SoYoung Charlie Diaper Bag, Slate

SoYoung Charlie Diaper Bag, Slate

Finally, a true unisex bag to get you through the diaper years and beyond. This canvas workhorse looks as natural on Dad as it does on Mom, and is designed to hold everything you need for a trip to the playground or a day at work.

Main features

  • Completely insulated interior compartment to hold snacks – also fits a 13″ laptop
  • Shallow bottom with no black hole effect
  • Dedicated sunglass, cellphone and wallet pockets
  • Laminated and wipeable interior compartments
  • Backpack conversion option

Verified reviews


Great Diaper Bag

I spent quite a bit of time looking for the right diaper bag. I considered some of the designer bags (Kate Spade, Prada, etc) and also some mid-grade like Mia Bossy, Pottery Barn, and Skip Hop. However, I realized I wanted my husband to feel just as comfortable with the bag as I did and I wanted to be able to use it after it’s diaper hauling duties were over. So I let him pick something out.He quickly found the SoYoung Charlie bag on Amazon. We’ve used the bag for the past few months and really like it. Here’s the pro and con list.Pros:-There is a LOT of storage space, but the bag itself is not huge. The structure of the bag keeps it contained, but there are lots of different compartments to stash stuff. It’s also well constructed and the materials are high-quality.-Lots of laminated surface for cleanability. Even the bottom has a laminated covering.-They seemed to think of everything. When it first arrived, I had to consult the insert to figure out what all the options were for. While I don’t use many of these options (for example, the two stroller straps I don’t use bc my stroller has lots of bottom storage), they really thought through this stuff. Fits a laptop? Converts to a backpack? These are awesome features when you need them.-Unisex design. I didn’t think I’d like the design as much as I do, but the neutral canvas and the interior design have grown on me. So much so I ordered a changing pad replacement (see next bullet)-Customer Service – we lost the diaper changing pad the first few weeks, and were so disappointed. We loved the design. We found the SoYoung site and ordered two new changing pads and they shipped the same day! Awesome.Cons:-Just having an insulated zippered section is a pro; however, it’s not at all expandable and has no width. If it could have expanded out just a few inches I could have stood up my bottles and fit several more. But since it doesn’t – everything has to lay on it’s side to fit, which isn’t ideal for bottles that seem to always leak a little bit.-I agree with the previous reviewer, the insulated side sections for drinks are again nice to have, but could have been designed better. Really, a standard small water bottle will barely fit and it’s not high enough for the insulation to really do anything.

Katina Queenstown, MD

So promising, but falls short.

For my first child (now 16 months) I was so into the "non-diaper" bag that I bought a beautiful Lacost duffle bag instead. Big mistake. It was trendy and cool, but the lack of pockets and organization that a real diaper bag has ensured that I NEVER carried it – instead just stuffed random things in my purse. Now that i’m 5 months pregnant again, I am returning to my diaper bag search and was quite excited about the Charlie. I first saw it on pinterest and liked its unisex look and the few reviews on Amazon made me excited that I could fit everything in its right spot. Now that its arrived, I’m definately disapointed although its probably a good bag for someone with less expectations or as a backup 2nd travel bag.Highs:1. In person, the unisex "non-diaper bag" look is still strong.2. Inside there ARE lots of easy to see pockets for organizing loose items3. I like that there are 3 main compartments4. The insulated compartment is a good idea if you are traveling and don’t want a seperate food bag.Lows:1. Suprisingly smaller than I realized it would be. Usually diaper bags are bigger than I imagined. If it HAD been larger I might have kept it as a baby travel bag backup in case we ever go on an airplane.2. Center double zipper is terrible. Difficult to pull shut without two hands – and who has two hands?3. Side bottle pockets are very short. Taller bottles would fall out – and I often carry my husbands water bottle too – also would just fall out.4. The conversion to "backpack" feature was useless for me. I’m 5 ft 9, 172 pounds – my husband is 6ft, 175 pounds. The straps at its longest point were WAY to short for us to get on as a backpack.5. Price: I paid $173. I have no problem with expensive bags but this price puts it in the range of Petunia pickle bottom bags which it doesn’t compare to in quality. Of course most of the petunia bags LOOK like diaper bags – which is a different problem.My next purchases will be the least offending style of Petunia bag and a Timi and Leslie to see if I can achieve what I’m going for.

Angie Kirkwood, CA

The perfect diaper bag (and more!)

I love this diaper bag so much – it must have been designed by a mama (or savvy papa) Here is my long list of loves:-great style: doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag-lots of great pockets, inside and out, that are easy to open/close-insulated pockets for bottles/snacks-easy to wipe out the inside (waterproof type fabric on inside)-converts easily between messenger, purse and backpack style (huge plus as I go back to work soon and will use it as a backpack when I ride my bike to work and because it looks like a tote and not a silly diaper bag, it will be great for work and travel)-good size – bigger than a regular purse (it has to be to fit all my babe’s things) but not so big that it looks sillySo glad I invested in this bag – I was dreading buying a diaper bag and I still can’t believe how much I love this one!

