Sound N Lights Monitor with Dual Receivers

Sound N Lights Monitor with Dual Receivers

This monitor by Fisher-Price comes with 2 dual receivers so you have twice the convenience! The receivers feature clear reception to pick up quiet noises while Baby is sleeping and 2 channels to minimize interference. The bright variable light display shows you when Baby is active. Features a low-battery indicator, power indicator, belt clips on the receivers and volume control with automatic gain control to regulate background noise. Also includes 3 AC/DC adapters, durable antennas, on/off switch and a 2-crystal design to eliminate cross talk. Indoor/outdoor use. White with light blue accents. Requires two 9V batteries (not included). No. 71624. Imported.

Main features

  • Decibel display shows sounds visually
  • Extra receiver for portable monitoring
  • Two channels for clear reception
  • AC and battery power
  • Thick, durable plastic frame

Verified reviews


Terrible static

I live in a condo and have cordless phones and wireless internet. I found this product had terrible static. In comparison, the Fisher Price 900mhz Long Range Monitor sounded excellent.

Alice Raleigh, WV

It’s OK, I’m sure there are Better.

This monitor is “staticky”. I mean if it’s the only one you have then it’s fine because you can still hear your child, but the amount of static is annoying and kind of distracting if you are trying to do work. I would suggest that parents shop around before purchasing an item that is cheaper.

Connie Pacific City, OR

pretty happy but could be better

I received this monitor as a baby shower gift and I’m not complaining. It works pretty good. The only thing that makes me give it 4 stars is that it has a lot of static in the background. In order to keep the static out of it you have to keep it on real low which makes it hard to hear your baby until he is crying real loud. Overall though it does work good as long as you don’t mind listening to the background static in it and I would recommend this monitor to others.

Essie Cape Fair, MO


This monitor serves it’s purpose…loudly. We get quite a bit of static on both channels but have to leave it on channel B or we pick up the neighbor’s little boy. The main problem is the constant buzzing if the thing is turned on. We only use ours about 4 nights a week so I am not going to bother taking it back and getting another (this was our second one anyway)I can’t help but think there is a better one out there though.

Jolene Buffalo, OK

Depends on where you live. . .

I registered and received these montiors for my baby shower. I was not as delighted as expected. The static was unreal at my home. No matter what channel I had it on it was so loud I was hardly able to sleep. When going to my mother-in-law’s house it worked fine though. I do live out in the country where she lives closer to the city so that may have something to do with it. If you have a lot of land and live out in the country DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM, but if you live in the city it’s not a bad buy.

Madeline Meckling, SD

Try changing the channel if you get static

When I first got this item, I was really frustrated with it, because the static was terrible! It was keeping me up at night just to hear the terrible static. Then I started hearing other voices on it, so I think my neighbor has one and it was picking up their conversations. So I switched it to the other channel, and now it works perfectly! The sound is crystal clear (only gets a little staticy if you turn it up REALLY loud). It picks up my baby’s every grunt and cry. Sometimes it works too well, because she grunts a lot in her sleep, and I hear every one!I also really like the lights feature, because I can see how “intense” my baby’s cry is. When I wake up out of a dead sleep at 2:00 a.m., sometimes it’s hard to judge if my baby is really crying for me, or if she’s just kind of whimpering in her sleep. When those 4 bars of lights light up, I know I better get myself in there! The lights are also nice, because if my baby’s napping and I just want some quiet time to read a book, I can turn the sound all the way down, and the lights catch my attention right away when she really starts crying.This is a great monitor for the price! I was a little weary about buying an electronic gadget made by Fisher-Price, but it’s turned out to be a great investment.

Nan Burlingame, CA

Great Product

It does it’s job, plain and simple. It has great reception and if you put it loud enough you can hear every breath like he was 2 inches from you. The receiver is small enough to have in the crib when baby is young enough not to reach for it. Good Buy.

Beth Coatesville, PA

Great Monitor!

This monitor is great for our house and we live near large power lines. No static at our house but when we went to visit relatives in NV, lots of static…. so, I recommend that you try it out first. Have had it on 24hrs a day for 2 months and no problems at our house!

