia North Hoosick, NY

Too cute!

My son loves this thing. I actually like it better than the original Sophie because it can go on a pacifier clip so my baby doesn’t drop it. PLUS, it doesn’t make the squeaky noise (that drives my dogs nuts!) the other one makes. It’s a little pricey, but I can see that it will last a very long time. The box it comes in is very cute; this would make a very sweet and lovely shower gift.

Abbie Durham, MO

Just ok

I feel that this really should be cheaper for what you get. The larger Sophie that squeaks is really a better deal

Amy Angoon, AK

Easily held by tiny hands!

My son can easily hold this Sophie. I’m not sure why it says Vanilla Teether though. It isn’t flavored or anything like that. She’s holding up quite well.

Tanya Princeton, CA

Never leave home without Sophie!

Our baby girl has loved Sophie since 4 months and the small size and little handles makes this so easy for her to hang on to. It is by far her favorite toy/item to have. We never go anywhere without Sophie, lifesaver!!

Karla Chepachet, RI

This toy made my daughter bleed

The ears of the toy knicked my daughter under the webbing of her tongue making her bleed and scaring the bejesus out of us… Horrible product

Aline Tuttle, OK

So cute and my baby loves it!

I’m so happy this teether isn’t made of plastic! My baby loves it (especially the head) and it’s adorable! I avaoided the squeeky Sophie after reading that it was “a glorified dog toy” and bought this instead. I am so glad I did. The size is just right, it doesn’t collect fuzz & pet hair like silicone teethers (YUK!), and it’s made of natural rubber…. perfect!

Victoria Mackeyville, PA

I’m in love!

I never understood the big deal about these teethers, but my daughter wasn’t using any other ones we bought…. so I took a chance and bought this….It was one of the best teething purchases I’ve made, she loves her Sophie and we have since bought the other Sophies! I now tell everyone to buy these!!!!!! they are a must!!

Selena York Harbor, ME

Love it!

This is perfect! Easy for my daughter to hold on to and get into her mouth. She seems to love it.

Lynda Greenfield, IN

love it

Got this for my little one before she needed it, she would randomly chew on it every now and than (made a face the first few times, but I’m pretty sure cause it was a different feeling than she was used to. since she started chewing things more she will go grab it and chew on it. I personally like the loops since it seems to give her more things to grab onto to hold it herself, along with more area to put in her mouth.

Rosalyn Cleveland, NY

Hard for baby to grip

I really wanted this to work for my baby since it is natural rubber, but it is too difficult for her to get a grip on.

Bessie Arlington, TX


Got this for my little baby, he liked it as a baby, but after hearing about so many recall on this product, I’m afraid to give it to him. Now it’s just sitting there.

Connie Caryville, FL

My 4 month old’s favorite teether!

I recently purchased this for my teething baby. She is drooling up a storm and always has her fingers in her mouth. I’ve bought several different teethers, and she immediately liked this one. It is so easier for her to hold on to, and she actually prefers chewing the giraffe’s head/ears. A little bit of the paint actually came off (hope this is ok!).

Viola Manorville, NY