Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths, Beige

Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths, Beige

100% Cotton Hooded Towel with 4 Washcloths bath set these extra thick and soft hooded towels are absorbent and perfect to dry baby after bath time. Make bath time fun for baby and you with these wonderfully thick, soft and absorbent hooded towels.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% cotton terry thick, soft and absorbent
  • Hooded to keep baby warm
  • Perfect for drying and wrapping baby after bath
  • Coordinated applique Hooded Towel with 4 washcloths
  • Perfect for shower gift

Verified reviews


Low quality

I registered for this and received it as a baby gift. We always purchase high quality towels and washcloths for ourselves (but on clearance at TJ Maxx for about $5 for towels and $2-3 for washcloths because I love deals and can find them there without problem when looking) believing that you get what you pay for and knowing that they last several years before even losing their fluffiness. My husband insisted on getting infant sized washcloths for some reason which I still do not understand and we settled on these for the registry. With a name like SpaSilk and a description of their being 100% cotton, they sounded perfect.When they arrived, they were exactly like the terry cloth shop rags that I get at Sam’s Club and were no better after washing – rough, scratchy, and practically see-though in some spots. Fine for rags; not for any human to wash with. And, there were threads pulled all over the place. Cheaper than what I got at the cheapest 1 star hotel that I have stayed in for a pool towel! I also didn’t care for the lack of attention to detail that appeared to go into selecting coordinating colors. The trim material green is a mint green which is not like any other shade of green used in these towels. Thus, they are far cuter in the pictures than in real life. We used it for one bathtime and there was a great deal of crying when the towel went on and a lot of scratch marks on the baby from drying. I will be watching the clearance racks for softer towels and washcloths! Just like another reviewer said, if I had bought these locally, I would have returned them. It is just not worth the hassle to return.

Heidi Windsor Heights, WV

hooded towel

Cute. They are a little thinner then I hoped for but they wash the baby

Sally Vaughn, NM

OK as far as hooded bath towels go

As far as hooded bath towels go, this isn’t too bad. It’s not incredibly absorbent or large, so when it came time to bathe my 6 month old, we found that it just wasn’t as big as we needed it to be. That said, the towel is a good size and the hood works well (as far as hoods go). I would recommend springing a few extra bucks for thicker one though.

Rachelle Koeltztown, MO

Purchased Mainly For Cute Design, But Effective Bath Set

When I made this purchase, I also got theSpasilk 10 Pack Soft Terry Washclothset as well. Honesty though, if you’re looking for washcloths, the 10-pack is much better in terms of cleaning and they are much softer than the washcloths that come with this set. It’s not to say that this set is bad though. This set is actually pretty good and they look very nice. Almost too nice to use.The towel and washcloths are about the same quality you’d expect from high quality bath towels if you were to buy them from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They have nice absorbency, feel thick, and are plush to the touch. The towel is actually one of the better hooded towels I’ve used for my baby, as the thickness keeps her warm as I’m drying her off and prepping her for her onesies.Highly recommended.

Barbra Manteca, CA

Very nice

I bought the duck towel set. Its very nice and a great product. I love how my little girl looks wrapped in it.

Marla Tuckerman, AR

Spa Silk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel and Wash Clothes.

My grandsons whole room is frogs and this was a perfect item for him. He gets to use it every day and his mommy loves it and plans on keeping it for him when he grows up in his froggie world. *****

Edith Nine Mile Falls, WA

Not as nice as online, and made in China

While cute, its quality and aesthetics don’t really live up to the picture online. We registered for it without seeing it in person, but it’s going back, because:- It’s made in China. Amazon listing read “imported” without further specification when we registered for it. US has standards for materials up to a point; we don’t yet regulate imported fabric products based on chemicals used to treat them. This means you run a decent risk that it’s 100% cotton treated with stuff you wouldn’t want near yourself, much less your baby, and since we’re given virtually no information as consumers, we can’t know if the chemicals wash out during the first wash. (Always prewash all your baby apparel/towels/cloths.) Either way, I wouldn’t want to add nasty chemicals to the water system if they did wash out. I don’t boycott imports, but in terms of safety concerns, Chinese products are the worst offenders (although there are some bonafide certified organic factories in China, however rare). My rule used to be “don’t lick it, if it’s from China”, but you breathe in emissions and micro-particles from things around you (thus “indoor pollution”). While you can’t protect yourself or anyone from all sketchy substances, I can try to reduce the number of questionable products I expose myself and baby to on a regular basis to minimize bio-accumulation. Choosing another towel set, to me, is a reasonable attempt.- Reviewers who wrote that the fabric is rough have a point. This set is not soft or plush.- It just doesn’t look durable.- It’s actually a lot cuter online than in-person.

Earnestine Okolona, MS

son muy buenas

al bañar al bebe algunas veces le ponemos esta capucha y lo secamos con las toallas. son muy suaves y facil de lavar 🙂

Edith Merrick, NY

best of five brands I’ve tried

These are by far the thickest and softest of any brands I tried (Carters included). Been using them for 7 months now and they are good as new.

Lana West Kingston, RI

Not high quality

I don’t think these will last very long. The wash rags were held together with tape–that tape was stronger than the wash cloth! When I took it off, the terry cloth came off with the tape and left a bare spot that was still apparent after running them through the wash. Disappointing.

Lawanda Pawcatuck, CT

Awesome gift for a baby shower!

This product was very cute – the new mom-to-be loved it, as did the other guests at the shower. "It’s the perfect thing!" said one guest. The material was soft. The size and quality was good. In real life it looks just like it does in the photo.