Mellisa Seaside Heights, NJ

Better for a big house

I get a lot of static if I have the receivers too close together, we have a small one-story house so I can hear the baby from pretty much anywhere, but I like to use them when I am watching tv, doing dishes, vacuum, etc… and I can’t there is just too much static and they work worse when they are plugged in, one receiver won’t even work right unless the plug is tilted a certain way. However they work GREAT when I am outside or when baby is at grandmas where there are 2 floors. Overall, not a bad deal for the price.

Mellisa Hampton, FL

Excellent Moniter

We received this moniter as one of our shower gifts. I simply love it. I like that it has two receivers and it lights up when your baby makes a noise. It really picks up my DS sounds, I can acutally hear my DS snoring. I have had no problems with static. I haven’t tried the batteries yet we just plug it in the outlet and it does great. We mostly keep it stautionary in one place, one in our bedroom and in the living room. I am glad that we registered for this and highly reccommend it to all first time parents. Excellent Moniter!!!

James Sharptown, MD

I like the lights and the sound is fine, but some static

I like this baby monitor, but we do pick up some static. it isn’t so much that I can’t hear whats going on in the nursery, I mean I can still hear the baby breathing or kicking around his blankets. It is a little annoying at night though to constantly hear faint static coming out of the monitor.On the plus side, I like the dual recievers and the portability of the recievers.

Lila Emelle, AL

Clear sound but hope you don’t loose power!

I have this monitor and have no trouble at all with static or humming sounds, in fact I think the sound is very clear and works well. This is our second monitor, for our second baby and the reason I don’t rate it higher than 3 stars is because the lights are very bright in a dark room in the middle of the night. They are great during the day when I can check them from across another room but the monitor in our room looks like an airport in the middle of the night, I wish you could turn the lights doen like you can the sound. The other reason I don’t rate this very high is the fact that you can’t put batteries in the base unit. This was a problem this moring when I woke up and we had lost power at some point in the night, the monitor near the bed works because it has batteries but the one in the babies room doesn’t so I had no way of hearing her. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that during the set up but it doesn’t make any sense that the listening monitors have battery power yet the base doesn’t! That is why I am writing this, it wasn’t something I noticed until you need it but our poor baby was crying away and because our room is on another floor we had no way of hearing her.

Nannie Cherryville, PA


I got this for a friend a few years back who had just had a baby girl. She said they worked pretty well most of time, sometimes there is a lot of static, and other times it works fine. She is now having her second baby and said she is going to replace them for something more current.

Meghan Wilmington, NC

not thrilled at all

These monitors were priced reasonably, but I would have rather paid more if that meant better quality. My husband and I have to sleep with the monitor in our bed because it seems to be much less static if a person is close to it. If we touch it, the static seems to decrease. I do like the two monitors and that it can clip on your hip if you are moving around, but I find the static extremely annoying and disturbing. Many other reviewers say that it may be their area. Where is a monitor that will work in anyone’s area??

Lauri Avery, TX

Do not waste your money!

I was given this as a baby shower gift. Its reception is HORRIBLE! All I can hear is static, no matter what channel I use or where I place it in my house!! The static is so loud, you can barely hear the baby. Also the on/off switch is impossible to use. I am returning this today to try a different brand!

Dayna Empire, OH

Love it!

This monitor has been great – I love the fact that it comes with 2 recievers – we have one in the family room & one in our bedroom – works great – no static & very clear. It is also wonderful that you can see what is happening as well. I can vacuum & be able to look at the monitor to check on her – I know longer have to worry about if I’m going to hear her or not. Another great thing is that you can plug it in, or put batteries on it. They also have clips so you can take it with you outside or wherever. I highly recommend this monitor.

Penelope Berwick, ME

No problems with this monitor!

This monitor is fine. I don’t know why other users have had trouble with static or humming–I haven’t experienced that at all. It always works fine with us! The lights are a little bright–but the monitor works well with our two story house.

Carolyn Evansport, OH

Works well enough

The fact that this unit lights up is the best feature. I live in an apartment and its sometimes hard to tell if the noises I hear are coming from the monitor or my neighbors. The lights let me know that what I’m hearing is coming from the baby’s room. I haven’t had any real problems with it yet but it does get some static depending where you place the reciever in the room. It does have two channels, so you can change to a different channel if you are getting a lot of static. All in all I am satisfied with this monitor.

Beverly Ozan, AR

Good Monitor

I bought this monitor in addition to a video monitor so I could use it in different room. I like the features. Even if the volume is down, the lights let me know that my little one is moving around in there. I use it upstairs and downstairs and in every room of the house with no problems. The price isn’t bad either. I recommend it.

