South Shore Furniture, Peak-a-Boo Collection, Changing Table with Drawers, Pure White

South Shore Furniture, Peak-a-Boo Collection, Changing Table with Drawers, Pure White

South Shore Peak-a-boo Collection Changing Table – Pure WhiteThe Peak-a-boo Collection Changing table is both practical and stylish. It features both open and closed storage spaces for easy access to items and to help keep that cha

Main features

  • Wood
  • Profiled edges
  • Plenty of drawer space
  • This item is made of composite wood panels that carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification
  • 5 year warranty
  • Assembly required

Verified reviews


Very poor packaging

We were really looking forward to getting this changing table because it looked sturdier than all the rest and the reviews were also good. Unfortunately the last piece of wood that we unpacked from the box was damaged and the laminate was broken. Except for that, we liked the quality of the wood so we decided to request a replacement. We figured it was just bad luck on this first piece.The replacement arrived a few days later and we were horrifed to see that it looked like it had been left to soak in standing water. The cardboard under the plastic wrap was almost falling to pieces from having been soaked. It wasn’t raining when we received the package so the damage must have occurred in transit.When we called Amazon customer service they explained that by policy, they were unable to process a second replacement on an item for the same reason. We’d have to request a refund and then reorder the piece if we wanted. After having two bad experiences with this piece of furniture we wanted nothing to do with a third attempt. Another inconvenience is that the table does not come in a box but in layers of cardboard packaging. So each time we had to return it, I had to run around to try and find pieces of cardboard big enough to patch the package so UPS would accept it. Very disappointing experience.

Cecilia Quimby, IA

verry happy with this product

At 11 months this changing table has held up. Wasn’t to hard to put together and I suspect this will last well into her childhood.

Taylor Shaver Lake, CA

Frustrating assembly, cheap hardware, bad packaging

Like many parents to be we found ourselves looking for reasonably priced nursery furniture and this seemed to fit the bill; multi use drawers and changing top, ample storage, clean design, and reasonably priced.It showed up in a big box, pretty well packaged on the outside with crush bumpers on each corner and running along the lengths of the box. So far so good right? Apparently they must have spent all their packaging budget on the outside of the box to prevent damage and very little on the inside, there’s damage to a few of the pieces including the main top board corner. Although there were a ton of crush bumpers and corner braces they still neglected to adequately protect the pieces inside. Contrast this to the crib I just assembled last night that had the main pieces wrapped in sheets of foam and therefore didn’t need the multitude of bumpers and braces. Sometimes spending more to package it right inside the box makes more sense than making the outside bulletproof.On to assembly, I’ve assembled many cheap particle board based furniture in my day so I regretfully dismissed the reviews here about assembly difficulty. I grew up on K-mar and Ikea furniture assembly, how bad could this be? Apparently I’ve fallen off my high horse, the assembly design of this thing makes Ikea assembly look like genius design, a beacon of pictorial assembly art, and a shining example of using as few as possible different bolt/screws combinations. This literally came with a big bag of bolts. Do yourself a favor and download the assembly PDF from the manufacturer’s website: […]. Now take a look at the assembly hardware list. Confused yet? I resorted to counting the specific screws to make sure I was using the right one at times, in fact I probably spent more time making sure I was using the right screw than I did actual assembly, it was a game of logic to figure out which screw is which # on the part sheet and some were packed in the wrong pouch.And about the hardware, drawer rails were completely plastic, even the dowels to connect pieces were plastic. I guess the design was tested to make do with plastic but the cost cutting is apparent and noticeable. The drawer rails are completely made out of plastic which seemed odd to me for such a crucial part, they are also hammered into the panels and use no hardware whatsoever. Not sure how much they saved with this design but doesn’t give me much confidence that it’s built to last. The design has also been changed and instead of updating the assembly instructions they chose to add a separate insert to call out that parts xyz are deemed no longer necessary and to ignore in assembly, this tells me the company is focused on saving cost of updating printed manuals vs. the customer experience. There are also pre-drilled holes that are not used and add to assembly confusion. Again a sign of “we changed our mind but we’ll let the customer figure it out”. Onto the pictorial assembly, download the PDF so you can zoom in and see the parts and orientation much more clearly than the provided print copy. Instead of laying out the pieces and coming back to them in the same perspective, they’ll abruptly change direction (flip the picture) on you and made me question if I had it right. The logic of the assembly is also suspect, it stops assembly of the frame mid way to focus on the drawers which in turn draws out the time where you would have parts just strewn about the room. It’s an odd choice and something I fell into since I was following directions.On the bright side, the company is readily wiling to send me replacement and assembly parts free of charge. Awesome right? A manufacturer that stands behind their product but… could take up to 10 days to get your part. So here I am now with a 50″ by 42″ box siting face down on in the nursery with assorted parts still laying around that’s making it harder for me to work on other parts of the room now. Lesson here is that yes you can get parts easily but plan on plenty of room to assemble and be prepared to wait if you’re missing hardware and/or replacement parts.We will keep the piece now that I’m already 80% complete but I would reconsider given how much time it’s taken to get assembly this far (4-5 hours already). If I paid myself $20/hr to save the headaches and for an easier to assemble and higher quality piece I could have bumped up the budget to a different price point and gone with something else.It’s not a terrible piece of furniture but be forewarned what you’re in for.EDIT: It’s been 8 days now and I’m still waiting for replacement parts to arrive and the latest shipping update shows I have another 4 days to wait. Mind you, this shipping to PA, if you’re further from Canada it could be longer still. I’ve had a 80% finished dresser hanging around the nursery over a week now and by the time the parts show up it will be close to 2 weeks since I even started to put this thing together. In retrospect, this is not a delay I need in getting the nursery ready. Be warned and account up to 2 weeks after receipt…..