Tracy Humphrey, NE

Nice bag, but not the one for me

I was really hoping I would love this bag, but it is not the one for me, personally. I do think this could make a great bag for many people.Pros:- Lots of thought into the pockets- I LOVE the magnetic closure pocket on the outside!- 3 big pockets for organizing: Parent pocket (love the sunglass holder), baby pocket, and cooler pocker (also love!) This is just a great idea to stay organized!- Multiple carrying optionsCons (for me):- The bag is heavy. I really prefer a lighter diaper bag. This is not crazy heavy, but I like a very lightweight one. Once it was full, I really hated carrying it- The mommy pocket is too big for me and the baby pocket is too small. I really just want a spot for my wallet and sunglasses. I would have to put baby items in the mommy pocket to fit all my things, which defeated the organization for me.- Awkward to open when in backpack option. Unlike others, I found the backpack option easy to carry, but opening the compartments was awkward with the backpack strap attached- The shape of the bag is kind of square. I thought it looked strange carried messenger style because of this.- The zippers were a little hard to open. They aren’t terrible, but I am someone who would rather not zip if there is any hinderance. Then, my bag is hanging open.Overall, it is a really nice bag. It just didn’t work out for me. I wish it had as I really loved many of the features of this bag, which aren’t found anywhere else. Despite all the cons, I would have kept the bag if it were lighter.Want to know what I ended up keeping? The Lesportsac Ryan diaper bag- large, lightweight, but without all the great pockets and options this one has. There was no perfect bag for me!Just an FYI, the khaki color does have a slight green color to it. It looks a little army style. I would have tried the slate if I were going to keep it

Fanny Andrews, NC

needs improvements

I recently purchased a charlie bag. I watched all the available video reviews and had high hopes. However, upon receiving it, I feel that this bag is designed by someone already out of the diapering years. Because this bag does have some great features and because I am crazy about bags, I hope that the design team improves this bag benefiting future bags and moms.Things that I don’t like:1)the stiff and heavy material. This bag weights in at 2.8 LB empty and not including the messenger strap. The stiffness and thickness make it very awkward against the body no matter which way you wear it.2)The compartment distributions are awkward, although I do love the three main compartments. Here is what I mean: The cooler compartment is one FLAT compartment. It is hard to put any juice box or food in it. Moms would end up putting drinks/juice box/bottles in the middle main compartment. Then food will end up mixing with diapering items. If moms were to put diapering items in the cooler compartment instead, it won’t work either because the flatness of the cooler compartment won’t accommodate all the diapering items. So I think the cooler compartment should have a little thickness to it and some pockets to help with food organizations. Or alternatively, make the middle main compartment cooler compartment for food and the outside compartment for diapering. Also, in the main compartment, the slip pockets won’t fit size 5 diapers or a disposable pouch of wipes of 72 counts.3) Again due to the stiffness of the material, the mommy pocket would barely fit my cell phone and my large wallet.4)The side pockets for bottles are short. The water bottles sticks out too much.5)At the end of the double zippers to the main compartment should be a concealed magnetic closure. Velcro is loud and annoying and unaccepted at this price level.6)zippers are not smoothThings that I like:Many pockets inside and out and with magnetic closure to external pockets; 3 clear pockets in the main compartment for see through; the idea of 3 main compartments(diapering, food, and mommy compartment) is very practical.So this bag has many potentials. It just needs to be fine tuned and made of a lighter material.

Frankie Millport, AL

Fabric seemed cheap

I bought this because I saw a video review that made it seem like a great product. Unfortunately, when I received it I felt like the material was fairly cheap on the outside. I returned it because I would prefer something more durable.

Therese Festus, MO

Nice but heavy

I love this bag. We use it everyday. Although its heavy on its own. Good thing that I don’t need to carry it around much. We either have it in the car or hook to the stroller. Also, the inner lining is water prove, but external khaki frabric is not.

Natalia Mosby, MT

Much better…

I upgraded my 3-yr-old Diaper Dude with a slate/charcoal Charlie Bag and couldn’t be happier! Its feature set accommodates the needs for our 2 kids’ essentials (and parents’, too):- Rugged canvas exterior- Laminated, wipeable interior compartments- Contrasting interior lining with clear and mesh pockets- Laminated change mat- Shoulder straps with detachable comfort grip padding- Detachable messenger strap- Adjustable stroller straps- Backpack conversion option- Large insulated cooler bag pocket- Built-in sunglass pocket- Built-in wallet- Removable key clip- Cell phone pocket (fits Blackberry or iPhone)- Two insulated side bottle pockets- Fits up to 13″ laptop- Back flap for bulky items such as newspapers, umbrella or yoga matSome personal issues on some features:- The shoulder strap grip padding isn’t padded at all; it’s just a detachable leather grip, which is fine because I prefer to carry the bag messenger style as opposed to the shoulder straps like women do with their Coach purses. Even so, I replaced the messenger strap with a Winn dark brown padded leather strap.- Wish the shoulder straps were detachable too. They lie over the top of the bag and sometimes get in the way.- Large, glam sunglasses may not fit in the included pocket.- The cell phone pocket could be made a little wider to accommodate phones with cases/bumpers…tight! It seems to have been designed for naked phones.- Would like to see a dedicated pen pocket.Definitely, more positives than negatives! From the contrast inner lining (no more black hole) to the large insulated snack pocket and bottle holders, to the wide main compartment (allows for the laptop) and flat bottom to stay upright, it’s great for what it’s designed for! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Caitlin North Franklin, CT