Earline Counce, TN

Towel great, washcloths not usable

I should have listened to the reviews – the washcloths snag when you remove the tape they are packaged with. I tried very carefully to remove it, peeled it slowly – no matter what I did, it pulled out long threads and snagged them. They are brand new and look like junk. Very disappointed. Would suggest they don’t package them this way – they don’t need to be taped anyway and it ruins the product. The towel didn’t have this issue – very cute and I use it often.

Kristi Angwin, CA

My sister in law loves it.

I got this for my niece and my sister in law loves it. She says it’s soft and the perfect size for an infant. :o)

Ivy Union Dale, PA

Good quality towel set

This is a good quality towel set. I like the hooded towel, because it is easy to slip over the wet baby as I take her out of the tub. The towel is thick enough and absorbant. The wash cloths are just the right size for washing Baby, too. I am happy with this purchase.

Julianne Evington, VA

Great buy.

The towel is thick material and not flimsy. Love the color does not fade after many washes. Great buy. Highly recommended.

Ginger Clune, PA

Very nice

I must admit that it’s very nice hooded towel, big enough for the baby and with nice 4 wash clothes.

Lesley Primm Springs, TN

The Good and the Bad

First – I need to state that I purchased both the Duck set and the Whale set of these towels, and had very different results. The first – the Whale set – has continued to be soft, washed up well, did not stain, and is as adorable as the first time it was used over 7 months ago. On the other hand though, there is the Duck set – it has remained relatively soft, is cute, and does the job. However, after 4-5 months the stitching in the hooded area came apart and unraveled. I have several other towels for my baby, and no others have had such a problem. Perhaps it was just this one, but regardless, it is the reason why I am giving this towel 4 stars instead of 5.

Margaret Kenna, NM

Cute towel and washcloth set

Soft and cute. Adorable for my little niece. These would make a great shower gift for any baby. The details are very beautiful

Ingrid Stamps, AR


These are great for babies, very soft and fun for bath time, can;t wait to use with my new grand baby, love the frogs and sizes of all them it is also a great baby shower gift

Carlene Denver, CO

Great Towel

I love this towel. It is nice and soft and absorbs water well. The washcloths are nice and soft too, but do a good job cleaning and scrubbing. I have washed it dozens of times and so far it has held up like new!

Addie Parsippany, NJ


Along the hem where the hood attaches ripped an inch and a half after the 3rd wash. I don’t have time with a 6 week old to pull out the sewing machine so I’ll probably hand sew it. I hope this is a one-off occurrence as I also have the whale and frog towel/washcloth sets. I also think they are a little rough for a baby’s skin for being 100% cotton. I would recommend getting something else.***Update***All three (3) of our towels ripped in the same exact spot within 2-3 washes. I do NOT recommend this product.

Theresa West Palm Beach, FL

I don’t recommend this. Not soft.

I received three different sets of hooded towels for my baby as gifts and this one I like the least. It wasn’t as plush as the other brands (Carter’s ducky towel is my favorite of the three) and it got even rougher in texture with each wash. The frog applique on the hood is also stiff and not really nice against baby’s forehead and it gets a bit rolled up after a few washes and wont lay flat anymore. With the name of “spasilk” you would be expecting a softer material, and it just isn’t.I would spend a couple extra dollars and buy a set that is more plush and soft, especially for babies delicate skin.

Fanny Varna, IL

soft, 100% cotton – what more do you need?

Love these towels and wash cloths. I had received some carter’s wash cloths – which were a cotton/polyester mix – and let’s just say they were rough. You don’t want to give your baby a bath with some rough wash cloths. These are 100% cotton and very soft and plush. Love them and my son loves taking baths! I would not recommend the green one – the frog leaf sticks out of the hood and my son does not like it on his head. Love the yellow hooded towel.

Greta Doswell, VA


My baby hates this towel. Passionately. It doesn’t come out soft when line dried even with softener. We ended us using "mummy and daddy" towels. The wash cloths work ok on us – again, baby hates. Maybe it’s better with a dryer, but I can only rate what I experience.

Lorena Oakhurst, OK

works great

dries off my 18-month-old great. and these wash cloths are definitely a step up from the baby wash cloths. I feel like I’m getting him cleaner. the towel works great and feels like a good towel. (not as soft as it could be though)

Libby Woolwine, VA

Durable, but not so soft

It absorbs very well, but it doesn’t stay soft and cuddly. It’s not quite as bad as rubbing sandpaper across my baby’s booty but sometimes I feel like I am. My daughter doesn’t complain but I would prefer something softer for myself so I imagine she just doesn’t know any better. 🙂 The frog on the hood is cute, but after one wash and dry, it get crinkled up … but then again, what doesn’t. It’s lasted almost 11 months and will continue to last but I’m on here searching for more towels b/c it just doesn’t stay soft. I spend $30+ on adult towels, I guess I should have done the same for a few quality baby towels, too.

Christie Hardy, VA

Loved them

These were very good and used a lot the package was nice and really everything was nice about them good buy.

Tabatha Westville, IL

Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths, Blue

Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel with 4 Washcloths, BlueCalidad del producto excelente.Costo del producto acorde la calidad,Tiempo de entrega conforme lo establecido.Embalaje conforme el producto.Recomendado para los bebes de la casa, por excelente calidad, economía y suavidad

Kari Pine City, MN

Good but fabric is too harsh

I bought this set for my newborn and found that fabric is too harsh for his delicate skin. Overall, it’s not bad product but I think it is more suitable for an infant and toddler than a newborn.

Tonia Potomac, MD

Great set of towels

Good quality and nice design. My boy loves the little whale. The size its ok and the price was also good.

Petra Lansing, MN