Corinne Nelson, GA

I was ready to return this until I read consumer reports

I’ve tried several monitors and was ready to return this one as well b/c of the awful static sound on each one. Then I read this on CR and decided to live with it or change my phone:Mind the frequency. None of the baby monitors Consumer Reports tested was immune from static. The closer your monitor’s frequency is to that of another device, such as a cordless phone, the more likely you’ll hear static or cross talk. You may reduce interference if your monitor lets you switch to a different channel within its frequency band.Consider your phone. Choose a monitor that operates in a different frequency band than your cordless phone. Most newer cordless phones are either 2.4 gigahertz or 900 megahertz. If you have a 900 MHz cordless phone and a 900 MHz monitor, they can interfere with each other.Hope this helped!Also, quick side note. I was given a fisher price monitor that is a few years old from a friend and it was the best. No static. Sadly, the wires loosened (it is many years old) I am going to look for a slightly used model online, its model number is 1550.

Maritza Rueter, MO

Works well but lots of static

We decided to buy this monitor. I really don’t remember why, maybe the price. I think it was maybe $20.00 dollars when we bought it. Should of shopped around a little and spent more money.It does work pretty good. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it has a lot of static if you turn it up to far. Other than that I like it and will continue to use it. Our daughter’s room is right next to ours so we can keep the volume down really low and still be able to hear her at night.I would recommend this monitor if you don’t mind hearing a lot of static. It does sound kind of scary at night ! I wouldn’t recommend watching the movie White Noise while having one of these.

Gabriela Winslow, NJ

Some static

This monitor is okay. There is some static when I use it, but I can live with it. The light system is great. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

May Meridian, GA

Have to try it to see if it works for you!

This monitor seems to either get great reviews or poor reviews…meaning that it works for some people and not for others. It really depends on your particular house whether or not you will get static or interference. When I used this monitor alone, it worked great. But in combination with my monitor for my other child, there was a lot of static and interference. You simply have to try it and see if it works for you. I had a Graco monitor that worked perfectly fine, but finding a second monitor to work without interference was difficult. I had to try 4 different monitors to find the right one! I ended up on getting another Graco monitor.

Rachel South Richmond Hill, NY

I like it…

there was static when I first turned it on… but i switched it to channel B and the problem was solved!!! and I dont have to have it on very high to hear my little preemie’s soft cries… it works well for us.

Kerri Bloomingrose, WV

No humming, static or feedback

We’ve used this monitor for over a year. We’ve never had a single problem with it. It works in the room next door as well as on a different floor or even outside. There has never been any static, buzzing, humming, feedback or any of the problems some reviews have listed. I leave the receiver on on my nightstand 24/7 and it’s completely quiet (unless baby does so much as moves her foot). The monitor picks up every little sound. It picks up Baby’s sighs from five feet away! If you get a bum monitor, exchange it but don’t give up on it. It’s an excellent product at a great price.

Angel Jeffersonville, NY

So much STATIC

I received this as a gift and was thrilled that it came with two monitors (a real plus), but cannot stand how much noise it makes. It constantly emits static, so that my mom cannot even tell if the sound receiver is off or on.

Edith Coldwater, OH

This monitor has so much static

Perhaps it’s because we live in a high traffic area, but we have nothing but static using this monitor. If you walk by the receiver using the cordless or cellphone it completely loses all reception and all you hear is static. The receiver also seems to have trouble around our direct tv boxes.With all the electronic gidgets and gadgets out there spend the money and get the higher end models that really do block out interference.The real kicker of this was I was asleep one night while my husband was out working and I heard a males voice in the monitor. I immediately freaked out thinking someone broke into the house and was in the baby’s room. I jumped out of bed and was ready to run into the baby’s room when I heard the guy talking to a girl in what appeared to be a cell phone conversation from who knows where. Talk about almost having a heart attack on the spot!FP should just stop making this model period.

Estela San Marcos, CA

Ok Monitor

We purchased this monitor thinking we would use it, but never really did. On the couple occasions we did use it, it seemed to work ok. It now has become a toy for the kids; they love to see the lights on the monitor. There was some static when we used it, and we were able to hear another family’s conversation once.

John Garretson, SD