Saundra Old Washington, OH

Smells and its SUPER hard to put together!!! Corners were damaged badly!!

1- SMELL:I would NOT have bought this product if I knew the horrible smell it comes with!! Honestly I am NOT sensitive to smell and I was 36 weeks pregnant and have not had ANY nausea through my whole pregnancy until I opened the box of this changing table! It is serious people! Being in health care and have had worked in ICU and ER I can tell you its not any smell that can bother me. I left the windows and door opened everyday since I got it and the fan on most of the time. Its been a month and the smell is the same!! I am so frustrated!2- ASSEMBLE:I have assembled the crib and I put the curtains by myself at 36 week pregnant. I am pretty good at assembling things. However, I could not deal with the many small parts this changer came!! Not just its complicated assemble but adding the smell does not help! I ended up calling my handyman and paying him to assemble it! :(3- Layout:The layout of this product is GREAT! This is the only reason why I gave it 3 stars and also why I don’t kick it and curse at it every time I see it… jk. But seriously the drawers are large and the space left on top is great to put small baskets to organize diapers and changing items. Also the table is long enough that I had space to put a changing pad plus a Dexbaby spin changing station AND a small lamp!4- DAMAGED:The corner was seriously damaged and you can see the cardboard though it, but I do not have time to exchange it plus its EXTREMELY heavy for me to deal with it (specially now being pregnant).Conclusion: I researched and researched and thought I got the best for the cheapest I could, BUT I really got what I paid for: a cheap cheap CHEAP changing table…that smells.Would not recommend to a friend and would not buy it again.

Coleen Clutier, IA

ok changing table

What drew me to this changing table was the style. I like the open part above the 3 drawers and the side cupboard. It’s your standard particle board used with most “lesser” expensive furniture, although this was still almost $200, but that is just what you get these days. As usual, these type of things come in a lot of parts. Once it was all together, I liked the way it looked. It seems sturdy enough to change a baby and store things, but don’t try standing on it or anything out of the norm and I wouldn’t try to move it around a lot.

Lorena Canadys, SC

bad buy

This is a bad buy, i got it with my first lasted about a yr,give or take. And i think that was only because we used gorilla glue to keep the pieces in place. It was easy to put together and easy to fall apart.the first thing to go was the door, we compromise n lived with it then it started rocking and the back piece which i made out of cardboard push out so we used tape to keep it on, its not made of real wood and when we was take it out it broke in two while carrying it down the steps it was a great laugh but not a great buy, save your money might as well build a closet system.

Jeannine Southern Md Facility, MD

Very nice

This is a great changing table for the price. We really wanted something that could be used after the changing table was no longer needed, and this definitely fit the bill. It is large with lots of storage and easy access to essentials. The side compartment has a shelf, but when you remove it the space becomes the perfect size for a Diaper Genie or a Diaper Pail.My one complaint would be that the top rail pieces do not fit snugly along the entire front, leaving a bit of a gap. They are sturdy, but it would be nice if they fit better. As I plan on removing the rails later anyways, and since it is not noticeable from a standing position, this is a very minor complaint.As a bonus, I like that it is painted, so if our son wants to change his decorations later on we can paint it for him and have it look a lot better than if it were a glossy wood finish.

Wilma Chateaugay, NY